(ENG) 2020년도 텅장 예약?! 🍎 New iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard 🍏 아이패드 프로4세대 & 매직 키보드 완벽 정리 💕 츄삐의 테크 소식 chupi

Hello everyone! I’m a trivial Howl YouTuber, Chupi. Today, Apple announced a surprise announcement about the fourth generation of the iPad Pro. It’s not an unimaginable identity! Keyboard for Apple’s New iPad! I’ve got news about the Magic Keyboard! As an iPad user who has been using the iPad Pro 3 Generation for over a year, There’s something I’m looking forward to it. There was also some disappointment! The release date in Korea is still pending! In the spring of 2020, let’s meet the fourth generation of iPad Pro, who will rob many tech enthusiasts of their bank accounts. The display is similar to the previous generation. with an 11-inch model
12.9-inch model There are two versions available. The colors are also space gray and silver. It’s the same line-up as the previous one. However, There’s been a clear change in storage capacity and the resulting price! The existing 64GB model is excluded. It’s replaced by 128GB. 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB We’ve got a line-up that’s more like a pro model. The price is 11 inches for the Wi-Fi model and 12 inches for the Wi-Fi model. to compare easily with the previous work 64GB is replaced by 128GB. Price is 30,000 won more! The rest of the capacity is down about 40,000 won. Cost-effectiveness has improved. Here
If you want to buy a cellular model with data available, The estimate is 200,000 won added to the Wi-Fi model. I personally believe that until we have a 5g support model, Do I have to buy a cellular model? but… If you use the iPad in many places, and if you’re too lazy to connect to the Wi-Fi every time, Even if it costs a little money, you’d be better off buying a cellular model. So let’s move on to the camera specifications that are clearly different from the previous ones. Let’s take a look at the performance of the fourth generation of professionals. Originally, there were many rumors that there were three-ball induction cameras like the iPhone 11pro! Of course, the design is like induction, lol This is a configuration where only new 10MP Ultra wide cameras are added to the existing 12MP wide camera. As an 11pro user, I don’t really use a telescope camera. I’m satisfied with the configuration without the telescope camera, but I’m sorry for the rest of the camera’s performance. And like the previous one, 4K video recording is supported. With the new Ultra Wide Lens, you can shoot 60 frames of 4K! If you want to use the camera properly, It would be better to buy an 11-inch model that’s more portable than 12.9 inches, right? And another difference I’m looking forward to is Mic! I usually dub narration on my iPhone. I recorded it when I bought my iPad Pro 3rd generation. There was a time when I was disappointed that the sound quality wasn’t as good as I thought. But I’m looking forward to it because I’m definitely promoting it as a studio-class mic. Hahahaha If Apple can upgrade the performance of the microphone properly, you can take advantage of the iPad, whether it’s filming, video editing, or narration. If there’s anyone who wants to challenge a career called Creator like me, Buying an iPad for YouTube is overspec. I think it would be good to use it as a home shoot or supplemental equipment And further notice is the mounting of the LiDAR scanner. LiDAR is a state-of-the-art technology that measures the time it takes for light to come in contact with an object and to reflect it back. In the fourth generation of the iPad,
Because you can measure the reflected light at a distance of up to 5 meters, Apple has shown the innovative stepping stone of the iPad Pro as an augmented reality device that allows us to float and view three-dimensional virtual objects in the real world we see! I’ve never used it myself, so I’m actually going to use it like me. It’s hard to guarantee the use of non-professional people. There will be more fun features that we can try?! And I don’t think it’s as new as it is.
It’s definitely a new A12Z Bionic chip. They say that the speed of everyday work and high-end graphic work is just as fast. I think it’s something that you can see by directly comparing the requirements. The fact that the graphics processor has been added to eight cores, an upgrade from the previous seven. It’s certainly worth looking forward to! But if you’re already a third-generation iPad user, honestly, I don’t think you’ll feel much different! Then for the last time! Lineups Expecting More Than the Fourth Generation of iPad Pro Magic keyboard for iPad Pro. It’s going to be released in May at a very high price of over 400,000 won. I was actually a little skeptical about the previous Smart Keyboard Folio, so I was thinking about using a pretty keyboard and stand instead of buying it for over 200,000 won. But this product has captured my heart with new features that keep up with the clean, stylish design that I’m pursuing! If you look at the description, the word ‘floating cantilever’ stands out! Just like this word, if you search on YouTube, You can see a modern, sophisticated design that feels fixed on one side and floating on the other. Just like that, Just like that, if you attach the back of the iPad like a magnet, it feels like it’s floating in the air from the top! You can get it. A backlight keyboard has been inserted for easy use in dark rooms and outdoors as well as free angle control. The trackpad provides a more convenient working environment with multi-touch gestures such as squeezing or straightening your finger on the screen, as well as the iPad customized cursor types that vary depending on how you work. Support the pass-through charging method. If you connect a C-type charging line to the terminal you see here, you can charge the iPad without a separate connection. And lastly, for those of you who used the iPad Pro 3rd Generation 11 and 12.9 inches, if you buy this product, you can use it just like the 4th generation model. That’s it!
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