Hi-fi desk mini bamboo USB powered stereo speaker set (MSB-350)

Hi-fi desk mini bamboo USB powered stereo speaker set (MSB-350)

Looking for a great sound system for
your computer? Introducing Impecca’s high-fidelity
mini bamboo speakers! These USB-powered speakers are made from real bamboo and
they have everything you need to get started right here in the box.
Let’s go ahead and take a look. Here they are right here. These high quality speakers are capable of a response
frequency between 80 Hertz and 20 kilohertz, so your music or videos will
sound fantastic and the bamboo style goes with just about any decor. Setting
them up couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is plug in the
included USB cable to your computer and the other end will go into the 5 volt port
right here on the back of this speaker. Then with the RCA cables, connect both
speakers together via this hole here and then you just plug the 3.5 millimeter
audio cable to your playback device — that would be your computer’s audio output or
other audio device like an mp3 player or DVD player and the other end of that
cable will go right here into this speaker’s auxiliary port. It doesn’t get
any easier than that to introduce a rich, high-fidelity sound to your space of
work or play. Oh, and did I mention that they come with a one-year limited
manufacturer’s warranty too? It’s never too late to start going green
and start helping the environment. So grab Impecca’s high fidelity and
environmentally friendly mini bamboo speakers today.

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