Five Years of the Internet – Lewex

Five Years of the Internet – Lewex

29 thoughts to “Five Years of the Internet – Lewex”

  1. I remember your 2DS unboxing. How long ago was that? I even remember you taking it out of the clear dust wrapper thing and saying, "Ohhh my goodness graaaacious". I remember me also saying that because of you when I unboxed my 2DS. Ah, good times. Back when I thought the 2DS was the best system ever. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Can't believe it's really been 5 years! Miss that old outro my dude! Worked extremely well in this video. I honestly feel this is one of the best themed videos you made. Worked really well. Congrats.

  3. Congrats my dude! I still find it cool how we happened to start around the same time! Your content has definitely improved compared to 5 years ago. Btw, Rawman roasted you.

  4. Personally,The only thing I think you should do to better your video's quality is switch to Premiere Pro and after effects.

  5. Bravo yet again, Lewex. I have never once regretted subbing to you, and I'm glad you don't like to jump on bandwagons like a lot of other people on YouTube do. Your content, even while being edited in a smooth and visually-pleasing style like other content creators (but trust me, it's still amazing), is very unique. Congrats on five years, and here's to another five.

  6. Im back im space swag my old account randomly got deleted somehow but i had a backup account thank god btw great vid

  7. I know I'm late but dang I remembered how much you were committed to your channel, hopefully you continue to do so man

  8. seeing the old lewis skaja gaming channel makes me kind of miss it lol, back when you were mini cobi. one time my mom thought you were Cobi but she realized you probably weren't when she saw you were playing fnaf and wasn't freaking out lol

  9. wtf I thought you were going to say at the end "thank for making the lady 5 years of my life the most miserable 5 years of my life" I have no idea why but that's the compete opposite of what you said lol. maybe it was the pause idk

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