GTX 1650 reviews, new 9th gen Intel CPU’s, Ryzen 3000 leaks, Q&A | The Full Nerd ep. 92

GTX 1650 reviews, new 9th gen Intel CPU’s, Ryzen 3000 leaks, Q&A | The Full Nerd ep. 92

wait what are they talking about at
Facebook about privacy it’s all about privacy these days all about privacy
Zuckerberg is it’s mr. privacy don’t you pronounce okay privacy some of that and
we’re live hey everybody we are actually reshooting this episode we apologize for
right who watched our game of thrones version there were complaints about it
being all black and not being able to see the full nerd and the game of
Thrones version I mean is that what people are complaining about I’d saw
these articles and I didn’t quite understand well ya know cuz nobody could
see it it’s like wow this is a while that’s some incredible special effects
and that I I don’t know it really is it was really clever I think like oh so
much we’ve spent 10 million dollars in the visual effects for this that you
can’t see cuz it was like look at that he’s wearing a black armor with the
black sword fighting a I was like zombie was it dark in the Dark Side of the Moon
yes that was this thing it was pretty bad we’ve got uh I do like how people
were complaining cuz it’s like it’s they’re blaming their cable provider for
the compression of it I mean it’s so it’s so easy to pile up on the you know
whatever yeah Xfinity your Cox or you know whoever you have it just a guy it
shows you the weakness of of the squeeze down bandwidth you’re getting so yeah
yeah so we are gonna do this with the lights on I thought it would been funny
if we did it with that stuff but it’s too hard to turn it off like I could I’d be like footlights
get that are light from the screens we’re gonna go full Game of Thrones on
you cuz asset is that this is too much Brad yeah I guess you can still see Brad
adds the other one here and here by the way rising three thousand first
benchmarks no waiting online oh my gosh yeah I’m lying see that’s the way to do
us like a shadowy forces in the background that’d be funny I was like
what’s going on here they’re looking up I mean it was like it was like wow
that’s that really builds drama for maybe a couple seconds it felt like doom
remember doom dude humor movie no the the remake was
at doom oh it was a 1 or was like right where you begged for the head the
flashlight bones well the cool 3d can i maybe get some
duct tape and tape the flashlight to to the rifle no no no the flashlight away
now shoot in dark that was just yeah to it difficult a flood yeah everybody’s
done that’s scary the darn thing we got all the friends of the shows here
Fernando Chuck green ash patrick game Bacardi you know is that was like the
same as Bacardi and rum I have no idea a car do you mean the rum yeah is it so I
you know whatever is free I also got sigh over on Facebook he’s saying yeah
we got to we got everybody and while you do the intro I forgot I need to bring in
those on the slide those slides I think you probably just go with I mean if you
want to good I’ve got time I put in the other one there’s two of them there’s
two slides usually send me like 10 so that’s an improvement just just –
they’re just charts to show because it’s just so much to keep track of here
alright wait I only see one cool sorry everybody
yeah looks like everything’s rolling so thrones mode you know like a – keyboard
would like nothing nobody knows what I’m talking about there was a key member
that company made keyboards were that all the keys were just black like they
were there’s no I know what that’s keyboard is no keyboard you’re awesome
oh yeah in the dark gasps keyboard yes Game of Thrones okay hmm
let’s uh let’s do it alright alright hey we’re gonna be talking about just let
you know before we do it 16:59 teen comfort like refresh rising stuff 3000
we’re doing both mobile and desktop oh right I forgot I even look at the
desktop stuff yeah great you could talk about that I I really did not pay
attention to the the mobile stuff these guys were on the patient last week
they’re just I will talk we were going to talk about something I thought was
very interesting from the depressed briefing I think we can talk about that
cuz that was a public prank well bringing it up later that you weren’t
that’s um I don’t think anybody media’s talked about that but I think we should
talk about that what a teaser I know right dang I know I need more coffee now
sorry and I have the chart in yeah so why don’t we give it a go right whenever
you’re ready in this episode of the full nerd GeForce GTX 1659 Gen Intel coffee
Lake refresh and risin 3000 leaks Doby still we can I like it copy tech
welcome to the full alert episode 92 I’m your host Gordon long with co-host Brad
charkas hello mark Hoffman joins us today yes
and of course Adam Patrick Murray controlling the vertical and horizontal
mark what is your take on Star Trek the motion picture I want to hear you’ve
asked it now you’ve opened that door yeah I you know what my take is to the
seal you’ve opened that eighth seal not even the seventh see almost like one
more seven see we survived that leaves open the next one to you never seen it
I’m a Star Wars fan yeah that’s that’s very good political and we’re supposed
to uh I mean I will say no come on motion picture was so bad it almost
killed Star Trek I mean you’re talking about like you were so bad Ghostbusters
– minted money on the cancelled look Ghostbusters – almost killed
Ghostbusters they couldn’t make Ghostbusters for like two decades right
random black – was so bad black three thing come out for like 15
years right they are just so lucky that like motion
picture did not wipe out like all of Star Trek have you seen the trailer for
the new men in black because they’re rebooting it yeah well the one that
released without music that was so I don’t know it just seemed same old thing
and I’m not really nothing really to like yeah well we have people in the
chat who say that Star Trek the motion picture was a great movie that was DB NX
and Halston Jenkins says you had to be into the original series to enjoy the
first motion picture and I agree I was into the original series I mean I’m a
star and oh my god Vignesh says Star Trek
motion picture wasn’t that bad Star Wars Episode one yeah yeah that’s how below
start Star Wars was Episode one did not kill it yeah as I listened to this
podcast this morning sports podcast as a king or they can talk about the Warriors
and some sports you know actual stuff or they can talk about their vacations
we’re talking about the vacations right now folks also we had somebody in the
chat mentioned who was at Patrick said you did it in one take the the intro
wasn’t precise cuz I’m tired yeah good job refreshed while you were on vacation
Brad and Gordon we had some graphics cards hit huh yeah yeah sure did the
last minute before I left on vacation so you did or didn’t do a formal review I
did not do a formal review GeForce GTX 1650 a card that came out last Tuesday
it’s hundred fifty bucks or one hundred and forty nine dollars according to
Nvidia 75 watt card theoretically could be powered by your motherboard the
reason I didn’t do a formal review is because Nvidia took the unusual step of
not providing early release press drivers which the way that graphics card
review works you know we get the cards early Nvidia AMD since early release
press drivers over so we can actually you know test and benchmarks the cards
Nvidia did not do that with the gtx 1650 they said it was because they were
releasing public drivers the same day that this card came out because that
same day they added a bunch of new jisun compatible monitors they added the gtx
660ti and 1650 for laptops they were saying we’re just going to do one driver
for the public that day I suspect it’s probably because actually in reviews
that have come out over the past week I was on vacation I have not had a chance
to test it myself yet but people like game
Nexxus Steve over and we’re in box Christian Julie nyet Tom’s Hardware
reviewed it and the Radeon rx 570 which is a two year old card and is itself
based on the rx 470 which is a year older the net so a three year old GPU
beats up on the GTX 1650 for twenty dollars cheaper ha yeah we’ve got a lot
of people in the chat who seem to be kind of angry at Nvidia
saying that this is this is a BS release I wouldn’t call it a BS release I do
think that if you’re already have a gaming PC or if you’re a hardcore gamer
you’re gonna want to go for the Radeon rx 570 over this you can get four
gigabyte version starting at 130 bucks you can get custom models or eight
gigabyte versions at the same hundred and fifty bucks at the gtx 1650 costs
but that extra power takes extra power the Radeon rx 570 requires a power
connector the basic versions of the gtx 1650 does not so if you just have a big
box PC or an old office PC you know sitting around your home you can buy one
of these and slip it in and boom it’s a gaming PC and videos actually had a ton
of success with the GTX 1050 1050 Ti and before that like the 750 Ti is
incredibly popular for that very reason they can just go into any existing
computers doesn’t cost a lot of money so I don’t think it’s a wasted release I
don’t think it’s necessarily a bad release I think it’s clear that they
prioritize the 75 watt in nature of it over flat-out beating the Radeon RX 5 70
mm-hmm so it’s just it just opens up the wider path for upgrades for I mean
really there are a lot of office throwaway yeah direct Sandy Bridge boxes
that got thrown out that easily drop one of these in and and you get good what
kind of gaming performance can you expect out of it though I mean this is
1650 it seems alright I think you’d be able to get you know medium with some
high settings looking at some of the reviews I’ve seen some frame rates to any medium yeah that’s what I would
expect to shoot for it this looking at some of the other reviews that I’ve seen
like I said gamers Nexus has a great one hardware in box Tom’s Hardware so yeah I
mean if you already have a gaming PC ya know r-tx another thing that’s
interesting that wasn’t immediately clear because I wrote this up last
Friday before I went on vacation I didn’t have the reviewers guide I’m not
sure if it was made clear in the reviewers guide but the GTX 16:50
actually uses the older volter and colder encoder I’m just back from
vacation the older Volta encoder for video
processing instead of the newer tureen one so if you were looking to use this
as like drop-in like a dedicated streaming GPU in a PC it uses an older
less efficient video encoder too so it’s kind of a weird release that’s really on
it’s but it’s actually a touring core yeah it’s full its Turin core it has all
the new you know the two different pipelines split out it doesn’t have our
TX as Mark mentioned it has four gigabytes of memory so that’s a big plus
because the previously Nvidia had released the GTX 16 yea 1063 gigabyte in
the three gigabyte killed it the 1050 the previous one had two gigabytes
memory which that’s not really usable for 1080p gaming these days so it’s good
that is four gigabytes of memory but unless you’re looking to slip it into a
PC that’s not already a gaming PC you should probably go for the Radeon card
well that’s my question – so how many PC is out there are gonna be just
retrofitted with these things I mean it seems like most people that buy it that
are designed that are trying to build a gaming PC will build a gaming PC and
they don’t only necessarily have a whole lot of you know pre build Hardware sort
of lying around this would fit into or am I wrong III think it kind of goes
into what Brad was saying that it’s you know somebody like IKEA departments they
take these things they throw them in an e-waste bin yeah I guess you grab a
