Disaster Over Indonesia | Falling at Over 20,000 Feet per Minute Mid-Flight | AirAsia Flight 8501

Disaster Over Indonesia | Falling at Over 20,000 Feet per Minute Mid-Flight | AirAsia Flight 8501

100 thoughts to “Disaster Over Indonesia | Falling at Over 20,000 Feet per Minute Mid-Flight | AirAsia Flight 8501”

  1. The horror these poor passengers were subjected to before crashing is beyond comprehension. Condolences to their families.

  2. I can't wait to see your Videos with the New Microsoft Flight Simulator they are already so immersive good Job! 👍

  3. Lovely content ,please do a video on the uberlingen mid air collision ,it would be great 👍 surprised you didn’t do it before but just a suggestion

  4. When flying an aircraft, you never ASSUME anything, you either KNOW, or you ASK. Whenever I was flying with my instructor we had a very clear dialect which goes along the lines (Instructor) "your airplane" (me): "my airplane " or (Instructor) "I have control" (me) "you have control" this simple procedure stops one pilot pulling up while the other tries pulling down. The golden role "Aviate, navigate, communicate, Especially, when the unexpected happens. This is another sickening case where an accident was totally preventable. Nice one as always TFC

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  6. Apparently the flight crew had quit communicating – they weren't communicating with ATC nor with each other. I think this happens under overwhelming stress level conditions, which to me indicates there was a lot going on in the cockpit, perhaps a lot of warning lights and sounds to try to make sense of – recall the 9-second delay?

  7. Hey FlightChannel. Do two videos about Birgenair Flight 301 and Aeroperu flight 603!
    What flight sim game do you play on?
    I love ur vids dude! Keep it up!

  8. Please make a video on the Ukraine airlines which was crashed 2 days ago after shot down by missile in iran 🙏🙏🙏

  9. I've been watching the Flight Channel since 2019 and it seems to me that the greatest numbers of air didaster are from the Asian countries. Why is that? Is it culture? Is it 'money talks'?

    Note to self: DO NOT fly in Asian operated planes.

  10. its really strange for him to pull a circuit breaker during flight. thats a pretty big thing, especially if it wasn't listed at all in the book

  11. ​ encinobalboa : ANY plane that doesn't have a yoke between the legs of the two men in the pilot seats is begging for trouble!

  12. I am not a pilot, but I wonder if all these automatic systems and computerized interventions don't result in formerly good pilots losing their skills.

  13. I guess these pilots never learned from AF 447. There is nothing wrong with the dual stick control but when it comes to a panicky situation like this, it seems to me the pilots do not work with each other. At least let the other know whether you are pushing down or pulling up. I think airbus and airlines should emphasize this communication in their pilot training. It is very scary because in southest asia, most of the airlines are the low cost ones and they hire a lot of young inexperience pilots (not in this case) in order to bring the cost down. Sure they can fly in normal situations but what will happen in emergencies?

  14. I was on this Airplane at least four times in my life. When it crashed it did put a serous shiver down my spine. Oh , this is all very terrible. Why did the Captain not take manual control?

  15. This leaves many questions as to why they were unable to recover the plane. Perhaps the flight recorder conversation would explain this?
    The captain, being an ex-military pilot, would have been experienced with high manouvers in flight, so should not have been disorientated for long (assuming the g-forces weren't extreme ). He should have been able to recover the plane using manual instruments alone. Was he prevented from doing so by the actions of his co-pilot?

  16. When the pilots actions are fighting the aircraft…and worse each other…the losers are the passengers. So sad.

  17. "One of my flight instructors was ex-air force who had 30,000 hours of time in various aircraft. He said emphatically to never ask for permission from atc for anything. He said to ask for clearance. Only weenies ask for permission." He felt that as the person flying the aircraft you know the score not somebody in a tower. If you want to change an instruction it become a negotiation because what they advise may not be safe under your particular circumstances. You can tell them negative and why. They should try to accomodate your clearance requests.

  18. The 1st officer should have flown the airplane using instruments only. This would have avoided spatial disorientation. You have to trust your instruments not what your inner ear is telling you. They seemed to rely too much on the automated flight controls. Just fly the airplane until it's sorted out.

  19. Dear Flight Channel: Can you do a video about the Ukranian airlines plane crash with the Boeing 737 that killed all 176 people near Iran?

  20. I’m never flying on any dodgy Asian airliner, I’ve flown Vietnam airlines and the planes are a little bit dodgy

  21. Well my hell these pilots need manual training and what was up with the first officer not listening to the captain! The little kids on this flight were the real tragedy!😭

  22. Hello
    Can you please make a flight simulator for the Ukrainian 737 Boeing that crashed in Tehran on Wednesday ?

  23. I really feel like the quality of the videos suddently went up in 2020, keep up the great work ! And also RIP to all the passengers and crew ❤.

  24. Why does this channel just keep remaking the same flights over and over instead of so many other crashes that have never had any videos made?

  25. RIP all. Very sad. Thank you for putting so much effort into the CGI. You work very hard for us and we do appreciate it very much.

  26. Was reading the history of crashes at or near JFK and came across this one: Eastern Air Lines Flight 663 was a domestic passenger flight from Boston, Massachusetts, to Atlanta, Georgia, with scheduled stopovers at John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York; Richmond, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Greenville, South Carolina. On the night of February 8, 1965, the aircraft serving the flight, a Douglas DC-7, crashed near Jones Beach State Park, New York, just after taking off from JFK Airport. All 79 passengers and five crew aboard perished. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) investigation determined that evasive maneuvers undertaken by Flight 663 to avoid an oncoming Pan Am Boeing 707 caused the pilot to suffer spatial disorientation and lose control of the aircraft. The accident is the third-worst accident involving a DC-7.

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