Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting

Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting

so you have Game of Thrones season 8 for me yes sir I do and I really want this to be over so can we speed this pitch meeting up late no I mean we literally just started well I'm in a rush so you know let's get crackin I mean okay so anyway the first two episodes are gonna be people kind of meeting and reuniting in Winterfell you know Ari is gonna sleep with Gendry Oh having seen her grow up on the show that makes me extremely uncomfortable is she 18 but certainly what people are gonna Google but yes she is okay and then Episode three is gonna be when the night king and his army are gonna arrive in Winterfell oh my god the moment we've been building towards for eight seasons yeah so Brandon reveals that the night king wants him cuz he's kind of like the memory of Westeros oh why because that's his motivation well okay then so then the Dothraki charged at the dead army and they pretty much all get wiped out oh my god until a couple of episodes later when they kind of just multiply cuz I need more of them Oh anyway then the zombies are gonna charge at the good guys and there's just like a wall of them oh wow it sounds like World War Z exactly yeah it's gonna be like watching World War Z but with you know like five pairs of sunglasses on what so there are just tens of thousands of zombies and they're just swarming everybody no it's gonna be tough for the main characters to live through an attack like that actually it's gonna be super easy apparently an inconvenience oh really yes see anytime a really important character gets swarmed we're just gonna kind of cut away from them and then come back later to see that they're fine wait so how did they survive by being off-screen for a little bit I guess that makes sense oh also Brandon's gonna work into a crow Oh why's he do that I'm clear okay got you anyway eventually the night Kings gonna do that thing where he raises his arms and all the Dead come back to life oh boy and Tyrion and a bunch of people are down in the crypts so you know it gets scary so they're fighting a guy that can raise the dead and they go hide in the crypts I thought Tyrion was the smart one he used to be but now we need things to happen really fast so that's all over oh okay and so then John screams that a dragon for some reason but that's cool I guess baby and then arias sneaks up on the knight King and stabs him and you know that's the end of winter oh it's over yep all done so moving on wait that's just it yeah that's it so anyway we've been building towards this for eight seasons it's just done with a quick stab it is yeah so what was with the night Kings connection to bran or that weird symbol that kept popping up or the fact that the White Walkers listen sir I'm gonna need you to get all the way off my back about winter okay it's over we got to move on I just feel a little empty inside it feels like this could have been fleshed out well there's no time there's only a couple of episodes left you can have more episodes if you want just don't see any other way other than rushing in you could do it in more episodes damn this short final season ah okay anyway so after the Battle of Winterfell everybody's partying but Danny is just sitting alone all isolated looking pissed were there Starbucks as you say Starbucks and in the next episode she flies to King's Landing but then you're on in the iron fleets snipe ragle out of the sky with those scorpion things what how did Danny not know about the iron fleet being there well Danny kind of forgot about the iron fleet and Euron's forces but they certainly haven't forgotten her she forgot she forgot you know a lot of stuff on her mind I mean okay and does she blow up the ships with her dragon oh no I mean the dragon is no match for a bunch of scorpions oh okay yeah and then Cersei ends up killing Masson day you know so Danny and gray were pissed does Danny remember who Cersei is of course she does I don't know I feel like I needed to ask so then in the next episode Dany just destroys all the scorpions in like a minute with her dragon wait what yeah I mean a bunch of scorpions are no match for a dragon no but you just said the opposite oh well I kind of forgot about that well okay then I guess so yeah now Cersei doesn't have any scorpions but she does have the golden company oh yeah we built those guys up to be badasses so what are they gonna do die immediately oh my god and then Cersei and everybody surrender but Danny is mad now so she's not satisfied oh so she goes to kill Cersei exactly but she starts with you know everyone else she does what if she's mad now so she burns women and children oh that feels like quite the leap character-wise so she's been killing people for years you know plus two of her dragons died a couple of her friends her nephew doesn't want to sleep with her yeah but these are women and children listen I want her to be the bad guy and I don't really have time to flesh out the justification would you like some time you can have it no dang it okay anyway so grey worm in the unsullied start killing a bunch of people and so did the Dothraki who are now not dead that's right and Jaime's running around too because after the Battle of Winterfell he took off to see Cersei oh what's he going to kill her cuz that's a great way to wrap up his Redemption arc oh no he's going to be with her oh he is yeah he sleeps with Brienne and leaves her crying and takes off to go be with his sister again oh it kind of seemed like we had a whole Redemption thing going for like eight seasons oh yeah we're gonna undo all that in like three scenes he's even gonna be like I never cared about innocent people oh my god then he had seriously both get taken out by falling bricks I mean okay and at the end of the episode arias sees a white horse and rides off on it oh cool people are gonna have a lot of theories about that yeah and so at the beginning of the next episode she's walking around in the rubble and she sees wait what happened to the horse Oh we'll see what happened with that was that did you forget about the horse I forgot about the horse she forgot about the horse it's a very forgettable horse okay so anyway then Tyrians like I'm pretty sure I don't want to be the hand of the Queen anymore because of the child murders because of the child murders that's right so he gets put in a Cell yeah I guess that's treason exactly so now all the pressure is on John Snow you know what's he gonna do yeah what has Jon Snow been up to this whole time well I had a bunch of cool lines for him but then I was messing around with the search and replace on my computer and somehow all his lines changed as she's our queen really all of his lines yeah pretty much I did go back and change a couple of them to I don't want it but other than that yeah pretty much well okay then so anyway then John goes to see Danny in front of the Iron Throne and he you know stabs and kills there oh my god just like that yeah I mean there's no time to draw this out at all but there could be but there's not so then drogon gets all pissed and burns the Iron Throne then flies away with Danny scores wait did he understand that the power of the throne corrupted her did he just get mad at the one pointy thing in the room I don't know fair enough so anyway then a couple of weeks later John's in jail so he just walked out of the room and confessed to the murder it certainly seems that way so grey worm really wants him and Tyrion to see justice for betraying Danny okay so Tyrion and grey worm go in front of the Council of surviving characters and Tyrion decides that the branch should be can't wait the guy that's on trial decides that well I mean the council votes material really does run the show yeah and why does he think bran should be king because who has a better story than Brant I mean arguably any other character and shouldn't John become King since he's the rightful heir now he's gonna be sentenced to go hang out with his friends up north so that old Aegon Targaryen thing was basically for nothing pretty much same for that are we a faceless man thing to actually know subverting expectations is tight well I wouldn't say that it was about subverting expectations it's more than I how do I say this forgot about it oh right and so Sansa becomes the queen of Winterfell and Arya takes off to explore to explore what well she wants to find out what's west of Westeros sent bran just tell her that apparently not plus he's gonna take off to go find Drogo know why because okay and also now bran is the master of coin is an either worst possible person for that job well he threw Tirion but also he really likes coins I guess that's qualifying and so yeah that's about it well it sounds like a compilation of moments that can benefit from being spread over 20 episodes instead of 6 yeah I mean that's a good point but keep in mind that I don't wanna write sure seems that way decides fans are automatically gonna love this I mean it's Game of Thrones hey guys it's Ryan here hope you enjoyed that bitch meeting we have a ton of these on the channel that you can check out you can also leave me a comment down below letting me know what other movies you'd like to see pitches for don't forget to Like comment subscribe share on Facebook and Twitter spread it around and as always check back soon for a new pitch buh bye

