Harald with Karat – Blockchain Programmer

Harald with Karat – Blockchain Programmer

Mr. Seiz: Hello this is Harold Seiz CEO-Founder
Karatbars International. We are currently in our studios in Stuttgart and today is
an incredible day. We have here one of the best programmer in the world …
blockchain programmer in the world is Mr. Tomar. Nice to meet
you Mr. Seiz: Can you explain to the people what is your
experienced in the blockchain programming and what you have done in this field?
Mr. Tomar: Yes, Let me introduce myself. In my studies I am a Telecom Programming
Engineer. I’ve been acting in the telecom industry field for about 10 years. Five
years ago I found out about the blockchain and I found it very
interesting, I studied… I kept studying the blockchain and I said this is my
this is my future job. I have to make one of my own block chains. As we speak right
now I’m part in five major cryptocurrencies listed in top 50 major crypto
currencies worldwide and I’m still working to develop some more interesting
projects. mm-hmm Mr. Seiz: Wow, great and now we have together a
huge project with our new blockchain based platform. Can you a little bit
explain what we developed together? Mr. Tomar: Of course our project is a very
ambitious project.. The first phase, which is already done, is the creation
of a KBC blockchain an ERC20 smart contract on the Ethereum network. Currently
we are working to develop a new very interesting blockchain which I have
called the world’s first blockchain to carry two simultaneous layers. It would
carry the KBC coin as well the stable coin which is the real backed coin in
gold. This would bring us to a next level of blockchain programming in which we’d
have a two layers blockchain acting at the same time as individual block chains
linked together to the supply of real gold in the mine.
Basically all the customers will be able to claim their dividends to trade gold
to move gold from one side to another
between the exchange, people, government and the gold mine. I think this is a
unique project as well our blockchain is Mr. Seiz: This is also a new thing never before it
exists such a blockchain in this form Mr. Tomar: Mr. Seiz, imagine the sky’s the limit
blockchain programming is at a very very early stage right now.
Currently in the market there’s only static block chains trying to replicate
a business model based on the financial side of the banking. When right now
coming with a real asset the gold we’re trying to replicate, the real market of
the gold, the gold backed trades and the real gold trades from one side to
another using the blockchain technology It is a world first and I consider we
can call it an invention.
Mr Seiz: Great ! Great ! This is what we need in the whole world
to change the world. The next question is …. It is also our plan that we
create a crypto phone and I’m meet you maybe two months ago and you told me you
have developed this also until 70% the crypto phone is not just the app that’s
on the phone this is a real crypto phone Mr Tomar: It is indeed sir, by now in Romania
We’ve had about 2 years of developing a new way of using the blockchain that is
a real Hardware block chain Hardware phone. Imagine at first when
blockchain was came on the market everybody thought ok how can we use the
blockchain, we would replace the databases in a financial system so we
can create a unique financial system and we would decentralize the banking model
but what if we would decentralize the communication system? And this is what
we’ve done by now. We’ve created an entirely the blockchain based
communication platform, communication hardware (which is indeed a
smartphone) that would integrate the entire payment card based system in one
single hardware and software. Of course blockchain based. By now we’ve built the
main data center which is in a form of a mining facility in Romania. It’s about 10
million euro investment. We are already running for testing and developing the
real live stream blockchain, Because right now we’re not talking about a
static blockchain were talking about a dynamic real-time blockchain. Imagine a
world that can communicate the state decentralize and
moreover trade gold decentralized that’s also a first.
Mr Seiz: Wow, that you’d think and
I’m so happy that you are here and he has experienced for all and the last
question for you is,
What do you think about this project.

Mr Tomar: I’m here with all my
heart, my mind and my team. I consider this project is a world’s first as I
previously said due to its nature due to these dynamics and due to the fact that
by now from my previous experience I haven’t seen a real blockchain project
with a real asset in the middle. Consider this hard facts as the key to the
successful recipe in our project. Let’s change the gold communication and money.
Let’s change the world!!
Mr Seiz: Yes, I think so….. and this is why I here. Ladies and
Gentlemen we are on the way to go into the top also in the blockchain. We have
reprogramming now a unique thing and and you are a part of it. This is why we
founded our bank. Our bank is very important and now you know what is
happened with a new KCB Coin. This is the new coin offering what we need to
bring this project forward and now you
you know what you think we are move and the affiliates in our system will be
make money and also goals with our system. We have for the for the
blockchain what we create is the reason also is that we have a lesser fee, yeah.
That’s the first thing and if we have the new block chain you get fee for the
KBC you get fee from the KCB coin if they move the coin from from one to
another account in our own exchange. In our new exchange, you get also the fee
for from the all the coins what we moved there and ATMs… you get also the fee for
ATMs in the future. Also by the crypto phone we have also the fee what
you earn money in the future and then you can imagine what you think it is. You
earn residual income in the future from now on in the future with Karatbars and
thank you for watching and thank you that you are here.

Mr. Tomar: Thank you as well
Mr. Seiz; Thank you and see you soon and I hope you are give power in
the future and from now on thank you very much. Thank you very much.

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