How To Animate in Krita for Beginners – FREE ANIMATION SOFTWARE!

How To Animate in Krita for Beginners – FREE ANIMATION SOFTWARE!

So, in this tutorial… I’ll show you how to animate with my favorite free animation program… Krita! Which is sort of like photoshop. It’s great for painting backgrounds, but also for doing frame-by-frame animation! *Intro Music* All the download links and the timecode codes for the different chapters in this video, will be available in the video description below. Also, if you’d like to download the source files, and animation examples we created, they’re available in the gumroad link below. So, make sure to check that out! Once we’re Krita’s website, we’re gonna go up to download… and we want the Krita desktop version. And the installer I’m going to use is 64-bit installer, but they also have a 32-bit. And it’s also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux which I really like. C: So we’re gonna click our installer… and a window will pop up asking where to download the installer. So say that somewhere where you’ll be able to access it later like the desktop. So, we’ll go ahead and click save… And once the download’s done, you’ll see it in your download bar down here. Or you can navigate to the folder where it saved. We’ll double click it to install Krita. And if you’re new to Windows, it may ask you if you really want to run this program. We know this program is safe, so go ahead and click run… Then, we’ll click next to set it up. Accept the terms and agreements… Click next. And just install it on the default folder. And, I leave all this stuff checked, when I’m installing it usually. We’ll go ahead and click I agree again. Install it into our start menu folder. And we’ll also create a desktop icon, so we can open it later. And click install, and the program will install. And once it says completed on the top left, we’re gonna go ahead and click next. And finish. So, I’ll go ahead and open up Krita, by double clicking on its icon. *very slow process of double clicking icon* So when you first open up Krita, it will look like this. To create a new image, we’re gonna go up to File… New… And we’ll create a new document. I’ll usually just go under custom documents, And I’ll set it to… 1920 by 1080… at 72 pixels per inch. And if you want to save this for future use… You can type in the name of your format, and then click save. And then next time you want to use the same format, it’ll be in this dropdown menu. So we’ll go ahead and click create… And we have a new blank document, which we can go ahead and start drawing in! So let’s figure out how to navigate in Krita. So to zoom in and out… on your keyboard… on the top right by the back space button. To pan around, hold down the spacebar, and your… cursor(!) will become a hand, and you can move around your page this way. To draw, we’re gonna grab our brush tool, which is right here. *If you can’t tell.* Or we can press “B” as in… to quickly get to our brush. Now the default brush… may not be the brush that you want. So the window that I like to use is usually this brush preset window over here. And if you don’t see that, go under Settings… Dockers… And Brush Presets. We’ll be using the dockers later, so note that our Animation… And our Timeline dockers are… located here… We’ll be using those later, BUT FOR NOW… We’re just gonna go into our Brush… Preset, and… You can see there’s a whole bunch of ’em. Probably too much to pick from. So, what I like to do is I use this Drop Down… And I look for… the… kind of brush that I want to use. And then I can select it… And start using these kind of brushes. So… this wet one… is… kind of nice for doing painting like backgrounds, or… somethin’ of that sort. Ink is good for sketching and doing your doodles. And you’ll notice that I’m getting pressure sensitivity. So when I press harder, I have a thick line and when I let go and press more softly, I get a thin line. So this is because I am using a tablet to draw I’m actuality not using my mouse If I where to use my mouse it would look more like this Heh Heh It’s kinda kinda clunky and and there’s no presher sensitive But you totally can animate with a mouse but I highly recommend getting a drawing tablet If you want a cheap drawing tablet that I would recommend I put one in the video description below If you want to erase something The eraser is located at the top This is also where your setting’s are for every tool that you use So the eraser is this eraser button here And that will turn whatever brush you’re using into an eraser So if say you’re using a softer brush like this one It’ll be a soft kind of erase whereas if you’re using a hard brush like this one, and you switch it to eraser its gonna do more of a hard edge eraser lets talk about layers! which you can access by clicking this layers tab right here if you don’t see the layers panel you can go up to settings, dockers and layers and if your workspace ever gets messed up you can always go to window, workspace and then default and it’ll set everything back to its default position so the way you can think of layers is kinda like stacks of paper so the layer that’s on the bottom is gonna be the bottom of the stack of paper the layer on top of it will be on top but then on top of that layer may be another stack of paper

