Film With iPhone and Android Rear Camera and Use Mac or PC as a Viewfinder!

Film With iPhone and Android Rear Camera and Use Mac or PC as a Viewfinder!

– Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. Smart phones are awesome for
shooting regular content videos on a budget. Everyone’s got one and the quality these
days is more than enough to get great results, so there’s no excuse. In the past we’ve released complete guides to shooting on iPhone and Android devices, and I’ll throw some links on screen now, in case you haven’t seen them. We’ve had some awesome
feedback on these videos, but probably the biggest question that’s been coming through, is why are we recommending the front-facing camera
over the rear camera. As we all know, the rear-facing cameras in most smart phones, use
generally better quality than the front-facing cameras. But, despite the lower quality image, the front-facing cameras
have one main advantage for shooting your videos. With the screen facing you, it allows you to monitor your framing,
monitor your shot, and monitor that you
actually are recording while you shoot, without the need for a second person there to help. So this is critical,
’cause it helps remove more barriers around creating content by removing the need to
have other people there to help you create the content. Plus, the front-facing camera on most modern smart phones these days, will produce more than
enough quality for anything, especially if you’re outputting
to YouTube or online. Now, we have a bit of an update on this. With some recent software updates, it’s become much easier to start using the rear-facing camera
and frame your shot live, without a second person helping, so that’s pretty cool. I’m talking about using your PC, your Mac, or your iPad as a
viewfinder for your iPhone or Android device, live
while you’re shooting. I’ve been keeping an eye out for options to do this effectively for a while. I’ve tried a heap of
different alternatives, and I couldn’t find anything that could do what we
wanted live, wirelessly and reliably, until now. The latest version of Reflector, from a company called AirSquirrels, now supports reliable wireless streaming from an iPhone or Android smart phone, live to the screen of your Mac or PC. Meaning that you can use
the screen of your Mac or PC as a live viewfinder
for the rear camera of your iPhone or Android device and monitor everything while you shoot. For iPhone and Mac users,
you could do this before, by just plugging in your
iPhone into your computer and opening up QuickTime and watching your screen that way. But I found that the
cable was very limiting and Reflector just makes
things so much easier and user-friendly. So, the first thing to do, is to purchase and download Reflector 2. So head over to So once it’s installed,
you’ll be able to see it up the top here and it says here Justin’s MacBook Pro. That’s it, as far as this is concerned. Just make sure that your
device and your computer are on the same WiFi network. If using an Android device, you will need the Google Cast App,
which is available free on the App Store. Open up Google Cast and
click on the Settings button in the top left and
choose Cast screen/audio. It pops up, cast to and
there’s our computer running Reflector, Justin’s MacBook Pro. So you see straightaway
that Reflector has picked up the screen share and is now
showing my Android device. As I rotate it, you can see that it updates live on the computer. Then it’s just a matter of
opening up your camera app and you’ll see your phone
screen mirrored live to your computer screen. And it works exactly
the same from an iPhone, except you’ll swipe up from the bottom, and hit AirPlay. You can see Justin’s MacBook Pro there. You turn on mirroring and you can see when we
open up the camera app, we’re able to monitor it live, as well. So there you go, you can now get out there and start using your rear-facing camera for your content videos. As always, if you found
this video helpful, we’d really appreciate
a share, a thumbs-up or a comment. If not, thumb it down,
we love the feedback. Make sure you head over to to receive all our weekly video updates. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hi Justin Brown,

    Thank you so much for this super interesting tip you have shown to us, is very appreciated.

    Your video kind of reminded me of an Android app two or three months ago i found in Play Store but never quite understood what's for until now. It is SydeSync created by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and actually one of its features is this great tip in your video. It's free, worthy and smooth on your computer. So far as a viewfinder it works wonders for me but not sure if it's possible to use with other programs (because i haven't tried it yet). It does have many more amazing features which it would take a large paragraph here to describe… Anyway thank you so much and let me say i try to watch all your videos whenever is possible for me. Greetings from Aruba!

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I've run into a small glitch though and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced the same thing? I'm casting from my nexus 5 to a macbook. Everything is fine, until I open up the camera app – the live video recording simply does not auto-rotate with the rest of the screen cast and is stuk in portrait mode. Anyone have any idea why this is? Thanks in advance! – Julia

  3. Just checked the app store, Reflector 2 has terrible reviews. Can anyone comment on this? I do like all your videos though!

  4. So I downloaded the 7 day free trial just so i can get the gist of it. I own a Inspiron 13 windows software. Once I downloaded it and pressed airplay on my iPhone 7 plus it keeps searching but never finds it. Help please!!

