GOLD from 5kg Intel 386 & 486 ceramic CPUs PART 1:  preparation

GOLD from 5kg Intel 386 & 486 ceramic CPUs PART 1: preparation

Hi! This video is the first part of a new
project I’ve started. I will be recovering and refining gold from 5
kilograms Intel 386 and 486 ceramics CPUs. The exact weight of the CPUs is
4960g. There will be three main stages:
preparation, recovery and refining .The first stage consists of three steps: de-
greasing, lids removing and crushing. Ok! Step 1: the CPUs divided into two
charges are placed in a stainless steel container, sodium hydroxide flakes are
sprinkled over and water is added. the container is heated for about half
an hour. The heated hydroxide solution is then
transferred to the other container holding the second charge. CPUs were then washed with plenty of hot water and left to dry Step 2: de-soldering the lids. For
this step I’ve decided to use my de-soldering basket used for silver contacts de-soldering processors are heated with propane torch
and the basket is shaken vigorously from time to time, causing the lids to detach using this method I was able to remove
the lids from five kilograms CPUs in about 40 minutes I’ve got 365 grams gold plated kovar
lids from 4960 grams CPUs Step 3: Crushing. I
have to think of an efficient way of crushing such quantity of CPUs but this
will be on the next video. This five kilograms batch is only a test run I
have to find the most efficient method for processing 30 kilograms of ceramic
CPUs. Thanks for watching! Please, don’t forget to Like, comment and subscribe

10 thoughts to “GOLD from 5kg Intel 386 & 486 ceramic CPUs PART 1: preparation”

  1. Owl this is the start of another great video series. I'm moving to Electrowinning for my initial gold recovery especially for large batches. Looking forward to the next video you do.

  2. Why would you heat it when it generates it’s own heat,,just fill the container up with water an it will take care of itself,, Man I’ve been doing these chips an Ewaste for many years,, just trying to save you some time and energy,

  3. Привет. Наконец-то дождался я твоего видео про 386/ 486! Что за порошок добавлял и сколько? Лайк заранее!!!

  4. Warning : this video resulted in serious injury and death of 5 kg intel cpu, you can send your condoleances to OwlTech!

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