EVERYTHING DELETED From Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2!

EVERYTHING DELETED From Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2!

An extended Disney princess scene, cameos
by Kylo Ren and the Golden Girls, plus more Fix-It Felix and Calhoun are just some of
the many scenes cut from Ralph Breaks The Internet. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it’s Jan here
and today I’m revealing everything that was deleted from the Wreck-It Ralph sequel including
some incredible cameos and jokes you may wish had been in the movie! Keep watching to the end to find out the amazing
extended Stan Lee scene that didn’t make it in to the final film. My Funko Pops giveaway is also running on
this video, so hit the bell and tap the Gleam link in the video description to enter. Mild spoilers ahead, though I’ve kept them
to a minimum, and there are no spoilers for the ending. The Disney princess team-up in Ralph Breaks
The Internet is one of the movie’s highlights, however, originally the scene played out rather
differently. In early versions of the story, Vanellope,
Ralph and Yesss were all at OhMyDisney together and saw the princesses greeting fans there. Yesss gave Vanellope a tour of the Disney
fan site and Stormtroopers escorted the princesses backstage where Vanellope followed them. Footage shown at Disney’s D23 Expo in 2017
also revealed several extra jokes cut from the final film. For example, Jasmine was allergic to cats
and her pet tiger Rajah looked at her slightly offended as she puffed on an inhaler. And Snow White always looked surprised because
she was secretly “legally blind” and needed a pair of thick glasses. C-3PO also originally had an extended scene
with the princesses after he arrived in the green room to tell them there was another
“Which Disney princess are you?” quiz about to start. In the deleted footage, Cinderella replied,
“why thank you R2-D2” and the other princesses joined in poking fun at him. Sleeping Beauty told Cinderella that the Star
Wars droid “hates [being] called that”, but then trolled him with the line “we’ll be right
there, BB-8!” C-3PO, feeling mortally offended, walked out
mumbling, “Such insolence. ‘You’re good with princesses,’ they said. ‘You’ll love this job.’ … Oh, how I long for the days of Captain
Solo.” These extended jokes were probably deleted
to create better comedy timing in the scene and better pacing in the movie overall, but
I wonder whether the C-3PO jokes ended up being trimmed because some Star Wars fans
were disappointed that their iconic Princess Leia didn’t appear in the scene. The Wreck-It Ralph 2 filmmakers decided to
only use so-called “canonized” Disney Princesses from the “official” Disney line for the scene,
excluding various other princesses from Disney animated movies and Disney-owned properties
like Star Wars. They did, however, add Elsa, Anna and Moana
who aren’t part of the official princess line-up, but they are hugely popular and it’s rumoured
they’ll be joining the official list soon. By the way, Vanellope taking selfies with
the princesses doesn’t appear in the movie either, though it’s unclear if that’s part
of a scene cut from the film or a moment just created for marketing. Just before Vanellope and the Disney princesses
meet, there was going to be another extended Star Wars crossover scene. After the Hoodie Princess gets accused of
peddling unauthorised clickbait at OhMyDisney, she escapes from the Stormtroopers and, in
an extended version of this scene, Vanellope jumped onto Dumbo and flew off with the little
elephant while getting chased by TIE fighters. In the final movie, the Star Wars chase is
stripped right back and shows Vanellope fleeing on foot from the Stormtroopers before cutting
straight to her glitching into the princess room backstage. Another scene we never saw involved a joke
at the expense of Star Wars baddie Kylo Ren. LucasFilm objected to how he was going to
be portrayed in the animated movie. Co-director Rich Moore explained there was
a joke “about Kylo Ren being kind of a spoiled child” but after they took it to LucasFilm
to show them what they were doing “they said […] well, we’d prefer that you don’t show
him [like that]. You know, he is our villain, and we’d prefer
you don’t do that.” It seems a shame this Kylo Ren cameo got cut
as the jokes in Ralph Breaks The Internet are generally gentle jibes that affectionately
parody characters from Disney’s broad range of properties. And I imagine the Kylo Ren joke would’ve got
quite a few laughs especially as the Star Wars villain certainly has form when it comes
to acting out like a spoiled child. It’s also possible that, with the current
Star Wars trilogy about to complete in Episode 9, LucasFilm were concerned the joke might
cause some kind of problem for where they’re taking Kylo Ren in their next movie. A Star Wars-inspired character, Double Dan,
who has a Jabba the Hutt-style appearance, also had an additional scene deleted. When Ralph goes to the Darknet with Spamley,
he meets the half-human half-worm character [Double Dan] and the second head he has living
in his neck. “Yeuk!” “What are you doing here?” “The reason I came to your neck of the face.” “I mean there’s a face in your neck!” “Ha ha, I mean woods, neck of the woods!” Originally, there was going to be a “Lady
and the Tramp” moment where we see the two Dans eating a virus together, and just like
that iconic spaghetti and meatballs scene, the two Dans end up kissing. There’s a stack of Disney cameos in the movie’s
OhMyDisney scenes, but originally the four lead characters from the popular 80s sitcom