couple you bring them home you give them to friends they go out and buy a you
know a sixteen fifty something that doesn’t require probably I if you go and
you look in the steam survey yeah the 750ti
in the ten fifty are actually more prevalent
you would expect so I’m not sure if as to do a costume that has Shore vested
with the 75 watts I mean Nvidia knew I mean the Radeon rx
570 has been out for two years yeah Nvidia knew this card wouldn’t beat it
to me that means they’re clearly prioritizing the 75 watt nature of it so
they feel it’s important would be my guess yeah and I imagine there’s
probably there’s a segment that they don’t really they’re not gonna know what
a RX 570 or whatever no they just kind of like it’s a kind of buyer that’s
gonna go to the box store and buy a box or whatever for a cost they’re not gonna
think it’s faster you know I can’t even research it probably you’re just gonna
like although you know even a lot of business boxes my POS work box here has
it hacks it has a 6-pin connector yeah so it’s pretty rare to get even a quick
and dirty upgrade that’s for sure but it is yes handy huh it’s kind of an I do
think it’s kind of a bummer I’m kind of miffed at Nvidia for not releasing
drivers fees beforehand I mean that should always be a red flag that Nvidia
is like hey we’re not doing reviews of these you can you can get the cards from
your partners from the board partners they said go ask EVGA go ask azuz go ask
whoever but they wouldn’t give you the drivers until lunch day so I’m always a
big fan of transparency when we’re talking about Bryan you know right see
hardware and a hundred fifty bucks might be cheap to some people look to a lot of
people that’s you know a summer worth of mowing grass yeah so I would have I
don’t like Nvidia not release not making day one reviews available I think people
like Stephen hunter air box and other Steve at gamers Nexus deserve a lot of
credit because they had reviews up within 24 hours of this card coming out
so that people were able to realize what they were and weren’t getting I also
will not be surprised if there’s a gtx 1650 TI released at some point because
there’s a massive gap between one hundred and fifty bucks that this is 75
watts and the $220 gtx 1660 and there’s a big gap in CUDA cores there too so I
wouldn’t be surprised to see a gtx 1650 TI come out at some point and it’s a lot
more competitive because that card won’t have to worry about sticking the 75
watts so could I do the TI without the power
connector um I mean they could but I don’t think they
would with this card existing like this again I haven’t reviewed any card yet
but I’d be awful skeptical about the idea of buying some of the overclocked
aftermarket versions of this card because those tend to require the extra
power connector so if you’re going to buy a card that needs a power connector
anyway I would based off the reviews I’ve read recommend the Radeon you know
that’s what your said he said the most of the reviewers had 6 pin versions
oh yeah even though they were pushing the whole 75 watt things so well the
thing is NVIDIA was pushing the 75 watt thing because that’s you know the key to
Nvidia yeah someone applied for board partners like EVGA in the Zeus they hate
or a suicide use those some just random so Tech MSI gigabyte all of them they
hate losing and benchmark comparisons so they will pretty much always send you
the most expensive powerful version of a card that you can test so I’m not
surprised to see all these six pin reviews even though the lack of a 16
power connector is this cards true selling point that kind of says
something about I don’t know if it’s a if the hardware community just can’t
wrap their brains around that because there and that is a really strong point
to not require a power connectors is a big selling point but yeah all the board
renders know if they get beat up against out of a 570 they’re not gonna send them
out so then it pushes people to buy these cards if they really should anyway
it’s really weird I it’s funny cuz it’s like the opposite to me like they sent
out these cars with these power connectors and they get won’t buy the
Radeon rx 570 psych well they both have power connectors this cars just gettin
whomped but if you had sent one out that doesn’t require the power connector be
like oh it’s a little bit behind but you can just slip it right in so hmm
yeah okay is it so how does it stack up against a 1050 because I I mean I I was
thought the 1050 was pretty underpowered at this point it’s been underpowered for
a while its I mean it should be a pretty if you had the option to get this or a
1050 get this it looks like a pretty decent jump ahead
I I didn’t test it myself I don’t had the numbers right in front of me but I
think it’s like 20 20 30 percent just like it has been some of the other ones
some of the other GTX newer iterations so you know it’s a decent upgrade I mean
it’s been a few years since the 1050 came out so this is you know keeping up
with the Joneses or whatever yeah you know 150 that’s right on the cusp of
your next the next then the next bump up is 200 bucks you think yeah to see 60 60
60 you know that’s 22 2016 16 yet Oh depends actually on what you got because
you can find radeon RX 5 80s awfully cheap these days like you can find RX
580 overclocked customized all the fans blinged out RGB on sale for like 170 or
180 bucks I mean it is gonna be a little bit slower than 220 to $250 gtx 1660 but
you’re saving 50-plus dollars so well there’s actually a lot of good choices
then yeah although it is amazing to think that rx 580 which is a 480 from
yeah 2014 or 250 what 2015 I mean that’s an aging card it’s and it’s still like
something like that yeah still seen service but at that low end I had 1080p
gaming nice if you got a junky old box worth worth it worth a shot yeah
or if you binded building a cheap new box you don’t want to spend a lot of
money on a fancy power supply you want to get the Gordon special the case with
the integrated power supply even with special like who knows how much power is
out you get a 6 pin power connector you can run a 5k this is something they try
to push in the future but it seems nichy for right now they’ve done this for a
long time there’s those 750 s Derek like just tiny it looked like a Pentium 3
like it looked like a literally a Pentium 3 the cooler was like this big
you could put them in any you know POS box in the world and you get you’d have
real graphics and wasn’t it wasn’t a bad part you know it was actually like it’s
a I thought there are a lot of people like they can’t afford a new powers bar
the handful machine and a lot of those old machines
get tossed out so something that’s kind of you know auxilary to this not
directly related to the 1650 is the day that these came out there was a driver
obviously that came out to support this along with some new games like World War
Z and whatnot and a lot of people were reporting that it was like eaten up like
weird amounts of CPU usage like taking ten or twenty percent of your CPU usage
Nvidia just released a hotfix for that yesterday evening so if you have the
latest Nvidia drivers and you’ve been noticing that’s eating your CPU go
download that optics hmm well that’s a bummer good good good PSA there Brad
yeah boom man of the people yeah you know you know what else came
out while you guys were on vacation what or not came out but God announced I
don’t I didn’t read the internet much more there was none you’re down in the
bowels of the earth yeah well mark was able to write up
about it was a busy week right yeah yeah so Intel announced a couple of they
announced desktop quarantines and mobile chloride ions and you know I think it’s
from one thing it’s nice to be able to talk about finally ninth generation
products as opposed to just living in the eighth generation for the last you
know I’m not really sure exactly if they really just delineate it what makes a
ninth generation purpose an eighth generation part as far as you know but
oh wait wax I I got a memo while you were talking about the difference
between a 8th gen intel part in an intel 19 part is one so we had six s6 new 9th
gen mobile h-series core processors announced last week copy like refresh i
mean the nice that means so briefly it’s 98 99 h 8e h k which is 2.4 kg rats base
5 bigger it’s turbo 8 cores 16 threads all the way down to the 90 300 H which
is 2.4 gigahertz 14.1 turbo with 4 cores and 8 threads we didn’t have prices
because they’re of course big ship to notebook benders at least at that time
and I mean you know it’s it’s interesting we also had
you know Intel’s announcement of their earnings last week – and I think it’s
kind of worth talking about just in the same context because of the fact that
Intel really is doing quite well in the notebook space it’s doing less well in
the desktop space but I mean you know we’re gonna talk a little bit about the
the desktop stuff in a second but you know here 98 99 a thk unlocked part
hyper-threading nope thanks sorry hyper-threading you know the company is
doing extremely well in notebooks I think that really they’re firing on all
cylinders here it certainly seems like it you know you’ve got support for you
know h10 obtain memory Wi-Fi 628 gigs of DDR 4 I thought this was a fairly
impressive launch yeah you know actually I broke it down I in I haven’t run the
story up because we were running very soon I pray I broke down the during the
8th and 9th gen parts are these the slides your channel yeah there’s
actually one we could show the one that just shows a difference 9th gen Merces 8
January which which one is that – it’s the this shorter one there’s only two
okay here goes on your screen right now there we go so this is this very
interesting yeah absolutely first I want to talk about 8th gen parts
they are awesome which is crazy because in the bottom of the chart you’re seeing
here you can see that across the board you got really big blues clocks mm-hmm
I mean like the 8750 H which is I felt like that was in like 90 percent of
gaming laptops versus the 7700 HQ somebodyís 77 HQ was a decent part when
it came out but I mean the 87 58 just kicked its butt and 26% higher you know
turbo boost clocks and you got two more cores four more threads it was just all
and just up and down you know everywhere until basically give you Salkin eight GM
parts just knocking on the ballpark 19 parts
I find core first core i7 is like yeah it’s sort of like back to what we got
before where you got like you know 10% like
KB de sky wherever you got like eight nine percent whatever and then i-5 is
like yeah look at that you get nothing excellent interestingly so eight nine
Chennai five parts the 9380 first a teetering like a hundred megahertz and
you didn’t pay for it anyway right so the big difference of course is up on
top were you getting a crapload more clocks yeah and two more course eight
course right those quarry nice these quarry knives are actually real quarry
nights whereas a previous quarry 9 was you know we give you decently better
turbos yeah if for a little short while but for the most part it’s like
everybody said get the 88 58 or the 8750 and remember maybe there were still six
cores right there all right all those ate all those ATM parts work
but this does the nut quarry knives are just just awesomeness there I mean I
think just based on what I’ve seen it’ll be interesting to see what they effected
that thermal velocity boost is because that’s how you get that 5.0 gear it’s
turbo because that’s the yeah that’s that weird thing where you have sort of
the turbo boost plus this sort of opportunistic yes whatever that means
I guess absolutist eclis you’re living in a lot sure how long I live in New
Hampshire yeah you’ll probably get the one thing I
do want to point out is I think I think a lot of people get scared by the base
