G-Series Amp & Cabinet Emulation

G-Series Amp & Cabinet Emulation

Hi everyone, this is John from Zoom and in
this video, we’re going to demonstrate how to use the amp and cabinet emulations
on our G-Series multi-effects processors for guitarists. With Zoom’s G-Series pedals like the G5n,
G3Xn, and G3n, choose from classic amp models that let you adjust the sound exactly
as you would with the real thing. You can then pair your chosen amp with a cabinet
emulator to complete the sound. Here, we’ll be using the G5n connected as an audio interface as we scroll through different amp and cabinet combinations. We’ll also be toggling the microphone on/off
setting to demonstrate the differences. This setting will adjust the tone to emulate
the sound of a miked guitar cabinet. We recommend using the mic off when connecting
to a guitar amplifier and mic on when connecting to headphones, speakers, or a recording
device. Let’s start with a bypassed signal, which
will allow you to A/B the direct signal with the processed amp and cab signal. For more information and product updates,
visit zoom-na.com.

18 thoughts to “G-Series Amp & Cabinet Emulation”

  1. speak the new update of multistomp ms 50g, specify its new modeling and how it can be modified pedals manufactures, we look forward to playing with the new models of pedals

  2. ok my questions are satisfied now : mic off when connected to real amp (input/return ) and mic on when connected into DAW headphones or PA system, thanks a lot

  3. Zoom: I have your MS 70 and 100 pedals. I hope you leave the blue tooth effects page up for the 100.  I might "upgrade" to your G Series.  For the G series I would like to see all the delays and reverbs that were on the 70 and the fCycle from the 100.

  4. Even through a traditional guitar amp, the G5n sounds way better with Mic on. Mic off is pretty useless on my G5n

  5. Really digging the G5N, mainly in front of a JetCity 50 combo. When we going to see patches from these folks you listed so far? Anxious to see Wes Geer patches.Errol Cooney (Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder)Wes Geer (Korn, hed PE)Adam Hawley (Joss Stone)Chuck Loeb (Fourplay)Dan Spack (Volcano Choir, Group of the Altos, Collections of Colonies of Bees)Craig Wedren (Shudder To Think, Baby)

  6. Thanks for the videos, but the G3N is very confusing and the instruction book is poorly written. The Zoom sounds awesome, but there is no way I would recommend it to anyone until better documentation is available…More videos please!

  7. Beli efet zoom g3xn baru belum lama lcd nya nmr 3 dari kiri kalo dinyalain ngeblang putih gk ada tulisan tapi masih ada suaranya gimana benerinya?

  8. Please, can you write what are the settings used? Patch volume, master volume, guitar knob volume…
    amp simulation settings, low mid and treble, gain, volume

  9. Should I disable cab when playing through a guitar amp (in front of the amp and not in the effects loop)? Thanks

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