Did Steelseries Create The ULTIMATE Keyboard Switch?

Did Steelseries Create The ULTIMATE Keyboard Switch?

hello good people armed we tree and back
at the hotel and behind me we’ve got something real special today from
SteelSeries they were launching the new apex line of keyboards the apex pro and
the apex 7 but I want to talk today about the new omnipoint switches
because they’re mechanical they have interesting characteristics and normally
I would not dedicated a single video just to talk about the switches because
there’s so many out there but this one is different and huge thanks to fan text
and steelseries for sponsoring our Computex trip so what are omnipoint
canticle and the main idea behind them is for the user to adjust the actuation
distance so normally with MX cherry switches you have an actuation point at
around 2 millimeters somewhere in the middle of the whole travel distance and
that is when the switch is actually registered there’s a physical contact
within the switch itself that sends a signal and tells your source then when
the key is actually pressed with Omnipoint which is the actual mechanism is
slightly different but the actuation distance customization is very cool
because instead of you wanting to actuate the key midway you can actuate
it at really high point which means you don’t have to press as much you don’t
have to bottom out and that whole range goes from point 4 millimeters which is
insane that is currently I would say the fastest actuation switch you can you can
get and it goes all the way to three point six so basically giving you the
full range of motion between when the switches from the top to the bottom
before it actually is registered and that is really cool now what are the
usage case scenarios of something like the adjustability of your actuation
point now with using the shortest actuation point at point four
millimeters everyone’s joking around that you might
as well just blow on the switches and they will be activated and registered or
going all the way to three point six millimeter travel distance for the
actuation point to give you a type writer feel so going old-school if you
like to really bottom out and the cool thing about the apex Pro is the ability
to customize her key actuation point customization so your wall zone can be a
certain actuation point while the rest do keys can be something
else and that whole range of actuation distance is incredibly precise from
point four to three point six millimeters and they’re able to do that
with magnets so there’s one magnet in the actual stem that goes down and
there’s a magnet on the PCB and they’re measuring the magnetic flux is what they
tell us and somehow that goes into the firmware or the keyboard and that
registered the amount of actuation point and where it should actually register
the switch we’re told a lot of calibration went into designing
something like this and initially they went from 0.5 to 3.5 range but they
figured out how to calibrate the magnets and calculating the magnetic flux that
those magazines generate to give us even a lower actuation point and a slightly
higher one to some more technical information so they are a 45 grams
switch which is incredibly light and they were actually co-developed with
gaiter one and they try to replicate the gaiter on red switches which I
absolutely love they’re my favorite switch now and still Sirius was like
this is even better and I would say they’re they feel slightly different the
gator on reds have a slightly heavier that initial movement down while the
Omnipoint switches are incredibly linear and that makes them really good
for what they’re trying to achieve within that actuation range some people
have asked why they didn’t go the route of having a tactile point built into the
switch but that would make no sense for a switch on to which you can customize
the actuation distance and because there are no metal contacts to register the
actuation like you would see on an MX cherry the switch is basically
bare-bones which means the durability is insane so they’ve tested a hundred
million clicks plus and that takes months to constantly press with the
Machine and they said that this is minimum 100 million clicks and it was it
would just kept going still so durability in the long term for the Omnipoint which is and the last thing I want to cover is the usability of the
Omnipoint switches for regular users I feel like it’s almost similar to setting
lighting on your system you set it once and you forget it unless you want to
revisit that and chain up a little bit for some more
customization I feel like the Omnipoint actuation distance will be exactly the
same way if you prefer a light switch if you’ve been using let’s say the MX
cherry speed switches that actuate at one point two millimeters and they’re
really fast as well if you’ve been using something like that setting one point to
here would be perfectly fine but if you want something that actually it’s a bit
further down below three millimeters that is a totally different experience
too because if you like to bottom out while typing that is available and it
kind of gives you that broad range between gaming between typing or
something in the middle and now ladies and gentlemen I present you the type
test and the last thing the actuation distance can be set through the keyboard
or through the software and I would personally set the wast area to be
around 3.5 because I like to bottom out when I’m walking my character while
having the rest around 1.5 to 2 millimeters and the the point four
millimeter actuation distance is actually quite insane but I feel like
just resting my finger on the keys because they’re so linear and so light I
tend to just activate it accidentally and setting it’s like the deeper
actuation point would of course remove that accidental press alright guys so
that is steelseries so many points which is explained let me know if you
think they’re gimmicky or actually functional for your usage case scenario
in my previous experience with the wooden one keyboard that had analog
switches on – you can also adjust the actuation point from I think 1.5 to
three point six that was pretty cool but I said at once and I forget it
but here you can go the actuation point really close to the surface for them to
be incredibly light so you can tap on the keyboard and if you train it won’t
be an issue so guys I’m three tree thanks for
watching make sure to check out this other relevant content I’ll talk to you
in the next video you

100 thoughts to “Did Steelseries Create The ULTIMATE Keyboard Switch?”

