Glass Speakers Made From Recycled Materials!

Glass Speakers Made From Recycled Materials!

To those of you that are new-
welcome to Joel creates! and to those of you who have been here for a while- welcome to Joel creates! Today we’re going to be giving me a haircut because
I really desperately need one I’ve actually invented a special
Ushanka hat that removes excessive amounts of hair.
First you place the cap on your head Then you have to tuck in any excessive amounts of hair that you don’t want Once I put the hat on my head the only thing that I have to do is leave here, go get a haircut at a real barber, and then come back set up the camera in the same position and then put my hat on in the same position as if I
wasn’t just at the barber and this is all continuous shot, then when I take it
off it looks like the thing cut my hair even… huh, yeah- it works pretty well In this episode of Joel creates we’re gonna be messing around with something that’s a
little bit more difficult to cut than just hair: We’re gonna be cutting glass Glass is not an easy substance to cut I had messed around a little bit with
cutting glass in the past but this was my first real try to actually make
something I found two recycled glass bricks for only five bucks at the recycled building materials store I had to carefully chip off the mortar that
had them stuck together and then clean up the sides with some acetone.
I had found these really cool looking speakers at the same resale shop months
ago. I knew eventually I’d find a use for them I wanted to wait until I thought of
a really unique enclosure idea. The really cool thing about these glass
speaker enclosures is that you can see the back of the speaker.
The backs of these speakers have a really cool vintage look that I’m super happy I get
to showcase This was a bit of an experiment…
the cutting didn’t quite go as well as I would have hoped… but I was able to get the
holes cut with minimal cracking and damage The method for cutting glass that I chose to employ
was to actually submerge my cutting area in water.
There’s a few different reasons that this technique is helpful:
One is that it helps to dissipate heat rapidly Glass is a really hard substance and it doesn’t dissipate heat easily so it builds up a lot of friction heat on the cutter which can very quickly ruin it
and cause the glass to crack Any time you cut a material,
you’re going to release some dust into the air and glass dust is particularly nasty
stuff that you do not want to breathe Submerging the cutting area in water
traps the glass dust in the water Water also helps to lubricate the cutter as
its cutting the glass When I used a larger cutter that took off more
material with every pass I had worse cracking on the inside.
For the second enclosure I used a smaller cutter and I took off much less material with every pass I then cut small slots in the back of
each speaker and this is where I ran the wires through. I stuck the speakers to the enclosures using some heavy-duty, double-sided foam tape This stuff is incredibly sticky and when you have a non-porous surface stuck to another
non-porous surface it actually forms a very tight bond. If you look closely at
these speakers you’ll see the faults they’re not perfect but it is really
cool to play around with this and I think that the speakers are still
structurally sound enough to be used Let’s hear how they sound (music: “Prepare”) (music: “Haunting Consolation”) I have a couple quick
announcements before I go: a lot have you been asking me about my music- where you can listen
to it, where you can find it online, is it on iTunes, do I have a SoundCloud…? I have not been very good at
publishing my music for the public which is surprising for a guy who
studied music and business in college I just wanted to say that I
hear you, I’m super excited that you like my music and I’m working on coming up
with some good solutions so that my music is readily available and you can
listen to it on its own If you enjoyed this video, you know… hit the button I’ll catch you next time

71 thoughts to “Glass Speakers Made From Recycled Materials!”

  1. Yay First… Keep up the good work… Very rarely does one find such quality content on youtube these days… this is the number of people who agree that he deserves more subs

  2. Thats really cool Joel! Ive always wanted to make things but never could afford to, but your videos inspire me to one day make something as cool as you can.

  3. Great video! What if you build an entire wall of them? Also, flat screwdriver used as a chisel, 2 points for that!

  4. Great content! Did you have the specification for the speakers to make sure the volume of the glass bricks were a good fit? Looks awesome 🙂

  5. This looks like a fun little engineering channel. Has it's own music too. Might stay here for a while 😉

  6. I love the way you use mainly second hand/recycled materials to make really cool and unique things.

  7. Terrific video – wish it were longer. You got me with the haircut, had to go back and see where you did it! Nice!

  8. Just a suggestion I see you used VHB double sided tape which is fine but I would recommend running a clear continuous bead of silicone around the edge were the speaker meets the glass and around the holes that the wire comes thru. Just my opinion and experience with sound systems.

  9. You should check out Various other methods to make speakers, you can hide them quite well, not as Neat as what you have done, but more super spie :3

    (would have allowed you to make "glass speakers" 🙂

  10. I actually do have a question though. What kind of background do you have? Did you go to college or learn most stuff on your own (like the engineering stuff)?

  11. Bruh, amaizing speakers, I think, if you put some LED's and hang it on the wall, it would look even more amaizing. Keep up the amaizing work

  12. These speakers really look incredible! Very unique drivers as well.
    If possible, it'd be great if you put your music on bandcamp!

  13. what if you attached them to a band so you could stick them on your head. It sounds like the enclosure would give them good soundstage.

  14. I suggest adding some rubber to the bottom of the speakers for extra grip if you havent done this already.

  15. I feel like these would look wicked cool with some RGB strips underneath them in a darkened room.

  16. Might steal this idea for a guitar amp. Just have the console above it. What dimensions on the glass bricks?

  17. I wish people would stop calling speaker boxes speakers. I wanted to hear what a glass speaker sounds like.

  18. Wow dude, how do you got the idea and inspiration for doing this? Awesome, I am going to check your other videos!! you just gained a sub ;D

  19. Hey, so I was wondering what the song at 3:09 was, I love the sound but I can't find it anywhere…

  20. Looks cool. A nice upgrade for this might be a nice protective case around the top, left, bottom , and right edges/sides with some nice LED's. And possibly a stand so the glass vibrate against any surface you put it on directly.

  21. wait, so what happens if your speaker plays the same frequency of the glass? wouldn't that be uh, really bad?

  22. Very, very cool idea! It really displays the sexy drivers well.
    – And the hair cut had me laughing out loud! I did not expect it. Very good editing; I had to watch it three times to spot the cut.

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