Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Seasonal Artifact Mods, New Exotics & More

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Seasonal Artifact Mods, New Exotics & More

Hello everyone, today we got some new looks
at Shadowkeep stuff, specifically related to the Seasonal Artifact, along with a new
trailer and cinematic. We are in spoiler-ish territory here folks,
you’ve been warned. First off, keep in mind that this is pre-Shadowkeep
footage, we’ve seen things change before their release, so things are subject to change. The main stuff we saw were some of the mods
that are coming on the Seasonal Artifact, so let’s just take a look at the mods themselves. At the very end of the artifact, we got to
see 4 of the 5 mods available. Heavy Finisher costs 7 to slot on armor and
generates heavy ammo “for your fireteam,” when you use a finisher to kill an enemy,
but it costs half of your super in order to proc it. Oppressive Darkness costs 6 to slot and makes
your void grenades add a weaken effect to enemies, potentially similar to a Hammer Strike
debuff, the percentage of the effect is unknown. Arc Battery costs 5 to slot and gives an overshield
and reduced cooldown during activation of all arc class abilities. Thunder Coil costs 6 to slot and gives bonus
damage for all Arc melee abilities and refunds super energy on finisher final blows. It does look like, at least in every example
in the video, finishers costs a little bit of super energy to use, although in one of
the clips where the player has a full super, it doesn’t cost them anything, so maybe they
had this mod on, not sure just yet. Note that none of these have an elemental
affinity, in fact, none of the mods on the seasonal artifact have any sort of elemental
affinity, so you can use them where ever you want, although there are weapon and armor
specific mods. Looks like there are enhanced reload mods
for hand cannons, smgs, bows, fusions and auto rifles for this particular season and
they all cost ONE to slot. Column 2 looks like it features anti-barrier
mods, where you get shield piercing rounds designed to bypass combat defenses, which
are strong against Barrier Champions and Overload Rounds, strong against Overload Champions,
where uninterrupted fire grants bullets that cause disruption, delaying ability energy
regen and lowering combatant damage output. These will be important for a new thing we’ll
talk about in a moment. This is what the symbols in the gameplay by
the weapons mean, in case you were wondering what those were: the triangle is anti-barrier,
the circle is overload, the square is I dunno. In terms of progression on the seasonal artifact,
I’m not 100% on all of the details yet since all we really have is this footage. BUT, for starters, as you unlock mods, that
counter on the bottom goes up. To start, there is a requirement of zero,
you unlock one mod, you get the next column, then you need to unlock 4 total to get the
next, 7 and then 10. As for how often you get a mod unlock available,
I’m not too sure. It could just be every time you get a level,
but that does seem kind of quick, at least assuming the leveling experience isn’t changing
too drastically from now in terms of how often you get a level. And then we also have the ability to reset
our artifact, I assume to let us get the rest of the mods, although it’s not clear if you
get to keep the mods you had before the reset or if you’ll have to re-grind levels to get
your unlocks again. That’s about it for the seasonal artifact,
we’re gonna move on to more spoilery stuff now, like exotics and the map of the moon,
fair warning, but I do have one more mod related thing and that is the continued return of
raid mods. We have one example here, where you have a
greatly increased chance of finding Heavy ammo while you have the Voltaic Overflow buff…
whatever that means. I also found their choice of the word heavy
ammo to be interesting. Exotics wise, we saw 2 in the Gamescom 5 minute
interview footage, one of them being a returning Destiny 1 exotic in Monte Carlo and a new
helm called Assassin’s Cowl for Hunter, where defeating a Guardian with a melee or a PvE
combatant with a finisher gives invis and restores some shields and health. Monte Carlo’s expansion icon is not the same
as all the other gear though, it has a Vex head for an icon, which matches Season of
the Undying, as opposed to all the other symbols, which are for Shadowkeep. Remember, Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying
are not the same thing. A third exotic was posted in Bungie’s media
drop, the Phoenix Cradle. This exotic is for Sunspot Titans: Your Sun
Warrior benefit lasts twice as long something something Sunspot, probably normal Sunspot
or something. Allies who pass through your Sunspot also
gain the benefit of Sun Warrior. As for the moon map, seems pretty large for
the most part, with 2 landing zones at the north and south. Eris, or someone anyway, looks to be the destination
vendor in the Sanctuary. There’s a new strike in The Scarlet Keep,
I wonder if that is going to be a story mission just turned into a strike, we’ll see. We also have a new 3 player activity in the
“Nightmare Hunt,” with 3 difficulty options, scaling from 860 to 920 to 950. The lowest difficulty looks like it has a
beneficial modifier, the mid difficulty makes champion enemies get special abilities or
