Film Pendek Horor “13” – SMKN 1 Cimahi Broadcasting Programmer

Film Pendek Horor “13” – SMKN 1 Cimahi Broadcasting Programmer

13 we’ll play real thing like this? This was idolatrous, Rand I only want to foretell the fate you guys wrote, do not be afraid haha. Want to try no? Wait No I didnt want play this game This is idolatrous ain’t nobody and Sin Bye i leave now Now you open your eyes and see what is on the card! Why i got spikes What the meaning of this According to the forecasts I read content, rich soon you gonna get shit! did you try lie to me? Well is up to you bro see tomorrow, definitely going to happen
same things you So what i must do For that I recommend Ran seems like I go home, I
do not want to happen. seems
you have to listen what Dewo Talk! Ran, it seems better go home
too. not good right, this is already
afternoon. What happen to you Say you want to forecast too huh, anytime. Oh well I’m home first yes why are you back again My bag left behind For what this card? 13? meaning Follow the prophecy had! Make what he wants. Remember do not cross, Otherwise you will meet the same fate as what said the forecast. You
will die. But what the meaning Stay away from anyone who has odd date of birth. Do not see everyone have freckled, moreover breakouts. Do not wear clothes white with gray. If one thing it does not do you will die. Next Day Ah my legs … All nail puncture. Rand! where are you go Why knight can hit the nail? I mean going to hit forecast damn it. If this prediction lie, I’m going to repentance, not flickey like this again. Yaa Shiin (Read Al – Qur’an) Walqur’an nilhakim (Read Al – Qur’an) what are you reading Shodaqoullah hul’azim (Read Al – Qur’an) I read the letter Yasin I though you were die Fuck you Heh, you still believe in the like that. You tell us that prophecy just a myth Do you still believe the same thing can not necessarily dreamy future. Remember you had God, destiny is already God determined. Now, i was understand all I was doing is not right. I’ve had promise if God help me, I will repent. This the way he was showing to me I repentence Ya Allah. Now you following me Where? Go to pray You know that now is 01.00 PM, its time to pray to god ablutions quickly grab and complained to the gods

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  1. Subs 206 nempel permanen bro, subs balik yah. Monggo yang mau disubscribe juga maen ke chanel saya, komen di vidio saya langsung saya subscribe balik kita suport sama-sama. Thanks.

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