100 thoughts to “Dirty Keyboard Cleaning (ASMR)”

  1. Me: Ooh, BuzzFeed ASMR?
    Me at the beginning: Oh, they speed it up, no worries
    Me in the middle: Oh, they added music?
    Me at the end: Tf did I just watch

  2. This isn’t Asmr ,to be fair it’s kinds nauseating. Also why is it sped up? Asmr is saposed to be slow and relaxing.

  3. 0:05 dirty keyboard showing
    0:20 keyboard key sounds
    0:29 wiping keys
    0:33 air duster spray
    0:43 wiping again
    0:55 brush
    1:07 removing keys
    1:40 air dust spraying again
    2:06 keys into water
    2:42 keys into bag
    2:55 liquid stuff
    3:23 unscrewing
    3:30 air dusting inside keyboard
    3:34 wet wipe
    3:51 quetip
    4:03 sticky goo
    4:33 adding keys
    4:50 before
    4:53 after

  4. Glad the comments are unified that the concept is good but definitely not asmr. It was more stressful than relaxing lol but I love the idea behind it. It feels chaotic and loud not quiet and slow/relaxed.

  5. asmr 뜻 모르나봐 천천히 하는 거 보여주면 레전드일거 같은데 빠른 소리가 소음같애서 잠이 깨버려 제발 천천히하는 원본 버전 들려줘..

  6. First off, there is NO ELECTROCUTION RISK at all if the keys aren't properly dried. Key switches don't use electricity because it's literally just shorting an area to make a signal. The only thing that will happen if you get water on a keyboard is the switch might just keep shorting itself out until dry.

  7. This is the worst ASMR I’ve ever seen. You don’t add music that progressively gets louder and louder? You don’t speed it up on the most NOISEY parts of your video. Just because you weren’t talking, doesn’t mean this is ASMR.

  8. If you set it to 0.5x speed it's much better to listen to- not the greatest but still leagues better than whatever they were going for

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