Good more bob. We’re not taking Torah everybody We are going to play a family edition up the floors Lava yeah, God play that Okay, get on the table. I say for as level you go black and you get up you okay? Okay, there’s two games. I think we’re just going to try the both Noctem Skylanders off the plow nothing Skylanders off the plow we’ve nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing Skylanders off the plow before is Lava who wants to go first. Let’s go in order is that cool? Here’s the thing go. We got a gopro over there. Whoever says the floor is Lava we got to get off this floor you got to get high because you can’t just sit on your seat because You’ll get burned. Let’s turn the table this way, okay, nice chase is going first We see who gets the best score and go? Alright, so basically. He’s a little tiny Santa Claus Get ready for Christmas Any chiming toy but oh my gosh the factory fortress or in Lava, and he died okay? Mommy’s turn Well rohit Rohit Chase his best score for that one and the reason why we’re playing this game is because we’re going to go in the pool That’s why we got our bathing suits on But the pools so cold, so we got to get a little hot jump in the cold pool. So here we go mommy oh Snap oh, mommy just beat Chase’s score the interval Yoshi’s Yeah, money got 12 wow all right mics going don’t shot coming Shawn no.10 All right now it’s Lexi’s turn. It’ll be easy for like oh, no. Don’t touch that can’t retry shall watch Let’s let you Shine play, so Shawn your little tyson L in a Factory Christmas is coming up soon boyd the girls all over the world neat toys put your factory floors, Lava Henry oh, but my score. We have a disadvantages like it places a lot places floors, Lava, whoa She took 33. Oh my goodness. Do you see that John get a good look at it? Oh? What you said no to you, how do you feel about that say what z? Whoa all right lecture just stop showing off now get it all right. We all know who won this round No Put pretty close. I agree with John Mike Lexi score hold on to 87, but I suppose Lava Well, we’re not gonna practice are we good. There’s a lava still here. No, okay. We’re good. We’re good. Okay, okay? All right Survived that one and now it’s my turn ready you guys ready for this here. I go check me out I got the bomb skills. Here’s november I’ve got a huge naughty and night flick it night. November july. No, I mean outstanding We’re just role-playing. I got 13 Lexi one-one in it you were in second Yeah baby Quick up here quick time hard to garden Sean is it okay to come back okay? Oh? oh oh Thank you, lessons, Oj Ha Boo-boos always make is still better I think that backwards this round is just for sean guys wait hold on I All gave you a mmUnity to Lava now Let’s do a shonda flip our global support baba who can drag your fantastic go quick quick quick We’re in Lava, but we have immunity we have potion ever-existing Good job grab my hand wait the blood love that saw you got burnt up your crusty Alright guys next up. We got one more the floor is Lava game. Are you joking? oh You wanna hug me this game you have to wait Until it says three two one and it’s time on a chair and wait to the Lavas gone So chase you’re up first let’s restart that the floor is Lava wait until you three do it. Hi. You’re good. You’re good You’re good. Hi yeah, Lava. Can only see on a horizontal level they can’t see vertically poor girl Where’d it go? Mommy’s turn where to go? where to go where to go What oh, sorry? I got stuck as a broken statue chase got too You guys to do wow you guys are ballerinas the motive of Good Moral support oh My goodness a phenomena gasps did you get scared? That turn interrupted mic go, bro. I don’t know why Joe so hyper roars one You know what that card player? What what I love you buddy creepy beat Lexi turn? Who will get a good a good at game part? Let’s are Gonna win again? I know let’s see so bombing all these games. I know and she’s not around the channel most of time everyone say we want more letters let’s not distract her John you know it’s really rude when you do this oh Sean has turned his back to the audience How can you turn your back on all your fans sean alright like you to stop now ten? Okay Still here. It’s the easiest box. We’re going to slowly break the table I’m serious guys don’t spin in the middle of the table Wait, actually that camera probably saw that my feet are probably on fire in it all right Lavas done Here I go sean is Gonna tell everyone about the Lava oh You know you’re too shy, okay? Okay? He’s too shy all right here. We go my final turn Let’s see if I can beat Lexi store. Hey, I actually really like this one. Okay, three two one die can’t catching me I think I might actually be like to score on this one, and yeah, I’m hiding up here. Oh Really it was carnival that what it was. I don’t think so like I got a crime They still say silver jokes oh No You distracted me with your horrible singing right? If mommy is horrible singing high five yeah Alright guys. Well ah fuck off fuck off close. I’m not okay. We’re gonna break it okay I’ll bet you my sacrifice myself or my children Thank you so much for watching and we are Gonna. Go Hop in and Sam has to take a shower before leaving I need to go take a state a shower shower thing we need a Reading late take a shower really pretty day late Manual this age so bad back octodad we take a shower

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