Grow Your Youtube Channel From 0 – What To Focus On In Order Of Importance

Grow Your Youtube Channel From 0 – What To Focus On In Order Of Importance

– I’m gonna tell you five
things that you need to focus on as a YouTuber, to grow your channel, and we’re starting right now. This video is brought to you by Placeit. Placeit has easy to edit
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description of this video. Okay so I’m gonna tell you these
in the order of importance, because content creators
reaching out to me all the time, are like, hey what should I focus on, I’m just getting started, what are the things I need to focus on? So I’m gonna tell you these
in the order of importance. And, I’m also going to
tell you why each item is important to the growth
of your YouTube channel, starting with your thumbnails and titles. The reason that your thumbnails and titles are in that number one spot, is because your thumbnails and titles are the very first point of
contact with new viewers, and with returning viewers,
and because of that, when your thumbnails and
titles are presented to them, if they don’t click on ’em,
and come to watch your video, nothing else can happen. I mean you can have the
best video in the world, the best video that anybody has ever made in the entire history of the planet, but if nobody is clicking
on it to watch it, nobody is ever going to know. So because of that your
thumbnails and your titles are extremely important,
because if you wanna get views, if you wanna get subscribers,
if you wanna have influence, and all that other stuff that
comes with being a YouTuber, you got to be able to get people to click. Next on the list is
your audience retention. Now the reason that your
audience retention is important, and in that number two spot, is because if you get somebody
to click on your video, and then once they come in, and they start watching your video, you have a graph that
looks something like this in your audience retention reports, and people are leaving
in mass, then basically, that shows YouTube that, hey, people are not into this content, maybe it was clickbait, maybe
the title was misleading, or the thumbnail was
misleading in some way, which causes YouTube stop
showing that video to people. So what you wanna do is instead of you just thinking, hey I’m
making awesome content, or your friends saying, hey,
you’re making awesome content, you wanna see how people are
responding to it and mass, and in order to do that, YouTube gives us an awesome statistic, called the audience retention report, and with the audience retention report, it will give you a
second-by-second indication of how people are
responding to your videos. Inside of this report, you
can even adjust the settings to relative audience retention, which will even show you how
your videos compare against other videos on the
platform of similar length, which is a great way to get a gauge, to see how your content compares to other content on the platform. Now, another thing that
I wanna mention here is that it’s really, easy especially if you’re
just getting started, or even if you’ve had
a channel for a while, to fall into habits of doing things that you see other content creators doing, for example, you know, how I do my introduction at
the beginning of my video, and I ask people to subscribe at the beginning, and things like that, in some of my content, that’s extremely effective
if you do it correctly, however, if you don’t do it correctly, it can actually work against you. So what I recommend in this situation, is learn how to get people
watching your content for a longer period of time before, you start adding all
of the YouTubey stuff. And what I mean by the YouTubey stuff, is a lot of people, when
their videos open up, they’re like, hey,
welcome to another video, comment, subscribe, share it
with a friend, buy my stuff, whatever it happens to be. But you’re trying to get
people to do all of this stuff, before they even get a
chance to watch your content. Now again, you can do this in a way that’s extremely effective,
but you need to master the art, or at least get really good
at the art of keeping people watching your videos for
a longer period of time, before you start experimenting
with that sort of thing. Because at the end of the day, how long people watch your content, is a really good indicator to YouTube of the quality of the content
that you’re putting out there. And I don’t mean video quality, I mean actual user experience,
people that are coming in, they’re watching your videos, do they deem it as quality or not? Regardless of the type of camera that you make your video on, do the viewers watch that content, do they enjoy that content? If your audience retention
reports tell you that, yes indeed, people do watch your videos for a longer period of time, and you can get people to
click on your thumbnails, and your titles at a decent rate, those two things together
will almost guarantee your success on YouTube. The next thing on the list
that’s extremely important for you to learn how to do is YouTuber, is to get people to watch more than one of your videos at a time. When people are watching more
than one video at a time, this is another thing
that indicates quality on your channel. So, if you have a video, and
people are watching that video, and they watch it to the end let’s say, and then they click on your end-screen, and then they go and watch
another one of your videos, and they click on another end-screen, and watch another one, then
basically what you’re doing, is you’re taking that one viewer, and you’re multiplying their view by three in that situation, you’re multiplying their
engagement, possibly by three, but overall what you’re doing, is you’re accumulating a lot of watch time from that one viewer, on your channel, and on each individual video. And watch time is really
important on YouTube, and if you’re not familiar
with what watch time means, it’s basically the amount of time people spend watching your content. Really easy ways to get people to watch more of your content, is one, to make awesome content. Two, to make it easy for
them to actually find the additional content to watch, and you do that by making
sure that you’re using your end screens on your videos, recommending that they watch other videos in your end screens,
using pinned comments, or recommending other videos
in your comment section. You only wanna do that with one comment, you don’t wanna spam your comment section, you just wanna do with one comment, and make sure that you pin that comment to the top of your comment section. But the idea is to get
people to watch more, and another really
powerful thing with this, is if you get really good at
suggesting content for people to watch next to the video that
they’re currently watching, you’re also starting to create
a relationship of sorts, between the videos that
people are watching, which then increases YouTube’s
chances of suggesting that content that people
typically watch next, next to the video that
they’re currently watching, which can help you get more
views naturally as well. Next on the list is getting
people to engage more with your content, so what I mean by that is getting people to
comment on your videos more, getting people to like your videos more, getting people to share your content more, add it to playlists and things like that, and the reason this is important, is just because it shows
that people are active, and what it is that you’re doing, people care enough to go
down to your comments section and leave a comment, people care enough to give
the video a thumbs up. As a matter of fact, if you are enjoying this video right now, if you’ve gotten any
value out of this at all, make sure you give this video a thumbs up. Now, as a little side tip for you, an easy way that you could
get people to engage more with what it is that you’re doing, is by simply asking people to engage, and instead of saying hey leave a comment, or hey, like this video,
or hey, share this video, give people a reason why, and
just make it easy for people. For example, when you’re asking your viewers to leave comments, instead of just saying leave a comment, ask a question that they can easily answer in the comments section, that way you take that difficult part of coming up with something
to say, out of the equation. Same exact thing with
people sharing your content, or giving your video a thumbs up, the same exact idea applies, give people or reason to where
they can use that thumbs up as just a response to
something that you’re saying, instead of just saying hey leave a like. Next on the list, is finding other content
creators to collaborate with. Now that’s as direct video
to video collaborations, or just as a support
system, a support group, other people that you can talk to, that are also content creators that are doing similar
things that you’re doing, so that you can create
friends in the space. And this is really important,
and often underestimated, because as a content creator, you get stuck kinda doing your own thing, and being in your own universe,
so to speak, making content, but when you have other people
that you can reach out to, and talk stats with, and talk about things
that you’re working on with your new videos coming
up, and things like that, it can make the process
of being a content creator a lot easier, and a lot more pleasant. And, just downright fun, if you can find some cool content
creators to hang out with, or just talk to on a regular basis. Again, remember to check out Placeit. I have a link in the description that’ll save you 15% on your accounts. And to learn even more about
growing your YouTube channel, click into this playlist right here, I’ve got a bunch of videos in there that are gonna help you do it. Thank you so much for watching,
I’ll see you next time.

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