Fix USB and Bluetooth Issues / Problems Klipsch R-15PM R-14PM

Fix USB and Bluetooth Issues / Problems Klipsch R-15PM R-14PM

So I have the Klipsch R-15PM speakers and I RMA’d my first pair because the USB in port wasn’t working So, I want to explain to anyone having the same trouble And problems with Bluetooth, how to use both of these things. So, both the Bluetooth and the USB I’m going to explain. So, I don’t remember if I tried USB 3.0 with my original pair, But, it turns out that these speakers for some reason actually don’t work with USB 2.0, at least on Windows 10 They don’t work on USB 2.0 even though the cable is a USB 2.0 cable See, it doesn’t have the 5 contacts in the back of the plug that it would need to have if it was USB 3.0 It’s just a USB 2.0 cable So, I don’t know if it’s Windows 10, or maybe the technology in this.. these speakers is modern and just not backwards compatible but I’ll show you what happens if I plug this into my USB 2.0 ports here vs. the 3.0 ports Alright, so So, I’ll go for the 2.0 ports first So, it says that the device malfunctioned. Which would lead you to believe that your speakers are malfunctioning and defective. But, now if I go ahead and switch this to the USB 3.0 port… So there we go, if I use USB 3.0, it works perfectly Now I also want to show you that these speakers are not alone in this weird USB backwards compatibility issue This is a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, this is my new phone, I love it! And this is a USB C to USB 2.0 cable Again, you can see this is just a [USB] 2.0 cable, this cable is not [USB] 3.0 So if I plug this in to [USB] 2.0 or [USB] 3.0, I’ll get the same error code as the speakers Not recognized, malfunctioned, blah blah blah So, let’s try [USB] 3.0 Well, this time it’s just not showing up as anything I’ll try a [USB] 3.0 [port] in the back Alright, so that was a USB 3.0 port in the back Now, I have one USB 3.1 port and I will plug it into that port It works flawlessly It’s just like these speakers except they’re compatible with USB 3.0 This isn’t even compatible with USB 3.0, it’s not compatible with [USB] 2.0 or [USB] 3.0, it’s only compatible with [USB] 3.1 It seems like these have the same issue And I think that with my original pair, I was so dead set on “It’s a 2.0 cable, it’s a 2.0 plug in the back of this… 2.0 cable… only plug it into a 2.0, why would you even try a 3.0 port” I… I don’t know So I think I RMA’d my original pair for no reason I’m making this video to hopefully help you not make the same mistake. Because you will spend 2 weeks without the beautiful sound from these awesome speakers When you turn the speakers on, and put them in the Bluetooth input, the Bluetooth light will flash… To me, I thought that this meant the device was in discovery mode, but as you can see, I cannot see it with my phone, it doesn’t seem to be available It just seems like there is no… nothing in the room with any Bluetooth on So, Uh, This… this lead me to believe actually that the Bluetooth was broken But, it’s not. I actually figured this out I think I just never read the manual, but I figured this out on my parents’ Klipsch sound bar You have to hold in the Bluetooth button on the remote, or hold in the volume button (volume knob), the volume button (volume knob) is also a selector for the input Ah, I skipped it (skipped the Bluetooth input) So, if you hold down that button after getting into the Bluetooth mode, Or you hold in the Bluetooth button on the remote You hear that little beep, and the light starts flashing faster And now, it should show up I may need to… I’ll make it show up faster Oh Alright, and then it beeps when you connect it. So, um… Another thing is, A lot of people say in reviews, that that they need to click on it and reconnect each time that they turn the speakers off or on Now, I just want to show you that with this new phone with Bluetooth 4.2, that doesn’t happen. However, with the phone that I’m recording this with, which is an iPhone 6S+ it does happen, I do have to click each time. So, I think it depends on which version of Bluetooth your phone has. And I think this is similar to the USB thing, where it’s just… what’s in this speaker is a relatively new technology, and it’s just not quite perfectly compatible with older [versions of the same] technologies So, I’ll turn it off, and I’ll wait for it to disappear Alright, so it just says nothing [under the device label] and then… If I turn it back on… Connecting… connected So, I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to press anything, and it just automatically connected. Now I’ll show you, if I turn off my Bluetooth and turn it back on it will also automatically connect So if I turn it off… That will flash again… And I turn it back on… And it automatically connects, just like that Now, for those of you that don’t know, I’m opening that and closing it with this fingerprint sensor I love that feature! I love this phone Alright so, there’s everything I know [About fixing R-15PM USB and Bluetooth issues] Try USB 3.0 for the USB connection You need to hold in either the Bluetooth button, or the button on the volume knob well, the volume knob is also a button, so or hold in the volume knob uh and For newer phones, newer devices, Bluetooth will automatically reconnect so don’t get discouraged when you see reviews online, like, if you don’t have this speaker… these speakers, and you’re thinking about getting them, don’t get too discouraged when you see reviews online that say that about the Bluetooth. Because if you have a new device, or whenever you upgrade your phone, it will automatically [re-]connect after that. Alright, thanks for watching! And I really hope you found this helpful!