  5. hi justin, is there any suggest for other apps than google cast app? Because google cast isn't already available in the app store.

  6. Great video. On Windows 10 with an android phone you don't need Reflector. Today, you can use Miracast (a Wifi Standard for Screen Sharing that is built into Windows 10 and Android). On your PC, go to the connect menu (shortcut Win + K) and click on the link at the bottom "projecting to this PC". On you Android device, look for screen sharing, cast or screen cast and just launch it from there!

  7. I have Apple TV and can use that to set up the shot. Useful if you are filming at home but obviously you need to have Wifi etc.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! Is there a significant frame drop when you record/stream on your phone and use Reflector 2? I'd like to use my phone as a camera for live streaming my non-digital artwork.

  9. Man, that's so much easier. I've been using my iPhone tethered to my MacBook Pro. It works, but I love the wireless option. Thx!!

  10. Hi Justin, thanks for this, but can Reflector monitor it from and iPad? Instead of PC? so taking videos on the iPhone and monitor it on the iPad? Thanks

  11. Justin, love your stuff, but the Reflector app is THE WORST reviewed app I have ever seen: Any alternatives for front cam-to-screen?

  12. More scathing reviews from paying customers of Reflector 2:

  13. Hi there
    I have been trying to download OBS on my iPad but it is saying unsupported. If anyone has a clue how to download Obs on iPad please help.
    Many thanks


  14. hi, i know it’s silly question, but the japanese style door/room separation thing i see in your vedeo is not real? is it from background material?

  15. What do you recommend putting your iPhone on airplane mode while filming? Or will it not record sounds of notifications coming through?

  16. question @justinbrown primal video how could i use android phone as view finder while taking video with iPhone?

  17. Justin because I have a an android phone, I don't have anyway to "reverse" my live video so it doesn't appear backwards for viewers! Can you help me?

  18. great video – but can you mirror the screen of an iPhone onto an iPad 4? I know a Macbook can but dont think an iPad can

  19. Hi, can you update this video please and look for a similar app for Android devices? Google cast is no longer in the app store. Thank you!

  20. I honestly love all of your videos! I have gotten soooooo many helpful tips and tricks/software suggestions from you and they have all been soo helpful for me and my youtube journey! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  21. Thanks the tip. I'm setting up a kit to use my iPhone x as my main camera instead of my Sony camcorder and this was a problem I stumbled on as my camcorder can flip the display. Thanks!

  22. wow i cant wait to try this its so frustrating not to know if you're in the right frame or even in focus. Thank you

  23. Im having a hard time trying to find my Google Chromecast. Too many different ones to click on in 2018. Also the Reflector… there is Reflector 2 and 3. What do you suggest?

  24. this app is a useless as a back pocket on a t shirt. Its impossible to download google cast on my Galaxy s8 and install it as "whatever" i get doesnt look like what you have on your screen in the video. Oh well, maybe next year theyll have something that actually works for me. I need to learn whatever "voodoo" you know to find these mysterious apps and make them work.

  25. As im using my phone to record and incan see myself on the desktop, is there a way to show what im looking at on my browser in the background?

  26. Great video. What about when the smartphone is in Airplane mode to avoid any excess noise from an incoming call while filming. Will the app still let you mirror? Thanks

  27. cant find google cast app in samsung 8 phone ? did it change to other app ? install reflector on my mac stuck there .

  28. But doesn't that mean you can't record in airplane mode? I guess you have to choose either / or?

  29. Hi Justin. Hope you can help me out here. My Iphone Xr won’t change to landscape mode in home screen and in camera mode. I can’t film when the screen on the laptop is in portrait mode. Lol. Thanks in advance!

  30. I just found out that AirDroid works like a charm. So easy to set up and free to connect between an android or OS device with a Mac.

  31. This seems a few years old – is this still valid or is there an easier way of doing it without Reflector? Can I mirror my phone onto my ipad rather than a computer? Thank you!

  32. Will Reflector work with a live video streaming app such as Periscope?

    Will Reflector work with a video camera app such as Filmic Pro?

  33. Sir, I was taking shooot of PC Monitor For java script Tutoril or lesson .. When take shoot my camera . 18Mp .. Good lenses.. It look blur

  34. Thanks for the demo 🙂 I'm wondering if you can control AE/AF Lock from your Mac through this app, or if you still need to control that from the iOS device. If you need to control from the device, have you found a good way to do this while solo?

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