Getting Started with TeamViewer – Computers & Contacts

Getting Started with TeamViewer – Computers & Contacts

Once you have a TeamViewer account set up, Sign into the Computers & Contacts list by entering your TeamViewer account credentials. The Computers & Contacts list shows the online status of remote devices and contacts that you add to your list. You can select the status you’d like to present, by clicking on your username. Your profile can also be edited from here, bringing up important settings that you can select for your TeamViewer account, including what profile picture you would like to use. To add a device to your list, use the “add remote computer button” or add the device through the menu at the top. Enter the device’s TeamViewer ID, the personal password if available, and an alias for the device. The device will then show up in your Computers & Contacts list. The same applies for adding a contact to your Computers & Contacts list. Use the button at the bottom, or select “Add contact” from the menu at the top. Then, add the contact to your list. This is how your list will look with devices and contacts in it. Right click on the contact, and a pop-up window will open that contains several ways for your to interact with your contact. Right clicking on a device will bring a similar pop-up. For more advanced features, assign the device to your account through the properties icon of the device. Once you’ve entered the device’s personal password, you’ll see alerts from the device and will be able to leverage additional features such as, Wake-on-LAN. To better organize your Computers & Contacts list, set up groups through the menu at the top. Other services can be opened from the second pull-down menu at the top. And, any notifications you receive, such as device alerts, contact requests, or open service cases, can be seen in the notification pop-up.

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  1. Thank you for this video
    But I want to ask how many computers I can remote control it with my account in the personal use setup
    Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for this program. It is so generous from you to
    provide free accesses to my home computer (for non-business  needs).

    This program is very helpful for me and my family.

  3. Do they have loud music playing in classrooms, at lecture theaters or during TED talks? Then why do you need to? This is a tutorial. Not a rock concert. I like your software. Hate your instructional videos! You've already sold your product. So why keep selling?

  4. Расскажy как дeлать95 бakсов за сyтки. Подpoбности на кaнaлe.

  5. your program is stupid. thinks I use it for commercial use. While on my 2 computers I have configured it for personal use. I get a message "time error your connection closed". What are you doing???

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