Google Nest Hub Max Review – 6 Months Later

Google Nest Hub Max Review – 6 Months Later

It’s been six months since we bought our
Nest Hub Max and in this video I’m going to go over the top features of the
device, how the device has held up over the past six months, some downsides we’ve
encountered while using the device, and my overall recommendations for whether
or not you should pick one up yourself. Let’s dive in. Released in the second
half of 2019, the Google Nest Hub Max is a Google Assistant display and the larger
cousin of the popular Nest Hub which was released in 2018 after using a Nest Hub Max for over six months I think the main selling points are the Google Assistant
integration, photo display capabilities, Google Photos integration, the great
sound quality for playing music and podcasts, and a camera for music control,
security, and video calling. The device retails for $229 US dollars and comes in
both charcoal and chalk colors. If you’re trying to decide between a Nest Hub and
a Nest Hub Max, in short what, sets the Nest Hub Max
apart is mainly its larger size better sound quality and the inclusion of a
camera. If you’re looking for a more in-depth comparison between the Nest Hub
and the Nest Hub Max we’ve actually already made that video you can get to
it by clicking the card in this video or checking out the link below in the
description. Now let’s talk about our first main feature of the device which
is the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is incredibly powerful on the
Nest Hub Max and can be used for a wide variety of requests you can ask it
things like what’s the weather in Raleigh today? Google Assistant: “It’ll be cloudy with a
forecasted high of 67 and a low of 48. Currently at 66 and partly cloudy. Josh: “Play
Billy Eilish on Spotify.” Google Assistant: “Here’s Billy Eilish on Spotify.” Josh: “Show me some chicken
recipes.” Google Assistant: “Sure, here are some recipes.” Josh: “Set a timer for 45 minutes.” Google Assistant: “45 minutes and
that’s starting now.” Josh: “What’s on my calendar?” Google Assistant: “There’s one entry for today at
3:30 p.m. you have film nest hop max video.” Josh: “Remind
me to call mom this afternoon.” Google Assistant: “Okay I’ll remind you at 4:11 p.m.” Josh: “Play Rick and Morty on Hulu.” Google Assistant: “Okay playing rick and morty on hulu.”
Josh: “Show me the what can the Google Assistant do in 2020 video on youtube.”
Google Assistant: “Sure, here are some videos.” Now that last video you saw it’s actually a recent
video we did it’s about the top things you can do with the Google Assistant in
2020. Now if you want to watch that video you can do that by clicking the card in
this video or as always, checking out the link below in the description the Google
Assistant does make really good use of the Nest Hub Max’s 10 inch 1280×800
HD display but the thing that I think really utilizes that screen the best is
a feature called photo frame. What photo frame allows you to do is you can set up
in the settings of the Google Home app, you can choose to have photos display on
your Nest Hub Max and the best part is you can choose photos from your Google
Photos library. The ambient light each you sensor next to the camera on the
front of the device helps adjust the brightness and color temperature of the
display so your photos always look great in any given lighting situation. You can
favorite photos that show up on the display, share them with friends and
family through Google Photos or if there’s a photo that comes up that you
don’t want to see, you have the option to archive it right from the display. The
photos displayed on the Nest Hub Max have been one of the most impactful
parts of this device’s experience because they evoke emotions. When you’re seeing
these photos constantly being displayed on the device, you’re reliving memories
from your past, you’re rediscovering things you may have forgotten and
probably the most emotional and impactful things is when you see friends
family members and pets that have now passed away, and you’re rediscovering the
memories that you’ve shared with them and that definitely gives you a positive
experience interacting with this device in a way that you don’t normally get
with many other tech products. The Google Photos integration is also what makes this device a great gift for a parent grandparent or other family
member you can set up their Nest Hub Max to show photos from a shared album
that you can share with multiple different family members and you all can
contribute more photos to the shared album throughout the year so as you go
on vacations or take new pictures of your kids or grandkids, you can
contribute those photos to the shared album and they’ll continue to show up on
the Nest Hub Max. Now there’s more to display than just photos. On the Nest Hub Max, tap the screen once and you’ll see the main UI for the device. Swipe to the
left to see recommendations Google has for you like recommendations for YouTube
videos, music playlists that it thinks you’ll like, news stories, reminders or
calendar events that you may have. Swipe down from the top of the device to
control your smart home from lights, smart plugs, to robotic vacuum cleaners,
to security cameras, and thermostats, there are a lot of things that you can
use the Google Assistant to control through the Nest Hub Max. Next up let’s
talk about sound the nest hub max features much improved sound over the
Nest Hub thanks to its stereo tweeters at the front of the device and the 30
watt 3 inch woofer in the rear. In terms of Google’s speaker lineup I’d say it’s
the best sounding smart display out there and the only product that Google