  1. ……..in theory they could use the magnet switches wasd as a controller joystick…….. becouse it can detect how much you have pressed it…
    and that is what i want to know: if you play a need for speed game can you steer like the wasd keys are a controller joystick

  2. Perfect keyboard for the professional administrative typist to hard core gamer. Would be fun to compare to Razer's Huntsman light activated keyboard, which I use. That took some time to get used to.

  3. the question is are switches built in with feromagnets and if the spring is made from mu metal.
    If it is, then the price is around 250$ and it's not worth it.

  4. If you guys want what is probably the best prebuilt keyboard on the market right now, I suggest you go for the Wooting brand stuff. Steelseries is basically just utilizing a basic element of optical switches and making it seem like it's something special. At the end of the day, the best keyboard is the one that you build yourself, which you pick the individual parts for yourself, and fits your needs in every dimension. This kind of keyboard usually runs you $300+, but it functions as a sort of investment, because once you've built one yourself, you'll likely have the nohow to just replace the individual parts that stop working without having to buy another costly keyboard, saving a great deal of money long term.

  5. Here's a good advice from someone who has bought steelseries products in the past: Don't buy them, there are much better stuff out there.

  6. Really cool idea, but I would have preferred if you could adjust how deep they physically go. I like the keys to travel very little, but still be risen up like oldschool keyboards, so I have a logitech G810 Spectrum, with the Romer-G switches. I also prefer that the light effects only emit through the key to, not underneath the keys.

  7. Just returned Corsair K70 because the holding +s on keycaps (that part you put on key switch) were getting broken. In the long run (after warranty) it would get very expensive. :/
    How are these keycaps holding out.

  8. i don't think this keyboard is for me, my all time favorite key switch is the cherry mx brown with the cherry mx blue trailing just slightly behind due to the almost perferct tactical feel for my taste and the proven quality of the cherry mx switch in general

  9. Дмитрий, тактильно какие свечи от Черри похожи больше всего на магнитные?

  10. no body sees the opportunity you can put it to 0,4 and yo can press half to walk and press full to run

  11. Problem still remains… they're support and rma is horrendous. Dealt with it twice on Apex 350 and 800. Never again. Complaints are real towards their support for years. Nice idea but God help anyone who needs their support.

  12. I would like to actually try out this keyboard but in theory after buying this keyboard you wouldn't need another one. If you can change the actuation point from 0.4mm you can make it feel like any of the other cherry switches. This in my opinion is such a cool idea. I hope it actually works in practice aswell.

  13. Super gimmicky, your probably gunna set them to 2mm anyway a d the fact that they only really work in red switches when most people want blues or browns is a big deal breaker.

  14. OMG first we had the Razer Hunstman with lasers… now we have Steele series with fucking magnets!?!? What happened to the days when a keyboard is just a keyboard is just a keyboard!?!?!?!?

  15. COuldn't they make this work like analog switches too?
    Also I wonder if there are custom profiles you can set for gaming and typing.
    Does it save the profiles on the keyboard or do i have to have the app activated at all times?
    Cool switch idea, but so many more important things to consider!

  16. "So linear and so light I tend to just activate accidentally."
    Exactly the opposite of what I want.

  17. be cool if they gave us a firmware tool so at certain resistance measures we could make pressing one key do two diff things with simple IFTTT readouts and checks while polling… I mean I'd buy one right now if that was the case

  18. There is lots of physics in a single keyboard ………………………………………………………..I am going to gift this to my physics teacher 😁 and tell me about the magnetic flux.

  19. Whether they're gimickey or functional – I think we need to appreciate some of the other points of the board: great functional design, subtle styling, good lighting coverage, detachable cable and a proper wrist wrest. Thank you Steelseries

  20. Sad the keys led have such a bad flicker… Got an headache just by looking this video.
    And no swiss layout obviously…

  21. magnets lose strength over time i think, so they did the undred milion clicks with a machine in a short range of time, my thoughts are, after 1/2 years the clicks stop being accurate….

  22. Ok. So this is like the steelseries size version of the wooting 1, right? Cuz they have like the same exact switches… Customizable actuation and everything. Also you can set 2 macros to one key on the wooting 1 so cool.

  23. Why is this not analogue keyboard? Kind of a waste of the potential of the switch. Unless they want to cash in over a gimmick now and then cash in again next year with analogue keyboard later on.

  24. So, theoretically speaking, since they can measure magnetic flux extremely accurately and can do so between 0.4mm and 3.6mm, then, if the software/firmware supported it, these switches can function as "analog" progressive actuation buttons, yes?

  25. They didn't create the switch. It is a hall effect switch which has been in use since the 1980s in honeywell keyboards.

  26. if anyone wants to get these switches for the low actuation distance, I’d recommend getting O-Rings so they bottom out earlier

  27. Bring back the Merc Stealth KB. They're going for $400-500 NOS, when you can find one…that's quite a large hint.

  28. I really, really want this, just for the shift keys. My pinky fingers are always too slow getting off of them and I get two capitalized letters…I need deep actuation. But I want shallow actuation everywhere else.

  29. No. There's no chance a non-tactical switch can be optimal since that would require some feel.

  30. Are there market alternative parts I could construct my own custom keyboard with? I'd prefer a 75% variant and Steelseries doesn't make those.

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