GPU crisis special: The story so far, best gaming PCs to buy, & how to fix it | The Full Nerd Ep 40

GPU crisis special: The story so far, best gaming PCs to buy, & how to fix it | The Full Nerd Ep 40

Do it already yep In this episode of the full nerd see I screwed that up already I’m not really ready in this episode of the full nerd a full GPU crisis is declared and What you can do to get your game on? Welcome to the full nerd episode 40 recorded on February 6. I said it correctly February 6 2018 I’m Gordon bond with coasts Brad Chucky’s hello Anna Lane EEE everybody clap everybody. She’s been gone She’s been hunting for good, PC deals and how to fix your PC gaming problems and of course Controlling vertical and horizontal is an emphatic Murray. Hey Gordon guess what for for the big 4-0 For the full nerd celebrating you know going into that that middle life I have a big present for everybody whether you’re listening to the podcast the YouTube you know the usual Facebook’s We are live on Twitch like PC world now has a twitch channel at Forward slash PC world us no spaces. No no dots nothing so Full nerd will always go to the other places, but now if you like twitch you can go over there And we at least have one person on twitch saying that the the latency is is better Yeah, get your questions in faster to us. Thank you jeff bezos Yeah, so this is a sign up for it And we will be eternally grateful remember when they used to ban you if you weren’t just playing video games Oh, yeah, yeah, so now you can do whatever you want. You know so we start with And then we split off to twitch which is only games and now we’re back to essentially Ustream is like a paid platform, though You have to like pay to do that well It’s good for more people to get us because they’re trying they are trying to squelch the information we have yeah And we’ve got a ton of information on well first The GPU crisis the end is nigh as we know is that true it seems like I have not even checked in days and dates Because I’m like you know what I’m hunkered down. I’m pretty I’m in my office. I’ve got like an old 680 car Locked and loaded and ready to go like you Like the zombies are shambling the shelves are empty. How bad is it Brad it is it is very bad right now? It’s it’s gone down a little bit in the past few weeks beat with the price of Bitcoin What’s not dropping, but you’re still finding many many graphics cards going for roughly twice there MSRP and sometimes sometimes more sometimes less I’ll cost a lot. Yeah like is Vegas 64 still like or whatever $85,000 I travel Tesla for one what? Covered this a couple weeks ago one of my suggestions to get over in the meantime while prices were high was to buy GTX 1050 ETI Because that thing’s supposed to be 140 bucks You could pick it up for a hundred and seventy hundred eighty bucks since then it’s up to 25 or so today. Yeah even Below that are starting to see inflation It’s it’s crazy It’s really everything so I mean but bitcoin is is we’ve all seen the stories bitcoin is on decline or at least Let’s say cryptocurrency mining is not a big deal wait, so all the money. I got is it’s worthless Yes, all of this, but by the way the IRS would like to talk to you about all that What the hell I mean, I thought if if crypto currency is is crashing harder than in the stock market The prices of one cards would get better. I mean well. It depends. They have peaks and valleys all the time So I don’t think we’re gonna see the prices react to that immediately It’s not like the stock market stock market where it goes up, and then it really comes back down and whatever I think the cryptocurrency Prices would have to lower and stay lower for us to start to see the graphic card prices drop And they’re still profitable is the bad a lot of them are still profitable So if you’re making money on it still why would you get rid of your hardware? Yeah but I mean I it’s just funny because I mean when what’s What do we have to get to where video cards you’ll be able to buy the thing is it? I mean, I just imagine going to you know retail Best Buy and The stores shelves looking like a zombie apocalypse right there’s like nothing people rushing in with like you can get some celery stocks And like a GT you know 580 at this point right I went to Best Buy shortly after Christmas and there was a single XFX rx 580 on the shelf and it was selling for $500 Yeah Recently you wrote an article Bread on PC WorldCom about it’s a horrible time to be a gamer You know a horrible time to build a PC Because of all this I mean and it’s not just GPUs that’s what we’re focusing on here today But you know it’s like all around. We’re getting we’re getting SQUOZE. Yep GPUs and RAM prices. Those are the two killer combo well, I recently did a build guy of an article that had a risin 5 processor and gtx 750ti and the build for the thing wound up being 850 bucks or something like that Which is a lot of money for that kind of hardware? But that’s just what prices are these days you couldn’t get any cheaper. I mean for that price. You might as well Just go out and buy two Xbox one X’s right. I mean you can The game especially because Microsoft’s doing all these promotions right now, or if you buy one you get a gift certificate for that retailer You know I went to the I I understand There’s so much love between valve and Microsoft that if you go to the Microsoft Store You can exchange your entire library of Steam games No Cost of the actual software is still expensive right the games are not cheap whoa, but Brad last week You know we did talk a catch talk about this a little bit, and you know in the comments You definitely got some people being like really are you really recommending people play on? Consoles at this point I do I do actually Especially like yourself GX 1050 TI being 225. I mean you can pick up an Xbox one s not the ex the S for 180 bucks at Target these days I’ve been seeing that consistently over two weeks and for a hundred and eighty bucks If you’re just looking for a stopover solution. I mean you get the whole console it comes with a controller. You’re ready to go yeah, you can find a good gtx 1050 or 1050 TI around the same price, maybe it’s worth swapping that out in the meantime, but I would honestly I just tell people to go get a console but the games you don’t I’m why Sort of assuming that you are starting from zero most people that are PC gamers already have an extensive collection of games in origin and steam and the like and I just cannot really see them going I just can’t see switching I Mean, I think it depends what they want to play if they end up playing nothing But you know third party titles that are going to release on all platforms And they don’t really necessarily care about having everything in one ecosystem Then you could basically do Brad’s method of a stop over and say well I want to play the latest Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed and this Elise lets me do it now without Too much pain yeah, I just don’t for me. I could never do it because I know the control what no Consoles are PCs at this point right there. Just derivative PC parts. There are leftovers fine. Let’s admit it That’s cool great price, but there’s no keyboard mouse There’s no keyboard mouse for me that is if you put a keyboard mouse on Xbox. I would say hell yeah, that’s actually not really Let’s face it. Thank God. Thank God. We let them have our parts Nice You know fighting game sports games Yeah, controllers are great, but you know the vast majority of things that the PC is you know superior at? They just I don’t see any crossover to console. I just don’t you know there’s no RTS. You know they Play RTS on the console you know It depends on what you play if you want the people who constantly plays League of Legends who is playing RTS games You know those traditional like PC strengths, then yeah, I’d probably make more sense Overspending by rx 550. It won’t do very well, but you’ll still have access to all your games But if you want to still have access to the new games and haven’t run semi decently I think a console is a better option than getting something like a GT 1030 or something like that Or just a tight. I mean this has got and right I mean actually that is a really good point guess what we hope hopefully How do we what happens if this situation doesn’t change in 12 to 24 months is at the end? I mean because I don’t know what we do I No, I mean at that point I think it’s kind of forced people in who are gamers And not miners into these alternate routes of getting access to this hardware, which is what we’re going to talk about eventually I don’t know if it’s time first I think it’s around for another year or two then I think demand will be ramped up and Our supply would be ramped up to meet the demand well You know everyone’s kind of cautious because the last time that the first Bitcoin spike happened AMD and his partners built a ton of GPUs to take advantage of it And then the Bitcoin market crashed and all those cards got sold used And they were left holding tons of inventory these new cards that nobody sell because everybody’s buying the used minor cards Right so they’re all playing kind of cautious right now, but I think Gordon’s point is like what if they play cautious and definitely cuz zero is afraid the bottoms just about to drop out as they go Into production then we’re just going to be stuck with these conditions, right? How long can we last I guess I? you know And winds up being a year I mean this is only a Month or two old to be this bad. Is that right suddenly? Yeah, yes, it wasn’t even bad at the end of December when I was looking at prices it Just it just happened right around CES like early January just boom so I mean if it lasts a year I think I would think that Manufacturers would start to ramp up supply if you cease consistent demand for that long no Nvidia actually has tried to do something though I haven’t they they They did a PR kind of thing to try to help what? Someone asked him about it, and they said they encouraged their partners into limits You know how many GPUs customers can buy and? You know only verified for gamers, but that’s not something they can control or limit They’re just encouraged it Hey, we hope there’s no that the gamers is basically the extent of it I’m sorry to back up real quick Jammie jammie-jammie, I don’t know I’m sorry on Facebook. He says can we narrow down the main reasons? Those are responsible for such GPU crisis and price escalation. I mean is this just mining the that’s that’s driving this up It’s it’s mining. There’s also The RAM problem that we were talking about earlier in general talking about the system memory It’s also employing the prices of HBM – and gddr5 so the Memory that’s used in video cards have inflated prices right now like gamers Nexus to the video They talked to a bunch of people behind the scenes and they said it’s as much as 20 or $30 per graphics card They have to spend more now on RAM so that feeds into it being Insane demand for