Fix Search/Cortana high CPU or not working | KB4512941 September 2019

Fix Search/Cortana high CPU or not working | KB4512941 September 2019

What’s up guys? My name is
TechNobo, here for TroubleChute. Today I’ve got a really
quick video for you. If you’re like me and you’ve
updated Windows recently then you may notice that the
search program is taking up a hell-of-a-lot of CPU, and apparently there’s a lot
of news articles about that. About Cortana being broken in the
most updated version of Windows. And for me at least when I hit the
search button at the bottom, here. You can see that the window
pops up absolutely blank. And there’s nothing that I can do.
No matter what I type here it just still remains blank. So there’s apparently a Registry
Edit value that you can change, that disables Bing Search. Which apparently helps,
but for me it didn’t work. I’ll show you my solution, and then skip ahead to
the time on screen if you’re interested in trying
the Registry Edit one instead. However, this didn’t work for me
and I had to roll back the update. So, I’ll show you that now before I
show you the supposed Registry Edit fix. Simply hit Start. Click the settings icon. Head across to Update & Security. And then once you’re here,
go to the View Update History Uninstall Updates. And then inside here,
under Microsoft Windows, You should see an Update for
Microsoft Windows (KB4512941) I don’t have it here,
because I’ve uninstalled it, and I won’t be updating Windows
until another patch is released. So, simply double-clicking
on one of these will let you uninstall the
update that you pick. And then when you restart your
PC, you should be able to use the Search Bar and
everything should work as normal. So, let’s say that you want to
try the Registry Edit fix first, before you go ahead and
uninstall the update, well, here’s how you do that. Hold Start and hit R,
type in regedit, one word. Hit Enter. Click Yes when prompted. And then you’ll see this screen pop up. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and
hit the arrow next to it. Hit the arrow next to Software. Scroll down. Hit the arrow next to Microsoft. Then the arrow next to Windows. Then the arrow next to CurrentVersion. And now once you’re inside of
here, look for Search and click it.
Don’t hit the arrow next to it. Now that you’re here, the third item from the top
should be BingSearchEnabled. Double-click on it. And if the Value data is 1,
simply enter 0 and hit OK. As you can obviously
see, mine was 0 already and it didn’t fix the High CPU usage, and it also broke my
search for some reason. However, uninstalling the
update got it to work just fine. So, I can type in something, and you can see that the search
is working pretty much as normal. So anyways,
thank you guys for watching. My name has been TechNobo,
here for TroubleChute, I hope this helps you guys out, I’ll see you guys next time. Ciao.

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  1. Thanks so much. I'm uninstalling it as I type this and very confident this will work. And now 3 minutes later waiting for the reboot, it worked. Thanks so much.

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