ENFPs, Gaming Addiction & Finding Your Purpose – Dreams Around The World

ENFPs, Gaming Addiction & Finding Your Purpose – Dreams Around The World

Hey Dan here. I’m back in Prague after
a month back in Vancouver Canada I hosted an amazing event there was some
great enfps and infps we rented a whole house down by the beach in White Rock
and it was amazing it was super cool I was a little nervous beforehand about
you know having everyone in the same house living together during the event
but it turned out to be an amazing experience and really glad we took that
risk and did it that way now in this video I am answering a question from an
ENFP who thinks he might be an INFP but that’s not the point of the question
he’s writing from Iran he’s studying computer science and wondering if that
is the right fit and really struggling to figure out what he should be doing
kind of slugging along and most important he says he’s feeling lost and
spending most of his time playing online games and that’s where I’m gonna start
with my answer to this is the online games part see it’s not weird to feel
lost to feel like you’re not sure what your next direction is and that’s what
we’re gonna start is the aspect of online games and feeling lost or not
sure what you should be doing with your time because it’s not unusual to feel
like unsure of what you want to do next feeling lost or feeling like you want to
figure out your direction your next steps heck I’ve been feeling that way I
have a I haven’t talked about this on the channel I don’t think yet if I have
then I apologize I totally forget I have but I have some very big plans in terms
of travel and life and business over the next few years and they’re like 80 to 90
percent clear right now the last 10% I’m still figuring out and that’s fine
that’s totally normal but where I think you could be going wrong with this and
this goes to everyone who is playing online games who is playing video games
who is just generally addicted to something or distracting yourself with
something and listen you’re hearing this from someone who probably paid played
5000 hours of Starcraft during high school okay I know what it’s like to be
into games I love gaming I still own an X box
and put it in storage most of the time because I know the effects it can have
and so here’s the thing if you’re in a stage of life where you’re unsure of
what you want to do next or you’re not that happy the absolute worst thing you
can do is distract yourself with gaming the absolute worst thing you can do is
distract yourself with gaming with social media with viral videos or
Netflix because you need time to sit on these big decisions there’s a reason
when you read old books people talk about going for long walks going on
trips doing things to find themselves it takes a long period of uninterrupted
time and that’s the important part that it has to be uninterrupted right so if
you’re starting to get some clarity and I’ve experienced this myself as well as
with clients is if you’re starting to get clarity and figuring out okay I
think actually maybe oh no wait playing video games again well I think I know
what I wanted Oh at the bar with friends getting too drunk to think about
anything well I think my life purpose might be Facebook messages let’s go
check those right you need uninterrupted time I’m not talking about a few hours
I’m talking about what could be a few weeks or a few months and all these
activities that can serve as major distractions whether that’s drinking
girls boys video games social media or any number of other things they
ultimately are much more destructive than you realize in the moment because
when you’re starting to face a tough choice let’s say you’re starting to
reevaluate something you’re doing in life and you’re getting to the point
where you might come to that tough decision of hey I need to drop out of
school or end a relationship or quit this job the types of big decisions that
enfps and infps tend to put off tend to be afraid of because we don’t love
conflict and we don’t love disappointing people let’s say you’re starting to get
close to that level of clarity where you know forget it I don’t care how tough it
is I’m gonna make this choice you’re getting close to that point but hey now
flix I mean the new narcos is out I mean I can I can wait another week so I
decide on what I should do with my entire life right you know new video
games out or old video games out or whatever is these sort of distractions
are really really dangerous now I’m not saying you should eliminate these things
from your life whether it’s dating video games TV shows drinking with friends if
it’s done in the right context in other words you’re fairly happy with your life
you’re moving in the right direction and you just enjoy these things do them do
lots of them life should be enjoyed what I’m saying is if you’re unsure what
you’re doing with your life if you feel lost or you’re in a really bad spot
that’s actually the time where you need to go cold turkey on the distractions
and really face up with what’s going on and that’s how you’ll get the clarity
it’s definitely a bit of a chicken and the egg situation you know what came
first is are you distracting yourself because you’re unhappy or are you
unhappy because you’re distracting yourself and in my experience it’s both
perhaps there’s a bit of unhappiness that leads to trying to distract
yourself but then by distracting yourself that unhappiness gets worse
because you don’t have time to focus on your problems or focus on what you
really want and to then deal with it so what I found the only solution is
eliminate not reduce eliminate the distractions for at least a month cut it
off go cold turkey it will be tough for the first little while anticipate that
go in with a tough mindset okay this will be tough but I will face it I will
harness my super powers and I will make it happen go cold turkey for a month and
use that time to face what may be making you unhappy and to get the clarity for
what you really want to do and when you do that you’re going to find you come
out on the other end of this a much better person a happier person and a
more purposeful person now if you’d like me to answer one of your questions in a
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5 thoughts to “ENFPs, Gaming Addiction & Finding Your Purpose – Dreams Around The World”

  1. Any (former) gamers here? How did you deal with this challenge? If you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a video, head to: https://www.dreamsaroundtheworld.com/ask-dan/

  2. Great insight there!! Surprisingly accurate on my end too… and goodness do i want to go cold turkey! Just super terrified! I probably need to "JUST DO IT" at this point, you know… whatever happens happens!

  3. Ok that video really could be about me xD

    I love gaming, I'm an ENFP for sure (even if sometimes in stressed situations I thought I could be ISTJ) , and I don't really know what my purpose of living could be
    I'm always asking what i can do right or what I would really like to do.
    I'm really exhausted of not knowing what I want do to or even who I am / who I could be.
    Thanks for that hint. I'll try it for some weeks, even if I'm not sure i can do that.

  4. (INFP) I actually have the opposite problem… If i don't accomplish something in a day, I feel like I can't game or watch Netflix… I get really anxious, like I don't deserve to relax… I have to strike a deal with myself… I'll do the dishes or study Japanese for an hour then I'll tell myself I can game for a bit… then I'll play a game for a period of time and then get bored then move onto the next task… I'm odd but my dad (ESTJ) would shame me for gaming to much and I guess it has stuck with me even at 21 lol

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