GeeFI | Unlimited 4G Internet. Worldwide

Finding a reliable Internet connection while traveling is still a hassle. Hunting down coffee shops, swapping sim cards and paying sky-high roaming fees hasn’t stopped, and on-the-go WiFi devices are limited, data usage is restricted, speeds are slow and coverage is mediocre. We think you should have as much high speed WiFi as you want. GeeFi is a patented device and technology that gives you high-speed 4G WiFi anyplace, anytime and is 100 percent unlimited. You simply power on your GeeFi locate the WiFi network ID and password on the GeeFi screen. Connect your device using the network ID and password. You now have 100 percent unlimited high speed Internet everywhere you go. Browse the Internet, stream videos, use apps, even message and make phone calls. Up to 10 devices can be connected to one GeeFi device; phones, laptops, iPads, GeeFi will work with any WiFi enabled device. GeeFi is the fastest and most reliable on-the-go WiFi to date. With 150 megabits for downloading, and 50 megabits for uploading. GeeFi’s battery will last up to 48 hours of usage. When it runs out simply plug it in to charge. If your phone or any USB chargeable device is low on battery, charge it with GeeFi’s built-in five-thousand milliamp power-bank. Each day of unlimited high speed Internet costs only 10 dollars. Each day is a 24 hour period and days can be purchased through the GeeFi website. GeeFi is the one device that solves all of your internet issues while traveling. Unlimited. Worldwide. High-Speed WiFi. Where you need it, when you need it and just like that, you’re glad to be traveling again!

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