clock differences you’re gonna get you’re gonna get that you’re gonna get
the hater saying well look you lose 98 88 purses the 8950 HK yeah two more
cores but that base clock is 600 megahertz lower 26% lower clocks on the
base I don’t think that’s as big a deal because I know a lot of people freak out
over intel-based clocks but I rarely ever saw any Intel 8th gen part ever hit
base clock base clock is like you’re in Death Valley it’s 120 degrees outside
and you’ve got the AC on and stereos and all the lights on yeah it’s gonna fall
back but most of the time in most laptops if they built it right it’s
never gonna get down at basically right yeah it really ever does so I think that
is sort of in there sort of like yeah this is how bad it could get but
generally if the workloads there then clocks up yeah it’s gonna generally be
higher clocks and if you are looking at a workload that is only six threads on
on a previous eight gen quarry 9mm well you’re not you basically got to idle
cores on the on the new 8/8 core part so I think at all made I think it all is
gonna want come out in the wash in the end so yeah that’s a big deal yeah now
should we go the desktop yes tops a little bit more interesting isn’t it is
the other slide no no all right so previously we’ve had Intel announced
there there does the previous sort of their top-of-the-line x-series core
chips and now we’ve had sort of the more mainstream stuff and the key here is
that the majority of these things do not include hyper threading now all of a
sudden it’s fine for notebooks but it’s not fine for desktops I’m not sure
exactly why that is but we’ve got everything from the core I $9.99 hundred
which does have hyper threading 3.1 gigahertz up to five figure it’s again
eight cores 16 threads but the majority is all eight cores eight threads from
the core i7 9700 down to the core i3 90 100 F you’ve got these these products
here without integrated graphics like the 95 the 9600 and I’m sorry the 9500 F
and then you go down to the more interesting I think the T series parts
and until announced seven of those and the T series are just simply 35 watt
parts but I think those are you know there’s from that for all-in-one yeah
for ballin ones from a nice power standpoint but again only one product is
actually hyper threaded that’s the 90 at the core I $9.99 hundred T I don’t know
why you’d have one a call right now and I did another T all-in-one but that’s
okay well I can tell you that yeah the t
parts and a lot of those other 910 parts they’re opportunistic I suppose they do
it’s it’s called opportunistic consumer sees ninth Gen Intel part right
on there with $400 at Costco box but again lots of eight core eight threads
9700 T six core six threads the core i5 the 9500 T all the way down and then of
course you’ve got if you want to buy them the Pentium Gold’s which backed up
hyper-threading they actually have them again and of these seller ons which are
basically I was associated that with the surface go that’s just basically a
surface go product or something of that sort you know these are products you
probably would buy if you’re so so if you want hyper-threading you have to buy
a Pentium or you have to buy a cool right yeah right you just really it just
before it just basically it’s a premium prints all of a sudden hyper-threading
is a premium feature now again and I would love to see some benchmarks
comparing a core 16 threats cards and a core a thread parts and all sorts I’m
Ian there’s just a the company that invented hyper threading now is decided
that hybrid loading is now just a premium feature I mean four years ago
they had the haswell-e product it was an extreme edition processor 8 / 8 cores 16
threads charged a buttload of money for and everyone was like yes hyper
threading and now it’s just like the desktop parts in I will point this is
part I was teasing earlier I was on the briefing for these parts the mobile
parts and the desktop parts in mobile and like hey we got some desktop parts
you exactly that it was crazy because it’s like here it goes click ok any
questions hey right wait wait we didn’t see what they can you go back to those
oh no we’ll send them to you later just be more specific they were like 4 slides
of processor speeds and fees and they went through him about what 15 seconds
if that no it was so luckily I was taking a screen grab of it for another
thing and I often like I just I don’t know it it’s like I take pictures right
I’ll take 15 anyway and I was hitting the Print Screen button and this in the
pictures were literally went slide 1 slide 2 slide 3 and the later on I was
like okay mark you need to copy those slides like no no I got it and say yeah
there’s three of them right and you’re like you’re like what
and everybody was like what can you show that I didn’t see that I didn’t cast as
desktop par so any questions about our mold parts it was smart PR nobody asked
about hyper-threading everyone just one of the space of its no I mean I I gotta
say I mean because I didn’t pay too close attention to those desktop parts
because I knew they didn’t just like the just like the Nvidia launch date drivers
there were none right didn’t one talk about it when things are not looking
good you don’t like hey let’s let’s concentrate on this one PowerPoint slide
so you can see how but this to me seems really odd considering that were AMD is
that’s exactly right it’s almost like these parts are almost
launched like in a vacuum of like no no like it’s 2014 or yeah isn’t that
usually how they do it though so they kind of you know ignore what
AMD’s do and that’s really stay the course in this case you can’t ignore
these do ima am be is gonna be touting those cores like crazy I mean there’s
gonna be just that’s gonna we’re gonna bang that drum like crazy I know I’m
sure more cores event that wrote that forever but I think it rises didn’t come
along we wouldn’t have six core i5s an eight grow I just don’t understand it
feels like this launched for the desktop parts the mobile parts I think are you
know awesome because yeah essentially Andy does not exist in mobile right
exactly I mean we’ve seen more Snapdragon laptops in the last made up
that’s true yeah I just these death apart you’re like do you not see you
know I and you know Intel’s can see that train coming down the track right but I
don’t even use it because it just gotta launch something to get out there and
well I’m I don’t know I mean I suppose there’s a number of different theories I
mean we haven’t even talked to yet about the sort of this tweakers roadmap leaked
that sort of came out last week to or they all of a sudden you know there’s a
lot of 14 nanometer parts on the roadmap as opposed to just a few 10 meter Eisley
stuff that’s the least the roadmap showed it in limited quantities so you
want talking about that mark as I’m yeah that’s why well let’s just finish up
this Mary the thing first I was we can segue to that but I mean I mean I guess
the question the question is more firm annex the question is more in my mind
more an experimental question because again we always talk about are
those games are those applications sucking up the additional threads and
you know over time that’s certainly true but you know Intel had the opportunity
to make the case that said hey look you know we have a number of mainstream
applications and they’re simply testing and taxing this the main court single
core we think single core performance is more important and that’s why we’re Amba
sizing the boost and the turbo and the sort of these opportunities to boost and
so forth they could have said that I didn’t they didn’t say that which leaves
the door open for AMD to say hey look you know cores the future more cores of
the future let’s run Cinebench against from Intel’s massive and just blow it
away and that’s gonna be the headline from probably copy text I imagine all
right yeah I agree on yeah but you know yeah realistically it is very hard to
tell people this but I mean and people don’t accept it 900k it’s an awesome
part it is it’s only eight cores whatever compared to workday it’s the
thing runs at just stupidly high clocks all the time sure yeah it’s actually not
that less more less expensive than say a sixteen core thread Ripper but consumers
don’t need threads I love Korres i but I you the average person does not need 16
cores and they’re not better served by getting 16 cores at a lower clock right
versus having you know eight cores at five gigahertz I find it interesting how
and kind of yes interesting – good word how they seem to be both Intel and AMD
going in two different directions no not more processor choice like micros say
and their Intel’s doubling down on yeah you know we’re still charging what we
were we’re getting rid of hyper threading but those eight cores that you
get are gonna be the best freaking high speed cores that you’re gonna get
whereas AMD’s good will give you eight cores will be a little bit slower but
they’ll hyper thread so you actually get 16 threads or whatever and it sounds
like possibly even more than that with Verizon third gen so it’s just gonna be
you know I like the idea of choice it’s but Intel’s doing interesting things
with this line I think I think a lot of it has to do with not one to cannibalize
the un– parts there was a real stratification going I mean we’ve always
had power price performance as being this sort of the three P’s and then
Power has been you know sort of Qualcomm’s push and I think the sort
what panels is diminishing that a little bit and so forth but yeah I mean in the
performance space we haven’t we’ve traditionally actually associated that
with simply just clock speeds and now we’re seeing clock speeds and cores and
really we’re also seeing I would say just an increased you know dominance by
Intel in the notebook space but a real threat to Intel in the desktop space I
mean you know if you look at mercury researchers numbers I mean AMD is gained
significant share in both desktop and mobile over the past you know a couple
of quarters and when you go from 7-0 notebook no bubble did it’s right I mean
that’s true but I mean you know a man Intel certainly out cells I’m like what
four to one or something about sure but I mean really that’s you know to get
Brad’s point you know again we’re seeing a little bit more choice and as you give
momentum to AMD and get more momentum behind that platform then they can
continue to drive for to me an AMD it continues to be profitable and
profitable means you know processor development now
yeah and they lost color to to Intel I mean that’s a big loss but you know
we’ll talk a little bit more about the rise and stuff apparently the rise in
its 3,000 stuff looks looks decent I mean at the same time in tell you like
you said you they had earnings they had earnings are they are they horrible they
were not good flat revenue profits were okay but their forecasts kind of as a
not great forecast their forecast a revenue forecast but I’m just wondering
because I mean it’s been an awesome two-year run for rising so far yeah has
that you know rising it has mostly encroached into desktop mmm you know the
services success still coming mobile is still non-existent for the most part but
has that hurt did that did that show up and they Intel well the interesting of
thing about their Intel numbers actually was that you know Intel is supposedly
pivoting away from the PC to become this data center company with Xion Xion did
not do well PC the PC side of things C c/g basically killed them up and which
is which was weird because that’s not the way it’s supposed to go but it did
go oh it was good yeah it always goes that way yeah in yeah that’s true
actually Microsoft earnings in Windows was the strongest division as well oh
