Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review | The FINAL Episode!

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review | The FINAL Episode!

what's going on guys carmine here and this is it it's finally over Game of Thrones has come to an end with a lackluster finale now I've said it before I'll say it again the show's writing hasn't been good since season five some would argue season four but I quite like season five the sand snakes aside and it's also where they completely stop covering the books and went off Georgia's cliff notes now let me clarify what I mean real quick because by no means is this a terrible episode it's not it's just that a lot of it doesn't make sense and for a finale to an epic television show it falls short a lot of things go unanswered a lot of plot holes remain and there isn't a concrete satisfying conclusion for a majority of our characters once again it wasn't a bad episode I was just expecting more from an epic fantasy show that spanned almost 10 years and stretched HBO's budget and patience more on that later but let's get to it and before we start I want to give a big thank you to today's 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first let's start with the nares then I got to say she suffered one of the worst forms of character assassinations we've seen since Stannis and Doran Martell back in season 5 I would argue that Stannis and Duran are tied for number one number two would be your on and three would have to be Daenerys so she climbs off dragons back and delivers her freed the world speech which was insane in and of itself and I half expected the Imperial March from Star Wars to start playing the whole queen of the world thing cannot have left field for me and once again I just wish this idea of hers was sprinkled throughout past few seasons but we'll get to more of that in a minute her having Tyrion arrest is probably the smartest move she's made so far considering that he's not really been very helpful to her in the slightest since becoming her hand you could argue that Tyrion was a Lannister agent the entire time but that's a video for another day eventually we get John and Danny in the throne room scene and say what you want about how much the show sucks now but what will never suck is the music and the visuals that throne room scene was absolutely beautiful as was the music for the majority of this episode and the season in general but when John and Danny begin their conversation and she starts sounding a little Nazi ish we get a side of her that we've never seen before this is my problem with the writing for Daenerys since season four this idea of hers is fine for the viewer had we been exposed to bits and pieces of it before this scene we weren't her insanity came out of nowhere and that is one of the greatest tragedies of this show they never bothered to plant these storyline seeds early on because you know fuck it and because of that her character just suffers I'm reminded of one scene in True Blood where the main character is being targeted by this ancient enemy of her families eventually they get together and have somewhat of a romance and because they needed a cheap cop-out on how to get him to be the bad guy again he slaps her in the face for no reason at all all because she didn't want to marry him on the spot this feels a lot like that it came out of nowhere with no build-up and people loved helming the comments-section carbine you should just watch the behind the scenes commentary from the showrunners they explain everything no I shouldn't have to what they write about and put on screen should speak for the for itself and it didn't that's the failure on their part not to mention even casual fans saw Danny's death coming a mile away and that's a problem now I've always said this and it remains true here Game of Thrones is excellent when you least expect it to go from a 1 to an 11 immediately Ned's death Jamie's hand the red and purple weddings Circe's waka Shane hardhome a lot of this the audience wasn't expecting but it paid off and made for great television the series is amazing when it isn't obvious on where that can go next but even casual fans who don't even watch or read the series religiously knew that John would have to kill her and that he would when the audience knows the story the one you're supposed to tell for the first time you've already lost that's the problem with NER in this final episode and for her character as a whole and also one of the dumbest things was after she dies drogon melts the throne because he is aware of the struggle for power and wanted to remove it I guess melting the throne was like a symbolic thing I don't know if that was just his temper tantrum or what but he just flies off with her body like okay so if he's aware of the struggle for the throne and understands that if she's dead that nobody can have it is he also aware that a red priest or priestess can resurrect her like she's still she which she still has a massive following in SOS like keep in mind like when Tyrion was in volantis back in season five like there were like people in the streets rallying around Daenerys in the East so are we gonna get Game of Thrones to the electric boogaloo like what are we doing here what's happening with this whole Drogo Daenerys thing like what are we doing and I will say one of my favorite scenes this episode was Tyrion and Jon Snow arguing over Daenerys the reason I love this is because it felt like if up a lot like watching actual fans of the show argue with each other now unlike a lot of content creators actually read my comments and I enjoy going in there and watching you guys tear each other apart and argue over nothing while fanning the flames from afar because you know chaos is not only