49 thoughts to “Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting”

  1. Hey is "The Room" too overdone/obvious of a pitch idea? I think you playing Tommy Wiseau's ghostwriter or something would be great. Considering the guy somehow, secretly, funded his own movie and the entire backstory to the creation of the movie gives you a whole to play with. So yeah, unless you're umcomfortable with going down that route, doing a movie that's been goofed on, and meme'd, I think there's a whole to do there.

    PS: I absolutely love these shorts, loved seeing a still as a meme template on reddit, and I only subscribed to the channel because I love these "Pitch Idea" videos so much. Keep it up, and tell your bosses (if you have any) that people love this and it creates a whole lot of traction for the channel as a whole.


  2. I really wish they would have told us way ahead of time that there would only be 6 episodes so that we could have time to understand that they probably wouldn't get eveything in the way we imagined in our heads. That would allow us to not be so surprised about how it went when we finally see it.

  3. Screen Rant: Damn, saving our channel's gonna be hard.
    Pitch Meetings: Actually, super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  4. Unlike Thrones season eight, every line scripted extremely well, timing perfect, very clever, keep up the great work.

  5. “I realised Danny was kind of a jerk, I mean who does this white woman think she is, going around freeing people and killing bad guys? That’s kind of imperialist and we live in pretty politically correct times so I just made her the bad guy and killed her. It seemed like the obvious conclusion to her story arc. So then because all this woke stuff is pretty hot right now, I made Bran the king for disabled representation.”
    “Political correctness is tight.”

  6. "144k likes, 2,5 Million views"
    Only to give my argument a little fundamention.
    This episode is soo great. Funny, TIMEY, on point.
    This your episode is some kind of worthy compromise for the lame finale.

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