Does Age Matter In Relationships? | Tell My Story

Does Age Matter In Relationships? | Tell My Story

(beat boxing) ♫ Just sittin’ here ♫ In two different chairs ♫ Just sittin’ here without a care ♫ Got the black floor here ♫ Got the white wall there ♫ And she’s got some pretty nice hair – Oh, thank you. (laughter) I’m looking for someone
who I can relax with, someone who can be a best friend with me, we can go on adventures
together, traveling, someone who’s funny,
and who are we kidding, someone who’s good looking, please. But if someone says no, no,
no, personality’s first, that’s a lie, cause we’re
attracted to looks first, and then if they have a good personality it’s a perfect bonus. – First of all, just you know, somebody that can keep up with me, I’m on the move a lot, beyond that, you know, I’m very open. I’ve dated, you know, a
lot of different races, a lot of different body types, like a lot of different personalities. To me, every human is an
interesting, and unique person. As long as you can keep a conversation, then you know, I think we’ll get along, and I think that I’ll like you. (upbeat instrumental music) Your name is Sogand, and this is your story. You are 24 years old, for work, you are a lawyer or a paralegal, you grew up in New York, and cultural or ethnic
background is Persian. My name is Panta, I am 28, I work as a production coordinator, I grew up in Iran, Singapore, and Canada, My cultural background is Persian. – Yes. – Your name is John,
and this is your story. You are 29 years old, for work you are in IT, you grew up in Seattle, your cultural or ethnic
background is Italian Scottish. (laughter) – My name is Grant, I, the beard, the beard confuses people, I’m actually 21. – Oh, okay. – For work, I am actually,
it’s kind of IT, yeah. I do like computer programming, and app development and stuff like that. I grew up in Los Angeles, and my cultural background is Jewish, I guess ethnicity would be like Caucasian, European,
Russian, stuff like that. Um, John, Irish white guy name. – It’s the safest one
I could come up with. (laughter) – What was my last, if you had to guess my last
name would it be Smith? – Doe. (laughter) – When did you come here? – I just signed a lease in March. – Oh, really? Congrats for moving to L.A.. – Thank you, thank you,
I’m in your turf now. – Yeah, no, this has been my
home for the past 21 years. People just often assume
that from the Jewish thing, that I’m cheap, and then from the rich
thing, that I’m stuck up, or pretentious, because
I went to private school, because I was in school
with the Kardashians, and Kendall, and Kylie,
and yadda, yadda, yadda. As embarrassing as it is, I did ask Kendall out a number of times, but on like the third or fourth time, she said no, and then the next day Kylie came up to me, and
kicked me in the balls, and said, “don’t ask my sister out again.” – The only thing that
will really make me angry, is if someone touches my sister. We were going to summer school, sports camp, she comes crying
to me that a boy slapped her, and the next morning I went on his bus, and got everybody that was my friend, pretty much everyone in
the bus to cover me up, and I went up to him and I said, “did you hit my sister?” he’s like, “yeah I sure did,” and so he slapped me in the face, and my glasses fell off, I
had glasses at that time. So, I don’t know what took over me, I had both of his hands in one hand, and put my glasses on, and he was bloody in
the face a little bit, so his mom comes the next day saying, “who beat my son up?” And somebody said he hit a girl, and then his mom started hitting him. – I’m gonna say that you
have wanted to be in a band. And paired with that, I think
your guilty music pleasure is like, singing in your car, but like really belting it to the songs, and you just let loose when
you’re alone in the car. And I would say that your
ultimate pump up song is “Intro” by the XX. – No idea what that is. (laughter) – Yes, I have wanted to be in a band, I actually was in a band for
a year and a half in Japan, in a Japanese band. – Oh, that’s really cool. – Guilty musical pleasure, it’s terrible, Justin Bieber. – Oh. – His new CD, his new CD. Ultimate pump up song, currently it’s Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You”. – Okay. What you think of me? – I thought you have
wanted to be in a band, your guilty musical
pleasure is gangster rap. (laughter) – And your ultimate pump up
song is “Bohemian Rhapsody.” (laughter) – Um, yeah I have wanted to be in a band, I have some best friends
that are singers and stuff, I’m just not musically gifted like that. – You’re a computer guy, you can do the mixing, and the matching. – That’s so much different then what I do, but it’s something that
I’m super interested in, but I just, I don’t have the
time or patience for that. Um, my guilty pleasure,
I took it as not, like, who would I like to listen to, but like what do I like to do, my guilty pleasure is
like singing in traffic. – What do you sing? – Um, I’ll rap to Kendrick, like I pick up the songs quickly, and I’ll start rapping along with them. – Would you rap something for me? – Oh god. Only if you lay down a beat. – Okay. – See you’re gonna put me on the spot, I’ll put you on the spot with me. – Oh man, okay let’s do this, (beat boxing) ♫ Just sittin’ here ♫ In two different chairs ♫ Just sittin’ here without a care ♫ Got the black floor here ♫ Got the white wall there ♫ And she’s got some pretty nice hair – Oh, thank you. (laughter) – That was, that was dope, that was dope. And then my ultimate pump up song is, and always will be, “Eye of the Tiger.” – Oh, I was thinking of