23 thoughts to “Fix USB and Bluetooth Issues / Problems Klipsch R-15PM R-14PM”

  1. This'd perplexed me for several days before I finally resorted to a Google search (my R-15PM's had suddenly become invisible to all other BT devices in the house). I'm jamming once again – thank you!

  2. first off thanks for this! I have plugged in my Klipsch R-15PM in and gotten it to say your device is setup but in windows 10 it says driver error, can you show a follow up video of your settings to get windows to play sound through these speakers from usb connection

  3. I have got a pair of R-28PFs and USB connection does not work. I have tried USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1. With 3.1 nothing happens unless I disable the sound drivers for the Nvidia graphics board. Then I get the same error message. 😠

  4. I'm having the same problem with my iMac and r15-pms. All four usb ports in the iMac are 3.0, but the speakers only work with the included cable, which is too short for what I want to do.
    I've tried them with an Amazon cable, a Best Buy cable, and a more expensive audio usb cable. The Best Buy cable almost worked, but cut out several times a second so I returned that one.
    None of the cables were over 15 feet, so I don't think length was an issue.
    Any suggestions?

  5. The issue I'm having with mine is when i set it to bluetooth mode the blue light comes on for like half a second then shuts off and cant get it to come back on at all.

  6. Hey great video and thanks for the info. I’m in the Market for a set of theses speakers. I was also thinking of the Kunto yu6 ones I was wondering if u know anything about them and would you still recommend the klipsch

  7. Hi. Is it normal for the right speakers led light to flash like every 20 second even if the speaker is turned off but the power cord is connected?

  8. Hi, do you happen to have a solution for the notification sound being cut off at the very beginning? If you compare the notification sound from the speakers with the one coming from headphones for example it's notably different for some reason.

  9. am looking at ordering these speakers and thanks for the heads up, i suspect the firmware in the speakers have not been tested for compatibility with usb 2.0 and older bluetooth versions

  10. My speakers don’t enter the Bluetooth search mode anymore i tried pressing the button on the remote and the knob but in vain. That wasn’t the case just a week ago. In addition after updating to iOS 12 on my iPhone 6s Plus it doesn’t connect automatically anymore. Any clue ? Especially on the Bluetooth search mode.

  11. I have the R 51 PMs and an IMac. The 2.0 cable was not working. So: go into your Mac Midi (command = spacebar + type in Midi). Go to the tools Icon at bottom (as well as make sure you have clicked on the Klipsch speakers). Click on "use this device as output". I did that, and they began working. I find Midi settings are often the issue with interfaces between computer and devices, and the settings may change automatically as you update software.

  12. I don't have that problem at all I got it right the first time Proverbs don't hassle then I added Savage Klipsch woofer 300 watts sounds amazing

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