[Eng Sub] Innocent Gfriend Sowon & toilet paper 여자친구 소원 @160214 My Little Television 마이리틀텔레비전

[Eng Sub] Innocent Gfriend Sowon & toilet paper 여자친구 소원 @160214 My Little Television 마이리틀텔레비전

Sowon: Toilet paper…Why is the toilet paper at the computer?? Man: You better not know PD: Don’t misunderstand Yerin: Unnie…Maybe it’s for sniffling Sowon: They are talking about the location of the toilet paper Yerin: (reading the comment) Yerin: Find the external hard disk Sowon: Find the hard disk Man: The hard disk is here Sowon: They asked us to check the external hard disk Sowon: This one? PD: You’ll see Infinite Challenge inside the hard disk Sowon: External hard disk Yerin: External hard disk Sowon: We have found it Yerin: Let’s check it Sowon: Let’s check it Sowon: People in the chat room said it’s not for sniffling… Yerin: Ahhh I feel embarrassed Sowon: Why embarrassed? What’s the problem??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

100 thoughts to “[Eng Sub] Innocent Gfriend Sowon & toilet paper 여자친구 소원 @160214 My Little Television 마이리틀텔레비전”

  1. The guy at first laughed like she was a bro telling a joke, saw look of genuine confusion and innocence on her face, stopped smiling and tried to move on 😂😂😂

  2. Well I was also supposedly innocent until I have watched this. Oh Mennn I asked a lot of buddies just to explain this to me and I kinda regret it😂

  3. I was as innocent as Sowon… Until I read the comments. >< I really did believe Yerin's excuse that it's for runny nose. 😂😂😂

  4. 😂😂😂 Man, that would've been interesting to be in that chatroom, haha. Yerin is so evil, "Let's check it (the hard disk)." And Sowon, being a sweet little darling, innocently agreeing with her. Oh, man.

  5. Of course she knows, if you believe she doesn't you are so fucking dumb. The real question is: why does she have to act so innocent?

  6. Damn his desk is so messy . That's why he kept the toilet paper at his desk he was preparing to clean up.

  7. Whether at work or at home..I have tissues by my desk because I always eat at my table.

    But the fact he said: You'd better not know.. – shows something else 😂

  8. Yerin not that innocent 😂

    Has Yerin ever accidentally seen what his older brother did in front of the computer and then his older brother used the toilet paper after his activity finished? 🤔😜😂 (Gosh, I have to clean up my mind 😁)

  9. Can someone tell me too,why there is a toilet paper on the computer! I literally don't know why yerin was laughing

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