Electric Standing Desk Review —  Flexispot Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

Electric Standing Desk Review — Flexispot Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

– So standing desks are
one of the best ways to increase energy,
productivity, and overall health, and in this video, we’re
gonna be doing a quick review of a FlexiSpot Sit and Stand Desk, plus give you a little
tour behind the scenes here at the Think Media studios. Coming up. (upbeat music) Hey, what’s up, Sean
here with Think Media. Bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video, and on this channel, we do a
lot of tip and strategy videos, as well as tech gear and
even office gear reviews just like this one. So if you’re new here
consider subscribing. But hey I’m standing in the
office that I’ve been doing most of my work out of lately. I actually don’t have a
standing desk and that’s kind of been a big deal because
sitting all day can actually have negative impacts on your health. And we’ve actually been
expanding as a team so over here is actually our loft area. So we do a lot of shooting over here. We actually have another
standing desk ’cause everything that we upgrade as far as the
team goes for Think Media, we actually wanna do standing
desks now because they’re healthier, they increase
productivity, but actually let’s check out the new office. So when we come down this way we actually are transforming this other bedroom into another home
office for Kyle, Omar, Heather to work on as well
as we’re also going to be turning this into kind of like
a podcasting video studio. So let’s go check it out. All right so this is still
definitely a work in progress. W’re just kind of getting started. And it’s really cool
because Flexi-Desk wanted to help us with this project
so they sent out this standing desk for us to
check out, to review, and actually Kyle’s already
clocked a ton of time using it. So let’s talk about all the
features and do a review. All right so this specific
model number of this FlexiSpot desk is the EB4, that’s the frame and then the top is the B2 top. And those things can be sold separately. And as usual we’ll put links
to the desk and the accessories in the description below if you wanna check them out specifically. Now it actually was shipped
out in two large boxes and we got the legs, the
top came a little bit later. And once we had everything
Kyle actually put it together. Now it took him about an hour
and a half to put it together and he was actually kind of
filming and sort of documenting the process a little bit. So it probably could
have been done faster. And one of the cool things
is if you actually order a desk like this on
Amazon, they have a service where they will put
assembly together for you. And that costs around $105. So again you could either
do it yourself or you could definitely hire somebody
which is kind of nice, it gets it out of the way
and once you start getting it built it definitely takes
like two people to move and so if you were gonna
put it together yourself you might want to think
about getting help. Although Kyle was able to pull it off completely by himself. Now as far as the price
goes at the time of shooting this video this desk
comes in at around $560. And of course check out prices
in the description below and that’s with the top. Now this is a black top,
there’s also mahogany available, maple available and
there’s two frame options. We have the gray frame,
there’s also a black frame. I think the black on
black looks pretty rad, it’s for the Amazon version. And then you an also get just the legs. So the legs come in at
$409 without the top. And here in the U.S.
and that fits top sizes between 47 and a quarter
inches and 70 inches with a width between 23.6
inches to 31.5 inches. And of course we’ll list
specs in the description. But the point is is that this
top is perfect for this desk but you could get any top. You could use reclaimed
wood, you could buy something from a thrift shop, you could
order your own custom top. And it would just have
to work with the legs ’cause the legs are expandable
and so if you just do it within those dimensions you
could do your own custom top and just buy the legs separately. And when it comes to the build
quality of the standing desk, it’s really built well. I mean the desk is super
sturdy, the legs are all steel. The top is this kind of
wood with laminate on it. The only plastic piece
is this remote control and still really good and is
on there nice and durable. And the weight limit for
the desk is 250 pounds which is a lot. So if you wanna stack up a
computer, a couple monitors, or whatever things you wanna put on there. Even if you wanna lift yourself,
I mean you could do that. I don’t know if you want
to but you could do that. Wow it’s pretty strong. And then as far as the actual
height goes to the standing desk it goes from 23.6 inches
at the lowest without a top all the way up to 48.4
inches at its highest setting which is super high. Now I’m six, one and so I
have when I’ve researched any desks, I’ve realized
some actually sometimes not tall enough or they’re not
sturdy enough when they’re tall. And so this is a little bit
higher than I even wanna use. You know you typical want that
ergonomic kind of a right L, maybe if its it’s
slightly lower than that. So it’s really good for versatile heights. The other thing is that we