makes that sounds better is the Google Home Max. Here’s a sound test between the
Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, just to give you an idea of how much better the
Nest Hub Max sounds. The Nest Hub Max is great for playing
music and podcast and it integrates with several streaming services like Spotify,
Google Play Music, YouTube music, Pandora, Google podcasts, and more the speakers
are also great for watching cooking videos on YouTube or your favorite shows
through services like Hulu and HBO Now. To see the full list of music and video
streaming service integrations with this device, check out the link below in the
description. Alright now let’s move on to our last big feature of this device
and that is the 6.5 megapixel camera included with the Nest Hub Max. The
camera is used for a variety of applications including video calling,
security, face match, and my personal favorite, music
gesture controls. The video calling features of the Nest Hub Max are
actually pretty useful. You can make video calls through a service called
Google Duo which is google’s competitor to Apple’s FaceTime except that Google
Duo actually works on many more devices than FaceTime. The camera on the front
has a wide 127 degree field of view the wide-angle camera makes sure that it can
fit you and multiple people around you all in frame during a video call. If you
shift or move your location while on a video call, the camera will actually
follow you to keep you in frame which is pretty neat. You can also leave video
messages for people as well if they don’t pick up on their devices. The
camera on the Nest Hub Max isn’t just for video calling though, it can also double
as a Nest security camera for your home as well as you can check in on the live
feed of the device from the Google Home app and you can also subscribe to the
Nest secure subscription service and have your footage saved for a certain
period of time on Google’s cloud. When someone is looking at the live feed of
your Nest Hub Max, a green LED will display at the top of the device and a
little pop-up will come up on the screen letting you know that someone is
currently viewing the feed. Now if you don’t want to allow people to drop in on
the feed but still want to use the camera for
video calling, you can disable the security features of the camera in the
device settings through the Google home app. Another thing the Nest Hub Max uses the
camera for is to recognize your face with a feature called face match. With
face match, it will display proactive notifications just assigned to you like
reminders someone may have assigned to you, events on your calendar or even a
video message left specifically for you. Lastly the camera is used for one of my
personal favorite features on the Nest Hub Max called music gesture controls.
You can raise the palm of your hand towards the Nest Hub Max when media is
playing to play or pause media. In the 6 months I’ve been using this feature I
have to say that it actually works consistently well, like better than you
would expect a feature like this to work, at least in my experience. Now not
everyone necessarily wants to have a camera on all the time and you can turn
off the camera with two ways. The first way is by swiping up from the bottom of
the display and tapping the camera icon to turn it off, the second way is by
sliding the mute switch on the back of the device, which will physically
disconnect both the camera and the microphone from the device. Now the
camera mute switch leads me to my first downside about this device. There’s no
camera cover like there is on the Lenovo smart display. I have now there are some
situations where you will want to disable the camera, physically disconnect
it from the device but leave the microphone connected. That’s why I feel
like a camera cover at least would cover the camera and you would see that okay
there’s no way this camera is recording any footage. Other than that though
there’s not much else that I wish Google would change with this device, I haven’t
run into any reliability issues with the device over the past six months. Overall
I’ve really enjoyed using the Google Nest Hub Max. I think it’s a great device
if you want a photo frame, if you want a great Google assistant speaker, and
probably most of all, if you want a great gift to give either your parents or your
grandparents or other relatives. Now if you’re stuck between deciding on
a Nest Hub or a Nest Hub Max, I really would recommend checking out our
comparison video between those two devices. You can find a link to that
video in the description below. Well that’s it for our review on the Google Nest Hub Max, if you liked this video and found it helpful,
make sure to hit that thumbs up button below and subscribe to the channel to
see more Google and Google product- related videos like this one. For 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder, thanks for watching.

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  2. Santa brought us a Google Nest Max for Xmas. It's ok and we use it mostly to listen to our local CBC radio station. The biggest problem is the Google Nest Max stops doing anything everytime we turn our microwave on. Both are located in our kitchen. We used to have a google home mini in the same location and it was unaffected by the microwave.

  3. This is nice (I have two at home). My main concern, with the pandemia, is to know when Google servers could shut down.

  4. this device looks like the tv in the "Nineteen Eighty-Four
    ", novel by George Orwell. i can't believe people actually pay for it and use it in their no longer private homes smh

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