a ladder but also a YouTube videos comment section but watching Tyrion explain to Jon the horror of what's been done and what will be done and Jon trying to reason with himself that there is another way was great I loved the callback to maester aemon's words and especially Tyrion's lying about killing anyone that stood between you and paradise it's it's really an interesting question that a lot of people I found struggled with to make the world a better place free of all evils would you be willing to take that responsibility of being the final villain in the world to make it better it's an interesting concept and it has a lot of grey in there but I wish they would have implemented it with Danny's character but this scene between Jon and Tyrion it goes on for almost 10 minutes and I wasn't bored through the whole thing though other scenes less so and I don't know about you guys but the one thing I noticed was there's a lot of walking around this episode and I get it this is the final episode it's the last time we and the actors will be seeing Westeros but I feel like there was way too much time killing too much filming of characters wasting time and not enough getting things done or discussing important matters as such the grey Council called forth to find out what happen next in the realm first off we have some characters seated there I've never seen before like there are some new people there that maybe we should have announced who they are that would be great second off the whole scene was so the whole scene was such ah it was there was so much bullshit there I don't even know where to start the council meeting should have been more than the 15 minutes it got in fact this entire episode felt cut down from the actual true ending of Game of Thrones we all know the season was rushed we know this but I feel in order to really end the show we need two episodes to do it not just one you would think that would be enough time right then how come it doesn't feel that way the penultimate episode of each season is known as the dreaded episode because we all dread getting to it it's a game changer in the last episode of the season cements the change going forward same thing here but the difference is this is the last season so it should be given to final episodes not just one this last episode felt like there were chunks missing from it almost as though that there were supposed to be a seventh episode that deals with the fallout of her death and the formation of a new Westeros the Great Council that was summoned was necessary and it's not the first time we've seen this in the series it's more prevalent in the books but here it deserves more attention to detail and four more characters even random ones like Gendry Yara and the new Prince of Dorne to have their own stay he'll fuckin Edmure Tully gets to say something but people whose opinions and voice hold a lot of weight get no lines the fuck I understand the show is about the main characters who play the game of Thrones but they aren't the only ones who move pieces on the board Walder Frey Roose Bolton Elena were prime examples of this they were not even secondary characters but got enough time to change things yet the High Lords of Westeros get almost no input I understand too many people that seems like a dull and pointless argument to make and to those people I say please read the books you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about while our main heroes are important those around them are equally so if not more important and I gotta say I did love Sam coming in and offering to have a democracy and everybody just laughs it off ass shut up Sam you asshole sit the fuck down we don't use the D word here right that's the third D word we don't use that the first two being shut up Sam yeah fuck out of here I loved it just so funny but electing brand as the new monarch is just so weird mainly because I don't fucking care enough about bran to even hold an opinion of him he's interesting in the sense that he has access to crucial flashbacks I'd like to see but he's never been a character that makes me like sit up and pay attention when he's on screen if you've been with me since season four you'll understand exactly what I mean I never liked brands storyline it was super boring and it just didn't interest me making him the new ruler seems like the biggest cop-out the showrunners could have done simply because nobody hates or likes bran he's just there it would have been more controversial having someone else take the throne but I can't think of anyone else in the cast right now who could fit that role that would be more controversial enough to not be dumb but still make waves in the fandom and bring up discussion the books have a plethora of candidates to go through but the show killed them all off whatever bothered to like include them at all so bran just seems like the safe choice though I do have to wonder if bran is the true villain behind the scenes this time around more on that in a future video but yeah the great counsel stuff was just really disappointing and then make much sense I feel bad for Dorne and the Iron Islands mostly considering that they too fought for independence in the past or originally like their own thing and I feel like bran just gave solace to the north so he know she she wouldn't spend the most of her life just bitching about it the entire time and and he'll know she's bitching he could see that stuff through the trees I guess so though I am surprised that Yara and the new Prince didn't raise much of a fuss over it but whatever you know it's funny all these lords have their own stake in the game and the fact they're glossed like all these guys are glossed over and the true person everybody needs to appease this grey worm