DDJ-SB Set Up Tutorial

DDJ-SB Set Up Tutorial

This is the first in a range of videos showing you how to get started on the DDJ-SB using Serato DJ. We’ll go over everything from covering the basic controls right up until your first mix and using some of the more advanced features. So, to get started, you need to download Serato DJ. Once you’ve done that, you install it and then open it. Before you start using the SB, you need to put all of your music into Serato DJ. So, to do that, we can click on ‘Files’, if you navigate to locate your music and highlight the tracks you want and you can click and drag and once you let go, it’s going to import all those in. Before you start using any of the music in Serato, you need to analyse all it, so it can determine the BPM. So, if we highlight them all then click and drag to ‘Analyse Files’ on the top left, it will begin to analyse all of those tracks automatically. You can see the progress file here as each track is analysed. Once Serato has finished analysing all of your music, you can get started and connect your SB. So, on the back of the SB, there is a USB port and a phono output. Connect the phono output straight to the speakers and then plug in the USB to the back of the SB and then into your computer. Once you’ve connected to your computer, both virtual decks will be visible. So, that’s the SB set up and ready to go. In the next video, we’ll be showing you how to load tracks onto the SB and get started with your first mix.

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  1. I've got a bit of a problem. Since this controller only has one output for RCA, how can I enable myself to be able to have more outputs?

  2. I have a Mac Book Air, so no CD drive. I have resorted to downloading the software from the online link. From there; Installed the latest firmware, imported my music, analysed the files, yet Serato DJ Intro does not seem to recognise the controller and only displays the one virtual deck in the top left corner of the program. The only reason I can think of why this happening, is due to not installing the software from the CD. Could this be the reason or is there another? Suggestions welcome.

  3. hola buenos dias. he comprado una controladora ddj sb y sucede que la quiero trabajar con el virtual dj ya la instale y todos los botones trabajan bien execto de que no alumbran cuando los tengo seleccionados pero con el serato dj si alumbran. ME HAN INFORMADO QUE ESO ES PROBLEMA DE CONFIGURACION. DEPRONTO HABRA ALGUIEN QUE ME AYUDE CON ESTO? GRACIAS

  4. I also have a problem. every time i open serato dj intro it says "hardware disconnected". I've tried connecting and disconnecting. Trying another usb, even installing and uninstalling the serato dj intro software can someone tell me why this is happening? i have a Mac

  5. i hv ddj sb and focustrie 6 usb, i hv connected my hi fi speakers and its a bit confusing to connect them to each others. i hv powered monitors too but at the moment i cannot use them due to moving home and have no place to install them, so can u help me plz 

  6. Thinking of starting DJing and want to buy this I don't have much experience at all with DJing except a dj showed me how to do the basics but they were on a very good system because he is a professional… Really what I'm asking is, are the wires etc. included with the control or do I have to buy them separately please respond I want it for Christmas so I don't have much time

  7. Hi, could someone help me really quick here?!?!! I've just got this as a gift for Christmas, but when I plug it in the two virtual decks aren't visible, help please?! 

  8. Is it possible to connect the controller to your laptop without speakers? Just playing my mixes through the laptop speakers or will that not work? I have installed all the drivers and software but i just keep getting 'Hardware Disconnected' could not having speakers be the problem?

  9. please help me, I just downloaded the serato dj 14 day trial and connected my ddj sb to it said "compatible hardware connected" but I couldn't actually use the controller with it as it wouldn't actually connect my turntable to serato dj. please help me with this because I want to buy the full version but first I want to test it! Thank you!

  10. I just bought ddj sb and its always fail to load or install. Even i can't connect my ddj sb to serato. Please help me. 

  11. I just bought a SDDJ SB and i have a doubt about the DJ Controller and external audio interface. How can i connect my SDDJ SB in the interface (i have an Audiobox USB PreSonus). Thanks a lot. Isabella

  12. @Pioneer DJ Hi guys, Can I run the ddj sb Controller through the mixer in a club. I. E can I plug the phono wires in to the mixers and away I go???

  13. Indranil we have sent you a message with details of where you can get help with this is (as we cannot reply to your comment)

  14. I have followed the steps but only one deck is showing up. I have a mac and I'm trying to figure out how to load both deck to play music…any tips??

  15. Que tipo de cable es con el que conectas a los monitores de audio?
    Es necesario un interfaz de audio externo para que suenen las bocinas sdj50x con el controlador ddj sb?