mining feeds into it the fact that all these graphics cards are just so old at this point That there’s probably new graphics cards generation somewhere around the corner So they probably don’t want to build tremendous stocks of current-gen you know what I mean all that stuff kind of fits in and I I stole my pet theories there’s a lot of speculation going on because Somebody’s buying up all these guys. I mean if you think about it. There’s your Amazon new egg, you know Best Buy whoever You got a pallet of cards you don’t care who buys it you someone a song yeah? You’re gonna move in if you can sell 400 video cards in two minutes It’s better to do that to some minor than it is to like wait. You know three months dole them out over three months There’s no customers like people hate on minors, but there’s there’s still people who are legitimately buying hardware Do they want to use it? well and sometimes quicker than gamers right because if they burn out of the card they’re gonna burn out of a card quicker than a Gamer so you know it could be buying you know multiple ones right? It varies a lot of Myers. That’s a common conception, but a lot of minors actually Reduce the temperatures and clocks in their cards so that it doesn’t burn out so easy it puts less stress on it No, that’s the old 290 days where people Brad I’m actually wondering also if the fact that cryptocurrency hitting the mainstream media also contributed to that because I feel like that was the definitive difference between December and January where December we all knew prices were inflated, but they were as inflated, but then you know you’re CNN’s and MSNBC’s and all of the cable network You know shows we’re talking about Bitcoin, and how it’s like taking off and people are suddenly like millionaires And so I’ve been reading stories like general news stories about people in you know just random parts of the country Who don’t really know anything about it, but our thinking? This is gonna be my pension They’ve gone out and started mining like figuring out of mine because they want a little bit of that that cash so true I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Bitcoin had twenty thousand dollars in December and all those stories happened and then this Making so hard at the end of December I think Cohen spikes all the associated ones like aetherium and Manero and everything they also spiked to go along with it so Prices have all come back down though since then or beliefs more reasonable prices Bitcoin definitely has the other ones I’ve also been plunging but not as bad as Bitcoin throughout the across the board I mean even I was a How much you could make out okay, I was cautiously interested in trying it a bread helped me you know set up Set up something – I just mind for a couple days. You know on my ten seventy at home Just to see what it was I I borrowed. What did I borrow? What does that called the the power draw – so it’s just a watt meter Yeah, just a watt meter to see how much power was being drawn and stuff and yeah I mean it was relatively easy to just setup you know run a couple benchmarks and just let it go You know I and the power draw was like 320 you know Yeah, watts of something you know on my system, and you know after doing the math. It’s like okay I could be up But you know it was averaging like oh you’re gonna average like five bucks a day You know and then a couple days in it dropped down to like oh? You’re averaging three bucks a day because Bitcoin you know and then I was like you know what whatever I don’t really care Thank you. No I don’t have like a crazy operation here, so I didn’t keep going with it but I mean the Like it seems so easy for people to get into and I think a lot of people did you know? Until you try to cash out yeah exactly right yeah so Yeah, it’s it’s an interesting. You could steal the electricity from your neighbor Adam. That’s It’s like pot growers. You know they can wire it straight into the utility part How many people are actually running their farms off of solar? It’s funny it’s just like the other Center right this is the the problem is paying for electricity energy is a problem, so that Should we actually I’m wondering that that gets us to what to do for how to? how to cope how to cope and this is a good reason to actually read read her email to prove that I read either Email once in a while when I do this is from Dwayne white Says I have four pcs that I need to replace in the not-too-distant future I sign I have both have cry 7 or Core i5 750 and i7 860 who Linfield Those are old boxes with that some 50 tea eyes and a Radeon HD 7850 Even with SSDs these machines are showing their age my wife and daughter are still using a Pentium dual-core machine with Radeon HD 5670 and an OEM gateway Sandy Bridge, I three box that I slapped a Radeon HD 7750 into with Ram and GPU prices going nuts the pre-built boxes seem the way to go any Recommendations on vendors you trust and maybe something I can purchase that gives decent performance at 1080p Wife and daughter are not going to be overly concerned about frame rate And other eye candy, so as long as they like that sexist you never know She could be playing at 3 o’clock the morning at 4 K get So long as it performs that it really to give a good experience – on more critical at PS games alright, and Last question I know how much Gordon loves consoles. I do have a current get current gen consoles in the house I get the greatest satisfaction from a small gigabyte bricks a PU box hooked up to the living room TV so loud I use this with via a USB dongle Your nice So this brings us to the next topic where Elena has been doing research. We sent our undercover. She’s actually been working at retailers I’m lying Boom-boom-boom-boom alright, so I’m sure some of you saw But I had an awesome article on PC world about you know just don’t buy or don’t do a DIY build by pre built one because you’ll save hundreds of Dollars yeah literally true, so I said okay well, let’s actually see what else is out there And I would I tried to find the best options for 1080p gaming 1440p gaming and 4k gaming There’s there’s a lot of options, but not all of them are great And what I came up with was and I actually ended up messaging, Dwayne last night directly because I’m a little bit Particular I like to like nail my suggestions on the dots I was like what is your budget and so he ended up telling me that he’s like well I don’t really want to spend more. Let’s say more than 800 per box, so he’s gonna He was thinking of replacing all four of them I had no more than 800 bucks, which I got to say so would ya I gotta say like man I hope my family someday isn’t willing to do it for me And so the two options that I came up with for 1080p gaming were a Clearance item on Lenovo site, which is there y 720 cube? I don’t know if you remember that it’s like this little kind of grey and black box and we cute and for some reason they still have stock of Systems with a core i5 7400 eight gigs of ram and an 8 gig for 480 or x4 maybe damn, so That right now because it’s on clearance There’s like an extra 10% off so the final price before tax is seven hundred and twenty dollars, so It’s pretty much the same price as buying just that one part and The nice thing is so even though it only comes with a hard disk drive so if you wanted faster boots storage You’d have to buy an SSD and pop that in which admittedly isn’t the cheapest right now either It’s not as inflated as RAM or GPU prices, but even storage is a little expensive right now and in case in particular Since he said he already had SSDs annealed or 1tk probably just swap them over. That’s true. I didn’t think of that Wow true Yeah, yeah, I didn’t think that so you don’t even have any extra outlay for that so Not bad comes in under 800. Yeah. I did the our other option Has already bought everything when they had left I have to admit so I we published a story yesterday which is Monday And so every time I do a deal post on a Monday I sweat out the whole weekend because you know you write it beforehand And I always worry that the prices are gonna change so like Monday at midnight. I was like all right before this publishes. I’m checking I’m so scared. It’s like someone was gonna find the same deal and just buy the whole lot of them So far I think it’s still there so That’s one option, and then I also asked him I said hey well I don’t know what your Tastes are when it comes to upgrading like do you plan to try to upgrade these boxes down the road beyond like maybe swapping out? the GPU as if that’s the case and you Might want to look at another option and so the other 1080p option I found which is not really what I found is something that Brad found in his original article Which is one of the best prices out? There is a dell inspiron gaming desktop, PC it has horizon 5 1400 so a quad core processor 8 gigs of ram again hard disk drive and a 4 gig version of the RX 570 so still solid 1080p gaming, but you don’t really get that 1440 option with like the 480 that you kind of go up if you want it to but it’s a better path for upgrading so because I Was talking about this with Gordon Yesterday because the one drawback to these pre-built systems is that even though? Zen Motherboards am for will support at least up into what like Zen 3 like it was it 20 20 20 It’s not clear What chipsets are going to be supported? And so you’ll need a BIOS update to drop in a new chip and with these pre-built systems It’s not it was clear if the vendor is going to issue that update for the motherboard so with that in mind I can’t say for sure you’d be able to upgrade to like Zen plus or Zen to down the road but you could at least still drop in a much faster Or are many more cores within even the zen family right now over sari rising family right now So this is a better path for upgrading the cpu and then kind of waiting out the prices for GPUs and then Maybe you’ll be able to buy well Better car down the road if you want to and for people who don’t know typically large. Om like Lenovo, Dell HP They don’t like to go back and issue new BIOS updates to support new processors Mostly because they have to have they have to pay some engineer to validate it and make sure it doesn’t blow things up before they Push it out to the customers because they have real money they can be sued so if everything works We leave it alone You don’t spend any money on it if you want mess with it for something that you know one you know 0.5% of your customers might possibly do it’s not worth it to them there are other options, though, okay, so Third option which is not listed in my article after had discussion with Gordon was there’s this cyber PowerPC deal on Best Buy, and I think it’s specific to Best Buy I think it’s askew they produce only for Best Buy because I couldn’t find it on their actual site Our cyber power site and so it’s a little more expensive. Oh, sorry I didn’t give price for the last one so the last one. We just mentioned the 570 system is currently I think like 727 40 