do I need college to get a job as a programmer?

do I need college to get a job as a programmer?

– [Narrator] Alight, Mr. Qazi, so Elvis Gonzalvez posted a comment on why most programmers are broke. He said “I got an associates,
took a dive and landed a job. I make more than any
of my friends who decided to continue and take
another two years and will have years of experience
by the time they get out. I know more than they do and can create things practically The best way to learn how to program is
to program. End comment. – Wow, so that is a
really amazing comment, it’s really insightful, we got it on one of our videos recently. And basically what he’s
saying is that like look, my friends were going to college and I have more practical experience than the friends who actually went to college. Now, what does it actually mean? Does it mean I’m promoting
don’t go to college, drop out. Absolutely not, what I
am promoting is that you should try to earn your
way out of college, okay? And, first of all, before I
even go on that conversation, understand and realize what
you’re going to college for, for example, if you’re
going to college to become a doctor, then it’s a requirement for you to actually become a doctor. If you’re trying to become a lawyer, it is a requirement for you
to pass your bar exam. Right, otherwise you
can’t become a lawyer. For certain things you will need it and there’s no other way around it. But if you wanna become a developer, you wanna get a full time job, you wanna work as a web developer, or a full-stack developer,
or a data scientist, it’s not so necessary for
you to go to a college. I mean for data science
it’s a brand new field. So, there isn’t actually
even a lot in colleges that is being taught about it. So most of the material
is outdated in colleges. If you learn on your own, you’ll actually learn a lot
better, but you can use resources from college and the teachers from college, or mentors
around you, and then improve the ability,
improve the speed at which you’re learning these concepts. Okay? So, one thing I would say is know what you’re going to college for. If you’re trying to become a developer and all those things I just mentioned, it’s not necessary, you
an just use college as one of the resources rather than
college being everything. Okay? So, with that said,
going back to Elvis’ comment, he’s saying yo,
like I don’t need all these, I didn’t need all this and
instead of going to college for that long what he instead did is, he got a full time job in that time. So while his friends were
taking four years of college he instead got four years of
actual practical experience. And now he can use that
to go to another job, get paid more, work on
more practical projects, increase his income,
freelance, whatever it is that Elvis needs to do he is able to do. It also doesn’t mean
that he stopped learning, he’s learning on his own every single day. He’s learning at his job every single day. He’s being mentored by
the people at his job. And they’re mentoring on
things that are actually relevant, not these obfuscated
theoretical concepts. Those are some really important
things to keep in the back of your head when you’re
doing all these things like, why am I going to college. Don’t feel privileged that you
can just get out of college. So what do I mean by that,
you don’t need to wait until you’re making a six figure income. But if you are making some money, let’s say you are getting
clients, but right now if you are going to
college and you’re just complaining that you don’t
have enough time, bullshit. Everybody has enough time,
you have enough time, make it work, figure it out, alright. Don’t just say I don’t have enough time so I’m not gonna … you
know I think if I drop out of college then I can freelance. Then I can learn how to
code, if you can’t figure out how to code right now and
if you can’t make time for it right now and
you can’t get a client right now, you won’t be able to get a client when you have more time. You won’t be able to learn coding when you have more time, this is the problem of figuring out how to manage time and how to make it happen. You know I always say
if you can make money with no money, then you can
make a lot of money with money. And this is true, very true,
when it comes to programming. If you can learn how to program when you don’t have any time,
then you can learn a lot of how to program when
you do have a lot of time. If you can’t freelance and get clients when you have no time,
if you can freelance and get clients and you have limited time, then you can get a lot
of clients and freelance a lot when you have a lot of time. Okay, when you have more time. So, keep these things in mind, don’t just drop out of college randomly, thoughtlessly,
earn your way out of it if that’s something you’re gonna do. Otherwise, you can always use
college as a great resource. College was a great resource for me, but it was a resource,
it wasn’t everything. I wasn’t dependent on it all the way. Eighty percent of my
education I was doing it through other means, I had mentors, I was going to meet-ups, I
was learning on my own, I was building projects, I
was doing practical stuff. And then I was going to
college and it was just this one extra resource, one teacher who had stuff prepared for me and then I could just come in and learn and commit. Rather than have to figure out all of the material and study by myself. Okay, so if you’re use
it, use it as a resource, if you’re gonna drop out
earn your way to drop out. Don’t just drop out mindlessly. With that said, thank
you so much for watching I love your face and as always, I’ll see you in the next video, video, video, peace (rap music).`

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  1. Please help im 14 and i dont really know what to learn. Programming its something i enjoy but there is just too much to choose from.