  16. All your tutorials including the online info is terrible. I mean, everyone has different speakers and speakers cables, absolutely nothing is shown or explained as it should be. For an amateur, I have quite some experience in solving PC problems, but I have no idea how to solve this or which cables to get, very unhelpful.

  17. Hello, I have bought several cables to hook up to the master out, but am still confused as to which one it is exactly that I need. Could I please get some help on this? I've been running the sound through my PC for a long time now and would like to have the sound coming through the controller.

  18. What cable should i use? 🙁 please help me. Cheapest speaker any suggestion please? i have ddj sb. Please help me.

  19. I cant believe how much a big company like pioneer cant understand the most simple of questions being asked here and yet they are the one who made the product. the cables you need are called RCA cables. depending on your set up, the cables may have different ends. so i suggest taking a picture of the back of your ddj and your monitors, speakers or audio interface and go to an electronics shop or music shop and ask for the appropriate cable. hope this helps

  20. using my sb as a sound card .. can't seem to get sound coming though the speaker from the internet :/ whys this ?

  21. I had a question about how to set up this mixer. I am interested in buying the DDJ-SB2, but I see that it only has one RCA master out. I have a set of Yamaha HS7 monitors, that only have XLR or TRS inputs. How would I connect one set of RCA master outs into two monitors that require TRS or XLR? Is this even possible or would I need a different set of monitors? Thank you.

  22. Why does the microphone port not work? I plugged in a mic. played with the volume. nothing. nothing at all. searched online, no answer.

  23. Why does the microphone port not work? I plugged in a mic. played with the volume. nothing. nothing at all. searched online, no answer.

  24. Had issues hooking it up and would only show one deck. Hours of looking for a solution and I just started from scratch and did your exact steps and now it works perfectly. BIG THANKS!!

  25. A minha controladora DDJ SB s Pioneer está com um problema na saída master atras, quando coloco os RCA nas caixas de som, fica um som agudo constante, uso o software Serato Dj Intro. Pode me ajudar?

  26. so both virtual decks show up right when I connect it then dissapear and I can only use the left deck I'm on a 14 day trial is this the cause of this?

  27. Yo I just have a cheap speaker setup with one of the green jacks…just normal headphone jack size…Can I get an adapter or something for the analog outputs? Or do I need new speakers? Help me

  28. For everyone here I just got my ddj-sb2 and I'm so damn disappointed, it comes without speaker cables, it doesn't work on Windows 7-8-10 it doesn't show two decks I am very disappointed by a big company like pioneer to make such a product full of fails. I'm returning this today

  29. What is the component called that you used to allow your output wires to be plugged into a speaker or amplifier?

  30. Hello, to disconnect and connect its simply plugging and unplugging the USB? Is there any kind of "shut down" funciont to safely turn on/off the DDJ SB2 controller?

  31. I did everything just like you said and everything works just fine. I just don't have any sound on my speakers?

  32. hey is it possible to have it playing through pc speakers or do I need to buy  speakers with phono oh and by the way I do have a phono cable

  33. Just got the SB2. No software or computer can run with it. It shows the alert in the screen but the connection fails everytime.

  34. Hey,after i drag the music in to serato and connect the device to my computer,both virtual decks are not visible.Could you please help me with this?

  35. The DDJ SB 2 won't connect to my Mac I keep getting an error message, I've purchased Serato and the controller works just fine on my PC is it true it only works with 2.0 USB ports?

  36. All I needed to see the master output to the speakers….."SPEAKER SECTION" and this video covered everything but just that….CONGRATS! pfffft!

  37. I'm trying to plug the ddjsb2 into a mixer via rca to single trs but keeping getting a loud buzz/hum out of the speakers, it could be a need for a ground but I'm not sure, if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it

  38. I got a question so when I put my USB in my computer the serato dj deck is not popping up on my labtop what do I need to do ?

  39. my speakers have postive and negative terminals.i have soldered speaker cables to rca connection. serato says the master is outputting but i have no sound.

  40. I love how all these fucking how to videos start with first step * is install a serato* how to install the program is going to be a little mystery just for you- ok then now once you've solved that magic puzzle ————– step two .is ………….. step one should be an explanation of how to install – but hey I guess that would be too obvious- since we are all mind readers . #theworldilivein

  41. I NEED HELP! I need to connect the SB3 to 2 PA speakers that DO NOT HAVE RCA INPUT NOR XLR. The speakers only has a 3.5MM input, Mic 1/4 input, Guitar 1/4 input and a black/red speaker wire inputs. How do I hook up BOTH speakers to the Console!!

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