Facebook Live With 2 People! (how to add guests into your Facebook Live stream)

Facebook Live With 2 People! (how to add guests into your Facebook Live stream)

– In this video we’re going to take a look at Facebook’s new
mulitperson live broadcasting and exactly how to use it. Plus, we’ll also show you
how you can supercharge your Facebook Lives and get more than two
people involved, live. And a ton of advanced features as well. Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. We’re going to release a ton of content to help you get better results
with your videos faster. If you’re new here,
then make sure you click that big subscribe button. And all the links to everything
that we’re going to cover in this video, you can find
linked in the description below. So, let’s jump into it. Facebook live is an
incredibly powerful way to connect and engage
with your audience online. Now with the new
multiperson functionality, it’s way more powerful than ever. We’re going to run through
exactly how it works and some of the benefits so that you can get started right away as soon as it’s enabled on your device. Facebook Live multiperson broadcasting was actually a feature that
they started to roll out a little while ago. Then they stopped the rollout
and pulled the feature. So now they’ve revamped it and
they’re running it out again. But at the time of filming this video, not everyone has access
to this feature yet. It’s not currently available
on desktop or an android. It’s only available on iOS
and only on selected accounts. So, if the feature isn’t
available for you yet, then keep an eye out, because
it should be coming soon. Now, before I jump in
and show you the process and how this actually works. One of the coolest features
that this currently has – and I say currently has
because I don’t know if they’re going to keep this feature – is the notifications and
the way that it handles the notifications for the
guest and for the host of the live stream. So, typically with a Facebook
Live if you’re the host, you’re the one that’s
creating the live stream. Your audience, your
friends, your followers will be notified that you’re live. So, they can join your livestream. But, what’s happening, at the moment, is that the guest or whoever you bring
in, to your livestreams, a notification goes out to all of their friends
or followers as well, which is pretty awesome. So, whether you’re hosting a livestream or you’re coming in as a guest, it means that both of your
audiences get notified that you’re live. And both of them can join
the livestream in realtime and join the conversation
and really get involved. So, the cross-pollination between different people’s profiles
and audiences is amazing. So, the potential for
growth and interaction is really, really powerful, at this point. The reason I say that it might get pulled, or they might pull the
pin on this feature, is due to the amount of notifications that people could be receiving, based on who their friends are following. So, this could be something
that gets a bit annoying after a while. Because you’re now getting twice
the amount of notifications that people are live. Because, whether they’re a guest or whether they’re hosting a live stream. So, I don’t know but at the moment, it’s a pretty cool feature. Okay, so all you need
to do to get it going is to Go Live as you normally would, using the Facebook Live App. As I said earlier, currently
this is only on iOS. So, open up the Facebook app, select live, add a description for your live video, as you normally would. Now, before you press that Go Live button, you’ll need to make the choice of whether you’re going to Go
Live in portrait or landscape. Now, you can’t change
this while you’re live, so, this is the time to pick. Before you press the button, are you going to be
vertical or horizontal? Now, if your plan is to bring in guests, then I would recommend
that you do it horizontal or in landscape. Because then it will be
a 50/50 screen split. So, you’ll get one half
and they’ll get the other. Which makes it much easier
for your viewers to watch. If you’re in portrait, you
can still invite someone in, but they’ll be a small picture-in-picture, or a small little box in
the top corner of the video. Now, the other thing you
can do before you go live is to press the little magic
wand in the top right corner. In there, you’ll have access to filters. You’ll also have access to horizontal flip and vertical flip of your video image. So what that will let you
do is to mirror your shot. So if you’ve got any writing
that’s in your video, it’s not going to appear backwards. You can also boost the
brightness of your shot in there as well. Under filters, there’s
six different filters or color effects that you
can add to your video. And you can also add some
Snapchat like effects to your videos as well. When you’re ready to go
live, just hit Go Live, as you normally would. Now, to invite someone
into you’re live stream and to be a part of your live stream, all you need to do is
swipe across to the right and you can see a list
of your live viewers. Select the person that you want
to invite and choose invite. Now, from their end, they’ll
get a notification onscreen saying they’ve been invited
to join your livestream, where they’ll get to accept or decline. Even after they accept or
even after they hit, Go Live, it won’t bring them in until they match their screen orientation with your screen orientation. So, it would tell them to
rotate the phone if they need to to match the orientation of the
broadcast that you’re doing. Now to kick that person
out from your broadcast or to remove them from your broadcast, next to their name or next
to their profile picture, is a little X. You just have to hit that and they’ll be booted
out, from your livestream. The other important thing to note is that currently this will
only work with profiles. It won’t work in Pages or in Groups. So it’s a personal profile account only that this feature is enabled on. But, again, I’m sure that
we’ll see it in Pages and in Groups soon enough. Now going live multiperson
to Facebook Live, as we’ve just shown you,
using the Facebook app, you are limited to two
people as a maximum, on the livestream. So, yourself as the host plus one guest. Now you can add and remove guests as many times as you want
during the livestream. But, you’re maximum people count is two. If you’re looking to add more people, if you want more people
on your Facebook Lives, then take a look at
BELIVE.TV or CROWDCAST.IO. Both of these will let let
you go live to Facebook Live and both of them will let
you bring in multiple people. Now, currently at the time
of filming this video, BELIVE.TV is still limited to two people. But, they’ve already
announced the feature, ensuring that it works, to
bring in a third person, with rumors of a fourth coming in as well. Currently BELIVE.TV is free. Crowdcast on the other
hand is a paid offering, but you’ll get some
really advanced controls and some really advanced
features for you Facebook Lives. So both of those are worth checking out if you want to take your
Facebook Lives to the next level. So, that’s how you can Go Live on Facebook Live multiperson
using the Facebook app. If you’ve found this video helpful then make sure you click
that big subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. And check out the video
linked onscreen now for the best live streaming software if you’re looking to livestream
through your computer. I’ll see you soon.

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