FIRST Photo on the INTERNET … and other things too.

FIRST Photo on the INTERNET … and other things too.

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here.
And this week I am in San Francisco. I just flew in a couple
of days ago, so I’ve been busy traveling, but new episodes of
regular shows like IMG! and DONG are coming soon. But in the meantime rather than
post nothing I figured I would share things that have been on my mind.
For instance, go back to the Golden Gate Bridge footage. There. Her.
That’s the girl I sat next to on the flight. Turns out she’s an immunology researcher
at a university in Italy. She’s studying these parasitic worms in
Africa that that infect people, but then leave those people immune
to things like diabetes and allergies. In fact, if you cure these
people of the worm infection they once again become susceptible to
things like diabetes and allergies. It’s really incredible, so, I guess,
good luck girl on the plane to solving that because it sounds awesome. On the flight I also did a bunch
of reading. I read this entire book. The history of Britain in really tiny
little bite-sized chunks. Now, the thing that really blew my mind
was about Ireland and the potato famine in the 1840s.
So many people died or left the country because at
that famine that to this day the population of Ireland is still lower than it was a hundred and fifty
years ago before the famine.
Speaking of things like people and birth rates, Breathingearth[.net] is an amazing website.
You can just sit there and let the site visually show you,
based on recent statistics, where people are being born and dying and how frequently.
A blue Sun represents a birth and a black dot represents a death. This is a picture of Anne Hathaway.
So is this.
Except this Anne Hathaway is much, much older and she’s also quite famous.
This Anne Hathaway was the wife of William Shakespeare.
Now, we don’t have a photograph of her because photography as we know it today wasn’t even
invented until two hundred years after that Anne Hathaway died.
This is the first permanent photograph ever taken by
mankind. It’s a view from a window in France taken in 1836.
Two years later, in 1838, this photograph was taken. And what’s significant about it is that
it’s the first photograph ever taken that had people people in it.
If you look down here, for instance, you can see a man at a water pump. Modern colorization of the image have
also claimed to have discovered other people in the picture.
Now, none of them are very clear, which is why we should talk about Robert Cornelius. I actually hid this portrait in the
beginning of the most recent IMG!
And the reason it’s significant is that this picture is the first portrait ever taken. It’s the first capturing of light
reflected off a human’s face. Think of it this way: there is no other photograph of anybody older than this.
This is the oldest human we have a photographic record of.
Finally, here’s a picture that IMG!
would be proud of. A photo of a musical parody group
called “The Horrible CERN Girls,” formed out of employees at CERN.
The initials of their name in French are C, E, R, N.
But why should we care about this picture? Well, in 1992, Tim Berners-Lee uploaded this photo to a website, making this image the very first photographic image ever on the Internet.
But here is something that has never happened.
Along the border of China and Bhutan is a mountain called
Gangkhar Puensum. At 24,800 feet high it is the
tallest mountain in the world that mankind has yet to reach the top of. The local government prohibits not
nearing in the region, which means it might be left unconquered for quite some
time, making it one of just many things on Earth
that we have yet to explore. In a couple of days we’ll have a new episode of
DONG, so be sure to subscribe to Vsauce. And as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. Thought the first photo was from 1826 not 36….that’s at least what my old photography teacher drilled into my brain

  2. 2:43
    Incorrect, there was a women born in 1746 who had her picture taken in the 1840s, making her the oldest person we know to be in a photograph.
    Robert Cornelius is more famous for taking the first selfie, I guess.

  3. This is the first ever comment to say monkey juice popcycle stick with sugar mustard on top there you go historical moment, BOOM

  4. Wow the girl on that plane. Is telling us more interesting shit then the government does she actually gave us hope like jesus the government makes shit sound sp boring

  5. The oldest photo "View from the window at Le Gras" was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826 not 1836. Actually, it is the second oldest photo. Niepce's 1825 photo of a Flemish engraving of a horse is the oldest.

  6. Your telling me the first picture of women on the Internet noooo actually Anyone is those WOC ?? Because they clearly ain’t white

  7. How do I still find brand new Vsauce videos at random in my recommended? I just looked at the videos on the right and there are two more I never knew existed….

  8. First picture on the Internet
    • Shaded Background
    • Detailed Human Cut-out
    • Text edited behind the woman's head

    I would say this is a worthy first picture of the internet.

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