Here’s Why the 2006 BMW 760LI was Worth $120,000

Here’s Why the 2006 BMW 760LI was Worth $120,000

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner,
I’m here with my brand new previously owned BMW 760li 6-litre v12, I
think it’s six litre, but it’s a v12 in any case, filling up for the first time
the fuel tank, it already shows its eating 16 gallons, 17 gallons and it’s still the
take it more, so not sure how expensive this is but it’s already exceeded 50
dollars to fill up the tank, so it’s a let’s see what a big v12 can
consume, it consumed nearly 22 gallons of fuel at a cost of $60 to fill up, and I’m
in Virginia right now which is where I picked up the car when I get back to New York
that would have been about a 75 dollar fill up, a lot of the features that you
find in every car are on here too, except here they’re a little bit different on
this BMW 760, for instance the High Beam stock, when you pull it back to flash
somebody, it works like a normal car, but when you push it
forward to leave it on, it will use the high beams if there’s nobody in front of
you, but there’s a little optical sensor that checks for people’s headlights
oncoming and it will automatically switch to the low beams, if there’s
oncoming traffic, so you don’t blind them and then it’ll switch it back to the
high beam when they drive away, obvious you could turn that off if you really
just want to blind everybody, but it’s really cool you
can drive around your high beams on and not worry about blinding any oncoming
traffic, this is not the first car to put a refrigerator between the back seats,
but in addition to the refrigerator, the center console in the front, is heated
and air conditioned depending on whatever your heat and air conditioning
settings are in the car, so if it’s winter and you’re running the heat in
the car, you can put hot food up here and it’ll stay warm and cold food
back here and it will stay cold, that’s pretty cool this is one of the few cars from 2006
that had night vision on them, but the thing is the cameras down here, so you
ask yourself what happens when it snows and snow builds up here,
BMW thought of everything, the lens is heated, so every modern car has air
conditioning, but not like this this right here is an automatic
recirculate button, what it does is it uses the smog sensors in the exterior of
the car to sense the air quality outside and if there’s too much
carbon monoxide in the air outside from other vehicles, exhaust gas or whatever,
it’ll automatically switch to recirculate and then back open when the
air is clear, this little icon here is the symbolic of the condensation filter,
it senses how humid it is inside the car and will automatically turn the
defrosters on before the windows fog up and then shut themselves off when the
air dries out a little bit, this button right here, is the neatest one of all, you
can shut your car off when it’s wintertime and still get heat in the car
so long as your engine is warm for up to half an hour, you shut the car off, you
push that little button right here, and the heating will turn on using the
residual engine heat, seriously this is the coolest car, another neat feature of
this car is it’s got complete side window shades everywhere that are
powered, they just go up on all the windows, it’s just pretty cool, and unlike
other cars they stay up when the window goes down, that I’ve never seen, so you
can get air and keep privacy, the seats in this car are so sophisticated that
it’s downright amazing, check this out these are the controls just to move the
seat around over here, and this knob and these are the seat heaters, seat coolers,
and this is something to keep your butt awake when you drive it, it alternates
which side of the seat is lifted higher than the other side, it
goes like this as you drive but it really slowly so you barely feel it just
to keep your legs from falling asleep pretty much every part of the seat is
adjustable, including this which makes this control the bolsters, this is a six way knob, you can push it forward, back, up, down, or rotate it this
way, and each of these control six different things, the bolster on the seat
here also squeezes you and hugs you if you want it to and then when you open
the doors, don’t know if you could see that but they release and let you get out of the
car, now some cars today do have adjustable back seats, but I don’t think
they’re like this, heated and air-conditioned rear seats, and the
option by pushing this button here to control the front seat and get it out of
your way, and you have full controls you can
actually adjust the bolsters and everything from the back seat just to
drive your front passenger crazy, this is a cool car, it does have voice control and yes
you can talk to your car if you’re really lonely, the attention to detail on
the interior of this car rivals that of any British or Italian luxury car,
there’s exposed stitching all throughout the suede headliner, Alcantara, but they
call it suede, there is beautiful wood trim just throughout the car in lots of
places where it’s not even really expected throughout the car, I mean
center console the rear center console behind the heads of the rear passengers,
just really beautiful and well made interior, distance cruise
control, it’ll maintain the distance between you in the front and the car in
front of you which in New York City is amazing, see all I do is I put the cruise
control on some very high amount, and then I turn it on and as the cars in
front of me are we going bumper to bumper traffic, it’ll keep the distance
between them, the only thing is it does turn itself off when you go below 10
miles per hour but so long as the traffic is flowing,
it’s basically an automatic car, yeah Tesla this one’s for you,
so most modern cars have plenty of vents for the heating and air conditioning, but
this car takes it just that little step further, so it does have all the normal
ones like the center two vents, the side to vents on each side,
and the ones that blow on the window and the one that come out on the front
windshield and out the footwells down there, all the normal ones as well as the
two back here that to blow on the backseat, but it also adds side vents, floor
vents down there for the rear, and then get this, ceiling vents both here and
here with independent controls for left and right side rear passengers, that’s
just fun, then this car has just a long laundry list of features and things that
are exquisite and unique to it there are subwoofers underneath both
of the back seats, two of them, there are doors that automatically hold themselves
wherever you leave them be, in normal cars you get these little
notches in the metal piece there, this one uses an electric actuator right
there, so wherever you put the door that’s where it’ll stay even if the wind
is blowing which it is right now, look at that, just stays wherever you leave it, it
doesn’t slide back it doesn’t do nothing now it also has soft closed doors, so you
could just do that and it’ll close itself, the trunk will open and close by
remote or by pushing the buttons on the car, it will just do all these crazy
things it’s phenomenal, among the neat features this car, is something you can
only do from the iDrive, you simply tap into climate control, and use park the
car as the option and what you get there is the option to set a time for the car
to turn the vents on while it’s parked so if you know you leave the house at
the same time every day, you can air out the car before you get in it, so a big
v12 six liter needs to have manual shifting right, so you put it
into manual mode, and then these buttons here downshift and the buttons on the
rear of the steering wheel up shift, it works really well because your hands are
naturally in the position to press the back of the wheel and the front of the
wheel and you don’t mix it up because the buttons are on opposite sides of the
steering wheel unlike those paddles that spin around as you turn the wheel I’m in traffic a lot in New York City,
and one of my favorite features of this car is the automatic parking brake, you
simply press this little button here to activate it, it lights up green Auto P
over there, and then as soon as I come to a full stop, as I’m doing right now, green
turns to parking brake and I can release my foot from the brake pedal and the car
doesn’t move anywhere, to make it go again I simply touch the gas pedal a
little bit and it releases the parking brake, and it starts rolling and moving,
it’s the greatest thing it’s kind of like driving an electric car it’s really
neat, well that was this week’s video, and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel, check
this out, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Love how these yanks think $50 ( about £40 ) is expensive to fill up a 6 litre v12 7 series 😂 man you guys really are living the dream 🇺🇸