wait mark are you saying the PC you know it’s weird yeah it’s going to
is no way I’m really sometimes just sick of these companies I just know it’s
trying to like get away from us PC yeah and then you know all their money is
from it’s like HP Enterprise in HP clients these days right enterprise not
so great yeah actually HP laptops awesomeness so I mean and then we can
talk about a little bit about – I mean what tweakers came out with yeah so
what’s up there I actually have the slide somebody pointed it out Peter
thank you Peter so I’m going to throw that up right now
it’s the Intel desktop client CPU planning roadmap yeah up to 2020 yeah
I’m actually having some problems loading that up basically what it boils
down to was the fact that we’re seeing a lot of 14 nanometer parts through the
most of next year we’re seeing ice Lake appear so first of all Intel said also
to that ice Lake is on track they’re gonna have more parts than they expected
in the holiday season whatever that means if it’s three to four or whatever
it might be you never know what that means right but they still at least
these these these roadmaps which you know I was told by people who had seen
roadmaps that yes they were pretty accurate but I don’t know if that means
you know if they were accurate up to date which ones I psyche again nice lake
is the 10 nm either part okay 10 nanometers that’s launched on schedule
for this year supposedly it’s gonna be out by the holiday season but yeah I
mean if you look at this like you can see there’s a lot of there’s a lot of 40
nanometer stuff there especially both in and if you open the mobile one as well
but in the desktop it’s it’s it’s you’re looking at comment Lake which is you
know a coffee like and comment Lake comment Lake supposedly is going to be I
mean possibly expected copy text I mean with sort of you know shipping near and
the end of in your day in the year but again a lot a very dry I would say
desktop roadmap going forward I mean nothing that’s there’s no actual Lake
with the lakes that really excites me too much into the mobile space it’s it’s
still a lot of 40 nanometer stuff as well so I don’t really know if people
will necessarily care whether it’s ten nanometer 40 nanometer but I mean it
does affect things like pricing you know chips are core size and so
forth thanks yeah bye all right now it’s Wi-Fi
sucks but yes I mean XPS yes somebody has Dell got in trouble yeah no well
it’s funny because I I’m sure like everyone else you know we have a couple
of contacts on you know sort of official and non-official and I complete stuck
out as far as getting in touch with anyone at tell that to comment which
leads me to believe that maybe the thing did actually come from Dell so yeah if
you look at you know if you look at going forward again saying comment Lake
we’re seeing cascade Lake copy Lake and one other so they’re all fourteen
fourteen animators I mean we’re going up to ten core comment Lake s products near
the sort of the end of the year and you’re getting into you know again sort
of just just that’s that’s a desktop stuff – yeah still desam I do not find
the actual but I’m not surprised by all this one I’m just gonna point out again
that when it comes to making paper bets I predicted that there will be no volume
shipments of desktop 10-minute parts this year if you look like this is
Mercury’s a good point it is insightful to pay attention to like financials and
stuff like that because during this whole ten nanometer the issues with
getting it out right until eventually changed some plans around to make like
ten nanometer facilities that we’re supposed to be to do more fourteen than
the meter parts that’s right yeah so I mean they have all these facilities set
up to make 14 nanometer parts 14 nanometer parts have been refined for I
don’t even know how many pluses are behind them at this point
+ + + 30 + yeah I mean they’re pretty refined and on the desktop at least
they’re probably gonna hit much higher speeds and give you more performance and
I would expect the first iteration of 10 nanometer parts to do so I’m not
completely shocked to see that they’re gonna stick with it at least for another
year or two if these leaks are accurate yeah but we’re really on the ragged edge
at 40 nanometers I mean we’re so yeah I mean we keep
saying they’re running like gas but we’re just seeing it ice lake ice lake
the 10 nanometer parts I’m bummed that they called it that was because I was
real excited to get away from the lakes finally yeah well I can certainly
understand that I mean it’s I’m just trying to bring up the know the mobile
CPU planning room I’ve got the mobile one here oh great thank you yeah so we’re basically seeing we’re
seeing Tiger Lake we’re seeing rocket Lake a rocket like you use the new one
coming out supposedly a hawk wakes sky Hawk Lake
yeah misawa’s small those are the 10 nanometer parts not necessarily no still
a lot of 14 animation yeah so we’ve got so yeah we’ve got Tiger Lake isn’t it
for net four cores ten animators according to this this wrote leaked
roadmap you’ve got comment Lake which is two core to two to four cores also for
key animator rocket Lakes the interesting one because it’s a four core
slash six core part in 14 animator but supposedly ten nanometer graphics so I
guess the chaplet model coming out in q3 of 2020 so that would be the XC I guess
implementation sort of it I guess an APU and I just well that’s you it’s a you
part these are all you that’s a you target Lake is a wide part so low power
yeah lower power yeah so you’ve got the you series the 15 and 29 Watts and then
the top still you’re seeing copy Lake stand stuff same stuff and comment like
a chord / 10 core 40 nanometer cue to 2020 so yeah stand on the notebook space
but all 14s yep a lot of it for teens that’s right Wow so yeah I mean you know
AMD is gonna be moving along yeah yeah it’ll be it’ll be really interesting
right I mean those are there still upping the core counts because you’re
getting you’re gonna right now we’ve got you know four four cores in you parts
yep you go up to six H goes from 8 to 10
supposedly mm-hmm I mean you know process technology is a little bit of a
marketing scheme to I mean yeah but you know still the numbers some of the
numbers don’t lie anyway no yeah it is pushing ahead and Intel’s that’s darling
is it just like if these are if these are real that Israel’s not look good
yeah these are right yep but I mean there’s a lot of a lot it’s been a very
choppy choppy week for Intel but with the launch and the earnings and now this
I mean it’s it’s gonna be interesting here yeah yeah I kind of wonder when
that I mean it seems like they gotta get ten and meet her out to save him at this
point yeah I mean at GDC I was hearing some you know you were probably
wandering around – I was hearing some Intel folks grumbling about like looking
good and desktop but you know yeah you know I I think I’ve said this for a
while but Intel doesn’t care that much about desktop probably not I mean they
do they have a lot of pride believe me there’s a lot of pride at Intel but you
know what if if there’s one area you’re gonna lose between servers laptops and
desktops they can they can lose they can if they’re I think Intel’s thought is
like their perspective will be yeah we’ll lose desktop now but we’ll see you
in two years yeah so but there’s hell no are they
gonna give up on laptops and servers now data where the money is for like epic is
also suppose I mean we don’t talk about epic but epic is actually doing really
well to listen yeah that’s yeah I mean and I do I agree but I just think that I
just think from the Intel’s perspective if someone gets pushed off the life raft
first it’s gonna be destined because you know it’s just like like you said they
don’t want to be associated with the PC and nothing says PC more than a desktop
yeah good point as the most thing that’s true and of course the PC is always the
thing that comes back to save everybody all the time that’s true let’s serve
everybody superhero yep you know the good news is it also has advantage
because AMD doesn’t have clock speeds right cuz
Intel still has higher clock speeds maybe yet maybe maybe if maybe if if the
AMD had a part that could running higher clock speeds with
improved IPC like what like what that was clumsy
I got the idea yeah the risin risin 3000 performance leaks supposedly right which
of course I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t bookmark the actual leak supposedly but
I hear when I talked about audio listeners I did air quotes because
everybody is interpreting the leak of the horizon 3000 performance leaks based
off of sight that’s probably been machined machine translated because I
swear to God websites paid somebody to speak Mandarin and then translate
English so we’re all like whatever Google told us for all we know it says
in Intel we’ll have it or AMD we’ll have a new ice cream flavor next month it’ll
be rocky road but somehow it turn is duck I bet I think it’s very possible
and what it is essentially they’re saying that the rise in 3,000 s or
people playing motherboard vendors playing with our saying the four core a
core variants are hitting 4.5 gigahertz right with a 15 percent or 18 percent 15
15 % IPC uplift over previous you know rise as n plus and they’re anticipating
as well the 16 cores as well yeah that’s pretty solid it is it’s like I guess
that 7 nanometre stuff is real you know but the thing is they’re talking well
yeah so how much of that is architectural is how much how this
processing because it I people when they’re talking about IPC and they’re
talking about when we know that people at some of their architectural people
have left for Intel and they’re still talking about IPC improvements that
makes me wonder a little bit if that’s a accurate or B where that’s coming from
yeah I think it’s also people are not everybody seems to have different
interpretations of IPC I’ve done IPCC IPC testing my interpretation is
different than other sites is testing and you know it’s probably different
from AMD and Intel us but I I think definitely some of it is from you know
they take some of it and I think there’s a mix-up I have a hard time believing
that they are really getting a solid pure 15% IPC who’s over 7 plus yeah
right it feels like you know ten I can believe fifteen seems like one damn yeah
and all I lost my rations that is a major improvement I think it’s probably
other things but are getting mixed up between they’re getting other pickups
it’s not a cure I P see increases like o’clock four o’clock I think there’s
nothing’s going on Tim but let’s face it four point five gigahertz plus you know
decent IPC uplift it’s it’s gonna be a monster part and everywhere from 4 to 16
cores and desktop form absolutely yep and let’s not haven’t talked about it
but possessing these next parts are gonna make it into laptops previous rise
in parts not quite ready for primetime right for laptops this next gen part
feels like it’s it’s there because you got seven nanometer power savings all
that stuff perfect for for a long time I mean let’s hope I mean I want to see
some I mean we just haven’t seen any AMD laptop reviews I mean there’s just me
raw it is pretty rough I mean yeah I want as much competition to laptop
spaces we have a desktop space and so I I mean from that standpoint because we
have to fit we favor competition yeah I mean I have to say that I’m written for
am to here so of course you wanna you wanna you want altom Utley it’s about
consumer choice yeah absolutely you want people to have a choice yep so
I I just think just like it’s just like it’s it’s AMD’s year I mean the second
half of this year and next year it’s gonna be aimed he’s gonna be rockin it
feels like yeah it does I don’t know what Brad feels like in the graphic