with Dells like 10% off coupon and sale price right now This next system. I’m mentioning the cyber PowerPC one is 750 And it has arisin v 1400 cpu eight gigs of ram and a four gig RX 580 but because CyberPower Gordon, was telling me cyber power uses off-the-shelf parts You’re more likely to be able to use as n+ sent you possibly even Xen 3. I don’t know what chipsets It’s going to support down the road so that’s a better option. If you really want to upgrade things down the road So there are nice. Yeah, there are options out there. Oh, and this one has like the really fancy LED lighting Super-nice yeah, it’s good to consider upgrades on the road I feel when you buy in a new system, but It’s worth pointing out that 75 to I five seventy four hundred even though it’s last gen and the r5 Arisin five fourteen hundred. There’s still very good processors right now and no less most people at least a few years to come right Right because most gaming is not really multi-core anyway, so yeah doesn’t really matter that it’s quad-core yes But it is those You know I gotta say you know we always we all say nobody up for ever upgrades But then gyro is that one person going how come I can upgrade and? You know I’ve cruised plenty of times in Dells forums and people go like well How do I drop in what cpu can I drop in yeah? There’s there are actually people? Who do this because you know there’s a lot of these machines out there? You never know four or five years? they’re gonna want to put in your CPU and so it is something people do so it does suck when you can’t do it because For the dull ones I was looking it up because you know when I make a recommendation I want to think of as many potential use cases possible and it’s really specific the kind of like power supplies that you can swap out for because of whatever specific like voltage and the rails that they support and the their and their particular PSU so like if you don’t get the correct one when you get off the shelf he won’t necessarily work, right It messes these forum threads. I just like kind of go. It’s this mod from Corsair, but not this model from course Yeah People used to rail at them they’ve rail that you know large OEMs for a long time for using not industry-standard I think HP did pledge that they were gonna use follow all the standard industry specs. I don’t know if Dell necessarily did HP, so I was actually looking at a pavilion system to mention in this article for you know budget gaming not even 1080p gaming and I you know I asked them hey I’m just trying to figure out like what your position is on you know replacing parts and of course they came back and they said We support industry standards, but due to our very specific standard And you know engineering we do not recommend at all that you replace the parts and What else and I say they pointed out it also avoids your warranty? Yes, oh right? Yes, they’re not going to ever make a definitive statement They have lawyers that are standing looking over the shoulders they talk to you so they’re never gonna do it But if they say these follow standards that means you got a good chance of replacing power supply motherboards can get a little weird sometimes especially with the cases and layouts But there it can get a little wacky for some systems well on their high-end systems Oh, there’s industry standard real quick a question over on YouTube Leslie’s wondering Can you update the BIOS yourself with these CyberPower and systems and stuff like that yeah? Yeah, I think you would have to you just would need to know what motherboard you’re rocking in there Yeah Go to the vendor site so like for just so people know so you know the classic sort of very large OEMs Tier one is they used to be called HP Lenovo, Dell these are huge huge companies They sell millions and millions machines sort of like maybe a step-down would be These semi custom Mentors I would like I would consider CyberPower ibuypower it’s another equivalent nearby and what they are if you go to the websites are crazy because You basically go through and you pick your motherboard you pick your case you pick your power supply It’s almost like you’re paying them to assemble it for you, and they’re mostly from what I understand They’re almost all Off-the-shelf parts because they can’t think they’re not like Dell and HP where they go on the engineer have somebody Foxconn build them a specific motherboard you know some people want an MSI board some people want in a Seuss board so you can just use the BIOS from Asus aramis I or as Rocco whoever whoever makes the motherboard so yeah, that’s the nice thing about it and they are because they are just using an off-the-shelf case and off-the-shelf motherboard Your chances of upgrading. It are pretty much 100% so Named yeah Ones like that Dell makes for all their computers They would be the ones who would be in charge of issuing a BIOS update And they’re not gonna do that right unless but you know I gotta say though I I feel I do think there’s a good chance for their rise in base systems because they’re probably gonna use those same motherboards For you know Zen plus So I think they’ll just drop so whatever’s required or whatever Well and on this topic we fed a you know a couple questions and chat about that You know is that an option you know can can you? Can you go for the you know the new rice and AP use and and and get away with gaming while you wait? for for for GPUs to come down a price Oh, so that’s a good question Brad you want to go first or yeah, I’ll go first that’s actually something I’m very very interested in seeing and I hope to test that myself soon because I tested the last gen ap use the a-10s or whatever they were called and They actually delivered surprisingly good performance. I mean I had no prompt play any sports games I could play Rainbow six siege and Tomb Raider like 720p low to medium settings and these new IP use have Vega cores so they’re much more powerful than what was in there before So I mean you can’t tell until you’ve actually tested them to be sure But all indications point you this Being a great stopover kind of option for gaming yeah, and so there are two for desktop. There are two parts announce I’ve been calling them risin G. Which is not really good because Nobody’s calling them that but rising gene 2299 bucks Quad-core no hyper threading SMT slash system T. I call it hyper theory because most people understand what that is and it comes with eight Mega core see use 99 bucks is bad. It’s not bad. You know it step up from that is the risin 2400 G one hundred and sixty nine dollars MSRP 11 C use and what you get with that is slightly higher boost at 3.9. Gigahertz and 11 C use of bigger to use and their own numbers from this is from the CES information That’s what we can we publicly no 3d mark time spy they’re saying that arisin 520 400 G is the equivalent in gaming roughly in time spy of a core i5 8400 which is 199 bucks and a GT 1030 which is 89 bucks because I will say there ain’t no way you’re you know really doing anything on HD 630 so and just To go over the specs some more time the 24 under G is for course eight threats right. Yes, okay a through it’s SMT 11 C use and they’re saying GT 1030 which is what 720 medium, maybe I mean But I mean is that is that gaming is that gaming at that poem or why not just get a console at that point? I? Mean 720 League of Legends on your Playstation I Don’t know I mean that would be an interesting what I want to know is if these Well, it’s 169 bucks. It’s pricier elevenses. I wonder how that stacks up against an Xbox one What is it? I do wonder. I mean cuz this is it like a rx5 80-ish Maybe plus rx 580 in the Xbox one Is supposed to be roughly equivalent to an RX 580 yeah the S model is not ya know Yeah, I don’t think yeah. I mean that’s it is decent I mean it is it’s it’s not really true 4k at 30 at 60 frames a second, right It’s more like 4k at I mean some games can hit it like like 4 to 7, you know Yeah, it’s like you know you could hit 4k on the PC with the 580 in some games, too If you try to eliminate yourself to 30 frames per second It’s a lot more durable well in a chant over on YouTube is wondering. Why don’t they provide more than 11? Compute units on the the higher-end one. Well. I think yeah go ahead Brad. You can go first this oh It’s just this is 169 bucks There were rumors. I think there was a leaked story That’s saying that there is a part with 25 CCS or 20 C. You spotted in some database and benchmark database You know it is possible. They will push out higher-end versions of these things, but you got to remember. It’s it’s all on its It’s all on In a CPU package you’ve got to cool it with the cooler It’s you’re gonna get a thermal you’re gonna run into thermal and power issues These things have to work on sort of existing you know a.m. For boards if you’re using too much power, and they’re say like hey you need this X number You know higher motherboard to run this that may not really work out for people switch to the APU buyer The other thing you got to remember is In a video card even you know the lowly GT 1030 It’s got its own local frame buffer running GDD our you know five probably right so You the only memory you’re gonna get it get out of an APU is your main system memory ng and ddr4 isn’t it does not hold a candle to gddr5 the performance is not going to be fantastic and You will get more performance by running the memory speeds at higher clocks But then you’re running into paying more money to get how much performance you know I am curious to see because the older AP yous Were on the older AMD chipset, so they used ddr3 memory at the time So I am curious to see when these comes out whether or not you know faster ddr4 cuz it’s so much faster in ddr3 was How much of a difference that makes right but what I was gonna say earlier is pretty much what you were saying And I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason we only see 11 Vega Compute units, it’s the same reason We don’t see in our seven version of a resin 7 version of this it’s because I asked to fit in the socket you’re fitting In a CPU and a GPU with these so that’s the fit and it has to run cool And it has to be able to work on a low-end a320 board Just as much as it works on a high-end X 370 board and is I mean I guess I do wonder like this is already 170 bucks how much is somebody really gonna pay for an APU you know I’m gonna pay 5 min 2 dollars I mean we’re we know full well from Intel’s experience with you know their their crystal Well their Broadwell well of course people said they wanted it But I don’t know what they ever sold any you know the ones with large Embedded dram that they had it was like you know It wasn’t it was definitely really good performance for until integrated because he got iris and Perl out of it But hell it was like $300 Right this $99 one get yourself a nice $50.00 320 motherboard you could have the core of a good system right there for a 150 bucks Yeah, it’s very curious to see where this lens actually