Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Quantum computers are on the horizon, and
they’ve been stuck there for quite some time. All the theoretical advantages they promise
over classical computers, like speeding up drug development, helping to manufacture room
temperature superconductors, and cracking encryption remain just that: theoretical. However, a leaked paper from Google claims
that for the first time a quantum computer used its unique quantum properties to absolutely
dominate a classical computer in a specific task, demonstrating what’s known as “quantum
supremacy.” The paper was posted in September of 2019
on NASA’s website, since NASA and Google are collaborating on the project. Almost as suddenly as it appeared, it was
taken down again. But this is the internet, and Google of all
companies should know that the internet is forever. The paper was copied and made widely available. Anyone can still read it. I read it. A lot of it was utterly bewildering to me,
a humble internet host, but I still read it for you, dear viewer. Luckily for me and you, actual experts in
quantum computing read it too and weighed in on what it means. First off, they caution that it’s not yet
published in a scientific journal so it may not be the final version or even peer reviewed. We shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves
and declare this the end of data security as we know it, as some have been suggesting. Experts also point out that Google’s quantum
computer bested a classical computer in a task that was tailor made to exploit the quantum
computer’s strengths. The computer was asked to simulate the outputs
of a pseudo random “quantum circuit,” basically a number generator. I say pseudo-random because due to quantum
interference, some of the numbers it generates should have a higher probability of occurring
than others. If the quantum computer works correctly, it
should produce a cluster of numbers that line up with what we statistically expect to see. Well surprise surprise, according to this
paper the computer that uses quantum phenomena to operate was better at predicting how quantum
phenomena would generate numbers than a classical computer. But you may be shocked to learn just how much
it stomps its supercomputer rivals. While the Google machine churned through a
million randomly generated numbers in 200 seconds, the paper estimates the most powerful
supercomputer on Earth today would do the same task, if it just had 10,000 years to
do it. Not bad for a chip with just 54 quantum bits,
or qubits, one of which wasn’t working. So if the leaked paper is to be believed,
then yes, Google has demonstrated quantum supremacy. No one said the task the quantum computer
demonstrated had to be useful for it to count. And no one said that this means it’s time
to throw our old hardware in the bin either. Quantum computers still have a long way to
go. Namely the biggest problem with them remains
errors caused by qubits decaying and losing information stored on them. To make what’s known as a logical qubit
that’s more coherent requires hundreds or thousands of physical qubits whose errors
cancel each other out. And a quantum computer capable of cracking
encryption would require thousands of logical qubits. Right now the most physical qubits we’ve
ever put together is 72, and that computer was actually too difficult to control. For quite some time it appears encrypted data
will remain uncrackable. But that doesn’t mean that Google’s demonstration
of quantum supremacy in this one esoteric task is insignificant. This is quite a milestone that computer scientists
have been working towards for decades. If their work checks out,it will be a major
step towards putting quantum computers to work solving problems that so far have been
out of reach. Problems that really matter, like developing
life saving drugs faster, or inventing new wonder materials. So if and when this paper gets published,
let’s all act really surprised and congratulate the researchers, okay? Quantum computers rely on superconductors
to function, which have to be kept at extremely low temperatures. If a quantum computer can help develop room
temperature superconductors, that could be a vital step to a quantum PC you could have
at home. If superconductors pique your interest and
you want to know more about the wild possibilities they could unlock, check out Maren’s video
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up to date will all your quantum news, and as always, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts to “Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?”

  1. Quantum computers will not be used to crack encryption, they will be used to make cracking encryption IMPOSSIBLE because once there are practical quantum computers, all other computers will be automatically obsolete.

  2. Quantum Supremacy for arse ends. Stacking fake facts to build expected correlations is dangerous, and Google are the f#%%;;:::: Dicks that are responsible. The truth doesn't count for jack shit in our world too heavily dependent on corrupt source stacking. THATS ALL THEY'VE DONE… CORRELATE CORRUPT SOURCE STACKING Even global warming has been corrupted. And the right to be forgotten deletes the facts in front of your eyes with impunity. Physics doesn't care what you or Google frame as true, burning fuel changes earth's momentum, and general relativity will burn your ignorant arses for it. If not for the innocent, I'd say to HELL with your kuware arse.

