How to Build a Custom PC : About Motherboard Components

How to Build a Custom PC : About Motherboard Components

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will start with the most important part, the motherboard. When buying a motherboard, the
first thing we need to pay attention to is the type of processor it is made for. This
is usually determined by the socket or sometimes slot type. It can be broken down into two
categories either AMD or Intel type. Today, we’re working with an Intel Pentium 4 processor
whose speed is 3.2 GHz, the socket 775, so we have a socket 775 motherboard. The next
thing to consider in buying a motherboard is the type of RAM or memory. The latest motherboards
are going to DDR-II memory. However, this motherboard supports DDR-I. For older motherboards
you may need SD/RAM. Also, when choosing a motherboard you will need to determine what
type of video card you are going to use. This motherboard has onboard video, but also has
an AGP slot. The higher end newest video cards that are being produced are called PCI Express
or PCI E for short. Since we have an AGP motherboard we have got an AGP video card to install toady.
When buying a motherboard one of things you are going to need to consider is what kind
of hard drive you are going to get. Most newer motherboards will support both serial ATA
or SATA hard drives as well as IDE, which is what CD/ROMs also use. This motherboard
supports serial ATA. So, we have a SATA hard drive.

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