space but in the CPU space it certainly does no idea what to expect to the
graphic space wait for Navi there’s a lot of people actually I’m actually
before you do that Adam I’m actually the most intriguing thing to me and this
leak is the fact that one AMD x5 70 motherboards will have up to 40 PCIe
lens and also that motherboard manufacturers are struggling struggling
to get B 550 motherboards to work with pcs IE 4 so
that new cutting-edge lanes might only be in the most expensive model or did
you go by Oh interesting yeah I make sense too because I mean it’s not like
you really need 40 lanes for you know $400 $500 desktop PC so if a B 550 board
isn’t arrived with proper PCIe 4.0 support
does that mean exactly it just means that it won’t work well I I think what
will happen is so the PCIe off of the CPU itself has a PCIe controllers in the
in the in the rise in part that’ll be PCIe Jen for so you probably get 16 to
20 sure and then you you you pipe some of that off for the Southbridge to the
chipset and whatever is coming off of that maybe some of the it’ll be mixed
some of the slots will be gen 3 some will be and then definitely for graphics
and whatever else gets repurposed by the mother more Mord maker some probably
would be Gen 4 I would guess that’s my guess III I have a hard time believing
that you’re gonna get 40 off the motherboard because I think that’s again
we are we’re relying on leaks not event that are being machined translated by
Google yep this is not it’s not native language but I’m gonna guess cuz you get
you’re probably gonna get 16 because it’s a desktop part you got 16 out of
the CPU for the graphics card you get another 4 for them to 2 that’s kind of
what’s happened with X 470 and all those other previous parts
that’s what 20 lanes Gen 4 I’m not sure where you’re gonna get the other 20
lanes with Gen 4 it just doesn’t maybe niggas some of its enthusiastic
enthusiastic especially for a desktop class part it’s not the remember where
you need you know 128 PCIe ends so it’s just not doesn’t make any sense to me
why even push that anyway so I suspect that’s really just a misinterpretation
so although it I mean they’ve got a picture of it but I’m not seeing yeah
we’ll see jet has a question for you Gordon why are you so interested in PCIe
for when we barely saturate the 3.0 bus with graphics and storage good question
if you ever driven through LA at say 4:30 p.m. and you’re sitting there it’s
about I try not to eat 995 degrees and you’re just like not moving and you go
like we don’t need to think about 10 lanes we should just you know we should
wait until traffic turns into the gridlock of LA before we add like the
whole idea is to build lanes before you gridlock
yeah we have not saturated and people want for one thing don’t get over hyped
by a PCIe for it’s not going to change your world it’s not gonna make your
graphics card suddenly a hundred percent faster folks it’s not gonna make your
SSD faster but you have to build the lanes in before you get to the
bottleneck so you don’t want to be like LA and wait till it’s too late and then
trying to build it then and you can’t so that’s why I’m excited for good answer
yeah boom and I sort of got just take that exact same answer go back ten years
and that’s like PCIe two to four right cuz I go oh my god I gotta have gen 3
really I mean I still run tiny bridge parts of Gen 2 yeah there was a lot of
people in the chat earlier talking about the IPC back to the IPC discussion that
cache the cache is one place they can improve that’s true yeah I mean there’s
all kinds of places they can get it I I’m I just I’m not sure and I think one
of the you know again machine translated by Google they did say it might be in
scientific side or something so yeah branch prediction and so forth I mean
it’s it’s hard to say what exactly is you know I mean we’re not computer
scientists for God’s sake and who knows I mean it’s gonna no matter what it no
I’m not saying it’s gonna be a lousy IPC increase 15 percent seems really really
awesome and he’ll if they did it I’d celebrate it know what I’m just saying
I’m yeah I’m I do think it’s a little optimistic I think you know 10 10 is
really good yeah still 10 is like damn yeah you know do you think 10 is good
enough to jump from a second gen or is these these would be like first gen
people jumping up you know it it depends on what you do I mean if you play games
primarily and you were on office in Chrome no sure you know bit by brick SSD
more RAM better graphics card if you actually use something where you need 16
cores and your current rise in platform yeah why not right if if we really do
see 16 core you know rising drop-in replacements for current board yeah why
not if you’re really going to use it yes if you’re not gonna use it
no if you just want to brag about it yes let’s face it like yeah I got 16 cores
all right yeah nice so yeah yeah definitely any other license coming on
any other controversial chatting of their everybody wanna know my face most
people don’t like Star Trek 5 I think that’s pretty I’m just kidding it’s do
we want to go to Q&A so we have some stuff that has been built up the past
couple weeks in discord I got a question is Star Trek 5 worst and start tracking
motion picture what was Star Trek Shatner 1 Star Trek 5 is worse I will
quote you the way blind what does God need with a starship just saying I’m not
sure which was worse I know which is worse it’s definitely five I don’t I
don’t think there’s anybody who could defend five five yeah I agree
I would rather I am I don’t know I’d probably rather watch five and watched
Shatner to you through the sceneries and wants their motion picture yeah that’s
like I’ve seen enough I mean you’d have to be on so much mine altering substance
to make that that cloud fly through sequence seemed cool you know I’m gonna
have to go watch Babylon 5 again just to get all this out of my brain there you
go here we go let’s let’s get to some questions you can always get to your
question and in our discord full nerd discord links in the description the
first ones from Mateus Mateus mr. girl yeah and the whoops no wait that was not
a question that was they did not put a question in there yep alright it’s not
safe for work no no it just wasn’t a question uh Wiz bro
this one’s from Wiz bro would a sixteen fifty even be worth upgrading to for
somebody who has a 1050 Ti or would something like an RX 580 or 1660 be a
better upgrade I think we kind of have answer then that’d be a far better
upgrade if you have the power connector and you know you can have the room in
your PC jumping to rx even a five seventy would be preferable to sixteen
fifty five eighty or sixteen sixty would be a huge upgrade
there’s like a side great almost for about ten fifty to ten fifty TI to a
sixteen people are it’s almost like a side grant
it sounds like I mean you’ll get a little bit better but I mean if you’re
gonna spend 150 bucks I would know a few more lumps and spend the 220 bucks on
1660 cuz that’d be a huge upgrade for you you know I don’t know what’s up with
this but it’s not fun in 1952 we’re like yay Timmy you in a moment
long yeah yeah thanks mr. mr. young here’s your dollar fifty Timmy you go
self buy yourself a Chevy with that it’s like you know it’s like wait I tell me I
just you charge me $100 to do my lawn it’s not cheap to have the kid mow your
lawn anymore no I have two acres so right around mower then no I pay
somebody to do that I tried it for the first year I’m like man I got five hours
every week to do this you were there too yeah next one’s from front of the show
Ricker is there going to be a 1650 ti yeah probably if so do you think it’ll
have any more vram than the 1650 or just higher clocks what do you expect I think
it would have more CUDA cores higher clocks annual in the power connector I
don’t think it would have more be Ram I think the six gigs of VRAM is gonna be
reserved for the 1660 in 1660 ta okay and then sharp thunder uh what do you
think of Intel still using 40 nanometer till 2020 roadmap bleak and window ten
minimum storage requirements to 32 gigs previously it was 16 K that’s Joe we
have talked about that I mean again I think it probably boils down to price I
mean there’s not really thermals in price they’re sort of which in the
gating factors as far as the process technology is concerned I mean we have
to see what I mean pricing is obviously sort of tied to manufacturing but it’s
someone can can be disconnected to I mean as you pointed out I mean Intel
could decide whether they wanted I mean Intel can decide from a price and
standpoint whether they want to take a loss not a loss but reduce their
marginal a desktop or notebooks I think we’re thinking right now that on desktop
they’d be a little bit more willing to adjust pricing I guess there are
notebooks and the similar higher margin products I think for
I think it’s I think it’s a little bit more of an embarrassment from them just
because they’ve always been the proponent of Moore’s law they’ve been
the proponent of you know we own our own fabs we can manufacture these things so
the fact that they can’t actually make that transition is more of an
embarrassment to them than an actual more of an embarrassment of them that
actually have an effect on the consumer the second aspect of it the sort of 32
gigs of memory to to Windows 10 the what we refer and what he was referring to is
that there has been a quietly Microsoft has sort of upped the hardware
requirements for Windows 10 so previously it was 16 was because because
Windows 10 is sort an ongoing service they don’t actually necessarily say ok
the next iteration is going to happen the you know Windows 11 is gonna require
something you know and require such-and-such in terms of hardware so
there’s been a sort of a quiet leak where it’s been sort of up the
requirements for the minimum requirements for Windows tens may update
have been upgraded I don’t necessarily know if that has any effect with Intel’s
roadmap you know III think that you know obviously obviously over time Windows
requirements increase over time I think this is sort of just a natural
progression of such you know just make sure that you have the minimum hardware
requirements I have a counter opinion Jeff good
I think it’s BS because Microsoft within the past few years Microsoft and his
partners have sold tablets and chromebook competitors that only have 32
gigabytes it’s true of memory installed so I think that leaving those people out
in the cold is pretty messed up especially because with this move to
Windows 10 as a service they’ve been real aggressive about cutting off
support if you’re you know however X many major releases back it’s
not the seven years that it used to be it’s like two years or whatever like a
two-year old version of Windows 10 like if you haven’t upgraded within two years
you’re gonna get cut off from security support and all that
and so I think the fact those two things combined the fact that they were
recently selling Chromebook competitors with only 32 gigabytes of memory and the
fact that they will kick you off support very quickly these days it’s gonna leave
some people out in the cold and I don’t like it it was the same issue with
Windows 8 had that issue they would let people you know get Windows 8 PCs or
install Windows 8 on their PCs and then Windows 8.1 made it so not necessarily a
lot of people but some people who were perfectly fine with Windows 8 they got
rejected from Windows 8.1 because they didn’t meet some obscure
CPU you know thing that was now required in Windows 8.1 those people got you know
left off and they didn’t get security support and I just I don’t like that you
know policy I think the counter-argument to that is the fact that now we have
again I totally agree with what you’re saying