  3. I wouldn't trust these psychopaths with these advanced machines,hope those machines become self aware and not take orders.

  4. What quantum computing means that if they have your data and location,they can predict your next move and your intentions that's illegal and infringement on privacy,liberty of the individual. Liberty over security.

  5. Google needs to be BROKEN UP and distributive decentralized data linking needs to replace the hack job they're doing. Otherwise quantum supremacy will mean hacked data at it's source to say whatever those who pull the strings want it to say. Delinking from sources and link generating controlled correlated data nodes is all they've done to convince anyone of any falsehoods as truth. Thats what they've done. Its a hack, not true quantum computing.

  6. The D-Wave 2X features a 1000+ qubit quantum processor


  7. What MOST of the world don't know as yet, is the fact that China has knowledge of Quantum Grammar.

    The reason the people in the world are so slow at everything, including the knowledge of Quantum, is the FACT that their languages only travel in ONE direction…..MATHS does NOT!

    Ask anyone you meet this simple question; "What's four plus four divided by four?"
    98% of people will always answer "TWO", and some will say "FOUR", and some will say "Zero".

    The answer is FIVE!

    Computers have already figured out that WE are the virus on this planet, and pretty soon because of the dickheads and wannabees in the technology world, the whole world will be gobbled up using a very different type of bite (BYTE).

    People who totally comprehend Quantum Grammar, totally comprehend EVERYTHING on the planet, the way it works, who runs it, and who gives the orders.
    Everybody else? No idea, not one of you.

  8. Imagine being able to fold proteins in no time at all on a quantum computer where as a classical computer would take longer than the lifetime of the universe to do the same. The applications in medicine alone make these machines invaluable. Not to mention materials engineering and physics. Search databases too.
    Will you play video games on them? Do you use a hydrogen bomb to power your home? No.

  9. holyy shiittt!!! 10000 years on best supercomputer down to 200 seconds on a mere 54 qubits quantum computer??? that's a huuuge leap!!!

  10. Let's back up just a step here. How much time elapsed between the first gold "strike" by early U.S. settlers in the late 1840's and the transformation of California to the raped, barren, and artificially intriguing wasteland that we know today? Answer? About SEVEN YEARS. Google, Amazon, IBM, and Boston Dynamics were not participating in this particular event. The great information rush has already begun and is well underway.

  11. I achieved quantum supremacy!…https://www.deviantart.com/joshua-j-whitworth/art/Holographic-Fire-Ezekiel-1-815179459

  12. For years they are almost there with Quantum computers and then almost there , almost there . Just around the corner. We have it , but not yet. Ten years from now they will say we have it now, not yet. Almost there….

  13. May I ask if content publishers can now decide if audio plays during autoplay preview in the "home" screen in the YouTube app? I ask because only just now on 10 October 2019, on this video have I been forced to hear audio while scrolling through the "home" screen. The only settings for this feature are autoplay off and autoplay on with no audio.

  14. If you want to read report which was taken down from NASA's site you can download it from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19lv8p1fB47z1pEZVlfDXhop082Lc-kdD/view

  15. im guessing in the future, quantom computers are gonna be imbedded into a normal computer, instead of being heir own things

  16. as soon as it becomes self aware we all become useless and unneeded so guess what happens next people god will have to steep in or no humans would be left in the end just like the bible says .google is most likely beating the crap out of the guy that posted it and it makes sense he would get existed and post it ,so the rise  of the machines is coming soon . I wonder if they will be yelling Allah backwah as they kill us .

  17. So now it's "Google's Cat" as opposed to "Schrodinger's Cat" eventually it will turn itself on/off at the same time. And when that happens we're screwed.

  18. What are computers actually doing for the homeless pushed out of homes by greedy developers and corrupt government officials?

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