Fashion Inspiration: Favorite Blogs & Instagrams

Fashion Inspiration: Favorite Blogs & Instagrams

hi everyone it is me drew and I'm going to be doing a new video all about style inspiration and where I look to find a lot of my inspiration I get this question all the time just on random videos on my look books on my Instagram I feel like this video can be of use and up pretty good reference to just gear you guys in different directions a new website or hasn't checked out some of the places I'm going to mention it might be a nice place for you to look at keep in mind I'm also filming on a canon g7x so I'm not filming on my main camera just because I have yet to get my microphone in and I'm hoping this one's audio quality is going to be a little bit better but let me know if you guys think the quality of this is not very good because I can definitely switch back in my next video not sure when I'm going to get the microphone but for now I'm going to be using this camera so let's just dive right into the video the first place and my main place for style inspiration is a website and it is called lookbook if you have never been on lookbook you must try lookbook it is such a great website called lookbook dot in you all the links to everything will be in the downbar below but it is basically a website where users from around the world you can create an account and then you could post your looks to the website and I find it so inspirational I've posted for so long so make sure to follow me if you guys also have a lookbook account can browse through hot looks new looks trending looks look to the week things like that you can also narrow them down by brand color style what sort of item you want to style super easily and just see everyone else and what they're wearing around the world I'm also an avid Pinterest addict so I'm always on Pinterest absolutely love Pinterest my Pinterest would be on the screen as well I post a ton of menswear and womenswear on there and this video is not only about menswear I also do love looking at women's wear and I know about 50% of my followers on my youtube account are women so I wanted to do you guys in the right direction as well if you are female so this is geared towards men and women but Pinterest is a great resource for me I love the outfit and it's just a place where I go on to look book and look through everything on look a book and then if I see one that I really like that I want to recreate or draw inspiration from in the future I can repin it to my Pinterest page and the Pinterest is just sort of a place where everything I find from all my sources can just become piled into one organized little section so definitely follow me there I love Pinterest always on there always always pinning gearing more into blogs that I follow blogs and instagrams are also a main source of my inspiration my own personal blog it's called I'm drew Scott calm I will link it in the description box below but I told my very own outfit song I'm drew Scott calm I also post a lot of other fashion related posts lifestyle post photography posts that I do have a section of my blog that is just daily reads and it stays on my sidebar where I post all of my favorite bloggers that I read all the time starting off with the menswear I absolutely love cup of couples blog I don't know if ever check them out but definitely give them a go cup of couple is the most perfect couple if two men and their couple and they have a deep greatest outfits greatest wardrobe best photography cleanest layouts silhouettes just something that you want to visit all the time also have to follow them on Instagram because her Instagram is perfect absolutely perfect my friend also turned me on to a blog called Kate loves me and I will link it also for you guys in the bottom are below but it's a guy his name is Pelayo Diaz and he has an insane style the whole works crazy items but he knows how to sell them and he knows how to put them together and everything that he posted is very quality I also love how he mixes like Chanel bags into a menswear style and he uses pieces from feminine wardrobes and mix it into is masculine wardrobe and he's very masculine looking himself so it's just a really nice juxtaposition that is very appealing and I love drawing from there so the last menswear section which also blends a little bit with women's wear since it is a men's and women's wear blog it is actually a street style blog it's called this tutorial list if you've never been on the website it is amazing it's about a guy and he basically takes photos of people on the street whether it's like just literally walking along the street or top fashion with or it's at an event she has it really easily categorized men and women and what you're looking for you can search the archives and find exactly what you're looking for it's super inspirational it's kind of like a Pinterest on a website that one guys created as far as women for blogs I absolutely love looking at women's wear blogs myself just because I love looking at color and silhouette and so parking cube is my favorite women's wear blog of all time her blog is exquisite she posts very very quality content and make sure it's very editorial and it looks like a magazine and her layout of her blog is just perfect her name is Jenny Park and I love her blog Sonia essman is another blog I follow her says classes internal she's perfect she's just very very very pretty and very tumblr looking her outfits are also amazing I love watching her videos as well on YouTube if you don't follow her she's very inspirational I'll link her below but Sonia Essman is a blog that I or her blog is one that I follow all the time and I'm always looking to see if she posts new content just something that you can see that she puts her time in in her effort in and it's very show it shows through her blog posts and you've left all set up people is just instagramers I love to follow so if you are not following for uncle Fox you need to follow Oracle Fox Oracle pockets is amazing her photos are beautiful love her style love her aesthetic love her everything love her whitespace everything about Oracle Fox is great I also love always judging always judging has an amazing style as well you must follow always judging she's just perfect I love her style and the way that she portrays herself and what she always just does something new and exciting to get you motivated and want to like see what she's going to be doing next so I think that's all for this video I really just wanted to talk about my main style inspirations and where I draw inspiration from so definitely get a scroll through the people I follow on Instagram as well if you're already following me you can do so I'm drew Scott look through those because all those people that I follow I'm following them for a reason that's because I draw inspiration from them so we have a look I can't really talk about each and every one in this video if I could I would but I can't so give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below bye everybody

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  1. I just wanna say that you inspire me a lot! I just found out about you yesterday but I'm already obsessed with your channel. Love it πŸ™‚

  2. in love with your style and videos! i'm starting a fashion blog and trying to make my instagram look better, and your videos are so inspiring <3

  3. Hey drew! Please post a video on how you edit your videos that you post on youtube:(❀️ Please:(

  4. I want to start a blog soo bad but I'm just having a hard time learning all of the things to make one Ive watched videos but its so confusing!

  5. This video was inspiring!! Makes me want to really amp up my personal style. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs πŸ™‚

  6. Love how genuine you are! i legit love all your videos and your style and i'm lowkey jealous hahaha <3 I'm gonna study fashion design in NYC and i really hope you read this because you really have inspired style wise and i just adore everything you do! Xo from brazil!!! -Sasha (@sashaguimaraes on insta)

  7. Drew, you should make a video about actually taking instagram and blog photos! I'd love to take the sort of editorial photos like you but not sure how (:

  8. Good quality in your videos (Y) I recently Subscribed to your channel and Β I love your fashion content, good job, also you're cute, πŸ™‚ regards from Mexico.

  9. This is what I needed thank you very much. I'm "new" into the whole Youtube Instagram and Fashionblogs Thing and there are sooo many good things and I'm quite confused but this video helped a lot.

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