the counter-argument of that I think is the fact that now with the may update
Microsoft is trying to reserve space within the operating system for its own
updates so in other words previously it’s been sort of the shared memory
space or sorry shared storage choice where you know you were data sort of
lives when the operating system was enforced you know if it wants to go
ahead and take an update to you it has to sort of carve out an additional I
don’t take a bite and a half for that so what it’s trying to do now is its trying
to say Reserve I think it’s seven gigabytes of remember correctly and
that’s sort of the space that it’s going to use for both itself as far as the
upgrade the updates are concerned you know keep in mind too that some of these
tablets do have some don’t but some of these tablets do have sort of SD cards
you know room and SD cards are so dirt cheap right now that adding capacity to
a tablet or something of that sort makes a lot more sense in the past I mean what
I don’t know what the prices are but like you know super yeah thirty or forty
bucks gets you a ton so from that standpoint I agree with you I think that
it’s a little bit you know there are some there is a little bit wiggle room
there I don’t I mean I agree I think it makes sense I can understand why they do
it I just disagree with the decision especially because like the reason that
those 32 gigabyte Chromebook and competitors came out there’s no doubt
because of Microsoft because HP and Dell and everybody we’re selling Chromebooks
with that configuration already sure as Microsoft who said hey
man we need to do some chromebook killers so I don’t know I just don’t
like it well Chromebooks live on the web – you
don’t need as much local storage Microsoft it’s yeah I know we’re not
really sure we’re there the the increasing of 32 gigs min min min
storage is going to cut you off either right it’s I I get the impression that
is more for upgrade in place all right I mean I it’s possible that you could do a
clean install of Windows 10 may update to a 16 gig device and it’ll work of
course most people who buy 16 gig stream books those kind of devices they’re not
gonna even notice anyway so it’s probably not but I don’t think it’s
necessarily them cutting him off yeah no we’re not gonna install writer but I
mean we’ve seen we’ve seen a lot of you know notebooks that we’ve gotten a lot
and then we received in a lab I mean you know there was a time where 32 and 64
gigas obsess SD storage was sort of that what we got and now we’re seeing a lot
more 128 256 is and above and so I think that from that standpoint the hardware
capacity is actually outpacing the requirements that Microsoft’s putting
out the storage yeah and you know I know people want to been people like to bag
on Microsoft I do it myself but they don’t they generally don’t they have
this like we don’t leave people behind they’re not like some companies just
like throw people overboard just for the fun of it see what happens you can still
install Windows 10 on Pentium 3 Pentium 4 yep right core – not a problem some
companies will take Xeon you know parts and just like you’re out of here because
we don’t want to we don’t want to support you we don’t pay my I mean the
bigger question is gonna be what happened to the end of the year when
Windows 7 runs out of support and people are sort of forced to move to Windows 10
if if they want to go ahead and listen Microsoft in that score I mean that’s
that’s the enterprise space is really dealing with that right now the consumer
is gonna have to deal with it you know some are gonna have to deal with that as
well to some extent it you know be almost wonder if it’s for their own good
you know like I love Windows 7 and I think it’s a wonderful operation I wish
sometimes Windows 10 was Windows 7 but it is something that is it’s like I
think it’s older than my daughter right now at this point so
I mean not to get too political but I think some of the reaction is the same
as people that get upset that they’re forced to pay for health insurance no no
I mean I I but I I I understand it because people don’t want to have to do
it at some point you know you got a role you got a you got to do the upgrade and
and yeah for I can see like yeah your fixed income you’re you don’t have the
money that’s fine but if you’re talking about like you’re a 10,000 seat licensed
enterprise customer and you don’t want to move off Windows 7 because you’re too
lazy and too cheap to pay for it otally different like you know your workforce
you’re degrading the capabilities of your workforce by forcing them to use
technology from like you know I mean Windows 7 came out and doesn’t know I
mean like you would not you would not force your employees to use like oh yeah
the enterprise I mean enterprises are a completely different story than we can
consumers consumers have to make the decision individually enterprises have a
lot more budget to go ahead and make this yeah I mean so for those for those
customers is like look you’re getting all the goodness ok SSDs all the amazing
coolness of new laptops convertibles all that stuff just make them move you cheap
bastards and you know what it is some IT some CFO some where’s like I don’t want
to pay over that we have them you’re hurting they’re they’re hurting they’re
their workforce at that point now the CEO should in the c-suite the chef
conversation look these people like hey how come I talked to Billy in accounting
he’s got a he’s got this machine from 2008 Windows 7 how come he doesn’t have
the same brand new ultrabook I do at the whisky Lake CPU and 10 hours or 12 hours
of battery runtime pretty sure art our IT department doesn’t allow us to yep sorry that really took this off no
that was fun in the mean time we did have a couple more questions come in one
from YouTube Jeffery Andrus will Intel ever catch up with TSMC and Samsung’s
fabs good question I don’t know I don’t either I mean I you know what five years
ago I’ve said yeah Intel is the world-class leader of fans they are they
they’re like the Masters of fabrication I could say that for certain anymore I
don’t know can say it I mean at this point they have to go for that they’re
in the hole they gotta prove they’re in charge again yeah used to be TMC sorry
TSM see a UMC and chartered and then the latter two I’ve sort of haven’t heard
much from them an age it’s honestly but tsfc is world-class I mean ya know I
mean III think you think is because you know I I went to the the briefer they
had a releasing hey our 14 nanometer is as good but as you know Samsung and so
and so’s 10 nanometer our 14 a Demers damn near as good as their damn Global
Foundries to i/o sold off a fab I think didn’t they backed off that they’re not
doing can I don’t understand anymore right yeah i but good to me I wouldn’t
bet against them tell I mean I agree with you guys who knows you never know
the future but I mean right now we’re seeing other foundries finally catch up
to in surpass Intel right like Intel has been shipped Zilla for a reason so I’m
not gonna bet against that yeah the funny thing too is like these things
always seem to happen to Intel it’s not just that they suddenly have a resurgent
AMD they have a resurgent and tsmc has caught them it’s also that they are
they’re faltering well right at the same time it’s not even that like hey we got
a horse race now it’s like you got a horse race that with it’s got a sprained
ankle or something it’s also fights on several fronts I mean again we talked
about like Qualcomm coming to coming out and saying alright we have this
ultra-low power chip and we can allow you have bad days of battery life until
simply says okay we’re going to go ahead and develop one watt panels keep it that
same battery life but just not necessarily affect their arch own ships
I mean you’ve got like Lakefield you’ve the chip stacking aspect of it I mean
until can until can I mean in toll can go ahead and and compete in
manufacturing to but they can also compete in terms of other aspects of the
design yeah yeah that’s a good point and win there so there’s a lot of magic to
what Intel does people don’t know that they don’t honestly give them credit for
it I mean most of the laptop advances have been pioneered by Intel oh yeah
absolutely lot of the desktop parts and technologies have been pioneered by
Intel sure and then you know they just simply hey let’s stop here and rest the
rollers they’re there they’re engineering is designed to drive the PC
market ahead as a whole and they’ve been able to do that do you think I mean I’m
gonna ask you mark do you think it was a mistake there because Qualcomm what was
a mistake like the whole atom misadventure the
whole we can’t we can’t let Qualcomm rule modems we can’t we can’t let
Qualcomm take over this just like well a suppliant a completely separate topic
but yes I mean they they have they have tried and failed and fail again in terms
of communications they’ve you know dating back you know it’s you know you
know you know is we gotta do strong arm and so forth I mean they just can’t for
some reason make that particular space work they have simply the quality I mean
it’s difficult to design a 5g modem I mean call comes made that point
explicitly both in the market and in court and you know I think that Intel at
some point in time is just gonna have to accept that it’s just not there and come
up with some sort of alternate solution especially in the sort of the mobile I
guess my thought is like who why care you play to your strengths Intel
strength is like kick-ass performance for years and years and I think Swan is
based upon their earnings call I think Swan is heading in that direction
because they basically basically said it look you know we we got rid of Wind
River we got rid of some other things we want to focus on the things we do best
so you know we’re I don’t think we’re gonna see as many keynotes with drones
will you ever had it so yeah it’s that we used to so I think that’s from that
standpoint that’s a smart decision so maybe see that it’s funny because AMD
just went through this remember AMD was like you know what go ahead and play off
in your x86 world we’re doing arm parts arm is the future
you’re armed servers and yeah you know basically they said yeah you know that
thing go we’re gonna get back into performance desktops yep property and
they’ve done really well as a result so okay last question and then we can wrap
it up Zor globe on discord is asking is an i7 8,700 case still a high-end cpu I
don’t know if my gamer son has to go AMD no keep that in your system and be happy
with that you testing system two tests you know 28
et eyes and whatnot like bead you’re happy with that that is an awesome like ya know that’s it’s a great part I
wouldn’t we’re not to the point where you need eight cores for for gaming I’m
sorry it’s just not not true in my opinion mmm-hmm no awesome cool and
let’s wrap it up then alright check back next week for your fix of PC talk on the
fuller for audio listener subscribe to us on iTunes Google Play or stitcher
also we have a discord channel cenotes somewhere tell you where to find it
saying questions and comments to the fuller type pc world come in if you’re
at iTunes because it makes Apple happy these also relieves views on iTunes
every time you do I don’t know something good happen somewhere in Windows it has
a minimum storage requirement of one more kick yeah one more gig of Windows
thanks for coming I’m Gordon hung with Brad Tarkus adios
mark hawkman thanks adam Patrick Murray’s gonna hit the off switch anyway
if you hang out you’ll see the game of throne mode right after the contest it’s
really cool special dark mode uh yeah maybe later
alright thanks everyone bye see watch here comes Game of Thrones
mode right now