  3. 0:38
    60 Dollars ! That's cheap !! No wonder the US emits so much CO2.
    22 US gallons in the UK would have cost you (at exchange rates correct of July 22nd, 2019)
    130.06 USD.

  4. $60 dollar fill up for a 21 gallon tank v12 and he’s complaining lol come to Vancouver my 15 gallon tank 5 cylinder costs $90 to fill

  5. This video proves you have problems under$tanding math. You could afford a Tesla. You got a moneypit garage queen instead. Wow. My sympathies to your dumbness.

  6. This video proves you have problems under$tanding math. You could afford a Tesla. You got a moneypit garage queen instead. Wow. My sympathies to your dumbness.

  7. It is a nice car, but when it starts breaking offf. You should be bery carefull when buying one, maintaimnce is very important with these cars

  8. Wow 06, even today very few car top that 7series. The Maybach may be more luxurious as far as the interior, but it's ugly compared to the BMW.

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  10. I think we had a Cadillac back in the late 50s (early 60s?) with ceiling vents. Automatic hill-holding is very old. Good luck with it.

  11. Damn! What happened to Scott Stapp? One day you're the lead singer of Creed and then you appear in Scotty Kilmer's channel trying to take "higher" your used 7 series.

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  13. My uncle owned one of them in 2007 and got rid of it in 09 needless to say BMW is a BIG MONEY WASTER

  14. Isn't this the worse year BMW 7 series ever made. I thought i saw a video on YouTube explaining how awful they were. But good luck to this guy tho.

  15. He probably picked it up for $5,000 plus a free flat bed. I have plenty of experience with BMW ownership. The title should be: It costs $120,000 to keep a 2006 BMW 760LI on the road. This guy is a true glutton for punishment

  16. Ooh yeah, I especially adore one smal feature thats called "BECOMING A HUGE MONEY PIT THAT SUCKS YOUR HOUSE REPAIRS

  17. Definitely not a vehicle I'd put children or stupid adults in. Too many gadgets for idiots to break. But very cool car and amazing shape for an 06. As good if not better than my 17. Excellent vid.

  18. The E65 7 series is a sad excuse for a BMW. Want to see a real car that is ahead of it's time? The E38 740i and 740il the V12s suck.

  19. WAY more tech than the legendary E38. Don’t ever buy pre facelift versions of the E65 the electronics will ruin your wallet

  20. Sixty dollars! 😂 in the uk that would be £140 in 2018. So like more than $160!! Damn. Wish we had cheap fuel like the USA here. The good ole Days

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  23. Fun fact – the lense is actually heated to reduce the effect of fog / humid build up in the small spaces there.

    We had the same set up on our big lighting equipment.

  24. It really is a beautiful car. But all of those lucky gadgets fail often. And the valve cover gasket is notorious for leaking.

  25. I am from Europe and what a shity car.I mean all this stuff and for what, driving a stupid car. Only things you need in a car is-ABS-SERVO-AC-GOOD TYRES, anythig else is for bunch of idiots who can't drive…

  26. Not a hatter but,I hope he has a good mechanic and some money saved up when those maintenance lights come on.

  27. oh screw you yanks – those 22 gallons of fuel would cost you around 115 dollars here in Latvia and our salaries are pure dogshit compared to yours.

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