47 thoughts to “Doug Stanhope: Voice of America – FEAR IN THE U.S. NEWS MEDIA”

  1. Stanhope is great and I'm a big fan, but I grew up in the 60s when there was truly a lot of negative shit in the news. Still, TV and newspaper journalists of that era did not report "current events" in sensationalized tabloid formats with exaggerated fear rhetoric and reactionary commentary. Look. We humans are a gregarious species and we naturally take an interest in social current events. In the early days of news media, journalists were far more responsible with the news they reported on – particularly with the advent of TV and the uncertainty of its affects. Over the decades, investors bought out the networks and now control information news media (including the internet), all in the name of consumerism. There IS very much a serious problem with today's journalism having evolved into a psychological toxin – not only to be avoided, but to be protested with demands for reform.

  2. Thank U Stan. Now my misserable little life don´t seem wasted.
    I´m gonna grow my own and mix it with hard liqour and play videogames for the rest of my life.
    Maybe I´ll watch a nice pointless movie with superheroes from time to time.
    And then .. We´ll meet at the dark side of the moon.

  3. We are all ants on a giant floating rock. Some of those ants have more sugar than others. In 100 years – all of those ants will be dead and no one will care.

  4. People who have had real shit happen to them in their lives usually just want to let that shit go. When people are eager to tell you their issues…..They usually only have petty ones.

  5. the funny part about this entire skit…..it's fuckin' true
    I've been a fan of this fucker for well over a decade.
    I may not laugh at some of his tirades, because he's so on point ya can't laugh at it.
    if I were to ever take mushrooms again, I'd wanna do them with him

  6. "Do you know where your teenager is? Probably getting the shit kicked out of him!" That part always gets me.

  7. I'll never forget this line from a Douglas Stanhope album:
    "Life is like a Movie. If you've sat through more than half of it and it's sucked every second so far, chances are it's not going to get great at the end and make it all worth while. You might as well get up and walk out early.". 🤣👍😢

  8. "Even in war's darkest days, in most places in the world, absolutely nothing is happening." -Blackfish from Game of Thrones

  9. Stanhope, love the Beethoven and vintage radio. You are starting to make sense to me now. Did you change or did I?

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