Deconstructing the Edit: Week 16

Deconstructing the Edit: Week 16

Hello and welcome to my creating room
I’m so excited to have you here to be sharing this space with you to jump into
Photoshop to talk about creating this my favorite thing to do in the whole world
my name is Brooke Shaden I’m a self portrait artist and I work alone a lot
so it’s super nice to have you here with me in this space in my space this is my
office my favorite room in my house where I make everything that I make
pretty much so let’s dive in because this is a really special picture we’ve
got an image here where I used cardboard boxes and some construction paper to
make pretty much the whole thing so let’s see how that’s done we’re gonna go
to the end of the layers here to the very bottom to look at the background
here we have a background just a filled shot at dusk the Sun had gone down it
was almost dark outside super super soft light not something to mention that when
I do photo shoots I always have super soft light always it’s really important
to me for my personal aesthetic to have really really soft even light and so
that’s why I shot at this time here we’ve got some light coming into the
space to make some interest in the center and then I decided to start
blending the background so that there were no inconsistencies we’ve got there
we go that’s the big one darkening that background to create a
gradient a beautiful gradient because I knew that eventually this would have
stars in it and I wanted to create this nighttime look this believable nighttime
look and so that’s how all of these choices were made for the background
shooting it at dusk making sure it was nice and dark creating that gradient
where the Sun was so that right along just right through here we’ve got this
area of like more pink and then some yellow and some green and some blue and
creating that little rainbow effect here we have a star this star was just a
paper cut out of a star I used blue construction paper cut out a star
brought it with me set it down in the dirt and then
able to edit it into the field because of that so darkening that down creating
in the shadow now where I had it in the dirt it was just kind of like just stuck
in the dirt like not really behind a lot of things very clean here though it’s in
the grass like we’ve got grass covering in the front of it so we had to put a
shout over there right and another star with the shadow coming on the star that
we just put in so we’ve got a background star with a shadow darkening that one
more star why not and then some boxes I just photographed you can even see I
photographed these boxes just outside so it’s not perfect that’s my hand part of
my hand holding it on it’s not perfect not cut out perfectly yet but just
photograph the boxes outside so the light would be the same in that space
okay and then we’re going to stack some more boxes and there I am so in order to
shoot myself for this picture because the boxes were stacked so high up I had
to make sure that I was also high up but I couldn’t get that high up so I
photographed myself standing on a stool so that I could have this effect of
really reaching and being up higher and in order to really elevate myself I put
my camera down lower so that I was looking up at myself while I shot myself
so there we have this image of me and I’m just going to really make it look
like I’m there by making some slight adjustments on my body like the lighting
good okay and then you see this star coming in we’ve got a really like make
that look good so we’re gonna add this little step here which is the burst of
light and I love doing that just adding a little bit of interest and that was
done really quite simply so if we zoom in let’s just do it again and see if we
can get that look so we’ve got this little
star and I just took the lasso tool here and just made a shape where I wanted the
light to beam from another shape just like that right click and feather but
say I don’t know seven pixels see I’m not really sure so let’s see how that
goes and then create a curve adjustment layer and from the shadows so you start
to pull up and that’s how I created that effect and so there we go let’s zoom
back out take a brush look good darkening creating this sort of
fairytale vignette around the outside edges I love doing that just creating a
really like really harsh vignette – to let people know we’ve got a subject to
look at here texture always helps in my work finished it was a pretty
complicated edit to be honest I had a lot to think about in terms of the
angles of how I shot everything that was the hardest thing so I have the stars
and I had to shoot those on the ground from all different angles from straight
on from slightly lower from slightly above because with compositing it’s
almost impossible to know exactly where everything is going to be placed in the
frame and even if you do know you might be wrong your angle just may be off so I
shot each of these things the boxes the stars myself from many different angles
just to be sure that I could add them all in appropriately so that was the big
thing for this image shooting in at dusk was really helpful after the Sun had
gone down really creating that deep dark blue look was vital to making this look
like it was nighttime and the stars are out so I hope that you enjoyed that I
hope it was helpful in some way and I’ll see you next week

7 thoughts to “Deconstructing the Edit: Week 16”

  1. Excellent… great work..!!

    I have some doubt: seeing that you work with a full frame camera and, in the edition, with much layers: ¿do you save your work archives in psd? ¿they end up being very heavy?

  2. I find your work inspiring and indeed your videos do help me to get a much better idea of how to make my dream edits come true.

  3. just curious, why didn't you call yourself a "fine art photographer" like you have in your previous videos? besides that, THANKS FOR THE UPLOAD! I love seeing how you work! 😁

  4. This is simply genious! This is one of my favourite images of yours. So dreamy, thank you for sharing Brooke! As always, I learned tons! 💗🌷

  5. Hi I just wanted to say a huge thanks for sharing all that you do. I hope you don't mind, I have used this core idea and put my own spin on it. I've created a composite image of me in my pjs drawing in the stars. I plan to post what I came up with to my Instagram account tomorrow giving you full credit for helping me take the plunge to create my version of your image. My version of this idea was created with the single purpose of learning, it will not be used for any other purpose. I love your work and have been following you for a while now. It sometimes gets a little tricky when I need to figure out how to do something on affinity photo instead of Photoshop but I have to say so far I'm very impressed with affinity photo as an editing software 😊 (not sponsored lol) Ps I'm 50 now and have grey hair which loves to look like straw a lot lol so I find it hard to know how to photograph myself to get the look I want lol oh well, I shall just need to come up with ideas better suited to my wiser looks lol hmm perhaps my granddaughter would be up for being a model for some younger ideas once when I'm actually allowed to be near my family again. Hope you are safe and well, take care T

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