when it comes out big green thugs on on Twitch Saying I wonder how many Vega compute units they could squeeze on to a thread Ripper They do have those dummy dies right That’d be interesting right I mean Is that an option though? I mean you know if if graphics cards are such a hard time You know what if they’re like I you know what we’ll start going more down that route. You know It takes off this is integrated time to shine I Don’t think that that’s I I don’t think the engineering you would take to do that is really worth it. Yeah Let me in that market people usually have more money to burn anyway. Yeah, you’re buying a There’s a professional level people Yeah, I just can’t sleep I mean for somebody like me you know I like for video production I need high you know high core count, but I don’t necessarily need a you know a beefy Jeep, right I’m just saying combined with engineering that would need to happen to make it work I think for them if I could see them making a business decision of Well if you’re already buying this kind of processor You’re not going to sweat pay another I don’t know what a minimum forty or fifty dollars Just to be able to output to monitors. You know what I mean, yeah Yeah, yeah, you know this it’s so funny because I’ve just thinking of those conversation I you say had put somebody didn’t tell I mean it would be you know for years and years I was the war frankly I like I’m sure the Graphics team at Intel’s like they have pictures of me with like you know that Sucks it sucks this graphical sucks. It just sucks Every time it was just like sucks sucks And then I was like sandy bridge-e came out which you know for people don’t remember. This was a you know a Six core eight core CPU that you know you could run They had you know a quad channel a ramp support is like wow this is pretty awesome. You know quad channel RAM support You know really nothing uses us But you know would it be actually kind of cool if you had an integrated graphics on this like you’ve been saying this thing sucks for years You know you know thread Ripper, you know a sky like X with the quad-channel memory controller, it’s like yeah, you know You could take some more advantage of that that memory bandwidth available in most platforms, but then at the same time It’s still just a damned IGP, and you’re squeezing into a little you know under a little heat spreader And you’re trying to keep that cool the CPU is already hot as hell anyway, and you’re gonna put their graphics in there It’s just not I’m right – all right. Well. I I have I have one more use case – to throw out here you know during the GPU drought You know we we got to see the GeForce now on pc beta at CES And you know we got some codes, and then i’ve been testing out. It’s not bad. It’s not bad especially you know like I’ve even tried it on my my surface pro 3 You know just to see how it was there, and I mean it ran mostly fine. I’m not saying the great experience Are you ready but? Well, what did I try I tried battlegrounds just to see I tried I’ve been playing The no I didn’t try that hold on ok game Because that seems like that would be a great option for P’s card does and you can get in on this and still play your games for Free until you can afford a new graphics cards at the great. Yeah, but no doom 2016’s goes like that That’s a fast fast pace. You know you need a high frames to not get sick on that Elise oh, yeah, right you know so and and like I said, I mean it’s a if if you were to present to me, you know 160 dollar apu at medium tense a 9 720p or Geforce now. You know I mean depending who knows it’s just a beta You know there’s no prices or anything? But I mean that’s not a bad option either a good option if you have an internet connection that will actually support it yeah Right, but and just so people know because I don’t think Anybody’s seen it at you run, but it works with your Steam collection, right? You play yes, yeah, whatever you you sign in yeah I’m just trying to think of well origin the DRM is not that bad. I’m just like man I just think of it as super computer. They have just a handle you play DRM. You know Well, and yeah you like the the first time that I loaded it up it had me sign into steam with just a normal Steam Prompt and it was actually just a Windows 10 like desktop like I even tried to poke around a little bit And they were like I know you can’t do that you know so I signed into my services and my library was you know Right there for free you so I tried to tried to see what the you know the configuration was in whatever Theoretical cloud system they have, but yeah Have you just Segway? That’s to the part 3 section there? We can yeah if we want to Before we do that though, you know I do want to give a quick shout out for the people who’ve Shown up late on YouTube and Facebook PC world is now on twitch well I was gonna say we’re streaming live on Twitch as well So you know and not just this show we’re going to be doing PC builds and game streams and stuff so Forward slash PC world us You know definitely definitely go give us follower. We’re gonna do some fun stuff over there so now back to the show I did want to say one quick thing before we move on to the final segment is that? So all the options, I mentioned for pre-built. It’s not limited just at 1080p again in the article I did find a 1440p option, which is actually a pretty good one because you can configure it to your heart’s desire Or you can get what you want And then we there is a 4k option so if you really want GTX 1080 1080 Ti that’s probably your only way of getting it without paying like $1,300 Yeah, just getting a prebuilt light and everybody has them. I mean all the vendors. They have no problems getting his cards Yeah, I do something interesting that you should definitely go check out Orlando’s article he went up yesterday Desktops out for a better value than DIY, there’s a lot of stuff there that would I Will say that I am really glad That there are multiple options out there because you know I say if you don’t want to buy a whole new system You have that potential option of GeForce now But if you have if you’re like in rural parts of the country And you just can’t get a solid broadband connection for that then you can still buy pre-built system You know so if it was only one option man. There are certain people who would just be so stuck I’d be in trouble if it was where I live I live very rarely in New Hampshire and on my road cuz I live on the main road I have broadband, but a lot of my neighbors. Don’t they don’t even have it as an option so GeForce now wouldn’t work for them. You just sell them some of your broadband over Wi-Fi long range wires So like they’re stuck on like dial-up, or just really slow broadband Yeah, we have a network out here stuff like that. Just crappy options rural options Aiming over LTE has got to be pretty ugly. I bet yeah There are definitely people who treasure their unlimited plans from what I can tell yeah There’s a lot of people saying on on YouTube that yet and data capture. This is what would ruin it? Yeah, that sucks so fixing it how do we fix this I have no idea Right now GeForce now it’s in beta you can apply for it if you’re lucky and you’re like hey Can I have this winning lottery ticket for a million bucks or GeForce now you probably should take GeForce now at this point And that’s in beta it’s free until it exits beta. They have not said when it’s going to exit beta They had prices announced last year that were kind of high. I’m not sure I know price is in like will just make it these prices up But for now it’s free if you get in so if you get in you can sign up for that you Can you know play your whole Steam selection and stream it over the internet like you do Netflix So how much was it again that they were quoting last year like their idea? It was was like 30 a month was it well resolution too right yeah 20 was 30 yeah, it depends on the quality. It was enough that me and Gordon got drunk in Vegas and did a whole episode Mocking them for the prices Like when you’re like you’re gonna charge, it’s like what I want for xaa, what’s like such five bucks for that Now turn that off hey That that are popping up now, so I would be surprised that those wind up sticky and once it actually exits beta Yeah, I was just curious like is liquid sky still a thing like what other options are there? Some guys around that was announced for PCs last year. I tested it some during the summer I never wind up covering it because it was very rough beta at the time that I was testing it And I didn’t want to dump on them before they were ready you know what I mean, yeah At the time they tested it last summer I was trying to play doom 2016 because I consider that to go to game to test stuff like this and It was unplayable so but there might be different now I believe they have free signups, and you can watch ads there in free time so We’ve got at least one person over on Twitch who says uh they’ve tried it So it’s really surprisingly good. I mean it is I mean yeah GeForce now is very impressive. I don’t know if I’d paid 30 bucks for it probably not because I have a gaming PC but I pay 30 bucks for it flowed out for you know 30 bucks for two or three months no things died down but not like a whole year whoo well that is still cheaper than an Xbox because you already have your you have your You have your steam collection if you have you know three or four hundred dollars in games on Steam which is like I will say the counterpoint to that outside of games like League And you know things are it’s constantly new because you can login And it’s all about you know other players if you already have the game Then you’re not really Going to care about new games that your system can or can’t support You’re only going to care about that if you’re trying to buy the new game and your video card isn’t going to play it at An acceptable you know framerate or graphics quality So the and in that case the console could actually work as an option as Brad pointed out. I don’t know though I just think we’re saying that you basically can you can play a new game and run it on GeForce now because you’re running What 750ti? That’s assuming you live in a place with broadband though. Well yeah different Word if so if you’re on dial-up, what do you do if you have a game console? Is what they have to run out of the box yeah, the dam1 patch is like bigger than the game itself, it’s like you know Like I only have a four terabyte drive The patch is six terabytes. I will say one of my biggest beefs with The Xbox one is how many freaking system updates? They’re constantly pushing now, and they’re calling and they’re not small ones either They’re a lot of times. They’re like three or four hundred megabytes if you have a data cap that’s relatively low I mean that stuff will eat it or no broadband. Yeah. What do you do it is? It’s very annoying I do wish that Microsoft hadn’t completely abandoned its rural customers Which is one of the reasons why so many of them loved Xbox 