The Golden Girls were also going to make an appearance. The idea for these cameos came when the filmmakers
were researching the real-life OhMyDisney website and noticed The Golden Girls featured
heavily there. However, during early screenings of Wreck-It
Ralph 2, some people were confused about why Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia were in
the scene and so they ended up being cut from the film. Although the hit sitcom aired on NBC it was
produced by Disney and the four actresses received Disney Legends awards in 2009, so
it is a real shame they didn’t make it into the movie. In fact, co-director Phil Johnston has said
it’s one of his biggest regrets. Although fan favourite Tinkerbell did make
a very brief appearance in Wreck-It Ralph 2 when Vanellope rushed past her backstage
at OhMyDisney, originally, Disney’s best-known fairy had a larger role in the movie. In footage shown at D23, there was a scene
where “Tinker Bell tickles Ralph’s nose until he insults her by calling her ‘Stinker Smell’.” This might have been a fun little moment,
so I imagine it was cut simply because the filmmakers changed the story and Ralph no
longer accompanied Vanellope on her visit to OhMyDisney. Fans of Fix-It Felix and Calhoun may be a
little disappointed that the pair got a much smaller part in the sequel, although they
did get to deliver some hilarious perfect parenting advice that none of us will ever
know the truth about! But the original story envisioned a much bigger
role for the couple as during the second act we would have seen how the pair were coping
with trying to bring up a horde of unruly racers. The way this was initially going to happen
was that there was going to be another character in the movie called Bev, who was not only
the head of an antivirus company but was also a secret villain who was tracking what Ralph
was doing on the internet which led her to the arcade. By returning to the arcade midway through
the movie, we would have got more screen time with Felix and Calhoun, but once the Bev anti-virus
plot was dropped, of course, that didn’t happen. It does feel like the duo’s story was a touch
abbreviated with something missing in the middle, but at least now we know why it feels
like that. The Pancake-Milkshake scene was an instant
hit when it debuted in the film’s first trailer, and originally it was supposed to appear in
the main part of the movie with Ralph and Vanellope visiting the game when they were
loot-hunting. “Woh. Games!” “Out of my way kid.” “Pancake. Milkshake.” “Milkshake. Huh. I’m starting to understand why people like
this game.” “Eat, eat!” “Err, Ralph you might wanna try feeding the
kitty for a little while.” “No! The kitty gets the milkshake, the bunny gets
the pancake…” In fact, this scene was one of the first ideas
to be fully animated. However, as the story developed, the directors
felt that Ralph and Vanellope’s loot-hunting activities were dragging out too long so they
deleted the scene and went straight to Slaughter Race instead to move the plot forward more
quickly. The problem was that, at that point, Disney
had already started commissioning production of Funko Pops, plushes, and other toys for
the bunny and the cat. Fortunately, co-writer and director Phil Johnston
came up with the idea of keeping the scene as a mid-credits stinger and turning it into
a deliciously meta-joke. Funnily enough, Johnston’s fellow Wreck-It
Ralph 2 director Rich Moore has confessed that he’s exactly the kind of person who goes
crazy when a trailer scene doesn’t show up in the film he’s watching. I wonder if he’s also the kind of person who
likes watching deleted scenes videos on YouTube! By the way, I reveal how Ralph Breaks The
Internet trolls all us Disney, Marvel and Pixar fans in my other video, which I’ll add
links to at the end, and in the video description. While developing the first Wreck-It Ralph
movie, Disney managed to secure the rights to include Mario and Luigi from the Super
Mario games. In the end, though the filmmakers couldn’t
find a good way to include the famous video game characters in the movie, however, Rich
Moore did state that he wanted Mario to appear in the sequel. Sadly, though by the time the sequel entered
development, the rights were no longer available to Disney, meaning everyone’s favourite Italian
plumber couldn’t appear in Ralph Breaks The Internet. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee passed away
shortly before the release of the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, making his brief appearance
in the film a particularly poignant moment for Marvel fans. And it’s especially sad that originally a
much longer extended scene was planned for the comic-book superstar. An earlier version of Lee’s cameo featured
a device called the Marvelizer where avatars for net users would transform into a Marvel
character after walking through a machine that looked similar to a metal detector. Stan Lee would also have walked through the
machine, but unfortunately when the scene ended up on the cutting room floor we never
got to see which Marvel character Disney thought Stan Lee was. Marvel fans will know there’s a theory that
Stan Lee’s cameos in the MCU mean he’s a character known as Uatu the Watcher and I wonder whether
we might have seen that theory confirmed. Now, do you wish any of these deleted scenes
and cameos were in the final film? Let me know in the comments below and remember
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  1. Which deleted scenes or cameos do you wish had been in the movie?