    Btw LOVE ur channel is the best:)

  2. how can someone find a mentor? At my place web dev teachers are rare (very rare). Most of the time a person can learn programming on his own but with a mentor he can get a good mindset setup in early stages to avoid wasting time. So i want to find a mentor to guide me when i need.

  3. My country education system sucks the books are outdated our teachers don't support creativity they focus into on grades they say u r grades will determine u r future .what should I do? 😢😭

  4. I have been learning python but I do not have any college degree on Computer science…I am 38…is there a possibility for me to get into the programming sector.?

  5. Without introduction you can't make friends or cordials deals…. The same happen when you are looking job without knowledge or college

  6. Assalamualikum bro i want to know some things that .my name is qazi hussain siddiqui and in our family every male has a there first name as qazi so are u belongs to our family or some ur leave in india .like some one too far in ur family if yes please reply me please

  7. Seriously, with or without college my country do not encourage programmer or programming as an aspect. I love to program, I love coding but how can I do it to start working online. I am a Java Developer on Android and Desktop Application Program.

  8. Qazi, My English is not so good even grammartically is too weak.
    I am a Front End and Back End developer . I don't know how can I do freelancing without a good English. And I think we would have to pay Soo many rupees(dollars) to get a customer orders. I have no Idea. Please comment below

  9. What would you recommend to take if we DO take college? Because I got a full ride scholarship that I’d like to take advantage of…..

  10. Why will any programmer think about getting a job? If you have the ability to code, you are a God in the modern world, nothing should stop you from becoming a billionaire. absolutely nothing! I've made millions of dollars without coding knowledge and all I do is hire these guys who make it all possible. They work very hard and sometimes, I wonder why they are not thinking outside the box. I think if you can code, it means you have a strong technical mind, you should team up with someone who is creative and has a very vivid imagination and then become a co-founder of something useful and amazing, then you won't have to slave around looking for jobs that cannot guarantee lasting financial security. You coders are Gods, you can invoke the power inherent in a CPU to alter reality, that's all you need to secure tons of cash. I hope this makes someone realize that you never have to look for a job, Yes, maybe you have to pay bills but you can also look at old ways of doing things in society and reinvent them with your coding power. If you are a coder, never get frustrated because you can't find a job. Create your own job, you have all it takes.

  11. I am thinking about taking more college classes.. I have my degree in CS. Learn a lot of programming. And I cant even get a job in programming.

  12. you are so right, i have a friend that only have high school certificate but become system engineer! how did he do it? well, because he met the right company for his 1st work experience, the company which didn't employ people base on certificate but passion and willing to learn. From there he learn about computer and networking then take professional certificate from microsoft, Unix, HP etc. He left the small company cause he land a job as sys. engineer at HP. Another one also become programmer with high school certificate but he didn't take the professional certificate, only work for small company and learning new language from internet. Another friends a bit different, they take different major in University but then work as Programmer cause they love to code. From electrical, agriculture to IT after graduate. It's not possible.

  13. Yep I've got your point. I received email from the chairman of our department of CSE. He was asking for someone who knows python and Django. A techer of BUET asked him to send a student. they will pay him. so disappointing for me to know but my mid term exam was knocking on the door. yep i am hopping to try at the future '–'

  14. Hi i am a jobless c# developer, i passed out my college in the year 12. I tried founding my own company but not succeeded due to lack of exp. I worked on many projects specifically web projects.
    From 2012 to now how time passed i really dont know. Now i dont get even a single freelance job as well as a huge gap in my carrier thus not getting industrial job too. Am really afraid of my carrier, and thinking to to switch to Data Science. what shoul i do shoul i join institutions like this
    now i am 32

  15. I've always wanted to become a developer and because of this video, I feel more inspired to make that a reality. Thank you so much Qazi!

  16. I agree with 100% of what you are saying, and I really wish that people/companies can think the way that you do, but I guess the most important thing that I've learned especially within education, that it takes decades to change consumer behavior

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