360 because that they could just play without having to Connect to the internet I wish they would make an option where you could like download the patches onto a USB Drive And then like patch you know the system that way Because then that way that those people could go to like their local like library or some other place that does have broadband Download the patches there. Yeah, exactly and still be able to you know make a console workable, but now well It’s a DRM issue though They don’t want people if you could install patches to your Xbox games they it’d be you know They’d be how immediately and you can install the patches That’s what they’re into the PC gaming side of things another option you do if you don’t wanna replace your whole system is You could buy one of these pcs that Elena mentioned in the last segment Take out the graphics The graphics card put in the old gravity to somebody yeah I you know but I like that I that suggestion Brad because it’s not There’s a lot of people worked up and you know the the evil side of that From the PC gaming side is that people are buying these boxes ripping the video cards out of them and selling them Without a video card on eBay, and they’re not like giving them away But like if you wanted to get one of these cards you could buy the box You know swap your old card into the new box and then give that new box to somebody else you know or you know Even though you’re getting like the gtx 1070 system for the price the inflated price And what a gtx 1070 is these days so you’re getting it for 800 bucks If you can turn around and sell the rest of the system for 4 or 500 bucks Yeah, and you’re right where you should be? Just MSRP for these cards It doesn’t necessarily have to be blatant proper profiteering on that you could sell it to a friend You know doesn’t have a gaming rig they want to graduate from consoles to pc. Gaming? That’s a really good idea what else is there besides I used think my suggestion was to rob a liquor store, but I’ve been seeing a EVGA Jacob Freeman from EVGA who’s a product manager at EVGA he’s if you follow him on Twitter I think it’s EVGA underscore Jacob. Maybe Jacob Freedman on Twitter, and I’ve seen other people From the graphics card market do it, too He’ll tweet whenever hey We’re about to put new stock up on the EVGA website because they sell it directly Some of the other vendors do that too, and they’ll tweet give you okay guys heads up five minutes We’re gonna have stock up here get it fast I Think it’s more dire than that it’s also go ahead Brad He’s also been doing EVGA in particular has also been doing bundles so like you can get These days if you go to Amazon under where you get you don’t have to spend eight hundred seven hundred bucks on a GTX 970 But EVD EVGA has been selling bundled hardware So they like their for instance fun motherboards or their closed-loop liquid coolers with GTX 10 70s and 10 80s and Selling those for 650 700 bucks, so it’s like you’re getting both pieces of hardware It’s actually about the MSRP value of what both of them should be So it mitigates is somewhere at least you’re getting two new things for the price of what you would have spent On the GTX 970 alone a third-party site is that directly from EVGA, or do you have to go to a retailer for that? That was directly from EVGA oh There’s rumors that micro Center if you go and talk to a manager and say hey I’m gonna buy a bunch of components for a new PC you sell me this graphics card for not these crazy prices that you have up the managers have leeway to Ideally you buy multiple components, but you just supposedly have to talk to a manager and it’s up to their discretion But if you’re in a pinch, you know give it a shot a person $20 Super nice give them a secret signal really that’s crazy. That’s just like old school That does work, you know, thanks. Yeah, there’s different websites like now in stock comm I don’t know now in stock. There are different websites that you can say okay. I want the specific part I don’t wanna spend this much and you put it in and didn’t sign up for email notifications And they’ll let you know whenever they arrive on different detail or sites So you could be first to the punch when you stock does arrive? You mean like that like waiting to buy an iPhone you just wait outside the store Oh, you’re the new iPhone Norway for ten fifteen forty dollars Are you that the the line for Amazon go? No, I’m just here for a Graphics card. Oh my god, so you imagine if they ever sold graphics cards. I don’t have that location That is some really good suggestion so Brad and I like that about following Jacob to lights like I mean it’s interesting that they let people know like hey, we’re shipping these out I mean And then you then have to race the speculators that are buying all those cards and reselling them at at twice the value so Yeah, but they’re probably not following you know the product manager on Twitter, so they might be I Wanted to tack on to that suggestion Twitter does offer Notifications so you can actually follow someone’s account and choose specifically to get mobile notifications or text message notifications every time they tweet So that’s a switch. Yeah, it’s a good way to pair things Together to be like ready right on the dot when that link goes up well No, I don’t have any more suggestions off the bat But I’ve seen that from a couple of different vendors on Twitter’s so if you’re really looking for a graphics card it might be worth Looking around for verified accounts tied to these make sure they’re verified accounts if you can tied to these different companies Over on Twitch we have a great suggestion of best – I don’t know to pronounce that he says uh
Why don’t you just sign up for GeForce now? And then have the whatever card is in GeForce now do your mining and then you get the money from that? Let’s see three dollars a day But you don’t have to buy anything to mine, you know you look GeForce do it for you No, I got I got video. This is a crazy thing now What about going old used older older generations how far back? Can you go? Sorry I mean, I’m gonna use let’s use this example 750ti or 7850 does it make sense to do an A6 series or a7 series or no let me know what a higher end user working hardware If you have a working graphics card in your computer right now. Just hold on to it if you can Don’t try to upgrade even the older stuff on eBay or Craigslist or whatever is going for a wildly high prices Like I was was that looking up yesterday a 980 GTX 980 and they were selling for 350 to 400 bucks which isn’t horrible But it’s not great. It’s definitely not the prices We saw when the 1080i 10 series first came out. I mean how many generations back. Can you go til it’s not affected By use as effective right now in general Even looking right now at The hardware swap subreddit. It’s not as bad as eBay, but it’s still inflated We have a 460 back on that wall over there. You know 60 you would not be back 10 80 TI on like new egg or Craigslist or Ebay right now is anywhere from what 1100 to 1300? Right around yes If you buy like direct to it from somebody else used through the hardware software so I read it It’s like 900 Something 920 or 940 which is not as inflated, but it’s still definitely inflated This stuff hurts my heart so bad Yeah That’s a good time for PC gaming right now like PC gaming was experienced in the Renaissance if where you went to CES There’s PC gaming everywhere But anybody who actually tries to get in on that now is just boned Between getting smashed in the face with the RAM and the GPU I use crazy I just mention I was looking at because I have like a stack of 580 s Just moldering away from forever and easier at one point these were very high-end cards like oh I wonder where they are in the power band these days It’s like damn like a 1050 like almost kicks the ass of a 580. It’s just crazy It’s just we’re talking geforce 580 But hey if that apu is equivalent to it 1030 right I mean your 580 is better than that it is better yes 580 But at the same time five 80s at power hog to say the Percheron There’s all these weird things that are like kind of street You know like like Oh higher higher o’clock Ram is better, but then cost more money You know the old GPU the last question though, could you fix it with SLI brand? Had a 7 Series, I guess They don’t even call it crossfire anymore a name decide they got rid of that. They just call it em GPU for multiple GPUs called crossfire Do they never give a reason why Because direct x12 isn’t technically crossfire. It’s using the DirectX multi-gpu stuff they figure. It’s easier Just to use one term for everything Wow Okay, so that’s not a solution either You just can’t like if you had a sixth a to go on by second c6 80mm a little more perform You get ever used to get decent amounts it depends because the thing is those cards are still selling for so much to use right now and In the games that support them sure you’ll get a little bit extra But so many games don’t support multi-gpu these days that you just be Paying them fellated prices for an old GPU that doesn’t work half the time yeah And you know it didn’t want to just add the the suckage of that I tested a laptop Acer had to 1080 GTX 980 laptop to duel They had 1080 sli in some newer games it actually decreased performance Look how great the performance is running on one GPU and you ran, but you turned an offer to you It was just it was ugly it was ugly I don’t know what we’re gonna do there, so I know that omen X back there has to 1080 s and SLI You know it’s just like that’s that’s a lot of money our already in in that case Yeah, it’s just I don’t know what the hell to do I mean we’re talking about what we can do what can we? Touch on a little bit of but I mean what can these companies? Do you know how other than an increasing demand or trying to say hey, please sell the gamers? I mean like what? What are the companies doing for us? I thought there was a really interesting comment during AMD’s recent quarterly financials Which is not a sentence I ever thought I would say in my life because I’m a person who hates orderly financials and all that stuff But somebody asked Lisa sue the CEO of AMD so I mean you know demand for these things hit the roof What are you guys doing? Can you there’s been rumors that you guys can’t create these fast enough you don’t have the you know fabrication capabilities And she’s like no we could scale up GPU production if we wanted to you know our customers were asking that for us But the problem right now is the RAM prices Ram is or memory prices are Such highly constrained and and so much demand right now that she said they would have issues scaling up GPU production because there’s so little RAM going around these days and that’s because of phones, right Phones tablets everything needs ran these days well plus HB m2 is there’s sole source right Samsung still I think? nobody else is really making it yet, so Yeah, hi Nicks might be kinda. Yeah, but Samsung is really holding