Dream Desk – Retro Apple Setup

Dream Desk – Retro Apple Setup

– [Voiceover] He guys
Jonathan here, and welcome to Dream Desk 3. Where old meets new and the
evolution of the set up tour continues to grow and define
what makes a desk unique. It’s something you couldn’t
go buy off the shelf at a store, but rather,
taking it a step further and making something that
is truly one of a kind. (percussive music) Without question the
centerpiece of this set up is a limited edition retro
iMac from Colorware which visually is pure eye candy. The idea of those classic
Macintosh colors fused with something as modern as
a 5K display is awesome because they are two polar
opposite ends of the spectrum that somehow completely
compliment one another. As crazy as Dream Desk 2
was, this was is particularly close to my heart because
the desk itself at its core, is relatively simple. It has this killer rustic
reclaimed wood look that really compliments the
beige finish of the iMac, but for me, it’s more so
what we’re able to transform the desk into. First and foremost, the
speakers are part of the desk. I wanted them to appear
as if they were floating: no power cables, no wires,
which in this case was tricky. They’re passive, which
meant: A). they needed an amp to drive them and, B).
wires to connect them. So what we did was drill
a hole into the desk which in turn would eventually allow
us to run the wires through and then from there we
mounted steel pipes onto the desk, and with the help of
a couple of adapters, those became the speaker stands. Finally, from there, we drilled
into the pipes and that’s really what allowed us to
have complete control over cable management. Initially though, the speakers
were not the same color. It kind of became a
distraction from the setup, so what we did was the
matching Pantone color and then use a texture matte finish
to match the retro look. We actually messed up a
speaker in the process which resulted in buying a second
pair, but I’m extremely happy we went that route
because it really took the aesthetic to the next level. Jumping back to the amp
that powers the speakers, I also wanted this to
appear like it was floating. Normally, this is something
that would sit on top of your desk but what we did
instead is take spacing blocks and then using mounting adhesive to attach the amp to the bottom of the desk. What’s rad about this amp
though, is that you can connect via Bluetooth
and that allowed for one less cable and a wireless
set up between the iMac. On top of that, this also
gives you a really convenient spot to plug in headphones. Now continuing with the
mindset of keeping cables to a minimum and appearing
as if they weren’t there, we then drilled a hole
behind the computer which allowed for a couple things. We took a right-angled USB
adapter, painted that beige and then ran both that,
and the iMac power cable through the desk. Now what this allowed for
is something you may not have even noticed on the desk. So right there discretely
in front of the desk is a USB hub which gives access
to USB 3, MICRO SD USB C and effectively minimizes the need to ever reach behind the iMac. From there, this is what makes
this entire setup special. If you’re thinking to
yourself that looks just like an Apple 2 floppy drive from
1978, you sir, are correct, but what we did was take
a non-functioning one, and not only restored it, but
also removed the control board to make space for a one terabyte SSD. Now just like the top of the
desk, we also drilled into the shelf which allowed
us to run the cable underneath the desk, and
then from there connected it to a USB hub which gave off
the appearance that it was wireless, but in reality
it’s actually connected by USB 3 and ready to use with the iMac. So the idea of taking a
piece of technology that is nearly 40 years old, and
then transforming it into something you could
edit a 4K video off of, really exemplifies the
meaning behind this set up. And as awesome as this set up
came out, I think we’re ready for a plot twist. A couple weeks back, you may
have seen a tweet from me that I was looking for a
fan to help us with a video shoot and that was for
this, so meet Blake, who is 22 feet tall and has no idea
why he’s here, other than he thinks he’s helping
us out with a video. So I walk him in and unveil
Dream Desk 3, giving him the tour, playing it up like
he’s really just there to see Dream Desk 3 before
everyone else, hyping up the floating speakers, the retro iMac, the cable management. And as stoked as Blake was
just to check it out early, he had no idea what was coming next. The computer, the
speakers, everything here is going home with you. – No way. – [Jonathan] Yes way, sir. – That’s so sick. – [Jonathan] I mean, I
was like, I’ll be honest, when we put this together,
I was kind of like, I want to keep it, but. – Honestly, as awesome as
this is, you paid for it man. You can keep it but if you
really want it, oh, man. – [Jonathan] No, no it’s
yours brother, it’s yours. – Wow, that’s sick. That means so much. – [Jonathan] I think this
was probably my favorite Dream Desk to put together,
because, you know, we’ve done flashier ones,
but it was the thought that went into this,
and the intricacy of the cable management, so
I wanted to, you know, it would be cool to send it with somebody. – [Blake] Yeah, I’m going to
be stomping all my roommates. (laughs) – [Voiceover] Now as amazing
as it was to give back to a fan in real life, I
still wanted to take care of you guys, so I bought a
Macbook and asked Colorware if they could bring the
same retro look to that. They did, and it looks
amazing, and one of you guys has a chance to win this,
this is one of 10, so it’s super limited, and honestly
if you guys like the idea of wining this retro
Macbook, let’s get this video to 100,000 likes, and
I will buy a second one to give away. So go ahead and subscribe
if you want to win, details on how to enter are down below, and I will catch you guys later. (inspiring instrumental music) – I don’t know, I’m just
really thankful for it, like, I really appreciate
what you guys did, and contacting me and like, I don’t know, I can still hardly
believe it, it’s so sick. (piano instrumental music)

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