simply just spawns them into the activity, on top of what seems to be a negative modifier
based on the name, and the hardest difficulty tacks on a negative modifier and locks your
equipment. The hardest difficulty does not have matchmaking,
the other two do. Finally, in the Gamescom trailer, the biggest
thing that I saw was this void rocket launcher that spits out what looks like the void orbs
from Slowva Bomb. Might have a Gjallarhorn kind of situation
here. That trailer is linked in the description. That’s about it for new information. Without knowing exactly how the seasonal artifact
is going to work, I don’t want to rush any thoughts out, but I will say that I didn’t
think it was going to work the way that I think it’ll work, which appears to be entirely
mod based. You basically yoink mods out of the artifact
and just throw them in your gear and that’s the deal as far as we know. I thought there would be more of a “you unlock
perks on the artifact and then get upgrades,” kind of deal. I guess unlocking them in the form of mods
is basically the same thing and makes it so you have more choice and more players are
unique from each other instead of everyone having the same everything. AND you actually have to make decisions on
what to use, instead of just getting everything. That’s fine. As for the exotics, I liked Monte Carlo back
in D1, it’s just that you had to use an auto rifle and Monte Carlo as a weapon wasn’t spectacular
or anything, it was fine, but the main perk on it was pretty good: dealing damage reduced
melee cooldown and you had a chance on kill to instantly refresh your melee. With armor 2.0, assuming they keep the same
perk, I think there is good potential for some melee based builds using this weapon,
so I’m excited for that. Hopefully auto rifles themselves get a little
love to make using Monte Carlo not a bad experience damage wise. Assassin’s Cowl, turning invisible and getting
some health and shields back after a finisher in PvE or melee kill in PvP, much more of
a defensive exotic, I can see it being a little enticing for PvP, but otherwise, I think it’ll
need some help to make it more enticing. Good way to ensure you’ll come away from a
melee win with a lot of health, but ehh, I dunno. To be determined. If you’re asking for a hot take, I’d say this
is gonna be in the lower tier of exotics, but who knows. That’s based on how strong we are right now
though, maybe defensive exotics are gonna be better since Guardian power seems like
its getting toned down. Maybe if there’s a lot of finisher based team
mods and you can just hop around getting finisher kills, this could be insane. The Phoenix Cradle exotic is what I think
is gonna bring Sunspot Titans into the limelight to some degree. Allies can benefit from Sunspots? Hello? Double duration Sunspots potentially? In case you’re not familiar with Sunspots
and Sun Warrior, Sun Warrior increases ALL DAMAGE, recharges abilities faster and makes
your super last longer. What more do you want? I think Sunspot’s current problem is that
they’re stronger in an arena like setting as opposed to a linear setting. The game moves so fast that by the time you
get a Sunspot chain rolling, you’re moving on to the next section. I think if the game slows down in that it’s
harder to kill stuff or there’s more arena style activities, Sunspots are gonna be great. And if THIS exotic can’t help Sunspots, then
I don’t think much else will outside of ridiculous buffs. The only issue I have with this is that this
is going to be a staple exotic for bottom tree Sunbreaker. If you are using bottom tree, you are using
this no matter what. I don’t like exotics as bandaids, if an exotic
takes a super or subclass branch from bad to useable, I think that’s a problem with
the super or subclass branch and an exotic shouldn’t just exist to bandaid it. I don’t think this exotic is necessarily solving
the “problem’ of Sunspots, since I think they’re good already, but this exotic is a brain dead
easy decision to make. PLEASE Sunspots be good, they’re good now
but they could be awesome. Tough to say what the Nightmare Hunt is gonna
be, but I like that there are some more difficulty options. My concern until proven otherwise is: how
are you going to entice me to play higher difficulties and keep me playing them? That’s my question for the entirety of Destiny,
how are you going to incentivize max level difficulty content and things like that? That’s what I wanna know. Both trailers were pretty cool, I like that
there’s a couple of things going on with Shadowkeep AND Season of the Undying. If the past is anything to go by, then Shadowkeep
is probably gonna be wrapped up in the campaign, while the rest of the Season will focus on
the Vex to some degree, or maybe Shadowkeep leads INTO the Black Garden raid. I know there’s a bunch of leaks and stuff
out there right now, I’m not gonna talk about that stuff here, although I’m sure people
in the comments will, so just be aware of that. So, that’s about it, I’ve linked everything
referenced in the description of this video. Didn’t hate anything here, all seems pretty
good, looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Assassins Cowl is next hunter meta game for pvp, calling it now. Pull 1-2 shots followed by a melee wombo combo, ez clap

