DATA & STAT Function: BAII Plus Financial Calculator Tutorial

DATA & STAT Function: BAII Plus Financial Calculator Tutorial

Here, we are going to learn DATA and STAT Function on BAII Plus professional calculator. At first, we need to go to DATA Function and clear the memory by pressing 2nd 7 and 2nd Clear Entry. In this function, the calculator interprets X Value as the independent variable and Y value as the dependent variable. We can go to the STAT Function by 2nd and 8. We have 5 options which we can change by pressing 2nd and Enter subsequently. Linear function uses X and Y, Ln function uses ln(X) and Y, Exponential function uses X and ln(Y), Power function uses ln(X) and ln(Y) and at last 1-V which is one variable calculation method for probabilities. In this video, we are going to learn linear regression and one-variable calculation method with examples. At first, we are going to learn linear regression. In example 1, the values of X and Y are given. So, we are going to the DATA function by 2nd 7 and input 6 into X01 enter; next 10 into Y01 enter; scroll down 9 enter; next 19 enter; again down-arrow 10 enter; scroll down 15 enter; next 5 enter and at last 9 enter. Now we go to STAT Function by 2nd 8 and select the LIN mode. Then after pressing the next button, we are getting the value of the n which indicates 4 pair of values are entered. Then next 𝑋 ̅ which shows the mean of X, then sample standard deviation, scroll down gives us the population standard deviation, σ, then we are getting 𝑌 ̅ , then sample standard deviation of Y and then the population standard deviation of Y. Then we are getting the value of a. It is the y-intercept which is the value of Y when the X is zero. Scroll down gives us the slope, b. So the regression equation is 0.676 + 1.676x. At last, r is the correlation coefficient which is .85 and it indicates a strong relationship between X and Y. If we scroll down further then we get X‘ and it is just to compute Y value; given a X value. If we enter 10 in X‘ and scroll down and press CPT then we get the value of Y which is 17.44. If we go further, we can get sum of X, sum of X^2, sum of Y, sum of Y^2 and the summation of XY. In example 2, we are going to use one-variable calculation method with an example which is taken from the reading titled Probability Concepts of 2016 CFA level 1 curriculum. The probability distribution of EPS for the current fiscal year is given and we need to compute the expected value and standard deviation of the EPS. Here we need to be careful that the probability data should be entered as Y variable. So, at first, we clear the DATA Function as 2nd 7 and 2nd Clear Entry. Then 2.61 in X01 enter, 15 into Y01 enter, next 2.45 enter; next 45 enter; scroll down 2.2 enter, down 24 enter; next 2 enter and then 16 enter. Then we go the STAT Function by pressing 2nd 8 and then select the one-variable method which is 1-V by changing the mode pressing 2nd enter subsequently. Then next gives us the number of variable of the probability which is 100. Then 𝑋 ̅ gives the expected EPS, SX is the sample standard deviation and the population standard deviation is .196. Then we get sum of X and Sum X^2. This is the common usage of Data and Stat function on BAII plus Calculator. Thank you so much for being with me.

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