although, but people aren’t really clamoring for the Vega cards are they Well, I think it’s just general HBM to comment that’s all yeah no But I mean I do think if HBM to order cheap They could definitely have ramped up you know from the Vega launch a little better. It’s true Cuz I mean it does feel like I don’t think it was necessarily miners. I drove up those Vega cards. It was just simply Oh y-yeah Especially with so many going to Apple whatever Apple is getting Vega graphics cards. I forget the name of the exact Apple because I’m not about that Yeah, I might Pro has Vega in it And I’m sure they’re like this is what you’re giving us AMD has to work around that so if there’s You know an HTM to demand then apples getting first cut it’s gonna be the same thing with the new Intel chip, but yeah They get they get first dibs on all that ya em. Do you kind of AMD graphics sort of get slammed with that because? They have you know all of they have to fill the Apple order, so here’s X amount of HBM twos? And then now-now Intel is not buying those HP m2 s from AMD I bet I bet they’re buying him directly from Samsung so now AMD has to compete with you know Nvidia and Intel for HBM two modules, so they’re just like I guess they’re not modulus. They’re just chips, but it’s just kind of like I would love to see I should ask her and see what the cost of for geeks of HBM to us these days That you it’s not cheap Yes, yes. Oh yeah, that’s that’s the issue I mean if like we were saying in the beginning the show if the band keeps up indefinitely Then the supplier will eventually follow. I’m sure but at this point, I mean just kind of grin and bear it if The market does keep crash. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of used graphics cards fled the market I’d be wary Necessarily about buying a used graphics card from a minor unless you’re able to see it working in a system before you do so just To make sure it actually works But yeah, so sweep it out oh That’s a good fix. Just wait I mean yeah, you could just wait it out build if you really need to upgrade your system Just upgrade everything else and pop in your old graphics card and just keep on tinkering away That was my number one suggestion in my how to keep gaming during this crisis article that I did a few weeks ago if you Can just sit still just put off upgrading for six months and see what happens well actually we had a couple people uh Somebody on Twitch and that’s a sharp sharp it Thunder over over on YouTube saying that the there’s some sort of article floating around about a wafer manufacturers having a twenty percent price increase in 2018 You know and like driving up costs again, and we’re just gonna continue to see spikes. I mean yeah, I’ve seen I’ve seen those articles I’m not a hundred percent sure about Providence of those I’m not a hundred percent sure where they got necessarily all that information from But even if they’re true the actual cost of the wafers Themselves are such a little part of the cost of actually getting a CPU or GPU That it’s not anything to panic over. I don’t think at least not yet Okay damn Those are the only places I’ve seen that are that that info referenced are places that don’t directly name sources etcetera So take that with a grain of salt Do you think you know cuz Brad? Do you think if because clearly? Volta is long overdue if it just drops is it going to help or make it worse or what I mean you think it could help at all cuz suddenly nobody wants to buy these old ten series cards I Don’t know at this point. I don’t know what to expect out of Nvidia I don’t know if we’ll see it anytime soon with everything still selling how it is. Why roll out something new Yeah Because they you got to move forward right you got to move forward They do but remains to be seen The yields on these two-year-old cards must be so good at this point you’re taking a gamble mm-hmm moving to a more advanced process node to make new chips Now probably you know give you less return on investment. I don’t know I can understand why we haven’t seen any new cards recently it bums me out very much, but I Wouldn’t be surprised if they even skip Volta at this point because volt has been around since May I think it was before Vega came out. They had shown off the data center voltage chip and with the GTX 10 series with Pascal they said hey here’s the data center chip and then less than a month later we had consumer graphics cards And it’s been eight nine months since then now as far as volt is concerned So I’m not even sure if we’ll see Volta mighty the follow-up to Volta at some point I don’t know. I would think you’ve got to do something I mean I just it is I suppose that is a really negative side effect here because The only reason why they don’t really have to move is they’re selling these things out all day, so why why bother right so that’s actually very negative and you think if we know in technology you got to keep moving forward if you just stop and You know the shark if this the shark stops swimming, it drowns so if we’re we if graphics don’t move forward then What the hell’s gonna happen to us right good all just like consoles just argue with myself a little bit there I think they could have a reason and vidi in particular to push the next series graphics card just simply because of these fancy g-sync HDR monitors that they’re trying to get out there hmm the BFG DS the TV size ones there’s a you know ultra wide monitors that run at 144 her to 120 hundreds and do they have 4k 120 hertz monitors that were supposed to come out last summer, but they’ve been delayed to the first quarter and today’s graphics cards cannot power that So I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least like a high-end 1180 TI or oh I can’t keep track of these numbers nextgen IM that can push 120 hertz 4k monitor, so they can sell those incredibly expensive valuable still sounds like it’s gonna be a waste out though because I mean they started showing that off at what last year CES and we Haven’t heard a peep out of them about when to expect those to drop so this quarter supposedly supposedly Yes, it’s just like it almost seems like we have to wait for that Before anything else is going to move like when they’re ready to release those Then we might actually see the the hardware that could power them I Wouldn’t be surprised if they just sit on those until they’re ready to release a new GPU generation either so exactly a little Chicken egg and that could just be a long time before they’re up here see that’s what’s bad You know you just you just got a you got a launch at some point just to keep things moving forward once you stop It’s I mean it depends. Do they like innovation or didn’t like money? Well, you know part of that is it feeds itself right they? You gotta keep going if you don’t have goals to move forward Then you know you get you get lazy you get complacent you start doing mark you do things that hardcore Sorry That’s – you’re you do things that aren’t core to you know your business and your customers Get they get look somewhere else I get bored you know so Hell, I mean I just yeah, this is just horrible We’ve been we have graphics cards did not move much in the last two years It feels like there’s not many places to go Gordon like if you had a ton of competition then yeah That would force them to keep moving, but as Brad pointed out. They don’t have any impetus to move HDR gaming You know you see our panels. I mean higher is still I mean Portion of the market you know you know what lettuce and you know Adam of course people whose smack about in Seoul but Intel it really gives them an I’ve given Intel a really hard time for IGP Which grew out of its integrated chips that way back in the 810 days? But it made perfect sense Intel said you know what we’re just gonna Do just good enough 99% of people 90% of people don’t play games They want to do was load a browser and start Word and Excel. That’s it so that’s what our chipset does They didn’t aim high enough with IGP. I mean really a lot of reasons that I think They’re hurting today is they decided this is just good enough Just good enough computing Gets you to I GP what I GP did which is this thing just around and tells neck forever right if they had actually continued To like we’re gonna do high-end graphics. We’re gonna compete with you know in vidiian in an ATI AMD They would not be in the pickle They are right now because they’re getting eaten alive by graphics in the data center so I think just the whole Just good enough is is not what the entire industry aims for and that that’s what leads you to really really crappy situations I don’t disagree with you. I just think people get really caught up in the immediate circumstances sometimes yeah, no I Chain yes, it’s just sad, but you know what happens is when you’re at the top of the food chain something comes along and eats you so I think today’s Nvidia is a lot more Aggressive that yesteryears Intel is as far as stayed on top of the technology as well. Yeah, but again No, 1180 volta here right so what’s up with that? So that item just the dude who wants to watch the world burn and I’m hoping that all these crashing graphic crypto coin prices just keep on going down and We get our graphics cards back, and they’re maybe $50 extra cuz we’re adding cost more now Yeah, that’s what I’m open, or it. Just comes. I mean what happens is You know we have an overcorrection in the market suddenly You know nobody’s buying these things for mining, and then suddenly. Holy smokes. I can get a 10 60 for $100 right, which is entirely I don’t I think one day we’re gonna laugh We’re gonna look back in the 10 60 will be a hundred bucks. I’m not sure if laughter will be In four or five of these but last April they were selling a 4 gigabyte R X 480 for 120 bucks you could find him, so yep That was less than a year ago about 10 of them Brad No one knew all right all right well, let’s uh we have any outstanding questions because I’m Good, you know. Yeah, people are just are depressed now bored. Yeah, that’s just like sorry Wow you know the Internet. Yeah, sorry everybody, that’s what happens when you turn 40. You know you just start to get a little depressed Hopefully well something positive. Hopefully soon when these days, but all right I’m gonna take us out so we can go get a stiff drink to Talk about the more graphics the situation and RAM situation perfect check back in two weeks for your fix of PC hardware on the full nerd Subscribe to us on iTunes stitcher and Google Play and of course leave us reviews there every time you do AMD and NVIDIA have committed to making one more graphics card in the market. I’m lying They’re not gonna do that saying questions and comments to the full nerd at PC world calm. Thanks for coming. I hopefully will have better News one day in the future. I’m Gordon bong with Brad charkas at AOL Alain EE bye everybody and Adam Patrick, Murray, ah check us out on twitch will at least play games over there Have try to have some fun. See ya