  2. Come on Datto. You know there won't be that much customization because majority of YouTubers will tell everyone what the best set up is and that's what 90% of the community will use. Because it's da bes and meta and stuff.

  3. I just like that Destiny is embracing more RPG elements again.

    I would even consider coming back for Shadowkeep, IF Shadowkeep will include all previous add ons and DLCs…I'm not coming back with the previous price models they had where you had to buy every single DLC extra, just to play the current. I bought and stopped after CoO…since it was basically Destiny 1.0 all over again…and all the fool me twice shenanigans…sell Shadowkeep for $40 and have it include Forsaken etc and I will give it a try…otherwise I'll pass and see how Destiny 3 will shape up and if the same mistakes happen again.

  4. On the topic of Phoenix Cradle – I wouldn't be so worried about it being a "braindead easy" choice, as dmg buff stacking is being addressed. So as long as Sun Warrior's dmg buff is only on par or weaker than other options (like WoR or WoL), it most likely won't be picked over those alternatives (if it doesnt provide an on-par alternative itself). And at that point, it atleast gives sunbreakers an alternative to Hallowfire Heart for CDR (personal high CDR w/ Hallowfire VS. team-wide low-medium CDR w/ Cradle)

  5. Is there only one finishing move per class?
    With what requires it that would be so lazy, atleast let each subclass have their own so we don't see the same thing constantly

  6. Some speculation. During the Director's Cut it was mentioned that certain activities will be removed at the end of the season. I believe that's what will happen with the Nightmare Hunts. Because this seasonal artifact will be replaced with season 9, possibly without those barrier/overload/? mods. The nightmare hunts directly refer to these mods with their champions, which possibly need the mods to be fought more efficiently.

    The only part about this that seems to point against my theory is that Nightmare Hunts seem to thematically align with the Moon and Eris's storyline, which is Shadowkeep and not season of the Undying. But I'm not sure anyway if the season refers to Vex or Nightmares as Undying. I'd think it's the Vex though because of the different symbols, the cross-like one being clearly themed after Lunar gear and Eris Morne, while the Vex head is pretty self-explanatory. Therefore, it would be weird to see Nightmare Hunts removed if they're actually Shadowkeep content.

  7. I miss these vids so much, reminds me when D1 was new and u used to do guides all the time even solo the nightfalls lol.

  8. "a chance of monte carlo and armor 2.0 making some very nice melee builds" i mean have you seen liars handshake? Given that they dont nerf the living hell out of it of course

  9. Seriously, though, Gambit is done. What are they going to do, if not at release? If it stays the way it is for a longer time, when they finally do nerf heavy ammo, the people who played it forever how it is are going to be upset. Completely unmotivated to play Prime at this point.

  10. Aside from the nitty gritty detail that has been changed with 2.0, it's still going to be the same game.
    You can complete end game without all this stuff. IMO, Mods are purely for hardcore's to melt and 1phase a boss… Destiny will remain a mediocre game unless D3 drastically changes.
    It's sad because there is so much potential.

  11. Ngl, I can’t wait until shadow keep, I have been prepared and I have gathered loads of materials, one problem which I have is I feel like warlocks are gonna get nerfed through the ground, along with MT, Recluse and the tractor cannon swarm technique, anyway, love u Fargo keep it up.

  12. The "Assassin's Cowl" looks ridiculous. Hey, you, assassin! psst You wanna wear this glowy, bright fishnet over your face? How about an all-black shader for my gear?