    Check out my FULL Wreck-It Ralph 2 playlist here ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi8DA5V4mmmdQUt0X-ZgY8pCudj8JUA5N

  2. I can't believe they did not include a big subplot of Felix & Calhoun parenting the Sugar Rush racers in this movie. 🙁 They only showed a little of it & I would've loved to see a story on these racers because they're so freaking adorable! I've been obsessed with Taffyta Muttonfudge since summer of 2017 & I'm interested in more of her. I wish she would've had her own official story, but she doesn't. The minor subplot with the racers may not have made a short, but at least it did make one of the released deleted scenes in this movie. Hopefully, there will be more of them in a 3rd movie, if they do one.

  3. Stephanie made a cameo know you do you not see that Stephanie was looking at the Iron Man Iron Man well Penelope punched in the eye dumped in the stranger who is looking at Iron Man and turns out to be Stan Lee

  4. 5:10, it was also filmed, or at least the house facade was, at MGM Studios. It was once a part of the Back Lot Tour. The facade was torn down for the Lights Motors Action show, and now is home to Galaxy’s Edge.

  5. As a Star Wars fan (and not one of those idiots that bashes every SW movie that comes out), I'm glad that Leia did not make an appearance with the Disney Princesses. Leia, and SW, are not really Disney. Yes, Disney bought the franchise, but in my mind, SW is its own property and franchise.

  6. i read this somewhere but the toby, andrew and tom were suppose to make a cameo in the movie too but it was cut out because the crew was worried if the audience would get confused


  8. I wish they put Walt Disney walking through the mettle detecter thing, and turning into Mickey Mouse, to me, the scene would be hartwarming, and it would put the guy who strted all Disney in the movie, and the movie wouldn`t even exist with out him……

  9. I don't know, I think they made the right choice with the extended princess scene.
    As fun as that scene is, there's already a subtle undercurrent of post-modern snarkiness to it that leans almost towards an attitude of "we're too good for Disney sentimentality" smugness, particularly with the "Merida's accent sounds funny" joke. The addition of gags at Jasmine and particularly Snow White's expense just sound like poorly thought out fan headcanon. And the C-3P0 bashing just comes off as out of character for all of them and kind of mean-spirited sounding.

  10. I think the film should have focused more on games in general and cut the rather boring youtube portion. Admittedly that would have given Yesss no reason to exist except for maybe being an algorithm within a popular search engine that recommends popular things that helps Ralph and Venelope pick out popular games to loot from. Then again, as a gamer myself I think the producers kind of missed the point that selling items like that is illegal in most games and Ralph and Venelope could legitimately have a program after them that's designed to eliminate loot hunting bots. Mostly I feel like the producers just don't play online games at all and it shows in a lot of questionable decisions.

  11. I’m ok with minimal Disney Wars stuff. Legends is much better anyway. We should have had Jacen and Jaina and the rest onscreen instead of the junk we got.

    I wish the GG scene had made it though.

  12. I too was surprised at how little screen time Felix and Calhoun got,especially since they now had to cope with a bunch of unruly kids…I imagined a scene where Calhoun takes them into "Hero's Duty",where they take to shooting cybugs like ducks to water.

  13. I grew up watching the Golden Girls thanks to my grandma loving the show so much. That would have been a fun little nod to how Disney helped make the show.

  14. What about the part where Calhoun is pregnant and him feel it’s co What about the part where Calhoun is pregnant and she and Flex are having a baby.

  15. Alright, lay it the fuck down for me: are any of these deleted scenes included on the goddamn Blu-ray release?

  16. I saw the original princess scene at D23 in 2017. After Cinderella and Aurora tease CP30 Aurora says " That never gets old." and she and Cinderella fist bump and fairy dust goes everywhere lol. The D23 scene was much funnier than the final cut of the scene tbh.

  17. Whatever happened to any scenes focusing on Sugar Rush racers themselves? Taffyta did not get her own plot point in the film & she deserves one in the 3rd film. I hope “Wreck-It Ralph 3” will be better because I am disappointed about “Wreck-It Ralph 2”. Also, why didn’t Taffyta & the Sugar Rush racers say much dialogue? I hope they’ll say more in a 3rd movie.

  18. I wish Taffyta & the Sugar Rush racers had a bigger role. Taffyta should’ve had more dialogue as well. She should’ve also had her own story or plot point. I hope a “Wreck-It Ralph 3” will have something like that.

  19. 7:40 when you do all ten questions in a textbook then your teacher tells you you just had to do the first one
    8:00 cough cough cough mood

  20. – wants to use Kylo Ren to tell a joke
    – said joke doesn't invovle Kylo being shredded and having a six pack

    No wonder it didn't get approved.

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