Edgeland | Dangerous GIANT Board Game!!

Edgeland | Dangerous GIANT Board Game!!

(Bryan) Oh! (J-Fred) Ahh! (Everyone) Annnd 3 (Everyone) [Laughing] (Bryan) No! (Bryan) Another Punishment [Team Edge Intro] (J-Fred) Hello and welcome to Edgeland (Bryan) OOOOOOOOOH (Bobby)YEAH (J-Fred)Oh. The giant board game of Edgeland kind of like Candyland (Bobby) but you're revisiting all the other Team Edge episodes that we've ever done. (J-Fred) So let's play! (Bobby) So every single one of these little spots is A video that we've done in the past so right here is Flipland so Every single challenge within that category we have to do something from it from AH (Bryan)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! CANYOUKILLME (Bobby)And we need to do something from the video! (J-Fred) These are color coded and for each color you land on you have to do something different (Bobby)Here we go! 6! (Bobby) 6! (Bobby) One two three four five six…
(J-Fred) black means challenge, (Bobby) what's my challenge? (Bryan) You have 30 seconds to flip that hammer if you fail to flip that hammer you move back two spaces (Bobby) Ahh! So Close! (Bryan) Yee-Haw Bobby! (Bryan) Woaahh! (Bobby) So I moved back two spaces because I didn't complete it (Everyone) Two! (Bryan) one two I get a challenge (J-Fred) Bryan flips to the Bears head (Bobby) Bryan! (Everyone) Ahh! (J-Fred) He Did It (Bryan) Bobby just didn't wanted to have it no no oh this thing's stinks off (Bryan) I'm taking this thing off (J-Fred) All right (Bryan) four! (J-Fred) one two three four (Bryan) you have 30 seconds to flip that water jug (Bryan) go! (Bobby +J-Fred) Oh! (J-Fred) Oh! (Bobby) Oh! (Everyone) OHHH! [Epic Music] (J-Fred) I love my mother what the!? okay? Ohhh 3 (Bobby) Punishment (Bryan) Punishment (Bryan) Get shot with a paintball! (J-Fred) Yes!! (Bryan) I love Edgeland (Bobby) Just don't shoot in the back of my neck (J-Fred) Bobby no here (J-Fred) This Is your challenge don't wince don't complain walk off and be like It didn't hurt (Bryan) Alright Bobby (Everyone) OOOOH! (Bryan) [Laughing] (J-Fred) He's Trying (J-Fred) There We Go! (J-Fred) That's What Im Talkin About! (J-Fred) WOW (Bobby) PUNISHMENT! (J-Fred) Punishment! (Bobby) Get shot in the neck with a paintball gun (Bobby) All right (Bobby) Let's do this ball gun (Bobby) stand on one leg for two full rounds if you fall (Bobby) Get shot by a modified nerf gun when does it start? now (J-Fred) Six!…. one two three four five (J-Fred) Nothing green means safe, okay, yeah (Bobby)Three four nothing yeah (Bryan) one two one two Three four… yes! (Bryan) challenge tackle the person in the box (Bryan) So, Bobby you need to get in the box yellow will attempt to tackle Bobby if you fail to do so move back seven spaces (Bryan)PAYBACKSUCKKER (Bobby) Challenge oh oh gluteus maximus is on fire (Bobby) Gluteus your challenge is you have to climb to the top of those boxes you grabbed that nerf gun and shoot one of us (Bobby) within 30 seconds (Bryan)I could have Breakfast you know wearing it up there in 30 second (Bobby) 15 seconds. (Bryan) No, that's not what the card said 30 seconds (Bobby) You said it… in three, go! (Bryan) OH! (Bobby)Times still going! how much time does he have left? (Bryan)Nooo! (Bryan) DANGIT! (Bobby) He's not gonna do it (Bryan) NOOO! (Bobby)He Didn't Get It! (Bryan) Square on the coconuts… (Bobby) Bryan did not complete his challenge. So he has to move back 2 three three one two (Bryan) All right Bobby your challenge is to shoot Bobby in the box Shoot Bobby in the box which I don't get it, how are you shooting yourself in the box? You'll see and oh My goodness, there's no one No bobby moves back two spaces. Oh look a fish I Just roll the six one two three four five six six four four sweet Challenge I'm in giant mini land y'all all right J Fred You have 30 seconds to make a shot from back there no into that whoo that's not gonna be easy go There's no way you're gonna make this Absolutely no way I guarantee it give you my personal again. Oh I'm still comedy not gonna make it three to Move back two spaces where were you there for one to dance? Make a fart noise every time you roll if you forget take two values off your roll and For One two three blue. What is it, right? I get a reward choose one player to skip their turn you may keep this card if you use any time to use any time Okay, okay Choose another player to perform your punishment you may keep this card to use at any time if you use that on me To Trade places with the player in last place That sucks one two three I made a stupid good move another player back one two three spaces I Mean I'm sorry Bobby, but