Finding The LCM on TI-84+ Calculator

Finding The LCM on TI-84+ Calculator

hello this is Professor Sampson and today we are going to learn how to find the LCM the least common multiple or at least common denominator on your ti-84 plus calculator the first step in finding that is that you need to go to math once you go to math you’ll see the numpy you have to scroll over arrow over here to go to the num key then after you go to num you go down you can click down until you see LCM which is number 8 now you can just hit number 8 we’ll do that in the next example hit enter then you put in your two numbers but you have to separate the two numbers with a comma so for example if I was going to try to find the least common multiple the LCM of 4 and 6 I need to put a comma in between the two so that’s 4 comma on top of the 7 6 and close my parentheses hit enter of course to tell the computer to calculator that you want to calculate it and then you get the LCM of 12 so let’s repeat that step again you hit math you go over to num and that was a number 8 so you can just hit 8 to avoid scrolling down to 8 hit the number 8 putting your two numbers this time we can do 5 comma don’t forget the comma or you’re going to get an error 5 comma 17 close parentheses and hit enter and the calculator will give you your LCM so that’s if you’re going to do the LCM with two numbers what if you wanted to do the LCM using three numbers for example if you wanted to find the LCM between 4 6 and 14 all right you still go over to math hitting them again and it’s still number eight because you’re trying to find the LCM but you’re going to put in your first two numbers as before which in this case I’m going to use the same two numbers from the top 4 comma 6 so you can get used to that close your parentheses hit enter in s 12 now the third number that I want to find it I said 4 6 and 14 so 4 6 and 14 so I did 4 & 6 and now I’m going to take the number the LCM that comes up with 4 and 6 and do that number with 14 so I’m going to go back to math over to num number 8 I’m going to take the 12 please don’t clear your calculator after each step so I’m going to take the 12 now comma and then I’m going to use 12 and 14 so your final answer on your test is going to be the final answer after you did 4 6 and 14 which is 84 and that concludes the video on finding the LCM this is Professor Sampson thank you for watching

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  1. Thank you!! this is very helpful. I just bought the TI-84 Plus and I've been checking many videos related on how to use this calculator. Please make more videos, specially on how to use this calculator for the ACT test (probability, statistics, graphing equations, etc). Thanks so much again! Have a great day! 🙂

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