How to Be Productive as a Software Engineer | My Secrets to Get More Done!

How to Be Productive as a Software Engineer | My Secrets to Get More Done!

hi everyone this is Lee welcome back to
the channel if this is your first time here I make videos about game
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won’t miss my next episode and this video I would like to talk about how I can be
productive in my life if you follow the channel you know I got a full-time job I
also run my own business make investments at the same time I’m running
a YouTube channel and making games as a hobby same as other people I need to
spend time with my family how can I make all this happen and still have a lot of
spare time in this video I will share with you all the secrets that made me
productive in my life have you also show you how I do it step by step make sure
you stay to the end the first step is to prioritize the tasks a lot of people
like to create a to-do list but it is even more essential to prioritize the
tasks many junior developers look pretty busy every day but they are working on
something which has little impact on the result or they are wasting their time
reinventing the wheel so being productive in your life is not
just about working fast we also need to know how to decide the order of the task
the secret is to always work on the most important tasks firstly not the urgent
ones or the one you like the most but be careful with this matter don’t go
too far because you don’t want to waste a lot of time planning or deciding the
order of the task if I find it difficult to tell if the task is more important
than the others I’ve just put it into the same category and pick any of them to
start before I start working I’ve spent some time to review it if the task is
something I haven’t done before then I can start working on it straight away
for the new task I’d slow down and think about the following questions
what’s the purpose of this task is there any other better solution is there any
resource or tools that can help me to improve the performance I know I throw a
lot of questions here the more I practice the quickerI can find the best
solution the next step is focus on one task at a
time once I identify which task I need to work on I will focus on it completely
because I don’t need to switch between different tasks if you are working as a
programmer you will know when the computer tries to simulate running the
magical task at the same time if you have sacrificed some performance to
switch the context so I don’t work on multiple tasks at the same time always
focus on one at a time which makes me work very fast and efficient one trick to
help me focus to make sure my desk is clean and tidy I usually clean all the un relevant items on the desk only leave some documents which are related to the job I
even close all the folders on the computer if it is not relevant these are
tiny the things that they help me focus on waht I am doing another trick that makes me
work productively is that I ussually prefer standing up during work when I
work in Microsoft I like the adjustable desk they provide
the most which I can adjust the high of the desk I believe it is quite common in
a lot of companies now sometimes I stand up working for hours
I barely sit down to write code I guess it helps me keep active in
thinking it is same that I prefer to stand up meeting to the regular
meeting in the conference room which makes people communicate much more
efficiently the next tip is to use public transport like taking the bus to
work rather than driving myself we are talking about another additional 1 to 2
hours every day if I drive to work I cannot do anything on the road instead
of listening to the music or radio and driving will make me lose some energy in
the morning or way back home in the afternoon but if I take the bus I can
use the time to do something else like reading a technical book listening to
the audiobook especially when I caught the traffic I don’t waste any time I
finished reading a lot of technical books and articles in this way next time
when you complain you don’t have enough time make sure you don’t waste these 30
to 60 hours per month another secret is to cut off some unnecessary social
activities I don’t like to waste my time on two things traffic and low-quality
social activities I enjoy spending time with my close friends and family hang out
together and have a barbecue seeing the kids running around
but to be productive which means you may need to sacrifice some of your time to
improve your skills or expand your knowledge
I choose hobbies that don’t take too much time traveling I love watching a
movie play games and play soccer in my spare time I also enjoy being alone from
time to time there are so many social media take us a lot of time they tried
their best to keep the audience stay on the platform as long as possible there
is nothing wrong with the business point of view but we need to give us a break
we need some calm and peaceful time to think about what we need to do in the
future use social media wisely don’t be an addict to it another thing I would
like to mention is that you don’t need to be workaholic, it is just not worthy
most of the people cannot be successful or wealthy by doing a daily job anyway
we need to find a balance between our lives family work and hobbies life is
not a short sprint the formula to being successful is to do the right things and do
things right improve all these steps and repeat them again and again if you have
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also made a video about how I got a job in Microsoft is a self-taught developer
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  1. I am sharing my secrets to be more productive in my life. What's yours? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

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  2. A big thing that helped me, was to improve my morning routine, which was non existant before, snoozing, video watching etc… If you start the day out on a good note, with a clear mind, maybe get some morning exercice in, you are ready to battle the discipline much easier.

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