Desk setup 2017 [Feat. the 27″ iMac 2017, Canon Selphy CP1200, Logitech G403 & G213]

Desk setup 2017 [Feat. the 27″ iMac 2017, Canon Selphy CP1200, Logitech G403 & G213]

Hi guys welcome to the world of Pierre
I’m Pierre and today I want to do a short video about my desk setup.
I called that video 2017 because this is the setup I use last year I’m just about
to move to a new place so this is the last time you see the setup behind me
and I thought it would be nice to do a little video to talk about all the
different items. Let’s start! so it’s a desk setup video it’s not
really an office tour video but I still want to show you my room all the naughty
room. And nothing really naughty happens in this place, this is how my girlfriend
calls this room. She sends me there each time I’m naughty, it happens a lot
because I spend a lot of time in this room. As you can see it’s very small and
there is not a lot of space between the wall and the chair to fit my camera and
to shoot the screen behind me, my desk behind me but you know I make it
work. I’m quite tall so I have to do a Jean-Claude Van Damme split to actually fit here…
I’m not going to show you that. It’s all done on a budget a lot of things are
very very cheap but you don’t need to invest a lot of money to start a YouTube
channel the first thing is the desk as I told you my room is very long and narrow
there’s not a lot of space this desk is actually very narrow as well and it was
quite cheap so I bought it from office works and I’ve been very happy with it
in this new place where I’m moving in I’m gonna have another room or long room
so I will get 2 of these desk and I’ll show you tonight in the setup next time
so these chairs from Ikea it’s again cheap and cheerful I spend a lot of time
in this chair I think for $59 it’s a very good chair to have it has a very
good lower back support and come complain behind me is the 27-inch iMac
the latest one it comes with the Radeon 580 right on pro 588 gig it’s a very
good graphics card and if you want to do some gaming you can do some serious
gaming at 1440p so I highly recommend anybody to get that machine it’s a great
machine and you can do so much with it I did quite a few videos on gaming on this
iMac so if you’re interested click on the link above
so I was looking for a lamp for a while the desk lamp to put on my desk and then
I realize that I could actually add some edited strips so I found some LED strip
at Bunnings they’re very cheap and they work really well it comes with the
remote for this price you can’t really control the LEDs with your phone
and unfortunately doesn’t sync with all the other RGB toys I have on my desk so
behind me you have the Sennheiser momentum these are great headphones I
was very lucky my friend Salim give them to me for Christmas you just bought the
wireless version so he gave me the wired version and the sound is unbelievable I
use that every day to edit videos and forgive me
so talking about the gaming you really can’t play with the mouse you know the
magic man’s that comes with the iMac actually you can’t even edit photos or
videos with these males it’s so uncomfortable so I got the Logitech G
403 it’s cheap and cheerful it works really well and and he has those cool
object is lighting all the time to go to with a mouse or a mat a very thin cloth
from Logitech so for the keyboard I was looking for RGB cable to go with the
mouse and the orange that’s too much money plus I’m not a fan of the
mechanical keyboard they do a lot of noises so if you share a flat with other
people get a quiet keyboard and this one is actually very good and it is also
waterproof I mean it’s built so in the corner of
the my desk there was a printer it’s called the canon selphy cp900 it’s a
great little printer and especially if you spend a lot of time going to a lab
to get some smaller pictures printed this is actually amazing you have that
on your desk it doesn’t take a lot of space and if you feel like having an
image you can print in straddling the quality is as good as the lab and it
doesn’t cost a lot of money to run I will do a video about this printer
very soon so in the world VI me have a print of Catwoman I got that print one
was in Melbourne in an art shop it’s I think I pay about $100 and I really
really like it so you can’t really see but this season okay well it was an
orchid with a bit of TLC I think it will come back and this set of wouldn’t be
complete without the Xbox controller 360 for PC the wired one I’m not a fan of
playing third person game with a mouse and keyboard so for me this controller
is very important but I hope you enjoyed this video I’m feeling a bit sadly in
this setup I have to say it’s been my first setup for YouTube channel and
moving to this new place hopefully I’ll manage to create
something even better and I will keep you updated it also means that I won’t
have a video next week but I’ll have videos within a few weeks
so I’ll let you know thumbs up if you liked the video don’t subscribe to
search rather web don’t sub don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you very soon are you coming with us you’re coming
with us are you staying here

11 thoughts to “Desk setup 2017 [Feat. the 27″ iMac 2017, Canon Selphy CP1200, Logitech G403 & G213]”

  1. You just need to break your mouse hand in and get a proper designer claw. Then the magic mouse is fine for video editting 🙂

  2. Good luck with the move and thanks for sharing your set up. Did you try the wireless version of those headphones as I am trying to decide whether to go wireless or buy the wired version like your friend gave you.

  3. I don’t understand why you haven’t atleast 100k subscribers. You make good content, something that’s missing youtubers even with 1 million subscribers.

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