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  1. 23:27 is where it ended for me, when I click to edit path it asks only if I wanted to rename "Path" and Edit the Variable value. Everything would've worked especially since I got comfortable with Krita. I just need another way to render the animation.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. It is very helpful. I looked for the drawing pad you mentioned and it is sold out and currently unavailable on amazon. Do you know any other sites to purchase this item or is there perhaps another one that is affordable for both PC & MAC and for all the Adobe Apps? Please let me know as soon as you can. Please and thank you. 🙂

  3. un Exelente tutorial, aunque tardo en llegar a la parte que me interesaba esta muy completo con todo lo que necesitaba para poder usar felizmente el programa, no vielvo a usar el formato de animacion que viene es MUY MALO XD
    exelente video MUCHAS gracias!

  4. my onion skin doesn’t seem to be working.. when i try the “next frame, delete, next frame, delete” method, the only sign of the onion skin is an entirely green first frame behind what i’ve drawn, and then it doesn’t show the ghost of the next frame like it should. anyone have any advice?
    awesome video also!! i’ve been dying for a good free software like this!

  5. doesnt work, all new frames copy the old one and then add a giant black box over everything, i spent an hour trying to fix it. its dumb

  6. I have both Krita and The Animator's Survival Kit, but what I think people should also get is OpenToonz and Eric Goldberg's Character Animation Crash Course.

  7. Great video, but I came here to look for how to edit videos the way that you edited this one. You have text popping up and graphics appearing. What did you use to do that?

  8. 4:40 lol I think of it as stacking petridishes on top of one another.Then take a syringe to the brain and inject each dish with chemical creativity 😀

  9. when I resized the tab for it it just was like that forever and couldn't open it which made me mad so I have to download it again

  10. Hey um…im having a problem, I started animating and when I pressed play animation, it showed the drawings I did, but it wasnt by frame. Basically they were appearing but the drawings on a frame wouldnt go away after its frame is passed.

  11. I just want to draw stick figures and talk about history no one talks about, not racist or stuff like that but history like the part of history to where a prisoner tried to make a claim that being fen lobster in 1890's in Michigan was a cruel and unusual punishment, and such. I am sure this can help me with the first part.

  12. Ummm hi guys. If anyone is still finding way to copy and paste frames on the latest version ( right now is the 4.2.0) I have just found it. First, you select the frame which you want to copy. Second, right click. Third, choose “ COPY TO CLIPBOARD “. Fourth, move to the position where you want to paste the frame. Fifth, right click that frame. Final, choose “PASTE FROM CLIPBOARD “
    I hope this will help someone who are depressing go through all krita’s manuals like I used to be. :v
    Sorry for my terrible English. I’m not native speaker.

  13. that last part about rendering an animation does not work at all, when you go down to path and edit, on my computer it literally takes the line next to the word path and highlights it as if you want to edit it.

  14. I wanted to try Krita for a long time now but what is kinda putting me off is that it seems like you HAVE to use all these shortcuts
    I have an on screen drawing tablet and it only has limited shortcut keys. And always having to go back to my laptop finding the right keys will kick me out of my drawing flow.
    Currently I use fire alpaca and I don’t really need the short cuts because there are buttons for it on the screen.
    Im horrible at explaining what I mean ahh

  15. i have a problem i dont have the lightbolt in there (srry i dont know how to write it ;-; and i mean the onion skin thing)

  16. Hey, I tried saving my animation as a video, and I downloaded Ffmpeg and tried to unzip it with 7 zip, but the ffmpeg file wasn't on the 7 zip tab when I opened it and nothing worked on 7 zip. What do I do?


  18. Hello! I am a beginner on the animation especially with KRITA, I would like to understand how you do to paint your layer and not to have to erase the layer of before … indeed I must each time erase the surfaces which exceed the exquisite before … is there a manipulation to combine the layers so that the painting on the front frame does not stay on the entire timeline. thank you in advance

  19. When I right click on the timeline part, it doesnt let me create a new frame? Do I need a paid version of Krita or something? Pls help. Amazing tutorial by the way

  20. I have a problem with adding frames:

    When i click on it i don't see "add frame" option, so it's my version of krita are broken ?

  21. ahhh yes this is great for Graphic Tablets, i use a RCA laptop to draw animations, thanks for this info, i been using another free animation software thats kinda difference, but this video helps alot thanks again

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