  13. Actually the are the same thing, season of the undying is just the subname, just like forsaken was the season of the outlaw, black armory was season of the outlaw etc. However, they are allowed to have different symbols in realtion to the content, for example the shadowkeep weapons and armor from the more meaty parts of the expansion will haver eris' logo over them whereas the temporary content (i.e the vex invasions in this season and whatever else they have in store for us) i want to feel like that symbol is a reintroduction to a hard revamp of boss, activity and strike specific/enemy faction themed loot but hey until we Actually see shadowkeep this is just speculation on my part.

  14. That rocket launcher orbs look like shriekers blast, like from savathun, and the weapon it self looks hivey

  15. I don’t know why when you invade in gambit your power weapons aren’t locked for like 20 seconds of the 30 and your supers too just cause I guess

  16. That cinematic was beautiful. Gotta say I’m pretty excited for everything in store with season of the undying

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  18. Datto as a regular destiny 2 player. Please stop offering your thoughts. You don’t know how to make games better and your suggestions make destiny worse regularly and es they are or suggestion. Just because destiny is stupid enough to listen doesn’t negate the fact your ideas are stupid. Your a good gamer man. Stick to imaging the game. If you must offer thoughts than think about every player not just yourself man.

  19. So I've got one thing to ask: wouldn't it become boring after a while hopping around with finishers like this? It works in Doom bc Doom wasn't't meant to be played for hundreds upon hundreds hours.

  20. s'not a mandatory exotic dude, Hallowfire heart makes the bottom tree great too, massive uptime on abilities lets you get plenty of sunspots, especially with absolution on your mark and wendigo letting you pick up extra orbs. This one just looks like itll make Sunspots a team buffer, rather than a solo damage machine

  21. Top tree arcstrider, Assassin’s Cowl, and a Swashbuckler shotgun (especially Gunnora’s Axe) is gonna be my default crucible build. So hyped for this new exotic!

  22. I was pretty hype'd for Shadowkeep but after thinking logically about it, I feel I need to reserve my higher hopes for this Expansion and season. With how many changes that are going to be shaking up the whole gameplay and feel to the game. We dont know if all of this is going to be great orrrrr just meh. Only time will tell. I'll still be looking forward to the weapon buffs( ie. scout and maybe autos) and Supers. Having to see good looking armor come back from the crypt from y1 will be nice to see again as well. I really do hope that everything will feel great and make me fall in love with the game again. 🙂

  23. Wouldn't Assassin's Cowl allowed some more dynamic Hunter options for invis? It's somewhat more limited in that it requires a kill, but cases such as in the Savathun strike, having Hunter invis makes dealing with the Shriekers infinitely easier.

  24. Don’t be fooled by the new armor. (Speculation) but all the new
    Armor and weapons shown are from
    The raid. Which less than 10% of the community engages with. Where’s the pvp stuff?

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  27. Ditto. Datto. I do have this feeling that Monte Carlo might be an exotic quest. Nice work, dude. Keep up the great work.

  28. These mods do not appear to take armor energy. In the bottom right it has "12/12" and the total number in the artifact is 12. The artifact has its own energy system for mods

  29. You have to remember about the 1 buff, 1 debuff rule for dps bungie is bringing back with shadowkeep. Imsure sunspots will help, but i dont think they will become used as often as the bubble, WoR, Tether combo that i can see coming up

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  33. Hello everyone welcome to another addition of bungie listening to ass wipes who live in there mothers basement and ruins every fucking game.

    Yea speaking on the bullshit you spouted out because you have nothing better to fucking do thannit on your ass playing video games ruining people's hobbies.

    Sorry not sorry because most people play games as hobbies not as a fucking job.

    Hey that self entitled dick out of your mouth because no woman would ever suck yours in the first place and shut the fuck up.

    It's assholes like you that have ruined the Destiny game.

    I think I speak for the majority of the community that plays the game and doesn't follow your stupid ass let alone any youtuber that you need to fuck off and leave our game alone and stop ruining it.

    Yea looked for you latest video to tell you to fuck off you no life cock sucking can't get laid little bitch.

  34. Hey Datto can you talk about the problem with warlocks( how all the supers are bad except a well and the exotics)
    If you have time

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