Gutfeld on the media's day of reckoning over collusion

Gutfeld on the media's day of reckoning over collusion

50 thoughts to “Gutfeld on the media's day of reckoning over collusion”

  1. It's time to put the traitorous liberal media in the military and let them serve their country instead of trying to aid it's destruction

  2. I’d love to know what the Dimwits thought had actually gone on? Did Russia get us all to vote for Trump via hypnosis? Did they do it via the Internet with magical words? Did they fix the vote count? How did they do it? 😂Ridiculous.

  3. Juan — A non-partisan (He hired all demon rats) probe … … … hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. I have to give the media a lot of credit, they do a great job at dividing the country especially the last two years, so take a bow mainstream media you deserve all the hate you get for being unreliable assholes!

  5. What we have in current times. Is a clear division between the intelligent self thinking, and the hurd mentality of thoughtless followers.

  6. In any event, even if there was collusion would not necessarily be illegal, but a conspiracy by the Democrats against Trump would be illegal and can be impeached. But collusion is not illegal and therefore cannot be impeached.

  7. IF TRUE ? IT NEVER WAS TRUE !! The media (plural) are so pathetic ! The enemy of the people are SO PATHETIC !! Give it up, CNN !! YOU LOSE. Don Lemon, Rachel MadCow, Try to find a place to hide. You're done.

  8. If the fbi thought Russians were truly trying to infiltrate the trump campaign, isn’t it THEIR job to protect Americans and our own country from that? Totally bizarre, they set him up!

  9. How many extra Border Patrol agents and ICE Judges could have been hired for the money spent by Mueller and Team, hmm?
    Now take 'em all down, Mr. President. Investigate the investigators.
    Poor Juan. All those losses in such a short time. <giggle>

  10. Mueller did conduct a partisan investigation. How could it not be? A majority of his staff were democrat lawyers. It was also strong handed. They arrested and threatened good people, 70 year olds who have worked to protect and serve this country for crying out loud.

  11. Two years to investigate Russian collusion alone. How long to investigate Hillary Clinton and all of her scandal?! Hmmm…..

  12. Amazing, yet not surprising that the Left and their media will NOT apologize, but double down on their lies.

  13. Beware of what DEEP STATE Kissinger`s chimps (from Bush to Cheney to Rove to the Demonrat Clinton gang) might try next.

  14. And I actually give juan props for saying it actually sucks for him. that's the most honest thing any left person has said. Then he shits the bed with the russia comments about how trump "stand next" to putin and etc and the trump tower meeting. so sad.

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