is fucking ridiculous like who the fuck are you grey worm what the fuck get those MC Hammer pants the fuck out of here but for some reason that really annoyed me like who the fuck is grey worm like but what's your name touch Togo know what tongue on these nuts get the fuck out of here grey worm the fuck I'm just getting annoyed I'm sorry I'm just really getting annoyed this episode is fucking ridiculous it just really annoyed me fucking great the fuck out of here and I think the one thing that annoys me the most about this episode is the cardinal sin of Game of Thrones which is you can't give everybody what they want every once in a while sure but this ended way too perfectly for everybody involved and I understand the survivors they need to have like some sense of you know they came through all this awfulness and they have to have some reward I get it but it's almost like the showrunners went to a casual fan asked them what they would love to see at the end and the casual fan just listed it off and they just put a checkmark on everything brianne's got to be Kingsguard Podrick too by the lair her broad needs to have Highgarden Tyrion his hands because of course he's done nothing but prove he's a good hand of the king not really um what else Davos is master of ships because he knows ships like it just seemed way too perfect everybody just got what they wanted so damn easily that it doesn't feel like Game of Thrones I think that's my major issue with it my other major issue with it is that ending so Sansa is Queen in the north I'm ok with that Arya goes west of Westeros where the fuck that is I'm fine with that too please go sink your ship and die I don't give a fuck do what I have her but Jon Snow goes and joins the Nights Watch what are they watching why is there a Night's Watch what about that hole in the wall what what fuck which is just what I okay fine however that ending that faved the black ending that leads to nothing was just not satisfying everybody who's a fan of The Sopranos I understand now I feel your pain it's just I don't know man it's just it was so lackluster for a show that's been going on for almost 10 years that's had so many highs and lows you would think that they would end in the most amazing way possible and apparently there was like a leaked ending if you saw my spoiler podcast episode with Preston Jacobs it's on my channel definitely check it out you can watch it now since you know the show is done there was an ending that they had that I thought was gonna happen I want to make a video on it cuz it would make so much sense that they did do that ending but they completely didn't do it it's just Jon Snow going beyond the wall and that's it like so is he the new King beyond the wall like what and I understand what they have to do with the whole beyond the wall scene because that's how the show begins right the first scene of season 1 episode 1 is the Rangers beyond the wall and it ends with them beyond the wall ok fine but why Wow just what the fuck is great worm great worms on the ship he left so John is gonna keep his word and stay there like he doesn't have to but I guess that's ultimately what he wants which is fine but he needs to kind of say that out loud it just seems like he's being forced to do it when he doesn't want to so I don't know I just expected more from this ending and we really didn't get that we got a very lackluster finish where everybody gets where they want and everybody's happy I guess and that's just so weird for Game of Thrones but there it is and it leaves a lot of loose ends open and I don't know and you so you're wondering the prequel series will probably not tie up all the loose ends you want them to tie up it'll probably going to more about the White Walkers and the three eye Raven war but it won't really answer most of the basic questions like what happens next where is Danny and Rogan you know like what what's going on like in the future in like a hundred years will there be war again in the Seven Kingdoms well the Iron Islands will Dorne will the north stay like you know where they are and not get involved I don't know it's just it's a really weird situation and I I and I would love to know what happens next but there it is a very lackluster finish I saw Breaking Bad trending on Twitter today and I was like wow that was I was a too big of a fan of Breaking Bad's ending but I will say it's much better than what we have here and it's really weird because I would love the audience's opinion on this in the comment section how come every show that's good that goes on for like past five seasons has an awful ending you know Dexter lost I want to throw in scrubs because I really love scrubs but the last two seasons of scrubs were absolutely dreadful the only thing great about the last season Scrubs was how it ended How I Met Your Mother like like every show that goes on past five seasons freely starts to suck like I don't know what's up with that like it's is it a curse I just don't know I would love your thoughts in the comments below well guys that is it for today thank you so much for watching as always leave your thoughts down below hit that sub and like button and be sure to ring that bell to stay notified for all future videos and in case you were wondering Game of Thrones the television show may be over but the series itself is not we're still going over and doing an analysis of the fire and blood book on the Game of Thrones podcast the prequel series will be out soon as well and so will the winds of winter hopefully so I'll be doing more videos on those as well as more Thrones in the future such as theories what-if scenarios and more lore and even a few special projects so look forward to that but as always I'll see you guys next time Baba Booey