some sort of epic rock song, so I was pretty close, I was like Bohemian Rhapsody’s pretty… – No, Bohemian Rhapsody is great, I will always sing the crap out of that. But Eye of the Tiger is like that pump up, like, like Rocky in Rocky III,
– Yes, it is. Running across the beach. You said you were in a band in Japan? – Yas. – What was your role? – I was the vocalist, I studied instruments when I was little, but I can’t play for shit
if my life depended on it. I can’t, I’ll just sing. – Alright, well can you, I rapped for you, can you sing me one of your old songs? – Ah, spotlight. (laughter) – In Japanese. – Okay, one of the Japanese songs? (sings in Japanese) (laughter) – That was fantastic. – I’ve dated nerds, geeks, musicians, I’ve dated many races, like Black, White, Asian, Persian. People are people, I don’t care what your religion is, I don’t care what political
party you’re supporting, I don’t care what your color is. If you’re a good person, and if I feel attracted to
who you are as a person, then I like that. – In terms of religious beliefs, I dated a Christian girl
for two and a half years, you know, her Grandma
tried to give me a cross every time I stepped through her door. It doesn’t bother me, religion doesn’t affect me, I don’t particularly care
what religion you are, as long as you’re just a nice person. This is where we get
deep, and interesting. – Oh my god, this is hard. – In your family growing up, you practiced, I’m gonna go
with something interesting, I’m gonna say Baha’i Faith. Um, and your current relationship
with God or a creator is strong but independent, you do believe in the afterlife. – In my family, I grew
up practicing Islam. I am spiritual. (laughter) Let’s just say I’m spiritual. I respect every religion, and I know every religion
has good lessons, so I take the good that I can. So in Japan, I would pray in a temple, in Iran I would pray in a mosque, here I’ve prayed in churches. I’m open to going everywhere, and taking in the energy that they have, the faith, the spirituality. I don’t like that
there’s different things, I wish everybody would just get together, cause it’s a cause of a lot
of wars and I hate that. My current relationship
with God the creator is on and off, because I
believe in a higher power, when the emergency situation happens I find myself praying, but like, I think of
the world as the energy, the universe, or higher power, I don’t know where we come from, something happened, I don’t know, could be aliens I don’t know, I have no idea actually. Um, afterlife, I don’t know the answer, I do believe in possible reincarnation, people coming back… – As people, or as like,
do you believe in anything? So you’ll come back as like a Chicken, a Dog, or… – Did you say dick? (laughter) – No, I said Chicken. (laughter) – Oh my god. Well, in your family
you grew up practicing the Jewish religion, cause
you told me that earlier. Your current relationship, don’t hate me, your current relationship with
God or creator is on hold. (laughter) – It’s on hold, man. – You know you’re being
spiritual, right now. – It’s on hold. – I wrote that you do
believe in the afterlife. – Yes, in my family I did
grow up practicing Judaism, my relationship, you know what, I’m gonna steal those words, I like that, my relationship with God
is on hold, you know? It’s not gone, it’s just on hold, guys. Interestingly enough, the Jewish faith, and something that I derive from it is that we do not believe in an afterlife. Yeah, we’ll have a funeral, we’ll bury the person in
the coffin in the ground, and then we’ll go home and party, because we more celebrate life… – That’s beautiful, yeah. – Than death, you know? Um, yeah, it’s just we die and that’s it, but that kind of shouldn’t
be a scary thing to us, you take your life,
and you live it the way you should live it, which is, as free and as open,
– Enjoy every moment. And enjoy, yeah, every single moment. (upbeat instrumental music) When I first came and
sat down, and saw you, I said that I would go on a second date, or date with you, after all this, I would keep my answer the same, you’re an attractive person,
– Well thank you. You look like everything in your outfit was thought out decisively, and that you had some
semblance of organization, and control over your life. – Thank you. When I saw you first, I thought that I would go out with you, and after talking to you, I haven’t changed my mind, I just wanted the scribble to scare you, so you’d think I changed
the answer but I didn’t. – I wrote same. (laughter) – I just wrote scribbles. Um, and the reason being, is I don’t know you, but
from, just from the looks, you seem smart, you seem kind, you seem well cultured, and easy going, just the vibe that I got, but yeah. – Well, uh, I guess we
should say good bye, can I give you a hug? – Yeah! Of course you can, I was gonna ask you the same thing. It was nice meeting you. – You too. – Yes, let’s walk off together. – Alright. – Not awkwardly at all. (laughter) ♫ SoulPancake. ♫ SoulPancake. – SoulPancake! – SoulPancake. (laughter) – SoulPancake. – SoulPancake is so good, I love the show, please
go watch it everyday. – SoulPancake. (laughter)

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