43 thoughts to “Evolution of the Personal Computer”

  1. I was gonna use this as a video for a homework that's due BUT DAMN THAT SHIT GOT REALLY CREEPY NEAR THE END! XD

  2. Thanks for this great video. ;D Showed it to kids in my class to show how fast the technology is changing.

  3. How i work with old computers:how it tourn on?? How i can turn it off

    Me with new computers: yay i downloaded gta 5

  4. 2017: Back then internet was slow, and you have to wait 3 minutes for a single photo to load, but today, we have smartphones, and apps, and web apps. Our computers were also not as powerful
    2030: Back then, the only way to access the Internet is by using the nearest computer, or pulling something out of your pocket, and you have to press a lot of buttons and move a gadget called a mouse to navigate through files, and you can only do things in 2 dimensions Nowadays, you can use your accessories like rings, watches, or glasses to connect to the internet, and when we want to operate machinery, we can do so without a press of a button.
    2050: Infinite data, boys!!!!

  5. could someone please give me the name of these computers please send it with timestamps thank you needed for report

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