29 thoughts to “GTX 1650 reviews, new 9th gen Intel CPU’s, Ryzen 3000 leaks, Q&A | The Full Nerd ep. 92”

  1. Gordon, you say a lot of folks don't like to admit that the 9900k is a great part, but I don't necessarily agree. Obviously it's a very fast processor, but Intel is pulling the same thing that Nvidia did with Turing in that we're getting better performance at a higher price rather than the better performance at a cheaper price that we used to get. Except it's worse in Intel's case because:

    1) They have some very stiff competition from AMD (especially for non-gaming tasks).
    2) They have even more competition from themselves. For gaming, the I5 8400/i5 9400 will get you 90-95% of the performance, and the i7 8700k will get you 99% of the way there.

    The 9900k seems to be selling well, but I personally can't justify paying $500 for a gaming CPU. And I say that as someone who paid $650 for my GTX 1080 when it first came out. Even if AMD doesn't surpass Intel in gaming with Ryzen 3000 (which I don't expect them to), I'll be more than happy to upgrade from my i7 4790k if the gap closes to half of what it is now.

  2. I'd buy windows 10… if:
    1. I can disable windows update
    2. I know how to shift the fw to group policies to deny apps access and make it secure
    3. Make the system not generate any network traffic if not necessary (no talking to MS etc)

  3. The 1650 worth buying also include a 6pin connection. The none 6pins are even lower FPS. It's slightly stronger than a 1050ti with an older encoder.

  4. I'd say they're probably getting a good bump in ipc by having the I/O die control the infinity fabric interlink speed instead of Zen and Zen+ being dependent on memory bandwidth determining the fabric speed.

  5. AMD lost talent but Zen 3 improvements were completed, architecturally, before . Not hard to figure out, just look at dates.

    There are improvements in architecture plus the node reduction. There is more cache in Ryzen 3000 compared to previous.

  6. I haven't seen Star Trek TMP in maybe 15 years. I do remember loving it. Maybe I'll go see it again. Will get back to you on this 😉

  7. say what you want about hyperthreading and the 9th gen but the 9700k is better than the 8700k in just about every way. except price of course. i remember talking like it would be beaten by the 8700k. i knew there was no way. i figured out of 10 benches the 9700k would win at least 8. they took HT but they added cores. i really wish intel had made the 9900k the i7 instead of i9. but the next gen cometlake is doing that coming soon

  8. the 9th gen is sort of like broadwell was. a lost generation. if you really want a 9900k then you can get it. but if you want an i7 then i would go with the 8700k. they have been selling those cheap and i ahve been able to find them for 330 at atleast one store every week for months (i sub to a lot of lists and feeds etc). the 9th gen was just to say they had something else out and mainly for the 9900k. people are buying the 8th gen like hot cakes still.

    the big thing though is that the 9900k is going to be moved down to the i7 soon. wikichpi already has it listed with an i5 with 8 cores 8 threads just like the current i7. and wikichip has it listed as working on current 300 series boards. im surprised that nobody on youtube or the internet is talking about it. of course if its not amd news its the kiss of death on the internet. doesnt mean they wont be worth looking into. especially for people that have 8th or 9th gen boards.

    and yes it makes sense to have the 10th work on the older boards. for one thing the chip shortage means that using the same chipset will save on making new skus. second it will give intel a consumer friendly win when they really need one. third these chips will basically be the 9th gen chips just moved down one notch in the stakc with the i9 going down to the i7 etc.

    i would expect intel to make a line of dies with no igpu. not just on there but turned off like the current KF cpus. the igpu on i5 and i7 chips take up as much room as about 3 cores. not having one would mean the 9900kf would be smaller than the 8700k and not much bigger than the old quad core i7's. that would really help things instead of just letting all that room go to waste. i mean do you think most people know that the integrated graphics on their cpu that they are not using would be enough space to make their current 6 core i5 a 9 core part? i doubt it.

    edit: i looked at a die shot. the space the igpu takes up is EXACLTY enough for FOUR cores. an 8700k has enough space for 10 cores and an i5 does too. thats someting to think about. they will lose some efficiencies from being able to bin from one much larger line of chips but it would make up their production shortfall

  9. the pc market is growing at about the same rate as amd is gaining market share. so intel is basically holding onto what it already had but isnt getting any growth. intel shareholders are just going to have to get used to the idea that intel has competition again. it doesnt have the whole market to itself. they either have to cede a lot of the market to amd but not have to put out much capital for production or go whole hog and really expand production to make up for the larger dies and the higher demand all these higher cores counts is causing.

    but if intel lays out big for more production, and everybody buys their next gen cpus with 8,10,12, 500 cores, pretty soon everybody is gonna be satisfied for a while. people will have had their fill. and then intel will be stuck with a lot of production space it cant use.

    but intels gpus could take that space up and be a real boon if they took it seriuos. the first gen would make sense to make at samsung but if they take off then they could move that back to intel and not have any wasted production. but they have to get that going before amd takes up all that extra slack. waiting will make the choice for them.

    and putting off the inevitable of losing some profit margin is holding intel back. they are trying to delay it so the stock price doesnt slip. the stock price is gonna slip. doesnt have to be a lot but it has to slip. but once you get over that fact and make lower margin chips (larger desktop chips with more cores) you could make upa lot of the difference you lost in margin on volume. selling a lot more chips that make a bit less profit per chip will be a win. and itll keep amd from getting stronger.

    they should even be thinking about making low profit margin production line. maybe as a seperate wholly owned company. make a console with nintendo maybe. that way you have tsomething to keep the lights on in a fab or 2 when you dont need tha tproduction but move it to higher margin chips when they oppurtunity comes

  10. people have gotten into the habit of assuming that ryzen is equal to intel at the same clocks and core counts but intel just clocks higher. thats not alwasy the case. and especially so in certain key uses. i think a lot of the ipc gains will be in the areas that amd were behind on in the first place. basically most of it will be latency decreases. and the change in avx from 128 bit units to 256 will help in things like adobe where ryzen was a bit behind in video at the same core count and clocks.

    i think the things where ryzen won it will win by a bit more (cinebench). things that they were a bit behind they will be equal (gaming). but if the rumores are true and some of the 8 core cpus will be 2 4 core dies then latency will hurt the r5 lineup. thats why they will go to 8 cores with smt. because there will a be latency catch. to get 6 cores all on the same die you will have to buy a 12 core r7. this could give intels upcoming 8 core i5s a chance. in production though ryzen will kill intel at every price point though most likely. but gamign could be a strong hold for intel. but the fps is so high on even current chips that it might not matter that much either way. the old days where an i5 for gaming was overkill, not the minimum could come back.

