How to Avoid Computer Viruses

How to Avoid Computer Viruses

How to Avoid Computer Viruses. At least with a stomach virus you may drop
a few pounds; a virtual virus just screws up your computer. Take these precautions to avoid problems. You will need Anti-virus software Spyware
A firewall and a healthy dose of skepticism. Step 1. Install anti-virus software that regularly
updates itself. Viruses are constantly mutating into new forms. Step 2. Use a spyware scanner. This protects you from inadvertently installing
a system that will help advertisers spam you by monitoring your internet use. Spyware is usually unleashed when you download
a peer-to-peer file-swapping product. Step 3. Install a firewall. This software guards against online attacks
from other computers. You can find free safety software on the internet. Step 4. Don’t open attachments unless you’re absolutely
sure you know who sent them. Don’t even open e-mails from unknown senders. Step 5. Before you shut down for the day, go to “find”
and check the files that were created that day. Delete any that you don’t recognize. Step 6. Don’t fall for e-mails that warn you that
you have a worm and urge you to download a safety program. This is a ploy to get you to install a virus! Bad grammar and/or misspellings are often
a tipoff that a virus warning is bogus. Step 7. Don’t ignore those updates that your anti-virus
software manufacturer periodically offers; they will help protect your computer from
viruses. Did you know A Chinese man was sentenced in
2007 to four years in prison for unleashing a computer virus that infected millions of

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  1. good advice, always have antivirus, additional spyware +trojan detecting applications, but also check manually,netstat -a ports to see whose listening, msconfig start up and task manager

  2. download stopzilla but when the virus is gone along with popups uninstall it or u will get a ton of spam from it

  3. Malware is getting a lot more popular now on Mac because more and more people are starting to use Macs. So yes, Macs do get viruses.

  4. People just have to state the race. "Did you know that a Chinese man was sent to prison because of infecting many computers with viruses?" Why do they have to put the race. Everyday at school I hate that, "Oh look at that CHINESE GIRL over there".

  5. Step 1: use google chrome or most other chromium-based web browsers, these block out most of the viruses on the internet and are much faster than most other browsers. They also warn you about downloads with a handy line at the bottom of the screen. Step 2: Use "incognito" or "in-private browsing" to avoid cookies and most downloads. Step 3: Get a virus chekcer program.

  6. @snikalalapops101 Ummm it wasn't because of his race…. it was because he lived in China…. like if they had said.. an englishman… or an american man… or a mexican man… or a japanese man…. or any one of a number of examples….

  7. @SexyArcanine666 Was your friend logged into the root account while visiting the infected site? The few viruses that infect Linux cannot go beyond your account and that is why they tell you not to surf the internet using your root account.

  8. i had a stupid ass virus that got past my firewall called trogan or something i forget but my dad tried finding the damn thing he gave up cuz it was a severe one so in all we restarted my computer

  9. My pc kept telling me that i had a virus, I did like 6 Scans, And nothing whas found. Then i used an other scanner, That showed me that the virus whas in my virus scanner. *Dont trust unknown virus scanners*

  10. Her's a god combo for you, its a little costly but well worth the money.
    Eset Nod32
    Spyware terminator
    Comodo Firewall
    Megabytes Pro

  11. Lol seriously what kind of an idiot does need this kind of video to avoid getting computer viruses? If you have anything inside your head you'll never get a computer virus.

  12. Well 1st of all: Getting a virus from a youtube video is practically impossible since the youtube servers have pretty much impenetrable anti-virus software and firewall.
    2nd: 99,99% of people already know stuff like "don't open suspicious emails" etc. so this video is probably not going to help anyone.

  13. Step One. Delete Windows XP (XP sucks, it always gets viruses, wtf)
    Step Two. Get Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 or Windows 8 RP.
    Step Three. Install.
    Step Four. ??? Done! No viruses anymore! Also, don't watch porn, which is often the reason that your PC gets infected.

  14. I had computer viruses a lot. My dad had 2 call iYogi. Howcast,have you heard of iYogi? It's a Hindu computer geek/technical support service located in India who tend to be employees who are trained to handle computer problems. They also run maintenance for PCs. NOT Macs! They can delete viruses frm the computers.

  15. Oh,my god! I'm sorry to hear that. When did it happen? You should have your dad speak with a Hindu computer geek repair AKA technical support company called iYogi. They're the best service in India and they can save you and your family the trip of going to the computer store for repair which will waste a lot of money.

  16. The BEST FREE ANTIVIRUS is Avast! Free.
    It has been recommended by thousands of people.
    To get it go to:

    (Download link for Avast! Free)

  17. Step one:Buy a mac
    Did you know? Apple's signature has a a lowecase letter then a capital letter with the rest lowercase

  18. I find it easier going into safe mode with internet. Then downloading a bunch of Anti-Virus software and clean it up. Use CCleaner for cleaning it up and look up some free antivirus software.

  19. One day I remember being on the internet with my dad, he clicked on a link then AVAST said "CATION: A virus has been detected". It never happened again in all of my computer years

  20. Viruses can be avoided by using an antivirus program. Antivirus and Firewall connection is very essential to protect the system. To have a secure browsing experience you can opt for Comodo free antivirus and firewall protection which i found very securing for my system.

  21. 🖥 viruses are so scary that a 👨's voice never stops repeating about this scary situation on PCs, Macs and 📱s everywhere. It's like this device will come alive and grab me in metaphor of 😈's Snare from Harry Potter. 👍s up if you understand what I'm saying in the comment boards.


  23. 1:08 – A tip – Try to get rid of any suspicious files that end especially with .exe or .bat. .exe files had been known to unleash the most dangerous viruses of all. One of the worst viruses I had faced on my computer is the Nuquel virus and its very bad variants.  Extremely devastating to your computer!!!!    Another tip – NEVER, EVER OPEN UP ANY EMAIL MESSAGES THAT ARE SENT TO THE SPAM FOLDER. SOME OF THEM, IF OPENED UP, CAN SUBJECT YOU ALSO TO VERY DAMAGING VIRUSES – EVEN WITHOUT ATTACHMENTS IN THE SPAM MESSAGES. (Exception – otherwise legit emails that were wrongly placed into the junk folder even though it passed through email spam protections and not spam at all – those you can open. The others – DON'T OPEN!)

  24. I was watching heavy metal on YT pretty loudly and on one of my sites for research it said I had 3 viruses and it screamed "WARNING!!! YOU HAVE…" my ears are still ringing because of that :/

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