Finnish Video Gaming Culture

Finnish Video Gaming Culture

Finland the land of saunas and rally cars the land of metal and Ski Jumping the land of ice hockey and those phones that just won’t break. Hello my name is qzeq and last month i had to make a presentation for university. For the subject I picked out the finished video game industry and I figured that I could turn it into a video for the finnish independence day. With 260 game studios across the country I picked out three games for this video to display the different aspects of what makes a good video game. Actorcship, athletics and aesthetics. Starting out with actorship the first game were playing is Uuno Turhapuro moves to the countryside. Uuno is one of the most if not the most recognized character in the Finnish movie industry. The game is based off of a 1986 movie with the same name which is a part of a 20 part movie series where the lead character mostly annoys his father-in-law and tries out for different jobs. In this movie he’s got to save his house on the countryside from being destroyed by a new road. He gets the road planners drunk and then redraws the road plans to go around the house. The game itself is a three-level side-scroller. Your goal is to run and jump over obstacles until you get to your father’s moonshine distillery. It’s like flappy bird but thirty years earlier let’s check it out. And here we are! Welcome to Commodore 64: the only platform that this game was released on, and I had to teach myself just for this video how to use this so please excuse me. Boom I made it say hello. Alright so I guess I’ll just drag the game in? Oh no. Ah. Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle. Unlimited lives? Yes please oh fuck the sound is loud I guess this is the place where you find my message like you might have already noticed I have moved away I won’t tell you where. My lawyers will contact you later. Love, your ex-wife Elizabeth. Alright so this game starts off the most Finnish way possible I can think of. So I go to the fridge to grab some beer and it turns out there’s a note on the fridge that says “Hey I’m your wife I have left you”, so I do the logical thing: I grab my plow and start running towards the countryside. Sure. Copyright 1986 Amersoft and Nasse-Setä. So this game is made by a tobacco company and a clown. And as we start doing the gameplay you can probably notice that. So in the settings there are three difficulty settings they are easy hard and horrible. I don’t wanna know what horrible is I’ve heard this game is hard so I am already using save states. So yeah this level is based on a scene in the movie where I attach a plow to a car? And this is easy I’m just hugging the lower corner no never mind- So basically the objective is to avoid everything and the hitboxes in this game are really how do I put this… Bad. And now it freezes on me. This is why I do save states. For longest time I was like oh my legs must be the hitbox but no it’s the very tip of the plow that if it hits something then I’m fricked. I’m controlling the save states with my legs because I couldn’t bind them to my controller so if I accidentally save where I have to load I will get so uncontrollably mad that you won’t even believe it – god dammit. We are getting so close to the finish line how long has it taken us like 15 minutes? [Music] And we have made it and logically now that we are done with plowing the ground we will have some fun with waterskiing. As you do. Now this feels a lot easier but – are you kidding me do I have to move oh never mind I literally have to avoid the ducks – okay this is this is unfair Where exactly is my hitbox in this? Oh no! Hoo. Look how cool I am ah I got like sunglasses and everything. Ah could you stop fishing in the middle of the lake what are you doing? I’m trying to I’m trying to water-ski over here. there we go second level passed. Don’t tell me you’re a real gamer if you haven’t played Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle in hard mode. Alright final level. Time to- I don’t know know run run in the forest? Ah! My father-in-law stop chasing me. And we got zombies! That’s weird I don’t remember seeing any zombies in the movie. Why does this forest have so much trees in it? What is this, a forest? Spede! So yeah the point in this level is to just run in the woods and try to find my father’s moonshine distillery. Now this scene is not in the movie. They just made it up they just they just needed a third level where you have to run but there was no more running in the movie so they just were like: Well we’ll just… moonshine? Oh yes Father I have come for your moonshine the end. Finally. So the point in this game are measured in Finnish marks which is our old currency and the highest score and developer got was 80000 the highest score you can get from going through all the levels on easy mode is a million and eighty two thousand marks the developers didn’t even play this game. No wonder it’s so hard so I can set my name up here but I am not sure what the controls No? Okay I fucked it up next game. In the world of sports the Finnish people are known for driving fast and flying high. The later one doesn’t really translate over well for video games but driving games are always a sure bet. In 2004 FlatOut 1 hit the shelves the graphics? Great. The levels? Amazing. The soundtrack? Magnificent. I remember playing this for the first time on my cousins Xbox and it was amazing. Oh boy the music already takes me back. Oh yes the orange pepper this was my go-to car back in the day. Alright so there’s two kinds of races you had the fun races like long jump or then you have the serious ones like circle of eight or something in between like demolition – where you have to crash into other cars. It’s a good soundtrack but YouTube doesn’t really differentiate between game audio and just playing music. Oh there oh all you have to control with the arrows. Okay. Hello 1990s. So the premise of this game mode is pretty simple: it’s a figure of 8 and you gotta drive it. That’s not fun however what’s fun is going the wrong way and crashing into oncoming people like so So basically you go faster in this game when you use nitros and you get nitros. from crashing