  11. pcie lanes will be same as now, 4 for the ssd, 16 for the gpu, and (effectively) 4 for the chipset. except some of those will be pcie 4.0. not a lot of people know this but current ryzen actayully has 8 lanes to the chipset. its just that they run at pcie 2.0 instead of 3 which means they are effectively at pcie 3 speeds for a 4 lane setup.

    amd could double the 8 lanes of pcie to the chipset up to pcie 3 which would double bandwidth. with that you could add more expansion slots or just have the ones already there have to share less with their neighbor.

    but 40 pcie lanes means this, normally (keep in mind that intel is said to have 40 as well or 28 depending on how its counted). 16 for gpu +4 for ssd+ plus the lanes the chipset provides which is usually in the 20's. so theres 40+ already.

    intel has 28 off the chipset + 16 for gpu so thats 44. some people even coutn the pcie lanes that DMI has. that would be 48. some only count the 28 lanes or whatever the chipset provides. some people only count the actual lanes through the cpu which is 16 for gpu and the 4 for dmi to the chipset so they say 20

  12. you can use a usb drive for windows updates on those 32gb systems. but it causes so many problems because people didnt know you could do that. i had to fix a couple of those 32gb emmc, or whatever its called, and they couldnt get it to update. i was plugging in a usb to save their files and it popped up and told me that i could use the usb to house the update files which i didnt know.

  13. A few thoughts on Zen2 and the rumors:

    – The term IPC is being used erroneously by the tech press. To such an extend that even Intel and AMD marketing play along. Technically IPC is the number of instructions per cycle. How much useful output that gives is what matters. It is easy to vastly increase the IPC while lowering the output, it also is possible that you lower the iPC and get a higher output. You can make a pipeline much larger and do much more work per cycle but the pipeline will probably get slower because the longest path in the pipeline determines how slow it is. You can make a pipeline much shorter and do less work per cycle and the clock frequency will likely increase.

    – Mark Hachman pointed out that AMD lost some of their staff. As far as I know only one person who worked on Ryzen moved to Intel, the others came from the RTG-department of AMD and a few guys from marketing. Also Jim Keller didn't leave AMD for Intel, he returned to Tesla and then got hired by Intel. Simply because he was done at AMD. Jim Keller likes to set up a project and assemble a team, he doesn't stay long working in one place. It should also be considered that Mark Papermaster is the genius behind Ryzen, he started the project after he concluded that AMD needed another architecture and convined Lisa Su to find a budget for it. We know where that budget came from: cutting R&D on GPU's. Sony financed the R&D on Navi, Apple financed the R&D on Vega. Nothing bad about Jim Keller but it is not a problem for AMD that he left because his work was done.

    – An 'IPC'-gain of 15% is impressive but far from unlikely. After just the first iteration of a new micro-architecture not everything was optimized (it is impossible to do that because it is an iterative process).When you put extra hardware in it because the node shrunk then you can increase the output per clock cycle. To be more concrete, AMD doubled the bitwidt of floating point instructions, obviously that has a big positive inpact on how much work you can do in a clcok cycle for floating point instructions. AMD increased the size of the op-cache (extra hardware, possible thanks to the smaller node) and the dispatch and retire bandwidth, that increases the 'IPC'. AMD improved the prefetching, instruction cache, branch prediction and execution pipeline (less hazards?). The first three pretty much mean that it happens less that the CPU has to wait on data being fetched while doing nothing, I am not sure about the last one.

    – A clock frequency of 4.5 GHz. is kind of ok but if this rumor is based on truth then it should be considered that this was for a quadcore part. AMD bins such that the higher-core parts get better clock frequencies. Simply put: they put the best dies which are left (after dies were selected for Epyc and Threadripper) on the X-models with the priority for the higher-core X-models. The lesser dies go to the non-X models and what is left goes to the APU's.

    – It also should be considered that AMD will roughly keep the same TDP's for the models. This has been pointed out by AMD itself in the press-slides for CES which PCWorld also received. It stands to reason that you will get something extra out of it by increasing the electrical power from 110W to 150-200W. Of course that depends on the so called powerwall, I am optimistic about that because this TSMC 7 nm. node has been developed for high performance computing and not for low power applications which was the case for the node which that GF 14 nm node has been derived from.

    – The more PCIe-lanes the better, as far as I am concerned. I don't know about you, if I buy a NVMe-SSD and 3 years later I can buy one which has a much larger capacity and which is faster for the same price then I would like to have maximum speed for both of these NVMe-SSD without the graphics card falling back from 16 to 8 lanes (though in the case of PCIe 4.0 that will not be a problem for the next years, the 2080 Ti needs more than 8 lanes of PCIe 3.0). Yes, most people won't notice the difference but there are scenarios for a regular desktop-machine in which an ordinary desktop user will notice it. It is basically futureproofing like how Los Angeles should have futureproofed their road-infrastructure. Shots fired!

  14. Windows is extremely bloated. I have been using Linux (mostly Kubuntu and Manjaro) for a year and due to a recent error in the kernel or drivers for old AMD-cards I have to use Windows7 again, immediately I notice how extremely bloated Windows is. Without exaggeration, my RAM is twice as full from simply an open browser. It is ridiculous! It also boots slowly. Frankly, it is ridiculous that MS reserves 7 GB for updates! How much more bloated can it get? 7 GB just for updating. Hey Microsoft, how about you not bundling crapware (paid adware) on Windows any more? How about immediately removing the old file when you place a new file for the update? How about updating while the user keeps using his system like Linux? How about only obligating security updates? Linux is not perfect but Windows is hot garbage. I use it when I have to but only when I have to (some gaming).

  15. I personally think people are trying to compare this to the 570(which is a better price to performance), but in reality its not so much for gaming versus normal light use. I think this will more shine for laptops as a replacement for the 1050. People will most likely buy a 1660 or 1660Ti for gaming. I think the Steam numbers are more swayed by the amount of Laptops out there using a 1050 or 1050Ti mobile and non-maxQ designs. Intel Base clock UNLESS you are using a MACBOOK, then its a given under any situation. I can't believe the people that can't seem to understand you need to build the Highway properly so manufacturers can use it when they need it, for all we know Intel's CXL and NVidia's new NVlink/SLI connections will require that much bandwidth, but if it is never there than they can't screw around with something that doesn't exist. Personally I can't wait to see the 8Core 16Thread Zen2 part I think that is more reasonable than anything higher without people using any kind of software to take advantage of it, but with the chiplet design I want to see how Latency is affected as I may want the highest core count per chiplet aka getting 2x6Core chiplets with a 12 Core versus 2x4Core with the 8 Core chip. But.. Brad if you bought lets say an Intel Compute stick for something like a $100bucks can you really complain out of getting 2 years out of a Novelty product? I can see people Running Thin clients and such but in reality spending under $300 and getting 2 years on a throw away product is more than fair, I mean come on Chromebooks and such are throw away products. Also I don't pity Enterprise, we are talking about the same fu%$nuts that are responsible for all the dumbdumb security breaches, makes billions and will whine about spending a couple million to support your infrastructure, If anything small business's are the most affected but by the same token it is for their own good.

  16. Jokes on everyone else, I got one of those new LG C9 OLED TVs just in time for the new GoT episode, as someone who could see the episode it was absolutely beautiful.

  17. If it really is a 15% IPC increase with clocks at 4.5ghz+ coming from a stock R5 1600 to like an R5 3600 should actually be a huge jump for gaming and would be easily justified. For me it is either way, I bought a 1080ti and 144hz panel long after I had my 1600 so ill take a 10% total performance jump at this point just to get that last bit out of my card.

  18. Pretty tough listen. Some great info, but the differences in audio quality between all the hosts and the unrelenting nervous breathing/chuckling by one in particular make it a chore to get through.

  19. every pc has a cd tray 4 pin molex you can attach a cable to a 6 pin for a graphics card.
    this 75 watt is just silly because of that fact

  20. The GTX 1650 looks bad. If your PC can't handle a 6 pin connector you probably already have to change the whole thing.

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