61 thoughts to “GPU crisis special: The story so far, best gaming PCs to buy, & how to fix it | The Full Nerd Ep 40”

  1. Does anyone really buy that the RAM prices are even close the the reason behind a GPU being sold for over double the MSRP? The memory might account for a $30-$60 price hike. The current GPU issues are maybe 5% ram prices 95% crypto miners.

  2. My kid uses a keyboard and mouse with Rainbow Siege 6 on the Xbox one with a Keymander and luvs it; until this stupid gpu stuff stops or when Nvidia figures out how to make a pc gaming card thats doesn't mine, I wont build my kid a gaming pc for now…..

  3. In regards to Brad's comment starting at 9:41, AMD's CEO in their last earnings report stated that they have increased production, but currently they aren't being held back by GPU production, but a lack of GDDR5. She basically said they have GPU silicone sitting around waiting for memory. So although crypto mining is a big part of the shortage of video cards on the market, the memory shortage (that is also driving up memory costs), is also playing a part in the GPU shortage and cost. Gamer's Nexus reported that 3rd party GPU makers have reported as much as a $20 increase for the memory alone in their cards. Their cost. Not end user. So basically my point is that there is more going on here than just increased demand for video cards from miners.

  4. I upgraded to a Ryzen 7 system last year and graphics cards were expensive and rare so I thought I'll just get by on a 1050ti 4gb till prices come down and stock comes back. 6 months later and it is worse than ever. My local computer supplier says everything they get in is already sold. This is bs.