do a lot of tech reviews, gear reviews here on Think
Media and so a standing desk is also nice to have for
a surface for shooting product reviews, product
shots, product photography and having different
heights is nice because then you can really control different
angles, not just raising and lowering your camera
but also raise or lowering the surface and creating different shots. Additionally you can tell
that everything in this is quality including the motor. Not only could it lift
me, but it also is fast. It raises at 1.3 inches a
second so again standing desks have different speeds. That’s pretty fast, you
can see how fast it goes up and down. Sometimes they’re kind
of like a snail pace, like it’s good but this is
not only strong as far as how much weight it can
lift but it’s also fast which is really cool. And the last thing that’s
really cool is the frame itself has a five year warranty and
the motor has a three year warranty and so that’s more
than offer so you definitely see them standing behind the
build quality of this thing with that warranty. Okay now as far as the control goes, you have seven buttons here. Number one you’ve got up and
down so you can just manually control that at any time. You’ve also got three
presets, one, two, and three. And the M speaks to setting that. So if you wanted your first
setting to be set to 48.4 inches you could just hit
the M, hit that number one, and now it’s programmed and whenever you hit that number one it
will go to that preset. So I just hit number two,
it’s going back to that formal setting whatever it was
and I’ll cancel that. I hit the one, it’ll bring
it up to that setting that we just programmed. So the controls work great
and the programs are nice. And in the final button is
the A which is an alarm. So again part of the point
of a standing desk is to impact your health. A sedentary lifestyle is
one of the biggest dangers they say to workers,
probably like us right. If you’re editing video,
working from a desk, working all day long
which is what we do here. And so the alarm, you could
set whatever time you want. You can turn it on or off,
and then you could set it to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, two
hours, or even 15 minutes. Like you set the time and
then once it goes off, it’s just that reminder to
stand up or change the desk height which is great. Maybe you wanna stand for
an hour, sit for an hour, stand for an hour, sit for an hour. And you’ve got your standing
desk programmed all right there so that is the controls. Additionally there’s a
couple cool accessories if you’re looking into standing desks that FlexiSpot also offers. One is these monitor arms,
if you wanna go duel monitors pretty cool supporting
10 to 27 inch monitors. Clamp that on the back and
than you can control those. Of course being the fact that
when you’re at a standing desk if your monitors are sitting
on the desk, it might have your neck cranked down
right which is a bummer so it’s nice to bring your monitors up. So monitor arms are a
good way to make sure your ergonomics are solid
throughout the whole place. And then FlexiSpot also has
mat which is kind of nice like a spongy mat to kind of
keep not just lower resistance but to kind of keep you
moving, keep that blood flow going in your legs. So if you wanna check those
out, we’ll link those up in the description as well. So that kind of covers everything. You know my final opinion, I
think the only cons to this desk, kind of some of the
downsides are I do know that some other standing desks
have like separate apps. That was kind of the only
con I could think of. And which is kind of cool
but I found that even I’ve used one that has an app. I don’t really use it, like
I just use the controls on the desk. I’m not trying to get my
phone app, like open the app and be like great I can control
this from a remote control. But it’s something to consider,
that is something that other standing desks have. And the other thing is
of course the price. There are certainly cheaper
standing desks on the market but you kind of get what you pay for. Isn’t that true? And so we’ve seen some
different budget options but I think what you’re
getting here is super solid build quality. It’s a huge desk, I mean
the dimensions are big to support like a big work
space, you know, duel monitors whatever you want to create. And so the investment I
think, I can definitely see pays off because you have a
desk that’ll last you for years, increase your productivity,
increase your health. And as far as the pros,
it’s kinda everything that we mentioned. I think good build
quality, great controls, everything works, pretty easy to assemble. It goes up pretty quick and
then you’re off to the races really changing the game by
using a sit and stand desk for your health. Question of the Day, where are
you currently working from? Do you just have a normal
desk, do you work from home, are you working from coffee
shops, what is your setup? Let me know in the
comments sections below. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you actually wanna see
other videos in our office health series, just click or
tap the screen right there for another video from
Think Media, click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, Think Media’s
bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

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