into people like so However the nitros will not help me too much because for the sake of nostalgia I picked out the worst possible car. Alright Plan B let’s let’s sabotage whoever’s in in first place. That’s what you get for being in the first place. And there we go last place Next up: High jump. Accelerate and throw your driver high in the air from the ramp by pressing and releasing the nitro button. That’s all we need to know so basically the goal in this is to get as much speed as you can… I cannot believe I’m still driving this car. And once you’re at the end of the ramp just throw yourself out in the air… and get zero points. I’m number one because there was no one else playing. Now the way that you get to play more and more of these stadiums it’s not by purchasing DLC but you actually have to play the game. The thing is it doesn’t tell you how you unlock them so I don’t know how to unlock them. But just because I don’t know how to unlock the levels doesn’t mean I cannot play the levels. As you can see right next to me we have a dartboard because that is T that is the next level that we can unlock so let’s just drive over there and see how it goes. Nevermind. Next up: long jump. I’m not sure how to get the best score in this because there is there is literally no ramp in the end or can you like… No. Okay don’t don’t look at that don’t look at that next level next level. Also we have the demolition arena which is probably the one I have most play time in however because I’m a dumb-dumb I picked the worst possible car to play this mode with so what I do instead is that I Drive on the edges and wait for other people to wreck other. Wait a minute so my nitro bar has turned into a damage bar. Is it’s not like how much damage on oh no oh no no no no no no okay this is this is very bad this is very bad how do how do you take damage by driving? We just need to get head-to-head with the car nope yeah all right now let’s try out the real levels. And I’m still on the worst car. Take that oh no oh no no no no no no oh oh oh nice all right now we just have to keep our first place for three more laps easy right oh no oh no no! Sixth place. Guys my car is flaming I think I think I think we should pause. My car’s got 3D flames on it now. That means it goes faster. Oh see that? See that? Alright one last turn and this race is mine. Come on I was just messing with you this game’s easy. And lastly but not leastly I want to take a quick look into the true essence of being Finnish. The game that I think really brings out the essence of the Finnish summer out is My Summer Car. A game about building yourself a nice car. The building in itself is very difficult and you’ll actually have to know how a car works in order to build one, but worry not because you can just take a moped and look around the countryside. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. And here we are. My Summer Car. The game starts out by you creating yourself a fake ID. Garfield. There we go that’s a nice name and we wake up from our cozy bedroom. So how do you put this on? Sure. What’s on the TV? Or I get the TV on come on work oh wow what a coincidence that looks like a like a cool YouTube channel I better I better check it out. Beer case! don’t mind if I do. come on give me a beer. Ah there we go and now that we are drunk enough to get the courage to get outside we are going to need a vehicle to go to the town. We’re just gonna take the uhh Jonnez. You’re supposed to do something with this? All right that works how much do I have to rev the engine to go? There we go. There we go so we’ve got three thousand moneys I think that’s just about enough for a case of beer so we can come back with the case of beer. Somehow. With the bike – and then we shall go to the lake with a boat. I think it’s actually faster if I just carry the moped. 60 km/h? yeah you’re not the boss of me. Oh oh no no no no no no no no what is this? Ghost car? How do I do the finger again? I didn’t even know they have like cars on these roads nowadays. I know there’s some on the highway but like. What is that a car? It’s one acehole. And now he’s off the road. He hit me I’m not gonna help him. We just need to check behind us every once in a while because the NPC’s in this game they don’t like to break. Maybe we can do this private lane next to the official lane? Yeah this is nice. This is nice. All right good news everyone we are almost at the store. Alright so look at look at how thirsty I am. Please hello give me give me give me a two-stroke fuel I need to drink. A Finnish seat cover can I get this for like my bike beer case and seat cover – cover wheel cover everything. Thank you. Alright let’s see can we install these onto my moped. No. At least we got our beer. I’m gonna eat this so I’m not gonna get as drunk first. Oh God Oh God can I put this on the back of the bike? Dam it. Now we got the beer case… This is so scuffed. Thanks man. Alright let’s go back home this is a great idea how did I not come with this earlier? Oh God then we’re very carefully get my beer guests thank you thank you and we are going and we are going I am the master of the floating beer case! We’re just in time for the sunset ah perfect landing all right here’s my boat put the beer here first because that’s the important bit. Oh you have to pull it like in real life okay. Come on why doesn’t my stupid boat work come on. Gear select oh oh here we go here we go ah what’s in the sunset drink the beer in the middle of the lake what a night. I guess this is a good place to wrap the video up then. There were many great options to play but I had to limit myself to just three. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this quick presentation of the history of the Finnish games industry. I thank you all for watching; your support is always appreciated. And I’ll be back next week with… Something else. Once again: Thank you and bye for now. 🙂 [Music]

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  1. Why is called my summer car anyway? robbaz gave it a better name, "Finland simulator" it goes better with it.
    Btw by the project I'm assuming you are from Finland as well? just curious.

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