  5. Gordon always wears great sci-fi t-shirts! I almost didn't get that Alien reference with the Nostromo! In space, no one can hear you scream about insane graphics card prices!

  6. Great Show / Video as always. Keep the show going one of the very best on social media for up-to-date computer advice.

  7. Hardcore probably purchased something better than a 1050ti a long time ago before the price increases. Cyberpower uses mostly off the shelf parts. The Lenovo and Dell likely have a crappy psu and less upgradability.

  8. amd and nvidia and their boards partners are laughing all the way to the bank dont expect them to care and dont expect them to be there for gamers. it going to bite them in the rear though

  9. One thing nobody mentioned when talking about OEM prebuilts. Who cares if you can update the bios? What I mean by that is they are using a 20 dollar green PCB board, you can just swap out the cpu RAM GPU into a real case with a real motherboard. It is a good way to get your CPU GPU and RAM to put in your own build and still save money over todays prices.If they dont do a bios update to support the next gen who cares? Buy a 75 dollar motherboard and rock on.

  10. I payed 160$ for an Rx480 4gb. I ended up selling it for around 350$ back when gpu prices inflated the first time. Took that cash and added a bit for a Vega 56. Got one of those right when it dropped and ended up eventually selling it for around 900$ on ebay. Now I just bought an Oculus Rift + free 50$ gift card for 399$. Im watching Nowinstock to try and snag a 580 for around 350$. Ill take the remaining money and add a bit and upgrade my Intel g4560+mobo to Ryzen or Ryzen2 depending on which one is a better deal when 2 drops in a few months. Im actually loving how the Gpu crysis is working out for me.

  11. GPU crisis while times are tough it’s not an apocalypse like some people think it is in the last month I’ve bought a GTX 1050 for $120 I bought a GTX 1050 TI for $140 I bought a GTX 1060 6gig for $300. The deals are out there you just got a look for them. Now the price of DDR four ram is what’s fucked up

  12. I am happy I bought my Vegas 64 before the price hike. Cryptocurrency are here to stay, bitcoin is up to 8000$ and all the others are also.

  13. Right now when I see any youtuber with a graphics card I just want move on to the next content. I started my build last year and the last thing I needed to do was the card. Build your own and the market suck right now. I wish I had gone prebuilt.

  14. Vega 64 is selling on New Egg as of this moment for all most $1300 and that's a Gigabit partner card too.. More than or as much as most TI's… SMH…. This is crazy, I just bought an ACer 32" 4K 60HZ monitor too.. Now I'm just going to wait and see what Nvidia does in April.. The rumor is that the GTX 2060, GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 should be dropping in April… But even if it takes till May I'm willing to wait.. Then of course 6 weeks after you buy the 2080 the 2080 TI will come out just to make the 2080 buyer's feel dum and less than.. LOL… So I'm going to continue to save and be patient..

  15. I can't wait till some hackers take the time to figure out a way to drop virus's and steal Crypto Currency and fuck the whole thing up…..

  16. Time Stamp 1:07:57 , The problem is most gamer's even hardcore ones have become satisfied with 1080P weather at 60Hz or 144Hz.. they are ok with it.. 4K is just so much more beautiful, detailed and crisp tho… Just went to a 4K 32" Monitor and even Youtube looks awesome in 4K… The detail is unreal or too real..

  17. These GPU prices are unsustainable because the cryptocurrency market is a huge bubble that is about to burst. Once the cryptocurrency market bursts, we're going to see the market FLOODED with GPUs and prices won't just fall, they'll crash.

  18. If you are looking for 1080p gaming on games like Fallout 4, GTX 770s and even 760s still pack a punch. My Gtx 770 beats my son’s RX 460 in FPS.

  19. LOL I Built my mother a PC for Christmas with GTX 1060 (that I got on sale for 179) told her what it was worth now, she told me I should take it apart and sell the card…I won't because she needs the new PC her old one was 8 years old..but it is tempting.

  20. I got a whole 1060 system on sale and open box $600. Also got an R7 1700/RX580/16GB RAM/X370 MOBO with Optical drive WiFi/BT , ETC , ETC for $850 on sale open box.

  21. Dear PC World, it's not gona be called the 1180, it will be called the 2080. Because 1180 sounds like far less of a worthwhile upgrade than a 2080. Common business naming practice watch me be right!

  22. Cloud gaming could save the day, if cloud gaming was decentralized, and the miners could instead run their GPUs as a cloud compute server for the gamers. This is like Nvidia NOW but privately owned warehouses full of GPUs providing the cloud GPU resources… So the miners all of a sudden have something very legal and solid to base their business on rather than the risky slightly shady cryptocurrency mining.

  23. This was perfect for me, I eneded a catch up on the GPU crisis and I also needed a podcast to listen to. I "killed two birds with one stone", as they would say.

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