30 thoughts to “Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review | The FINAL Episode!”

  1. The only miniscule morsel to takeaway (THE ONLY ONE) in this season that had the truest sense of true GOT beauty, lore and immersion….was……..Podrick's song….."Jenny of Oldstones" Beautifully haunting, and beautifully sung. The rest pile o'shite

  2. “Six Feet Under” had a great ending. The series is about life in a funeral home, and the final episode follows each of the main characters to their death.
    “NYPD Blue” had a terrific ending. The story began on a typical workday morning at the cop shop, and it just ended at the end of a typical day.
    “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” both had satisfying endings.
    “Star Trek: The Next Generation” ended much better than it began.

  3. i think they can make more seasons for sure,,mabey an aria spinoff about her that would b crazy,,get rid of john he fckn borin as fck and not one bit interesting

  4. Love this video. Totally expressed everything I was feeling. Gray worm?! Nightswatch?! “Who are they watching”. Ha!!! 😂

  5. If you don't like Bran, it's you're loss. Has always been one of my favourites, especially in the books.

  6. I saw a tweet that compared Jon's death with Dany's and how Drogon flew east presumably to where the red priestess Kinvara was. Someone replied to it with an Instagram post that claims they filmed a post credit scene where Dany gets revived. Doubt this is true but it would've been awesome.

  7. I think I saw it a little bit different. Everyone got what they wanted and that's the point. They didn't fix anything they made it worse because they decided to engage in war. There's guaranteed to be wars everyone succession comes up, and they're all not the good guys. I think that's the disconnect. Since people have a character they see as their favorites it causes them to view them in a heroic manner. None of these lords and ladies are heroes. They all engage in rape pillage and murder.

  8. Person of Interest was a great show and had a great ending.
    Granted, it had only 5 seasons, and the last had half of the lenght of the previous ones.

  9. Pro gamers of game of thrones were
    Pyter bylish
    Ramsay snow
    As soon each one of them started to die plot started to suck
    Finally in order to save himself tyrion started to become rookie.

  10. You know what's funny to me? Out of all the things they got wrong, or that went wrong with this season, the only thing they got right was Drogon burning/melting the Iron Throne. Not sure if you all know this but dragon's are ridiculously smart. Hell, the Hobbit had a Dragon that spoke perfect English. But in ASOIAF, or in this words history, these Targaryen dragon riders are or were connected to their dragon's. Drogon could feel what Daenerys felt, always. Came to her in that Arena when she needed him, came to her on the rooftop in Mereen when she thought he was gone, and he came when she was stabbed threw the heart. He could always feel her emotions. And he knew that throne was the cause of her insanity and it resulted in her death. The only reason Drogon didn't eat Jon was because Jon is a Dragon rider and he could feel his pain too. Honestly, that part of season 8 was the only part that made any sense to me. The rest of the season was like a steamy pile of after birth….Fuck you Dumb and Dumber, you're lazy hacks that ruined a series. I hope Disney rethinks hiring your sorry asses, before you take an epic shit on another great franchise. Star Wars has been shit on enough….

  11. Dany had nothing and became the most powerful queen by sheer determination. She liberated slaves, liberated women from sexual slavery, civilised the Dothraki, and saved humanity from death by the White Walkers.

    She was betrayed by her trusted advisors and cruelly murdered by her lover. After her death, the wheel of oppression returned. It was back to building ships for conquests and brothels for sexual conquests!

    The fact that millions have rejected Daenerys' transition not only suggests to me that the transition was poorly written (undoubtedly) but that such a transition can never be well written. Perhaps this is because it is a transition that makes little logical sense. Liberators don't turn into tyrants.

  12. The music was excellent, it looked beautiful & the acting was mostly great, it's such a shame that the writing was so far below everything else.

  13. The whole point is it was a tacked together book ending slammed into the show. "Bloodraven just won the blackfire rebellion" means jack squat to show only fans.

  14. Drogon wasn't aware of anything other than the throne stabbed his mom. Bad chair. Stupid dragons are more like dogs. Technically wyverns anyway.

  15. So basically GRRM told what is going to happen in the end to the writers.Jon kills dany, Bran is going to be king such things. So they made the scenes to show those things and some fillers in the middle. There is no point in finding logic and coherency on how something arrived at that point because they never tried to build it in the first place. They wanted to get it over and done with it.

  16. I didn't see that coming that jon snow was going to kill dany, i was pretty sure arya was going to kill her, but i guess i'm the only one.

  17. I finally finished binge watching DS9 for the first time. I loved the ending and I kept thinking 'this is how you finish character arcs'.

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