he know he's got that why would your Joe enjoy Z, but here's the thing? I don't I don't know if I fully trust Joey. I don't have any present edge that Joey go back through space Ring wait buddy you're gonna regret that where was I? Three back one two this is so stupid go forward two spaces on – I'm shook I love it. I do this is but I don't like friends This game sucks rubberband firing squad from the closest player to you For this Because your last one Socks one-two-three-four Misfortune land, so I have to spin the wheel of misfortune and some of these punishments were actually recommended by you guys Dewey's a nose hair I've seen Brides nose hairs those babies are robust okay. I might have one that's kind of maybe dangling out there Thing is ripe for the picking Yeah, I might need no that makes me worse oh, I see one right there, dude oh, oh Oh look at the size of that thing look at my eyes are watery Eyes are about to start watering. He's crying I see a CRO and as I Move forward three spaces just getting me back three spaces For or on stands trunks Stupid move another player back one two three spaces Brian yeah, what's up, move back three spaces. I haven't gotten a punishment. Oh Barely saved that I almost forgot four one two three ha ha ha look how close I was to getting another punishment Spin the wheel spin the wheel mousetrap Lego why? Anthony J. Romero for giving us this idea big thanks Anthony you're great. Oh Marty you guys got plywood this time big. Thanks to DK for suggesting that Josie be blindfolded Three one two three yes, my first reward You automatically win the game Choose another player to perform your punishments yeah, that's deadly there's two of those out there One Pickle juice yeah Thank You chief kitty ton for that one three two what Five four three two one This is not a trash, but okay What I've never seen that this before it's me jelly oh oh oh Bobby you have 30 seconds to make the whole Six one two three four five Charge I have now insured team edge gaming land as you can tell as you can see it's dead It's a dead area well This is the overwatch challenge you have to assemble your archery attack boat, and you have to shoot either, Joey your eye And we have to move back one space how am I doing this right? No Wrong way Yes on stones trance fonts Mon Charlie, we're spinning for Joey you have two Tweezers No yeah, yeah Oh, okay. I get me do it. Let me do your Bobby you've been getting punished a lot He hears you no no no spot. Thank you sharp stab my brains that is like a sniffer dog Five one two three And finish burritos before your next turn start oh No I have to finish them or I move back you better get started, where's the dye? Is it hot How is that the first one still my mouth is numb now because I burnt it also matter mmm one two wait turn on the lava, please Oh smart lava oh Thank you. Oh. What was that one two? three if you fall you fall in love and die Bobby failed Bobby's got to move back two spaces because you didn't do it – Alright your punishment is moved back three spaces Yes five one two three you guys both have to be Offers you won't go I'm gonna move back two spaces. I want to see you trying balance on there is like a beat like it You're back here one two three four five Six you're in demonetized land So you have to save team ed from being demonetized and the only way to do that is to kill the demon or peasant wizard Which is another burrito is there an extra one no I put Majoris Brian look away, and I was like go through back these spaces you mrs. Gibson Yeah wait I want to use my card. What skip your turn oh? Dang it I have to get it to One punish man choose another player to perform your punishment Your punishment is to trade places with the player in last place All right Ryan seat though – I don't have to go yet I need the gun someone give me the gun wow you gotta kill the D monetization Wizards the same team edge Just shot Looks like Bobby won Man this is going on my desk all these punishments finally paid off. I learned no lessons guys Thank you so much for watching edge land click like if you want to see more of these videos and comment down below Also, go check out giant skee-ball where we made a giant carnival sized arcade sized Ski ball ramp And this is the one where we rolled on mousetraps Brian got one in a bad spot Also, go check out our merch merge like the custom made merch piece

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  1. When Bobby got the punishment of eating burritos why didn’t he just use his punishment card thing and make someone else eat it

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